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The Animal Police

A. Böhm - Emmi und Einschwein. Die Tierpolizei

The Animal Police

Sitting in a cage day after day and only experiencing exciting adventures on TV? That's not for Flopson the cat. After all, there are plenty of exciting criminal cases to solve in the big city! And so she founds THE ANIMAL POLICE together with the clever tit Meili, the falabella Fridolin and Jack, probably the grumpiest teddy hamster in the world.

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Meet The Animal Police!

Böhm, Anna (Written by) Wultschner, Ramona (Illustrated by)

Animals are going missing from the zoo! The Animal Police set out to make their enquiries - and the first witness they encounter is the vain peacock Mark (“Who’s the handsomest in the whole park? Yes, of course, it’s me, Mark”). He is one of the few animals who are allowed to roam freely around the zoo, and so is very much in the know. Three animals have already vanished. The prime suspect is the zoo’s new inhabitant: a kind of giant raccoon. The peacock has, of course, seen him. This strange creature can bite through ice, and his eyes are glowing red. He’s super-dangerous! All the animals say so! But who has actually seen any of this? And where is he …?

  • 60,000 copies sold of the Animal Police stories.
  • New animals and a thrilling adventure in which Flopson the little Red Panda learns all about her origins.
  • Featuring a scary new giant. But what kind of animal is he?
| 8 +

Böhm, Anna (Written by) Wultschner, Ramona (Illustrated by)

The four animal detectives can’t believe their eyes when a little mouse appears on their turf, whose fur is all the colours of the rainbow. They quickly discover that she has escaped from a laboratory where she had been made to test nail polish and shaving items. Animal experiments in our own town? You couldn’t make it up! The furred and feathered friends set out on a daring mission: to free the other mice from the laboratory as quickly as possible!

  • Animal protection theme: no mouse should ever become a guinea pig.
  • Less confident readers will also love the plethora of illustrations and Anna Böhm’s characteristic humour.
  • Added bonus: tips for drawing one of the animals, by Ramona Wultschner.
| 8 +

Böhm, Anna (Written by) Wultschner, Ramona (Illustrated by)

Oh no! The stream where the Otter family live has completely dried up. Feeling very thirsty, they set off to ask the Animal Police for help. Of course, the four furred and feathered detectives immediately start to investigate what’s going on. Where has the water gone? Can they somehow get it back? And are the gangster Tortellini and his crew behind it all? He knows every trick in the book and is in control of the last remaining water supplies…

- Volume 3 of the popular children’s series, full of charm, action and excitement.

- Suitable for less confident readers, too, thanks to the high number of illustrations.

- With an embossed cover and pictures to colour in. | 8 +

Böhm, Anna (Written by) Wultschner, Ramona (Illustrated by)

The second wildly funny case for Anna Böhm’s emergency services.

Baby rabbit Rosine has lost her mum - it’s a case for the Animal Police.
Their sleuthing skills lead the four detectives through the park and on to the pet shop, where some very strange things are happening. Syrian hamster Jack has long had a serious bone to pick with the ultra-mean shopkeeper. Flopson and the Animal Police soon work out that something’s amiss in the pet shop. With an adventure this exciting, your hair will be standing on end just as much as the Animal Police’s fur!

Amusing animal heroes, tricky detective work, and a real feel-good factor.
Easy to read, and with fantastic illustrations - ideal for less confident readers, too.
Based around current hot topics: animal protection, friendship, and sticking together.
| 8 +

Böhm, Anna (Written by) Wultschner, Ramona (Illustrated by)

Lovable Heroes in Tricky Police Missions Themes close to children’s hearts: animal protection and friendship There’s no case that can’t be solved with brains, wit and friendship One morning, Flopson the red panda wakes up and discovers that her friend Tjalle the streaked tenrec, has disappeared. Flopson scents a crime, and leaves her safe cage to try to rescue Tjalle. In the process, she encounters Fridolin, a mini dwarf pony. He joins in with her search, but instead of finding Tjalle, they find the injured blue tit Meili. Together, the three of them seek sanctuary in a disused police car. However, the grumpy Syrian hamster Jack has already taken up residence there and doesn’t want to share his home with uninvited guests. But when they find an important clue pointing to the whereabouts of Tjalle, the four very different animals join forces. Only together can they solve the mystery – as THE ANIMAL POLICE! The new children’s series by Unipig creator Anna Böhm – second book in the series will be published in autumn 2021 | 8 +

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