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Non Fiction

Non Fiction

Rickhoff, Christine (Written by) Horstschäfer, Felicitas (Illustrated by)

100 different people each give their own child-friendly tip to help readers to overcome anxiety.

How does an astronaut feel during countdown? What’s a fire fighter thinking when they’re putting out a fire? What does an anxiety researcher do when he has a wobble? What do children’s therapists recommend for panic? Does ‘Checker Tobi’ ever have nightmares? And how can YOUR FRIENDS dare to step on stage in front of 1,000 people? Have you ever felt all alone with a problem?

This book is like a hug from 100 good friends!

  • 100 ways to deal with fear
  • Prominent experts, children, and many other people talk about their fears and share their top tips
  • A guidebook for the whole of childhood
| 5 +

Schmitt, Petra Maria (Written by) Orosz, Susanne (Written by) Vogel, Heike (Illustrated by)

How? Why? If you don’t ask, you’ll never know! Do cavies really live in caves? Why do glow worms glow? And why do we get goosebumps? Who knows the answers to children’s questions off pat?

Thank goodness for this best-selling series containing stories packed with facts which even adults will find amazing.

  • Unique and successful concept: the best-selling series (more than 250,000 copies sold) with an exciting new look.
  • 18 questions asked by children and answered for children.
  • Packed with facts about our bodies, technology, nature and the environment.


| 5 +

Beck, Nadine (Written by) Schilling, Rosa (Written by) Bayer, Sandra (Illustrated by)

Real Sex is the unapologetic educational book which kids will actually want to read!

Puberty is a thrilling rollercoaster which throws everything into turmoil. Questions about love, your body and sexuality suddenly become extremely important. “Real Sex” is more than an educational book, though. It’s your personal companion on your path to an autonomous, positive sexuality, which gives you the relevant answers without any bullsh*t.

Includes topics such as dating; love and relationships; safe sex and contraception; the uniqueness of our own bodies; enjoying masturbation; and everyone’s individual sexual preferences. Well worth a read for adults, too!

| 11 +

Böse, Malena (Written by) (Edited by)

Starting school is a new and emotional time for parents and children alike. Adults in particular are full of questions, especially at first: how are lessons organised? Do the children get homework? What are the teacher and the classmates like? Will my child be okay? Mothers and fathers are in a way starting school themselves when their first-born’s turn comes around. It’s a new and exciting chapter for all the family. School days are busy and happy but also come with various challenges. This indispensable guide will help you to get to know this “new world”.

  • One of only a few manuals on the topic of starting school.
  • Helps parents to prepare for this very special chapter in their children’s lives.
  • Includes answers to real-life questions asked by parents
| 14 +

Mallon, Lina (Written by) Moon Notes (Edited by)

How I became the woman I am now.

In her latest book, Lina Mallon writes about the female friends and other women who have affected her life. With great frankness and openness, she describes real support, unexpected opposition, friendship disappointments, the strength of Girl Power, and the dilemma in which women of all ages can find themselves: meeting the expectations of society whilst fulfilling their own dreams and desires. Our greatest challenge is not to lose ourselves at this point but to find our own way as women. Above all, Mallon emphasises the importance of women mutually supporting one another, being honest with one another, and even being able to criticise one another in a positive way so that they can grow together rather than competing with one another.

30 stories about 30 women - for all young women who are on the journey of their lives! | 14 +

Treder, Felix (Written by)

A lot of nonsense is talked about boys. That they don’t cry, for example. Or that they need to have a beard, a deep voice and a six-pack in order to be real men. All lies! It’s time to dig around and discover the truth. Felix Treder’s book gives us the most important facts, a whole host of surprises, and some real eye-openers. There’s nothing cringe or boring about this book: it’s funny, packed with cool pictures, and deals with all the issues faced by boys aged 11+.

  • For everyone who wants to know more about boys - snappy, cool, entertaining.
  • Amusingly and clearly written: ditches dusty old taboos.
  • Topics developed in collaboration with the target readership.
| 11 +

Büttner, Nadine (Written by) (Edited by)

Life with toddlers is a complete rollercoaster. As mothers and fathers, we just manage to get a handle on one particular phase - when everything changes again. As toddlers race through their stages of development, family life finds itself constantly changing, too. This is challenging for parents, who often find themselves facing new questions: how can you keep control of the chaos in the playroom? Why is every morning so stressful? When can children start to dress themselves unaided? Why is my child so shy? And the Number One question which all parents ask themselves on a daily basis: what concrete steps can I take to accompany my child on their journey, without losing myself in the process? This compact and practical parenting guide will help you to understand children’s behaviour and to shape their daily routine in a stimulating manner.

