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Picture Books



Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Stegmaier, Andrea (Illustrated by)

  • Poetic Christmas story by bestselling author Erhard Dietl.
  • Based on a real-life event.
  • Andrea Stegmaier’s illustrations radiate warmth and Christmassy feelings.

A fir tree is chopped down in the snowy forest. It is supposed to be put up as a splendid Christmas tree at the Christmas market. But in the tree there lives a little screech-owl who now finds itself travelling to the big city along with the tree. When they reach their destination, Mario the forester discovers the little screech-owl hiding in the branches, completely exhausted by its long and scary journey. Happily, Mario’s daughter Emilia lovingly nurses the little Christmas miracle back to full strength, whereupon they release it back into the magical winter forest.

| 4 +

Heidtmann, Daniela (Written by) Stuhlberger, Martina (Illustrated by)

  • Slow down during the hectic Advent period.
  • Take time out and share moments of happiness in the run-up to Christmas.
  • 24 suggestions to help you breathe deeply, relax, and feel the magic of Christmas.

It’s all too easy to be overwhelmed by stress and chaos during Advent, but this year everyone can stay calm and cool. This family advent calendar helps you to relax, create shared rituals, and consciously enjoy the special magic of the pre-Christmas period. Tuck up and listen to a story, go on an imagination-filled journey, or try out Christmas yoga together - give yourself a mindful and relaxing December. 24 cards with different suggestions ensure happy shared moments. For if there’s one thing Advent means, it’s family.

| 3 +

Jaspersen, Deniz (Written by) Ryans, Gareth (Illustrated by)

  • The book companion to the song from the popular children’s music series “Under my Bed”.
  • Addresses environmental damage and climate change in a gentle and child-friendly manner.
  • Large format, atmospheric illustrations packed with loving detail.

“Planet” is a wonderful journey around the Earth which demonstrates to children how beautiful and precious it is. Sadly, it’s all too easy to forget the things that our blue planet gives us on a daily basis. This is a heart-warming appeal to us all to protect our environment and preserve nature, accompanied by large-format, atmospheric illustrations. A love song to the Earth, with which we’re all invited to join in. “Planet” is the book to accompany the song of the same name by Deniz Jaspersen (of the band Herrenmagazin) from the popular children’s music series “Under My Bed”. Fans of the albums will recognise a few of the characters in the illustrations, too.

| 4 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Created by)

Whatever is wrong with Firebottom? Why is he so sad? The Ogglies are worried about their dragon. But luckily, they quickly hit on a good idea. How would it be if they threw a birthday party for Firebottom and invited some of his dragon friends? That really ought to cheer him up, by toad’s fart! And along with Red Rochus, Blue Blasius and the Chinese dragon girl Leek-Fang, they are soon having the oggliest festival ever seen on the rubbish heap! | 3 +

van der Bogen, Ruby (Written by) Helm, Alexandra (Illustrated by)

  • Monster facts packed in a wonderfully witty and funny way
  • Everything children always wanted to know about monsters - and much more
  • Colourful and cool illustrations by Alexandra Helm

Did you know that monsters are actually very small and cute? They only grow when they are in a bad mood. If you break their cuddly castles under the bed, for example. Or if you take away their favourite food: Marble cake with milk. Because monsters prefer to eat things that begin with M.
You can find out everything you need to know about monsters in this book. And if you know a child who is afraid of monsters, just tell him what you know. Because the best remedy for fear is knowledge.
101 little monsters cavort in this magical hidden picture book. Facts" invented with children will make you laugh and dissolve your fears into thin air. A book full of fantasy and magical illustrations.

| 4 +

Schütze, Andrea (Written by) Weinmann, Julia (Illustrated by)

  • A Reversible Book about Falling Out and Making Friends Again for Children 4+
  • An amusing and child-friendly take on the everyday topic of falling out and making up.
  • Sensitively portrays both sides of the story.
  • Captivating reversible format, with large-format fold-out centre page.

