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Early Readers

Early Readers

Müller, Thomas (Written by) Wolff, Julien (Written by) Vogt, Michael (Illustrated by)

  • Learn to read with football star Thomas Müller.
  • Wide-reaching author with more than 11 million Instagram followers.
  • Stories which inspire reluctant readers to enjoy books.

Learn to read with football star Thomas Müller.

Continues the hit story for emerging readers. Thomas Müller has made it to the starting eleven for dream team Bayern Munich. With some serious training and his love of football he is aiming even higher - to become one of the pros. Everything hangs on his first championship. Will Thomas score the deciding goal?

Reluctant readers and football fans alike will become world champion readers with Thomas Müller. An autobiographical story packed with comic-style illustrations and 16 pages of reading-related puzzles and games.

| 7 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

Whatever is wrong with Firebottom? Why is he so sad? The Ogglies are worried about their dragon. But luckily, they quickly hit on a good idea. How would it be if they threw a birthday party for Firebottom and invited some of his dragon friends? That really ought to cheer him up, by toad’s fart! And along with Red Rochus, Blue Blasius and the Chinese dragon girl Leek-Fang, they are soon having the oggliest festival ever seen on the rubbish heap | 6 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

  • Big-name character to introduce children to Maths.
  • Based on popular “dragon” topic.
  • Innovative, child-friendly concept: using games to practise literacy and numeracy.

The Ogglies want to have a party for Feuerstuhl’s birthday. They invite all his dragon friends and devise a flying race. And, of course, there are ogglified fireworks. The Ogglies turn everything into huge fun - including literacy and numeracy. Fly through the air with Feuerstuhl and his dragon friends, whilst learning to read and count at the same time. Sounds stinkyfartishly brilliant to us!

| 6 +

Ambach, Jule (Written by) Thißen, Sandy (Illustrated by)

  • Growing with you: The Mathemanimals now as a Stage 2 reader.
  • Sweet and funny new Mathemanimals to broaden children’s horizons.
  • An innovative learning concept which combines literacy and numeracy in a fun way.

Here comes Divider Dalmatian, ready to teach school starters all about division! As a Mathemanimals, his job is to demonstrate how much fun literacy and numeracy can be. Together with the animals, children embark on a crazy adventure in the dinosaur museum, collecting the various numbers which make up the mathematical code for the book’s grand finale. The fourth volume of the Mathemanimals series, which makes children’s play out of reading and Maths! Age 7+

| 7 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

Stinky-fart-never-tired! Oggly children need adventure! It’s evening and the Oggly grown-ups are longing for some peace and quiet, but the Oggly children are still wide awake. Not even Oggly-Mummy’s lullaby is any use! So Oggly-Grandpa begins to spin them some toady Oggly yarns and tells them all about the old days, when he was a deep-sea Oggly diver, an Oggly astronaut up in space and an Oggly sailor on the high seas. In the end, even the Oggly children grow tired from listening to so many thrilling stories and begin to snuggle down on their mattresses and fall asleep. But now they are snoring so loudly that their parents soon find themselves wishing they were awake again! Zany Oggly adventure, hilarious and exciting: a typically Oggly-style toady-cheeky goodnight book. | 7 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

Off to bed! It’s nighttime, but the Oggly children are still wide awake. Not even Oggly- Mummy’s lullaby settles them down. So Oggly-Grandpa starts to spin them a toady Oggly yarn all about the days when he was a deep-sea Oggly diver, an Oggly astronaut up in space and an Oggly sailor on the high seas. And he tells them about his legendary long-sleeper record. Now that’s a record the Oggly children naturally want to beat! | 7 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

The Oggly children are digging a hole. It’s going to be a thousand metres deep! Digging is fun - especially when you can snack on a few stones while you’re at it. But then the Oggly children unearth a chest … is it a treasure chest?

A trip to the seaside! The Oggly children munch on tasty sand, and the Oggly parents are thrilled by the rubbish-strewn beach. But then the Oggly baby is carried out to sea by a big wave. Help! Happily, Oggly Grandpa plunges bravely into the ocean.

