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Dietl, Erhard (Author)

There's post for the Oggly family: the Blue Oggly writes to say that he'd like to spend his birthday with his relatives on the rubbish tip. Oh, and he'll be arriving that afternoon! This is bad news for the Ogglies. The Blue Oggly loves nothing more than order, and he's generally quite hard work. Can they still manage to hold a grotty birthday party for him? The Ogglies get straight to work… | 4 +

    Maar, Paul (Author) Muggenthaler, Eva (Illustrator)

    A fairy-tale parable by one of Germany's best loved and most successful children's authors, Paul Maar. With magical illustrations by Eva Muggenthaler.

    Princess Bea’s favourite pet is Rosemarie, the tortoise, who has a beautiful golden shell. One day the cat tells Rosemarie that there is some writing on the shell, and from that moment on, she can’t rest. She MUST find out what it says. But none of the other animals can tell her, because they can’t read. Only when she is dropped from the sky is the mystery finally solved.

    Secret clues and animals, coupled with the frisson of getting lost and finding your way back home: it's a potent mixture which is guaranteed to appeal to all child readers.

    Destined to become another Paul Maar classic.

    4 +

      Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

      The Little Owl Wants Everyone to be Her Friend

      The Little Owl is terribly bored. Luckily she meets the little dormouse and the pair have a wonderful time playing hide and seek. And because they both get along so well, they both know instinctively that they will be seeing each other again.

      Bestseller character: over 900,000 Little Owl copies sold

      Perfect for nursery school children

      Popular topic: friendship
      | 3 +

        Niessen, Susan (Author) Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

        One night, a strange boy appears in Wendy’s bedroom. He calls himself Peter Pan, he can fly and he even has a real elf called Tinkerbell with him. Peter tells Wendy about his home – Neverland – and persuades her to go there with him. In Neverland, Wendy meets Peter’s friends, the Lost Boys, and has all kinds of adventures with them. But then the boys and Wendy are kidnapped by the dreadful Captain Hook. Luckily, Peter comes to their rescue. | 3 +

          Ondracek, Claudia (Author) Schulte, Susanne (Illustrator)

          Eggciting eyecatcher! The most colourful egg in the nest

          It won’t take you long to spot this on your Easter table: the egg-shaped book is the big surprise in the Easter nest! The twelve read-aloud stories about Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter wreaths and Easter chicks are sweeter than any chocolate egg.

          Not only is this Easter egg in book form an eye-catcher, but its 12 merry read-aloud stories also capture the imagination of little Easter bunnies and their parents.
          | 3 +

            Dietl, Erhard (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

            The Ogglies’ creator Erhard Dietl in top form

            If only the warthog could be a hero. The trouble is that he’s really timid. Nevertheless, he doesn’t waste a second when the beaver needs his help one night. Making his way through the dark forest, the warthog is constantly frightened by eerie shadows. Luckily, they are just the shadows of harmless animals wishing to accompany him. In the end, the warthog arrives at the beaver’s house with a great following. The beaver had had a nightmare and is now happy to see that so many of his friends were worried about him. Together they have a big party.

            Important topics for children: friendship, animals, fear of the dark and nightmares

            With refreshingly fanciful rhymes and vividly coloured illustrations | 4 +

              Wockenfuß, Benjamin (Author) Messing, Stefanie (Illustrator)

              Monday morning at Lotta’s house: everyone is dawdling around. Daddy has to urgently answer some emails so he hands his smartphone to Lotta and her little brother Lukas to keep them quiet. They become so absorbed in the digital world that not even Klicks the family dog can get their attention. They’re all so busy with their home office and smartphone that they lose track of time. All except Klicks. But just in the nick of time they finally set off for nursery school, and that’s when it happens: Klick goes missing! What can they do to find their dog? Lotta is heartbroken. Can an app on Daddy’s phone help or is some other strategy called for here?

              How to teach media skills to children – without turning it into a lesson

              The author Benjamin Wockenfuß is a social media manager and addiction therapist who also runs the project DigiKids for the Hessian state office for addiction issues, which is sponsored by the TK health insurance fund. It supports the idea that digital media belongs to the world in which our children live and that it is not a question of either/or but rather the need to recognise that digital and analogue are both part of the same interactive process.
              A story that triggers the imagination and shows that Lotta has fun learning to look beyond the edge of her father’s smartphone screen.

              With an introduction by the author, actor, blogger and Grimme Award winner Schlecky Silberstein.

              The DigiKids Project:
              DigiKids is a media competence project that can be implemented from kindergarten onwards and was first introduced in 2017. The aim is to give children confidence in dealing with digital environments instead of being dominated by them. At the same time, DigiKids seeks to retain the children’s connection to the analogue world by strengthening it and developing it further. The project also aims at involving parents and teachers in the process and provides them with support training.
              The TK health insurance fund Techniker Krankenkasse at present supports pilot projects in Hesse.
              Further information at
              | 4 +

                Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                The Ogglies are planning to sell their homemade gifts at the Christmas market: a useful dust distributor and – especially Christmassy! – a toilet paper mobile. But suddenly they find themselves at the police station, arrested for insulting an officer. What a stupid Christmas! Even Father Christmas at the department store is fed up with having to say “Ho, ho, ho” all the time, and Policewoman Hoofnail just doesn’t want to have to work any more holiday shifts. Can it still turn out to be a cracking great toady Christmas for everyone, after all? | 4 +

                  Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

                  The little owl from the bestselling board picture book “Ow!” Said the Owl now also in picture-book format for children of 3 and over!