It’s time for the animal kindergarten’s Festival of the Sun, and the Orchid and Cactus groups are making their preparations. Cheeky whirlwind Violetta and peace-loving Pablo have the same idea: they want to get a play together, and both envisage themselves in the lead role of the sun. Pablo isn’t used to sticking up for himself, and Violetta can’t cope with anyone trying to stand in her way. After a huge argument, the two of them reach a compromise. The Festival of the Sun is a great success - but what’s even better is that Violetta and Pablo make friends and end up co-operating happily.

| 4 +

van der Bogen, Ruby (Written by) Helm, Alexandra (Illustrated by)

  • Amusing “knowledge” about mermaids, devised with input from children.
  • Super-sized ‘look and find’ format.
  • The wonderful diversity of the underwater world - brilliantly illustrated by Alexandra Helm.

Did you know that mermaid babies are made by mermen Dads? Or that mermaid babies can’t swim from birth, but have to learn to swim at the seahorse swimming school? Their favourite foods are Snow White cake and pineapple pizza. And sometimes mermaids can even fly! This look and find book is an entertaining romp through these and a whole host of other “facts” about mermaids, devised together with children. Dive into the magical underwater world, and let yourself be completely enchanted!

| 4 +

Schwelgin, Anka (Written by) Schwelgin, Anka (Illustrated by)

  • Oetinger Nature now in picture book format: made with 100% recycled paper.
  • A story about hope, togetherness, and environmental protection.
  • Poetic rhymes and amusing illustrations depict animals saving their forest.

A tiny, quiet little mouse dreams a dream. But it seems impossible to do it alone …

The forest has been destroyed and the little mouse wants to re-plant it. All on his own, he starts to plant shoots and acorns. Goodness, it’s hard work! But then a friend suddenly appears and starts to help. Then another animal joins in, followed by another. The more animals appear, the more fun their grand plan becomes. And the little mouse realises that they can do anything if they work together! His dream becomes reality.

This Oetinger Nature picture book is printed in Germany on 100% recycled paper, using plant-based dyes. The Little Mouse would approve!

| 4 +

JOHNA (Written by) Beimler, Tatjana (Illustrated by)

The little Pundle has a very special and appealing quirk: when it speaks, it begins every word with a “P”. With a bag filled with home-made honey piscuits, it sets off into the forest to make new friends. But it’s not quite that easy. And only when the Pundle meets the cuddly Stuffle does it never have to say again: “Please pee pind poo pee!”

  • Empathetic portrayal of bullying based on a speech impairment.
  • Singer-songwriter JOHNA is renowned for her sensitive handling of feelings.
  • Songs which accompany the book are written by the author herself and released on all big-name streaming platforms such as Spotify.
| 3 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

Stinky-fart-never-tired! Oggly children need adventure!
It’s evening and the Oggly grown-ups are longing for some peace and quiet, but the Oggly children are still wide awake. Not even Oggly-Mummy’s lullaby is any use! So Oggly-Grandpa begins to spin them some toady Oggly yarns and tells them all about the old days, when he was a deep-sea Oggly diver, an Oggly astronaut up in space and an Oggly sailor on the high seas. In the end, even the Oggly children grow tired from listening to so many thrilling stories and begin to snuggle down on their mattresses and fall asleep. But now they are snoring so loudly that their parents soon find themselves wishing they were awake again!
Zany Oggly adventure, hilarious and exciting: a typically Oggly-style toady-cheeky goodnight book.
| 4 +

Weber, Susanne (Written by) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrated by)

The Little Owl Wants Everyone to be Her Friend

The Little Owl is terribly bored. Luckily she meets the little dormouse and the pair have a wonderful time playing hide and seek. And because they both get along so well, they both know instinctively that they will be seeing each other again.

Bestseller character: over 900,000 Little Owl copies sold

Perfect for nursery school children

Popular topic: friendship
| 3 +

Weber, Susanne (Written by) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrated by)

The little owl from the bestselling board picture book “Ow!” Said the Owl now also in picture-book format for children of 3 and over!

»To the beautiful stars in the sky is where I want to fly.« The little owl loves the way the stars twinkle high up in the night sky. But how can she possibly reach them? The answer is clear - it’s time she learnt to fly! She practises and practises and in the end, just as she’s flying as high as she possibly can, Daddy holds her back and Mummy takes the little owl in her arms and explains that she can never fly far enough to reach the stars. But then the little owl notices a shooting star coming quite near to her – and, of course, it brings her lots of luck.

With a wonderful message of encouragement and a touching happy end. | 3 +

Weber, Susanne (Written by) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrated by)

The Little Owl decides to have a race with the hedgehog.