Eight exciting adventures with the Oggly family.

  • Ideal for Oggly newbies: stories based on the Ogglies’ family life.
  • Entertaining stories - the perfect length for reading aloud.
  • More than 8 million copies sold.


| 6 +

Schreiber, Chantal (Written by) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrated by)

Kurt is fed up. No surprise there, then. But now that horrid gnome Vladimir has diverted the stream in order to water his garden - all part of his attempt to win the gold medal at the Gnome Garden Show. He doesn’t care that the forest will dry out as a result. And so Kurt is forced to step in once more. But the gnome manages to trick him - and Kurt’s magical powers suddenly vanish! Well … they don’t exactly vanish, but they are reversed. And this is bad news, for if a unicorn’s magic goes wrong, then only the unicorn parents can put it right again. But Kurt is an orphaned unicorn …

  • Kurt: one of the most popular characters of the unicorn trend.
  • A fun story which will appeal equally to girls, boys and adults alike.
  • Fifth volume in the hilarious series about the grumpy and reluctant unicorn.
| 5 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

It’s bedtime, but the Oggly children are still full of beans.

So Oggly Grandpa starts to spin mouldy old Oggly yarns, recounting the tale of when he was a deep-sea-diver, an astronaut, and a sailor on the ocean. He goes on to tell them about his legendary record for late rising. The Oggly children are of course desperate to break his record. Thanks to the little symbols on each page, beginner readers can learn about Grandpa Oggly’s adventures for themselves - and they experience the satisfaction of doing it all on their own!

  • Popular symbol-supported method boosts less confident readers.
  • Much loved Ogglies encourage children to read.
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Written by) Maar, Paul (Illustrated by)

Can the Sams really fulfil every wish? Surely not!

In order to prove this, Mr Taschenbier wishes for something completely crazy: he wishes for snow! Right in the middle of summer. Before he knows it, he and the Sams are knee-deep in a freezing cold snowstorm in their flat. And that’s just the start of it: a polar bear then comes along, together with the inquisitive landlady Mrs Rotkohl. How’s Mr Taschenbier supposed to explain this?

Paul Maar’s cheeky Sams is linguistically edited for emerging readers and is packed with a variety of syllables, pictures, games and puzzles. Reading is fun with the Sams!

  • Become a reading pro with a host of fun syllables.
  • Paul Maar’s sassy Sams stories motivate emerging readers.
  • The Sams is and will remain a guaranteed long-seller.
| 7 +

Wohlleben, Peter (Written by) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrated by)

What is a deer’s favourite food? What do beetles eat - and how does their food come out again when there’s no loo in the forest? Smaller animals also often have to be careful not to be eaten by bigger ones…

From the hedgehog to the butterfly, hit author Peter Wohlleben introduces young nature fans to the animals of the forest and answers all the questions they’ve been dying to ask.

  • A new adventure for early readers with Peter and Piet
  • Facts about forest amimals presented in Wohlleben’s typical child-friendly manner
  • Guaranteed hit: more than 500,000 Wohlleben books sold
| 6 +

Ambach, Jule (Written by) Thißen, Sandy (Illustrated by)

Grab your pens and get ready, steady - here comes the Plus-Pony!

Together with the other Mathematicanimals, he’ll show you how much fun literacy and numeracy can be. Get on board with the Mathematicanimals and go with them on a plus-tastic sea adventure. Collect all the individual numbers for the big maths puzzle at the end of the book.

The third in the Mathematicals series, which makes literacy and numeracy seem like child’s play! Age 6+

  • Plus, plus, hurray! The third book for young mathematicians, featuring the cute Mathematicanimals. 
  • Innovative concept, combining literacy and numeracy in a fun way.
  • Funny characters, exciting puzzles, and a great story.
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Written by) Maar, Paul (Illustrated by)

Wish dot chaos: a polar bear for Mr Pocketbeer!

Mr Pocketbeer doesn’t believe the Sat can make any wish come true for him and loses a wish dot every time! That’s why he decides to make a wish for something completely impossible: he asks for snow! And before he knows it, he and the Sat are knee-deep in a freezing snowstorm in their flat. And if that weren’t enough – here come a polar bear and their nosy landlady, Mrs Redcabbage. How on earth is Mr Pocketbeer going to explain all this?