                  »To the beautiful stars in the sky is where I want to fly.« The little owl loves the way the stars twinkle high up in the night sky. But how can she possibly reach them? The answer is clear - it’s time she learnt to fly! She practises and practises and in the end, just as she’s flying as high as she possibly can, Daddy holds her back and Mummy takes the little owl in her arms and explains that she can never fly far enough to reach the stars. But then the little owl notices a shooting star coming quite near to her – and, of course, it brings her lots of luck.

                  With a wonderful message of encouragement and a touching happy end. | 3 +

                    Loud and clear, higgledy-piggledy, nonconformist and full of power – that’s what demonstrations are like all over the world. Whether fighting for women’s rights, against climate change or for the protection of the environment, demonstrators everywhere are proclaiming their views loudly and with humour. Here’s a calendar for people who think take a stand – a week by week companion for the whole year. The detachable postcards can be sent, stuck on the wall, or used for sharing ideas! | 10 +

                      Jakobs, Günther (Illustrator) Kehn, Regina (Illustrator) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator) Jeschke, Stefanie (Illustrator) Grigo, Pe (Illustrator) Rauers, Wiebke (Illustrator) Hennig, Dirk (Illustrator) Kreitz, Isabel (Illustrator) Horstschäfer, Felicitas (Illustrator) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrator) Baltscheit, Martin (Illustrator) Marquis, Mila (Illustrator) | further

                      Climate protection concerns all of us!

                      Everyone is talking about Greta Thunberg and the young climate activists of Fridays for Future - thousands of students take to the streets every Friday here in Germany. Highly motivated and tireless in fighting for their convictions, they are challenging established ideas and structures. Thirteen of Germany’s best-known illustrators want to follow and support the movement throughout the year by means of this perpetual wall calendar.

                      A protest calendar for students and families, featuring illustrations by Wiebke Rauers, Günther Jakobs, Regina Kehn, Nina Dullek, Martin Baltscheit, Mila Marquis, Stefanie Jeschke, Anne-Kathrin Behl, Pe Grigo, Florentine Prechtel, Dirk Hennig, Isabel Kreitz and Felicitas Horstschäfer! | 6 +

                        Die Krickelkrakels (Author) Die Krickelkrakels (Illustrator)

                        Come along on a journey through time from the creators of the Krickelkrakel series!

                        Open up the book and off we go! Save the little dinosaur from the ravenous T-Rex. Solve the puzzle of the pyramids in Egypt and then help the Vikings to build a ship. Finished? But there’s much more still to come on your journey, and thousands of adventures awaiting you there. Turn, tap, blow – the fun creative new activity book from the Krickelkrakel team carries kids off to foreign lands and other times!

                        - Fascinating activity fun to return to time and again
                        - Carries children off to distant worlds and other times
                        - From the creative Krickelkrakel team | 4 +

                          Dulleck, Nina (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

                          Boyo, the little penguin, has a great dream: he would love to be able to fly! But has anyone ever heard of a penguin whizzing through the air performing loop-de-loops? Luckily, Boyo has three really good friends: Fin, Pete and Shrimp, and they come up with a plan to help him. After all, friends stick together, don’t they? Of course, they do!

                          - Encourages readers to follow their dreams, recognise their own personal talent and to become independent
                          - Nina Dulleck’s penguin kids are bright, imaginative and stick together like glue
                          - Gloriously colourful, humorous pictures by popular illustrator Nina Dulleck | 4 +

                            Boie, Kirsten (Author) Waechter, Philip (Illustrator)

                            Josef Sheep wishes for nothing more dearly than his own little human. When he finally gets one, he finds himself very busy, feeding his little Mannikin , cleaning the cage and taking him for walks. One day, however, the little fellow breaks away from Josef and races into the woods. Josef hadn’t realised people could move so fast! | 4 +

                              Ameling, Anne (Author) Hammen, Josef (Illustrator)

                              “Bollie,” says farmer Alfonse Thunderhoe, “your job here on the farm is a very important one. You are the watchdog!” Bollie pulls a grim face to show he means business. And he really does mean to be a good guard, but unfortunately, with the delicious smell of freshly baked cake and the warm sunshine on his back, Bollie starts to feel very drowsy… | 4 +

                                Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

                                Time for fairy presents! But it’s terribly dark out tonight and clouds keep on covering the moon and stars. How on earth is Maluna supposed to find all the cave entrances and windowsills in this? But in the end, her rucksack is empty and the little goodnight fairy can return home content. It’s just a bit odd that the little dragon finds a whole windowsill full of fairy presents the next morning! What can have happened? Luckily, the little dragon has a good idea what needs to be done now.