When the dormouse comes along and wants to play with the Little Owl, the Little Owl invites her to join in with their race. But the dormouse thinks she’s too small - and then there’s an accident! The hedgehog and the dormouse start to quarrel - and the Little Owl is stuck in the middle and doesn’t know how to help them make amends. When a ray of sunshine falls on the Little Owl and distracts the quarrelsome animals, everything takes a turn for the better. The threesome start laughing and tickling one another, and they are all friends again.

  • The latest in the best-selling series.
  • Clear and reassuring message: everything can be resolved.
  • Even quarrels can be fun with Weber’s rhymes and Jacobs’ illustrations.
| 3 +

Boie, Kirsten (Written by) Scholz, Barbara (Illustrated by)

When Mummy and Daddy Duck incubate their egg, there’s a surprise in store for them: a little lion hatches out!

The doting parents are thrilled to bits and do everything for their newborn - regardless of how much the other ducks turn up their noses and declare that this chick is completely different from them. Anxiety abounds when a leopard appears at the duckpond one day. But the little lion heroically defends the ducks.

Finally every single one of them realises that the lion is one of them. And Mummy and Daddy duck? They, of course, love their little lion just as much as they did on the day that he was born.

  • The essence of parental love: two ducks incubate a lion and call him their baby.
  • Being different is a source of strength: authentic feelings depicted by the hit author Kirsten Boie.
  • Illustrated by Barbara Scholz.
| 4 +

Weber, Susanne (Written by) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrated by)

The little owl from the bestselling board picture book “Ow!” Said the Owl now also in picture-book format for children of 3 and over!

»To the beautiful stars in the sky is where I want to fly.« The little owl loves the way the stars twinkle high up in the night sky. But how can she possibly reach them? The answer is clear - it’s time she learnt to fly! She practises and practises and in the end, just as she’s flying as high as she possibly can, Daddy holds her back and Mummy takes the little owl in her arms and explains that she can never fly far enough to reach the stars. But then the little owl notices a shooting star coming quite near to her – and, of course, it brings her lots of luck.

With a wonderful message of encouragement and a touching happy end. | 3 +

Sprater, Florian (Written by) Sprater, Thomas (Written by) Kaiser, Nataša (Illustrated by)

The second children’s yoga picture book is a lively and cheerful introduction to the world of children’s yoga.

The tried-and-tested yoga and mindfulness exercises help even small children to reduce stress, become calm, and sense their inner strength. An imaginative story based on farmyard animals leads readers through a variety of yoga exercises. No props or previous experience needed! Developed by the renowned and experienced children’s yoga instructor Florian Sprater, whose yoga exercises form a core part of the curriculum of various schools and nurseries.

  • A new adventure for early readers with Peter and Piet.
  • Facts about forest amimals presented in Wohlleben’s typical child-friendly manner.
  • Guaranteed hit: more than 500,000 Wohlleben books sold.
| 3 +

Wohlleben, Peter (Written by) Wohlleben, Carina (Written by) Kohne, Diana (Illustrated by)

Although Willa should have been asleep ages ago, the little wild boar isn’t in the slightest bit sleepy. And it’s not even dark yet!

So Willa scrambles through the bramble hedge and toddles off into the forest, full of curiosity. On her way, she notices that all the different animals have their own ways of sleeping: the deer sleeps alone in a hollow on the forest floor; the sparrow yawns high up in the treetops, and the bats sleep hanging upside down. That doesn’t look very comfortable to her … The moon is already shining brightly when Willa returns to her bramble hedge. Her parents and siblings are sleeping cuddled up together on the soft moss. That looks very comfortable! And so the little boar snuggles up close to her family and her eyes slowly start to shut. Good night, Willa!

  • Top topics: sleep and the forest.
  • Scientifically sound yet delightfully narrated by the popular father-daughter duo.
  • Willa Wild-Boar: a cheeky new character in the Wohlleben world.
| 24 months +

Schmitt, Petra Maria (Written by) Orosz, Susanne (Written by) Vogel, Heike (Illustrated by)

How? Why? If you don’t ask, you’ll never know! Do cavies really live in caves? Why do glow worms glow? And why do we get goosebumps? Who knows the answers to children’s questions off pat?

Thank goodness for this best-selling series containing stories packed with facts which even adults will find amazing.