  • How to understand children’s behaviour and aid their development.
  • Stress-busting tips and tricks plus background know-how.
  • Includes a host of practical ways to reduce stress in your family life
| 14 +

Kittel, Claudia (Written by)

The rights of children and young people are human rights - but are often disregarded. This makes it all the more important for you to know your rights. For they should not only be protected, but also taken into account and turned into reality in any debate around them. This is the point of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children’s rights expert and educationalist Claudia Kittel explains your rights and helps you to understand them. Snappily written, informative and empowering, it will help you to stand up for your rights and gives you a strong basis for any discussion around these issues.

  • Practical, portable addition to the motivational and highly successful “Stand Up and Be Counted!” series.
  • Pithy arguments, well substantiated and informative.
  • On a level: includes young people’s voices.
| 12 +

Wockenfuß, Benjamin (Written by) Messing, Stefanie (Illustrated by) Kowalski, Stephanie A. (Illustrated by)

An innovative and fun guidebook in bullet journal/planner style, written by father, social media manager and social pedagogue Benjamin Wockenfuß. Packed with strategies to enable dads to play a successful and empathic role in their children’s worlds and lives. Every chapter ends with easy, tried-and-tested, no-nonsense tips which fathers can easily incorporate into family life.

In the age of digitisation and “New Work”, fatherhood has become more complicated than ever; the role of contemporary fathers and the culture of fatherhood generally are constantly being redefined. #Brilliantdad gathers together these ideas about the role of fathers in their children’s upbringing, and demonstrates that their implementation has an invariably positive effect on all the relationships within the family as well as contributing to career success.

With an inspiring “Dad Power” picture book for dads and children to read and explore together.

Practical, entertaining information targeted firmly at men and fathers - in a handy go-to format.
With day-to-day challenges to enable men to become more actively involved in their children’s upbringing.
Planner, bullet journal, workshop and more, all in one book.
Includes an inspiring “Dad Power” picture book for dads and children to read and explore together (double-sided cover). | 14 +

Stahr, Christine (Written by)

Hobby-horsing is the newest and coolest sport for children aged 6+. Originating in Finland, it combines elements of sport and gymnastics with imaginary play and ‘do it yourself’ principles. In hobby-horsing, the main aim is to jump over hurdles on your hobby horse, or to carry out dressage moves as one would on “real” ponies. In other countries, it’s still in the starting blocks but everything suggests it will quickly gain ground. It’s easy for beginners: all you need is a hobby horse. A home-made one can be as individual as its rider!

“Hobby-horsing: I Love My Hobby Horse” was developed for the hobby-horsing community in conjunction with current hobby-horsers, and is a lively, entertaining and colourful introduction to this fascinating hobby. It’s far more than just a sport!

Developed in conjunction with hobby-horsing fans for the hobby-horsing community.
Never a dull moment: a lively, colourful fan book.
With interactive elements (quiz, profiles of hobby horses etc).
| 6 +

Becker, Linda (Written by) Wenzel, Julian (Written by) Jansen, Birgit (Illustrated by)

Am I bi, lesbian or gay? What does trans really mean? How is it different from doing drag? This can all be a bit emotionally overwhelming, especially if you’re not (yet) sure about your own gender identity. “What’s all this LGBTQ* Stuff About?” is a guide for all children and young people who want to know more about the many diverse forms that gender identity can take. It isn’t a dry textbook, though: it is jokey and entertaining and exactly on a level with young readers on their thrilling journey into the unknown world of growing up. This book explains all the various terms, and also offers support when it comes to such things as harassment. - The book’s central message is that readers should be encouraged to explore their own feelings. - Handy guide: explains the most important LGBTIQ* terms - “We can’t be pigeon-holed”: interviews with members of the LGBTIQ* scene. - Written by two LGBTIQ* podcasters. | 11 +

Crämer, Jana (Written by) Pauluth, Josephine (Illustrated by)

Inspiring new activity book by the renowned body positivity messenger – packed with suggestions and encouragement

Jana Crämer hasn’t always had it easy, but she has always made the best of it. Being happy isn’t the same as being perfect: this much has Jana learned. This is also her message, and forms the basis of her second activity book. Includes anecdotes and quotations from her own life, full of ideas and encouraging exercises and with loads of space to write in. This book is like your best friend, a new and inspiring activity book by the renowned body positive blogger.

