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New Publications

New Publications

Keys, Tarah (Written by) Moon Notes (Edited by)

  • Exciting insight for readers into the world of publishing.
  • Familiar New Adult topics: ‘one bed’ and ‘from enemies to lovers’.
  • Amusing romance with a bookish backdrop.

He’s a star author, but nobody is allowed to know his real identity. She’s his editor.

Wow! Clio can’t believe that she’s put in charge of the new book by the celebrated author Bryn Spurling. It’s a huge opportunity for her, but a big challenge too. Spurling is known to be extremely difficult. But after a complicated start, the professional comments in the margins become … flirty. The increasingly intensive interaction starts to make Clio’s heart skip a beat. Is Bryn’s protagonist starting to become increasingly like her? She finds out rather more quickly than she expected when she’s given the surprising news that Bryn wants to meet her!

| 16 +

Clivia, Isabel (Written by) Moon Notes (Edited by)

  • The protagonist is given a second chance at love thanks to a series of murders.
  • Witches - repackaged for the New Adult market.
  • Thrilling urban romantasy with added crime elements.

Lose your heart in magical London.

Jack the Ripper is back - according to the headlines which are causing the whole of London to hold its breath. However, young witch Reva knows the truth: the murderer is one of them. As a detective working for the Witches’ Secret Society, it’s her job to get to the bottom of things. A clue leads her to New London, her one-time home city which lies hidden behind a magic veil. There she needs the help of charismatic sorcerer Gabriel, of all people. She’d rather do without him making her heart flutter - but if she wants to solve the crime, she has no choice but to work with him. Before long, there’s more at stake than just her heart …


| 16 +

Peluso, Francesca (Written by) Moon Notes (Edited by)

  • Female Empowerment meets New Adult.
  • The opposite of a slow burner: starts with a thrill, and feelings develop later.
  • True love will find you, whether you want it to or not.

It’s a match!

Soulmates and true love? That’s all a load of rubbish, according to Sienna. Fall in love again? Rafael has had enough of that to last him a lifetime. Sienna and Rafael meet via a dating app while they’re both trawling for no-strings sex, and end up in bed. With Rafael, Sienna finally discovers what she really enjoys, and with her relationship history, he has no worries that she’ll fall for him. The one thing they do know is that they want to sleep together again! Not, obviously, without putting a couple of rules in place: no dates, no deep conversations, and above all no feelings. What could possibly go wrong …

| 16 +

Bleckmann, Daniel (Written by) Hussung, Thomas (Illustrated by)

  • Interactive reading and puzzle GoblinGronigles adventure.
  • Thrilling escape elements and choice-making tasks to motivate reluctant readers too.
  • Cool, illustrated game-book where fun is paramount.

Lennard is on a dangerous mission - and young readers are part of his team! Dario’s best friend (and Clara-with-a-C’s younger brother) takes part in his own quest in this game-book, where he has to solve puzzles and take on some seriously scary creatures.

GoblinGronigles protagonist Dario sketches and narrates Lennard’s story in this witty, illustration-packed book. Quest elements meet escape novel: readers have to choose which path the hero should take, decide with him what to do next, and experience the thrills and spills along with Lennard.

| 9 +

Bleckmann, Daniel (Written by) Hussung, Thomas (Illustrated by)

  • Cool, illustrated, interactive adventure book in diary format.
  • Extends the concept of the friendship book by means of shared puzzles.
  • Perfect for all GoblinGronigles fans who love a challenge.
  • No ordinary friendship book! Packed with goblin challenges to tackle with your friends.

Grab your best friends and plunge into this cool goblinish write-your-own-entries diary-style game book. Solve puzzles, draw monsters with Dario, discover your own goblin name, and see where the journey takes you …

| 9 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

  • More than 1.1 million copies sold, and more than 40 million streams.
  • Massive topics for the target audience: love, friendship, adventure, and taking positive steps to protect the environment.
  • Eagerly awaited by fans.

The brilliant ninth volume in the bestselling Alea Aquarius series!

After reaching Rome, the Alpha Cru return home on their ship Crucis - and find themselves facing bigger challenges than ever before. Will they manage to capture the dastardly doctor and take him to a Lafora? And will Alea and her twin sister Anthea be reunited?

Alea fans will be in their element: gripping new adventure guarantees huge reading pleasure.

| 10 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Stegmaier, Andrea (Illustrated by)

  • Poetic Christmas story by bestselling author Erhard Dietl.
  • Based on a real-life event.
  • Andrea Stegmaier’s illustrations radiate warmth and Christmassy feelings.