                                The first picture book about the beloved goodnight fairy, with lovely, affectionately drawn illustrations full of interesting detail and fairy glitter on the cover.
                                | 4 +

                                  Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

                                  It’s not just children’s eyes that will be sparkling here! When Maluna Moonlight sees the glow-worm parade in the night sky, she knows it’s time once more for the Enchanted Forest’s light festival! And so she sets out with Lottie, her very own moth, to pay a visit to the little light fairy, Candelia Candlelight – but not, of course, without first collecting the little witch Ranuncula Scribbles with her glimmer potion and the other inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest! What a brilliant light festival it’s going to be!

                                  A truly brilliant picture book for snug story times with a glow-in-the-dark effect on the cover and also on every page.
                                  | 4 +

                                    Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator)

                                    Out into the leafy outdoors: forest discoveries with Peter Wohlleben and Pete the squirrel

                                    Pete the squirrel is sad because he has no family in the woods. Peter the forester comforts Pete and explains that even trees live in families. Now this is something Pete really wants to see, so the pair sets out to look for tree children and their parents. Along the way, they meet a wolf, a dangerous hawk and a horse and see a conifer plantation. All they fail to find are tree families – until they reach the beech wood. Back at the forester’s lodge, Pete begins to feel sad again because he is still all alone. Will Peter perhaps let him stay?

                                    Do You Know Where the Tree Children Are? by Peter Wohlleben is a heart-warming story with a small and lovable hero who introduces children to woodland and nature in a unique way.
                                    | 4 +

                                      Rogler, Ulrike (Author) Spaltenstein, Sonja (Illustrator)

                                      All Mowgli and his friends Bagheera, Baloo and Kaa really want is to spend a relaxing day in the jungle, but their plans are upset by a little monkey. First he disturbs Baloo during his after-lunch nap and then he gets himself into serious danger. Luckily for him, the friends come up with a plan and finally manage to save the little monkey. | 3 +

                                        Lütje, Susanne (Author) Bruder, Elli (Illustrator)

                                        Look, there’s an elves’ house in our Christmas tree.

                                        The elf family in its tiny house in the top of the fir tree is torn away from its Christmas preparations. Of all the trees in the wood, theirs is the one a family of humans has chosen for its Christmas tree! Now it’s going to be felled and taken to the family’s home. Whatever are the elves to do? And what about their own Christmas festivities?

                                        Christmas at the Elves’ House by Susanne Lütje and Elli Bruder is a timeless and atmospheric Christmas story about the small miracles that happen at Christmas time.

                                        | 4 +

                                          Schmitz-Kuhl, Martin (Author) Hegemann, Joanna (Illustrator)

                                          A big prince with a big heart

                                          Even as a child, the prince was very, very big. Unfortunately, although being that big is very practical, it can also be quite a nuisance because you are constantly banging your head, for instance. Also, it’s anything but easy to find a princess to suit you. So the prince sets out to search for one …

                                          The Prince Who Was Very Big
                                          is a hilarious fairy tale about everyone being fine just the way they are.

                                          | 3 +

                                            Schindler, Anna (Author) Kubalek, Kerstin (Illustrator)

                                            What really makes people happy.

                                            “Only when you hold the moon in your hands will you be happy,” is what the fortune teller predicted for the king. So he sends all his servants out to catch the moon for him. But in the end, it’s little Turi who shows the king what true happiness is. And this heart-warming story shows us all that it’s the little things that make life worth living.
                                            | 3 +

                                              Niessen, Susan (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator)

                                              Erik, the little Viking, simply cannot fall asleep, even though he really does try everything. To help him get to sleep, his grandfather sends him on a journey to Wallahalla. Along the way, Erik meets several sleepless animals for which counting sheep and all the other remedies actually do work. What a good thing that after all his many adventures, Erik has now grown very, very tired.
                                              Children and adults alike will enjoy the wonderfully touching story of Erik, the little Viking. With amusing and imaginative illustrations by Nina Hammerle.
                                              | 3 +

                                                Niessen, Susan (Author) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrator)

                                                Shut your eyes and enjoy the story.
                                                The moon would love to be able to lie in a bed for a change, and Basti can actually fly in his! On the other hand, falling asleep in it is sometimes not so easy. At least that’s what the little duckling thinks. And he’s not the only one. That’s why, when our tiny tots climb into their bed, there’s nothing better than a goodnight story to help them snuggle down and drift off to dreamland.

                                                Goodnight stories for the very youngest, divided into short chapters with double-page illustrations – ideal for the bedtime reading ritual.
                                                | 3 +

                                                  Wich, Henriette (Author) Weber, Mathias (Illustrator)

                                                  Even little animals feel sleepy in the evening.

                                                  Conny, the kangaroo has hiccups and just cannot get off to sleep. And before she goes to sleep, Kitty the kitten wants something to drink, to look for her toy mouse, and then she wants her mummy to sing her a song. And Susi the piglet is wrapped up warm in a blanket of straw because she’s got a temperature. At the end of the story, the baby animals are all asleep – and so are Conny’s hiccups, just like Kitty’s mummy.

                                                  When all the Animals Head for Bed is sure to send all young human children happily off to dreamland.
                                                  | 3 +