The second Sat adventure revised for beginning readers and with lots of new illustrations by the author!
| 7 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Written by) Christians, Julia (Illustrated by)

Tuuli is a lively, inquisitive and warm-hearted little goblin who is also an incorrigible prankster. She enjoys collecting fir cones and spends her entire day working out hilariously naughty tricks to play on people. However, Tuuli is also very helpful and loves going on expeditions with her parents into the Skuleberget. Once winter is over, Tuuli and her parents set off for their summer house together with old Goat Granny Gudrun. There, they find a mysterious message in a bottle. Someone needs their help! Tuuli and her friend Snorri, an itinerant gnome storyteller, soon plunge into an adventure …

  • Stefanie Taschinski’s new series has all the hallmarks of a future classic. A guaranteed long-seller.
  • Packed with humour and with impressively artistic illustrations.
  • As magical as Taschinski’s earlier ‘The Little Lady’ series.


| 6 +

Boie, Kirsten (Written by) Engelking, Katrin (Illustrated by)

Jabu and his mother, the Good Queen, live in Happy Land in the royal croft. When decisions have to be made, everyone comes to their garden and discusses it while eating cake. But one day, several of them become quarrelsome and jealous, and they all stop helping one another. Before they know it, the Bird of Hope has stopped singing over Happy Land. Now it’s up to Jabu to bring him back. But the magnitude of the task scares him, so he’s glad when Alva, the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, agrees to accompany him. They set off together with heroic Helene, the brave captain’s old ship, and armed with the only thing their mothers could give them: a comforting melody.

In this fairytale, suitable for reading alone or aloud, Kirsten Boie discusses the meaning of goodness and comfort, along with the hope that we might all be able to live together peacefully one day.

  • A brilliantly written new parable about humanity by Kirsten Boie: a beacon of light in our current situation.
  • Suitable for reading alone or aloud.
  • With sumptuous illustrations by Katrin Engelking.
| 6 +

Schütze, Andrea (Written by) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrated by)

Here come the four helpful heroes!

There’s a rustling and a crackling and the forest is full of secrets. But the four young animal heroes with their big hearts and soft fur are always ready to step in to help any kindergarten child who needs them. First job for the animal task force: little Diego doesn’t like going to Forest School and is feeling homesick. Barely have they solved his problem when they’re on call again: boisterous little Paula has managed to disturb an ant colony with her stick! Fortunately our forest heroes know their way to the next stream and manage to rescue not only Paula but two little rabbits who have got into difficulties.

Thank goodness for the Wild Forest Four - now in a special double volume.

  • Four heroic young animals help the young Forest School children to solve their problems.
  • Sensitively handled read-aloud stories based on friendship, inclusion and team spirit.
| 4 +

Böhm, Anna (Written by) Wultschner, Ramona (Illustrated by)

Animals are going missing from the zoo! The Animal Police set out to make their enquiries - and the first witness they encounter is the vain peacock Mark (“Who’s the handsomest in the whole park? Yes, of course, it’s me, Mark”). He is one of the few animals who are allowed to roam freely around the zoo, and so is very much in the know. Three animals have already vanished. The prime suspect is the zoo’s new inhabitant: a kind of giant raccoon. The peacock has, of course, seen him. This strange creature can bite through ice, and his eyes are glowing red. He’s super-dangerous! All the animals say so! But who has actually seen any of this? And where is he …?