A fir tree is chopped down in the snowy forest. It is supposed to be put up as a splendid Christmas tree at the Christmas market. But in the tree there lives a little screech-owl who now finds itself travelling to the big city along with the tree. When they reach their destination, Mario the forester discovers the little screech-owl hiding in the branches, completely exhausted by its long and scary journey. Happily, Mario’s daughter Emilia lovingly nurses the little Christmas miracle back to full strength, whereupon they release it back into the magical winter forest.

| 4 +

Lippa, Henrike (Written by) Staar, Katharina (Illustrated by)

  • First facts for young nature fans.
  • Ever-popular ‘seasons’ topic - with delightful rhymes and imaginative illustrations for children from 18 months.
  • Sustainably produced board book.

Look - the first snowflakes are falling in the forest! The trees will soon be dusted with snow, and the woodland animals are starting to feel cold. But what do the bear, the fox, the squirrel, the hedgehog and the little mouse do when winter arrives? Some of them become tired and sleep the winter away, while others continue to frisk around.

A delightful rhyming board book of first facts for small nature explorers.

| 18 months +

Heidtmann, Daniela (Written by) Stuhlberger, Martina (Illustrated by)

  • Slow down during the hectic Advent period.
  • Take time out and share moments of happiness in the run-up to Christmas.
  • 24 suggestions to help you breathe deeply, relax, and feel the magic of Christmas.

It’s all too easy to be overwhelmed by stress and chaos during Advent, but this year everyone can stay calm and cool. This family advent calendar helps you to relax, create shared rituals, and consciously enjoy the special magic of the pre-Christmas period. Tuck up and listen to a story, go on an imagination-filled journey, or try out Christmas yoga together - give yourself a mindful and relaxing December. 24 cards with different suggestions ensure happy shared moments. For if there’s one thing Advent means, it’s family.

| 3 +

Böhm, Anna (Written by) Ablang, Friederike (Illustrated by)

  • For reading aloud, or reading alone.
  • By Unipig and Animal Police author Anna Böhm.
  • Powerful Christmas title: loads going on in this funny and slightly bonkers story.

"Who actually decides what happens at Christmas?”

My dad and I absolutely love Christmas! But Dad has unfortunately got a new girlfriend, and she’s had a plumbing disaster. So she’s moved in with us - along with her annoying son Freddie and her Christmas Angel. He can’t stand our Tinsel Elf because they both have such different ideas about what Christmas should be like. But we only discover this when our biscuits stick to the table and all kinds of other crazy things start to happen. The pair of them go on to create far more Christmas chaos than Freddie and I do. Now it looks as if Christmas is going to have to be cancelled - even though I’ve spent months making Dad the best present in the universe. How on earth are we going to get Christmas back on track?

| 8 +

Boese, Cornelia (Written by) Bierkandt, Julia (Illustrated by)

  • Superb rhymes by Cornelia Boese.
  • Elfish Christmas illustrations packed with little details to discover and delight readers.
  • For fans of elves big and small.

What do elves do at Advent? Go through the elves’ door and find out: Wips the elf is right in the middle of preparing for Christmas. He’s baking spinach cakes, writing Christmas letters to the woodland animals, and playing merrily on his fiddle. Never far away are his friend Mia Mouse and all kinds of mischief! And, of course, there’s a Christmas party and all his friends are invited. Parties should be fun, Wips reckons. Happy Christmas, little elves!

| 24 months +

Dorne, Juli (Written by) Moon Notes (Edited by)

  • An original new interpretation of Greek myths.
  • Popular bodyguard topic with a feminist slant: she’s the one who protects him.
  • Exciting settings in the real and mythological worlds alike.

He’s the Prince of Hades, she’s his bodyguard. Two strangers thrown together by fate.

Taru ekes out a dismal existence. He hasn’t been able to leave his apartment in New York for centuries - his punishment for an unforgivable crime. The Furies are just waiting to rip him to pieces if he makes a mistake. His chance encounter with Rio changes everything: he discovers that he’s invisible to the Furies when he’s with her. Thus he hires her to protect him. Together they set off to find Pandora, the only one who can lift the curse on Taru. But nothing can prepare Rio and Taru for the things they will discover about themselves. And about one another.

| 16 +

Lagemann, Franziska (Written by) Kister, Kristina (Illustrated by)

  • A headstrong protagonist in the tradition of Pippi Longstocking.
  • Dark, quirky and with a fantastic, sometimes slightly macabre humour.
  • An imaginative adventure which offers an unusual take on the topic of death.