Be who you are! Blogger Jana motivates her readers to accept themselves as they are | 12 +

Gebhardt, Martin (Written by) Karim, Yasmin (Illustrated by)

Bushcraft is an ever-growing trend: increasing numbers of people are wanting to experience the thrill of heading off into Nature with as little kit as possible. At the heart of this lies the intensive and lasting experience of being at one with Nature. However, bushcraft is also an exciting and diverse family hobby.

“Bushcraft for Families” is the first book about bushcraft which is aimed at whole families. It is aimed at novices with children who want to dip a toe into outdoor adventures, and includes basic information about what preparations to make and explanations of the ways in which Nature might manifest itself. However, it also contains instructions for families to make tools and shelters with the most basic materials in order to experience unforgettable Nature at first hand.

The first bushcraft book for the whole family. Experience unforgettable Nature together!
Includes a host of easy-to-make projects to suit all ages.
Outdoor on-trend topic: created by the writer behind ‘Survival-Kompass’. | 6 +

Steffan, Philipp (Written by)

Clear message: Speak out against right-wing extremism! Right-wing populism is constantly gaining ground. But how do you identify right-wing ideas, and more than anything, how do you deal with them? These are the questions the highly acclaimed young association Tadel verpflichtet e.V. poses with its educational initiative diskursiv, which is publishing this practical little book providing some powerful reasoning to support arguments against right-wing populism; tailored to a young readership and practice-related with conversation tactics, tips and suggested solutions. | 14 +

König, Michael (Written by)

Adventure's Coming Home!

Turn your home into an Escape Room - with a whole host of challenges in all the different rooms! In the game, players are shut in and the doors are secured by a combination lock.

Your mission is to work together as a family to escape from the 'room'. Now things become exciting: you'll need to rack your brains, work things out, search for things - because you can only escape once you've found the right code. The puzzles are true brain-teasers; however, there's fun to be had as well. Ever heard of the Tickling Challenge or the Food Pairing Contest? No? Well, you will do now!

– The first family book that transforms your own four walls into an Escape Room!
– Quality Time: this book is great fun, offers endless opportunities for family bonding, and promotes creativity, deductive skills and empathy.
– This interactive book leads participants step by step through the game, offering useful tips along the way. If you get really stuck, the solutions are at the end, too! | 6 +

Schmidt, Daniel (Written by)

The first guide to the trampolining trend aimed at children; safe and fun actitivies suitable for use at home and in sports halls.

Tentative bunny-hopper or proper jumper? “Jump and Fun” is a book which offers the ultimate in challenges for kids and teens who want to have fun and look amazing. Includes around 20 tutorials for different jumps, important safety advice, and cool ideas for trampoline-based battles and parties. Includes top insider tips by expert Daniel Schmidt, world-class level trampolinist and several times finalist in the “Ninja Warrior Germany” series.

Stunts for all levels and abilities

With suggestions for trampolining battles and games suitable for groups

Includes valuable EXPERT TIPS by trampolining professional and NINJA WARRIOR Daniel Schmidt | 8 +

Müller, Thomas (Written by) Wolff, Julien (Written by)

Dream job professional footballer! This is how superstar Thomas Müller made it

What I want to be when I grow up is a professional footballer! That’s what plenty of children dream of. But how can they actually achieve that? In this book, likeable superstar Thomas Müller gives a full and frank account of his football career, from the first time he kicked a ball to his first professional game (for FC Bayern) his team’s Champions League win and being a part of Germany’s terrific victory at the World Cup in Brazil.

Top goalscorer and ambassador for reading: Thomas Müller is an idol

The first footballer autobiography especially for children

With exclusive private photos and a wealth of background information | 10 +

Crämer, Jana (Written by) Pauluth, Josephine (Illustrated by)

Be yourself – beyond comparison!