  • 60,000 copies sold of the Animal Police stories.
  • New animals and a thrilling adventure in which Flopson the little Red Panda learns all about her origins.
  • Featuring a scary new giant. But what kind of animal is he?
| 8 +

Ambach, Jule (Written by) Thißen, Sandy (Illustrated by)

Here come the Mathemanimals- and they’re going to show you how much fun literacy and numeracy can be! Join Tommytwo and Twotsie the twin wild boars and their friends on their exciting Maths adventures: can you crack the great number code at the end? An innovative learning concept for all children aged 6+ who need a bit of extra encouragement with reading and arithmetic. And, of course, fantastic for anyone who can’t get enough of tricky puzzles and funny stories!
| 6 +

Ambach, Jule (Written by) Thißen, Sandy (Illustrated by)

Cast your pencil case aside and make way for the Threeodore! Together with the other Mathemanimals, it’s ready to show you how much fun literacy and numeracy can be. Accompany it on the craziest adventures, and collect the numbers which make up the mathematical code for the grand finale. Can you solve the puzzle? Part Two of the Mathemanimals series which makes literacy and numeracy child’s play! Age 6+. | 6 +

Scheffler, Ursel (Written by) Gerigk, Julia (Illustrated by)

It’s all so exciting! Paula and Sina are practising hard with their ponies because they’re being allowed to take part in the gymkhana that’s coming up soon. Then a new girl turns up at the stables. Her name is Alice and she’s a real show-off and she sneaks extra food to her pony, Nero, so that he will be stronger than all the other ponies. Paula’s first gymkhana is causing so much excitement! Now, who do you think will be the winner?

A new story for horse-mad girls by bestselling author Ursel Scheffler.
| 7 +

Maar, Paul (Written by) Maar, Paul (Illustrated by)

Oh no! The wish dots on the Sat’s face are disappearing! High time for Mr Pocketbeer to finish building his wish machine! He’s got it hidden in Mrs Redcabbage’s attic. He makes a wish for him and the Sat to be transported there as fast as possible. But they end up in the wrong attic and find themselves face to face with an angry caretaker. Luckily, the Sat and Mr Pocketbeer manage to escape by making another wish, and this time they land right beside the wish machine. At last Mr Pocketbeer can try it out. And what’s the first thing he wishes for? Loads of money! It works, and the whole room is suddenly filled with coins and banknotes – but all in the wrong currency. | 7 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Written by) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrated by)

Eating and sleeping are Bifi’s favourite pastimes. His owner, Pops, a canny elderly gentleman and beekeeping enthusiast, is far more on his toes. When Bifi finds his bowl empty one morning and there’s a smell in the air that’s suspiciously like cat’s fart, it’s obvious they’ve had a visit from a food thief. At lunchtime, Pop discovers that his meal has also been snitched from his plate. Dog and master decide to investigate, so all the cats in the street have to give Bifi a sample fart.

Bifi & Pops, a charming and amusing dog-and-master team, have even preschool children eager to learn to read. Illustrations by Susanne Göhlich.

| 6 +

Wohlleben, Peter (Written by) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrated by)

Which animals can we find in the forest? Do they have families there? From squirrels to wild boars, best-selling author Peter Wohlleben introduces young fans to the animals living in the forest and takes them on a tour of our “green lungs”. Packed with photos and illustrations to match by Stefanie Reich, which add colour to the informative text and turn this non-fiction book into a great reading experience. Puzzles and text are presented throughout to appeal to emerging readers - but are also great fun for more experienced ones, too. | 6 +

Maar, Paul (Written by) Maar, Paul (Illustrated by)

Oh no! The Wishing Spots on the Sams’ face are disappearing! So it’s straight to Mr Taschenbier’s Wishing Machine, which he has hidden in Mrs Rotkohl’s attic. When the Sams and his dad use one of the last Wishing Spots to wish their way there, they land in the wrong attic and find themselves confronted by a furious caretaker. They finally manage to find their way to the Wishing Machine and immediately try it out. And they do indeed find themselves showered with money - lots of it. Countless coins and notes - but all in the wrong currency… | 7 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Written by) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrated by)

Fantastic animal-themed crime fun for early readers: when Bifi wakes up one morning and trots over to the feeding bowl, he can barely believe his puppy-dog eyes: the bowl is empty - and it smells suspiciously of cat food. He immediately realises that a food thief has been at work! When his owner Pops then finds that his lunch has been swiped from his plate, that’s a bridge too far. Bifi and Pops embark on a bit of detective work - and the first task is for all the cats in the street to provide Bifi with a fart sample…
| 6 +