As a child, twelve-year-old Odette was given a magic rattle by her great grandmother Eloise, who was rather too fond of experiments. Since then, Odette has had necromantic powers, and can bring people back from the dead and control them. Thus she chooses to spend most of her time with her dead friends at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. This Halloween, she plans a huge party for them all. Alas, she’s not the only necromancer there as the nefarious Dark Brotherhood have snuck into the cemetery and they've chosen Halloween of all nights to try to achieve world domination! Odette has to pull out all the stops to defend the cemetery and have her party…

| 10 +

Bleckmann, Daniel (Written by) Hussung, Thomas (Illustrated by)

  • Looks like a book, but it’s really a jigsaw.
  • Fantastic present for GoblinGronigles fans.
  • Cool goblin picture to put together.

Who’s coming to Gwertz? Simply open the cover and get started! For this book has 300 sturdy jigsaw pieces instead of pages. Piece by piece, young goblin fans can put together their favourite scene from the world of the GoblinGronigles. What are you waiting for? Builds concentration and motor skills through play. Fantastic fun for GoblinGronigles fans big and small!

| 9 +

Bleckmann, Daniel (Written by) Hussung, Thomas (Illustrated by)

  • On-trend goblin topic: jigsaw and escape puzzles.
  • The perfect present.
  • Original idea: a jigsaw as a book!

Who’s up for a challenge? Simply open the cover and get started! For this book has 300 sturdy jigsaw pieces instead of pages, featuring the perfect combination of adventures and puzzles from the world of the GoblinGronigles. Put the jigsaw pieces together and earn the chance to solve the quest puzzle too.

| 9 +

Jaspersen, Deniz (Written by) Ryans, Gareth (Illustrated by)

  • The book companion to the song from the popular children’s music series “Under my Bed”.
  • Addresses environmental damage and climate change in a gentle and child-friendly manner.
  • Large format, atmospheric illustrations packed with loving detail.

“Planet” is a wonderful journey around the Earth which demonstrates to children how beautiful and precious it is. Sadly, it’s all too easy to forget the things that our blue planet gives us on a daily basis. This is a heart-warming appeal to us all to protect our environment and preserve nature, accompanied by large-format, atmospheric illustrations. A love song to the Earth, with which we’re all invited to join in. “Planet” is the book to accompany the song of the same name by Deniz Jaspersen (of the band Herrenmagazin) from the popular children’s music series “Under My Bed”. Fans of the albums will recognise a few of the characters in the illustrations, too.

| 4 +

Crimson, Darcy (Written by) Moon Notes (Edited by)

  • A LGBTQIA+ novel with the perennially popular ‘from enemies to lovers’ theme.
  • For all fans of Tracy Wolff’s hit “Crave” series.
  • Never before have the catacombs of Naples seemed simultaneously so alluring and forbidden.

Never trust a vampire.

Cara is in her early 20s, lives in Naples, and is a total free spirit. When she and her friends are invited to an illegal underground party in the catacombs, she immediately says yes. In the subterranean passageways and chambers, Cara encounters not only all kinds of weird figures but also the mysterious Kisa. They are immediately drawn to one another and their dance ends with an intense kiss which leaves Cara breathless. She finally discovers the stranger’s true intentions, but too late: Kisa has already bitten her and is sucking her blood.

| 16 +

Nagib, Sherin (Written by) Moon Notes (Edited by)

  • Moving first-person story of a hijabi.
  • Highly topical: diversity, empowerment, critique of racism.
  • A college romance filled with love and music: butterflies in your tummy guaranteed.

“With every line of my song, I lose my heart to you a bit more …”

Judy is totally fired up when her uni holds a competition with a recording contract as the prize. She’s long wanted to have a career as a songwriter. But before she can even enter the competition, a racist lecturer manages to make her doubt her own talent. However, she then meets Jaad, who is himself a musician, and finds herself confiding in him. He, too, faces big challenges because of his background. After coffee dates beneath the Californian sun and evening music practices, more than just moving love songs start to develop between Jaad and Judy. But will Jaad really be there for Judy when she needs him most?

| 16 +

Müller, Thomas (Written by) Wolff, Julien (Written by) Vogt, Michael (Illustrated by)

  • Learn to read with football star Thomas Müller.
  • Wide-reaching author with more than 11 million Instagram followers.
  • Stories which inspire reluctant readers to enjoy books.

Learn to read with football star Thomas Müller.

Continues the hit story for emerging readers. Thomas Müller has made it to the starting eleven for dream team Bayern Munich. With some serious training and his love of football he is aiming even higher - to become one of the pros. Everything hangs on his first championship. Will Thomas score the deciding goal?

Reluctant readers and football fans alike will become world champion readers with Thomas Müller. An autobiographical story packed with comic-style illustrations and 16 pages of reading-related puzzles and games.

| 7 +