This book will do you good. There’s space here for everything: your strengths, your weaknesses, your deepest desires, your fears, your memories, your courage and your strength. It’s a journal, a companion along the path that leads to you, and most of all: a friend made of paper. What would life be without friends? And what if you could love yourself as much as you love your best friend?
For a long time, I didn’t know who or how I wanted to be. I was always trying to please everyone so much that I didn’t notice that I stopped liking myself. In this book, I will tell you how I got the song inside me to ring out again. Come on, let’s write your story together – I’m really looking forward to it!

Confidence-inspiring activity book by the well-known German blogger Jana Crämer

Inspirational message: body positivity instead of the compulsion for Instagram optimisation

Fun challenges and lots of space for making notes and finding yourself | 12 +

Hecking, Claus (Written by) Schönberger, Charlotte (Written by) Sokolowski, Ilka (Written by) Zobel, Franziska Viviane (Illustrated by) | further

The first book written particularly for younger fans of Greta Thunberg.

Be a hero, save the world!

Wondering how to go about it? Greta Thunberg points the way. In this book, you can read about all the things Greta does to protect the climate. You will also find lots of super suggestions for ways that you can stand up for our planet.

Greta is a real climate activist today, but when she began campaigning for the climate, she was quite alone. Her story shows that everyone can make a difference – and so can you! Join the campaign and fight like Greta for the climate.

An illustrated children’s book with tips for climate activists of all ages. | 8 +

Wohlleben, Peter (Written by) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrated by)

How clever are dung beetles? Which animals live in the water butt? Why does a fawn have spots on its back?
Peter Wohlleben takes you on a tour of the animals that live close to where you live: in the woods, in the garden, by the water and in the house. You get to see hedgehogs and mosquitoes have their babies, watch them eat, defend themselves and sometimes also when they are ill. You will learn so much about all manner of creatures – from the thunderfly to the wolf – that you didn’t know before!

- For all children and everyone else who’s interested in animals aged six or over – for reading aloud or to yourself
- Peter Wohlleben knows the secrets of the animal world and his sensitive narrative tone sparks children’s interest and enthusiasm for nature’s delicate wonders | 6 +

Ottermann, Doro (Written by) Ottermann, Doro (Created by)

Plucky girls step up: Have you ever made a secret compartment? Built a paper explosion? Trained a fly?
These and many other crazy, creative ideas await you in this wonderful activity book that’s anything but pink and shy and is crammed to the rafters with fascinating things. Go on, have fun, have a go and give yourself a medal – because you’re great!

- An unconventional book for girls along the lines of “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls“ and “The Girls' Book”
- Cliché-free, creative ideas for girls who can be anything they want
- Lavishly illustrated, with a hard cover and a rubber band
- Doro Ottermann’s “Get-up-from-the-sofa-and-do-something!” diaries have sold over 200,000 copies. | 8 +

Malou, Mascha (Written by) Kaiser, Nataša (Illustrated by)

My BFF, our summer and me

Here’s everything best friends need to make this summer the best they’ve ever had. From fun tests about “Ten things you should do together this summer“ and “The five most delicious snacks for a picnic“ to “Our best photos“, this is a stylish must-have book to make every girl’s summer perfect and help best friends to get to know each other even better. And best of all: when the summer holidays are over, you will not only have had loads of fun, but also have a wonderful album full of memories.

This richly illustrated activity book for girls is the ultimate summer companion, with many pages to fill in, bucket lists and creative DIY ideas.
| 12 +

Jacobs, Una (Written by) Jacobs, Una (Created by)

A declaration of love to nature: The blooming nature clock takes you through the year with the aid of the sun, its energy and warmth. Read about the fascinating life of butterflies and the special friendship between animals and flowers. | 5 +

Lucht, Irmgard (Written by) Lucht, Irmgard (Created by)

A love letter to Mother Nature: Fascinating information about the woods, fields and birds. Find out what happens in nature: three of Irmgard Lucht's classic "clock books" about birds, fields and woodlands in one volume. Irmgard Lucht’s three most beautiful books in one volume with informative and detailed texts and true-to-life illustrations. A reference work for children. | 5 +