  • Unique and successful concept: the best-selling series (more than 250,000 copies sold) with an exciting new look.
  • 18 questions asked by children and answered for children.
  • Packed with facts about our bodies, technology, nature and the environment.


| 5 +

Böhm, Anna (Written by) Warnes, Tim (Illustrated by)

Many children are shy, and Nora the kitten is no exception.

When the noisy new neighbour comes to visit, she’d dearly like to hide away. Everyone else telling her that she doesn’t need to be so shy doesn’t help in the slightest. Quite the opposite! But when she discovers that she isn’t the only shy one there but that she is the only one who can help to solve a problem, she starts to feel more confident - just like all shy people sooner or later, when they’re given time to work through it.

  • Sensitive picture book which shows that it’s fine to be shy - and sometimes it can even be a good thing.
  • Nora the kitten (from I’m So Angry Today) experiences another typical toddler emotion.
  • Written and illustrated in loving detail by Anna Böhm and Tim Warnes. 
| 4 +

Volk, Katharina E. (Written by) Jegelka, Corinna (Illustrated by)

Octavia Octopus owns all kinds of lovely things - but sharing isn’t her forte.

Kalle Crab, however, couldn’t be more generous if he tried; he loves to share with others. There’s just one exception: he has to keep his cuddly starfish to himself as he can’t sleep without it. When he loses it, Octavia overcomes herself and gives him her most prized possession.

The two protagonists feature on the fold out double pages in the middle of the book, and demonstrate that we all have things that are important to us - but when the situation demands it, we won’t hesitate to give them up.

  • Volume 4 of the reversible book series dealing with everyday feelings.
  • Owning and sharing, wanting and giving: creatively portrayed for children.
  • Fold-out middle pages illustrate two contrasting feelings in a fun way.


| 4 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

Welcome to the world of the Ogglies! But who exactly belongs to this family of greenies? What do they love - and what do they loathe? What does a hearing horn look like from the inside? What is Oggly Granny’s favourite song, and what curiosities lurk in Professor Brausewein’s laboratory? Every young fan of the grumpy green family will find the answers to their questions in this book - and lots more besides (such as the recipe for Oggly Mum’s Stinksome Cake). Farting Fishbones! A gorgeously grimy book for all Oggly fans.
| 4 +

Widmer, Marc (Written by) Spätig, Coralie (Illustrated by)

Max is set to go fishing at the lake with his father today. He’s bursting with excitement, but it’s too early and Dad is still asleep. How boooooring! But all of a sudden, a little creature called Memo appears in Max’s bedroom; his job is to drive away boredom. While Max is getting dressed, various items fall out of the pockets of his favourite trousers - his “pocket treasures”. Max starts to tell Memo about the times when he collected these treasures, and together they embark on a thrilling journey through Max’s lovely memories. How time can fly!

A picture book about happy memories sparked by precious everyday moments. Includes a sheet with cut-outs for making a chest in which to store your own collection of pocket treasures.

| 4 +

Baeten, Lieve (Written by)

It’s Christmas! And Lisbeth, the little witch, still has so much to do! There’s the Christmas tree to be decorated, the Christmas baking to do and to cap it all, today of all days, Lisbet has to look after witch child Trixi. Lisbet has to hurry with her preparations because when Witch Christmas comes knocking at the door, everything simply must be ready!

- The Christmas classic now as a pop-up book
- Six pop-up pages lovingly designed by paper artist Jonas Schenk and full of surprising effects turn Lisbet’s Christmas preparations into a fun experience for all of the little witch’s fans.
- Little Witch best-seller with over 1.5 million copies sold
| 3 +

Baeten, Lieve (Written by) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrated by) Kutsch, Angelika (Translated by)

Christmas! And there’s still sooo much to be done! Lisbet, the little witch, doesn’t know where to start. Decorating the Christmas tree? Baking mince pies ? Or keeping an eye on Trixi, the lively little witch girl? After all, everything has to be ready by the time the Christmas witch arrives! | 3 +

Schütze, Andrea (Written by) Jegelka, Corinna (Illustrated by)

When nothing seems very appealing, everything feels boring. That’s how the little snow leopard feels. He would rather hide away than play. The baby panda, however, doesn’t have enough minutes in the day to fit in all the things she finds so exciting: tunnelling, playing ball, and building dams. When the two very different creatures both decide to take a break from their feelings by the same tree, we find out what happens when boredom meets super-busy-ness at the climactic middle point of his reversible book!
| 4 +