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Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Wohlleben, Carina (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator)

Discover nature right from the cradle with Peter and Piet

A new forest adventure by renowned author Peter Wohlleben and his daughter. Goodness, it's hot! Peter the Forester and Piet the Squirrel are sweating buckets outside the forester's lodge. While Peter has a refreshing ice-cream, the squirrel scuttles off to find a cooler place. On the way, Piet encounters a host of other animals, who describe what they do when they are too hot. The frog leaps into the cold water; the wild boar wallows in a muddly puddle; and the grasshopper hides in the shade of a blade of grass. These tips are no help to Piet, though. Eventually the squirrel reaches the old beech forest. It's so pleasantly cool there… Piet absolutely has to tell his friend Peter about it.

Lift-the-flap book includes fascinating facts about the forest.

First board book by Peter Wohlleben and his daughter. A guaranteed big-seller.

Charming and lovingly told non-fiction book, with flaps to lift.

Carbon-neutral production. | 24 months +

    Moser, Annette (Author) Opheys, Caroline (Illustrator)

    All the animals think they’re tall –
    Even those that are very small.
    But none of them’s as tall by half
    As the tree-top touching, giant giraffe.

    What about you? Are you as tall as a mouse, or a sheep, or a bear?
    The concertina growth chart will tell you, and it will go on telling you until you are fully grown.

    18 months +

      Dietl, Erhard (Author)

      There's post for the Oggly family: the Blue Oggly writes to say that he'd like to spend his birthday with his relatives on the rubbish tip. Oh, and he'll be arriving that afternoon! This is bad news for the Ogglies. The Blue Oggly loves nothing more than order, and he's generally quite hard work. Can they still manage to hold a grotty birthday party for him? The Ogglies get straight to work… | 4 +

        Maar, Paul (Author) Muggenthaler, Eva (Illustrator)

        A fairy-tale parable by one of Germany's best loved and most successful children's authors, Paul Maar. With magical illustrations by Eva Muggenthaler.

        Princess Bea’s favourite pet is Rosemarie, the tortoise, who has a beautiful golden shell. One day the cat tells Rosemarie that there is some writing on the shell, and from that moment on, she can’t rest. She MUST find out what it says. But none of the other animals can tell her, because they can’t read. Only when she is dropped from the sky is the mystery finally solved.

        Secret clues and animals, coupled with the frisson of getting lost and finding your way back home: it's a potent mixture which is guaranteed to appeal to all child readers.

        Destined to become another Paul Maar classic.

        4 +

          Häfner, Carla (Author) Sturm, Carola (Illustrator)

          A new word? Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

          A small and very special picture dictionary on the perennial favourite theme of "animals". Alongside the classic and delightful illustrations, each new word is also explained by means of short and catchy rhymes. These help to imprint these new acquisitions in the minds of small children, who will also enjoy the playful element as they look at the pictures and repeat the rhymes along with you.

          • A speedy way to learn first words: an engaging combination of picture dictionary and early rhymes.
          • Popular board book topic: motor vehicles.
          • Lovingly designed activity book.

          18 months +

            Lütje, Susanne (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

            A lovely bedtime book for small children.

            When it's time to go to sleep, there's nothing nicer than ending the day with a cuddle in bed. But before little eyes start to shut, it's time for a bedtime story or gentle song. How lovely, then, that the tender rhymes in this story can be sung to the melody of Brahms' famous Lullaby as well as being read aloud.

            • Soothing bedtime book.
            • The rhymes can be sung to the melody of Brahms' Lullaby.
            • Promotes calm evening rituals and good sleep habits.

            18 months +

              Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

              Good news for all Sat fans: the Wish Machine is back!

              A brand-new Sat story, illustrated by acclaimed author Paul Maar.

              The Sat isn't allowed to do anything! So it spends its days being bored while Mr Taschenbier is at work. Through the window, it spies a couple of children clambering aboard a dragon. The Sat wishes it could do the same. As the dragon shop is shut, though, the Sat decides just this once to use the forbidden Wish Machine. Lo and behold: a little dragon appears before him! An entertaining game of hide and seek ensues, because Mrs Rotkohl must, needless to say, not discover what's going on. However, there's no way to hide the fact that everyone is so happy all of a sudden. For the Sat managed to conjure up a Chinese lucky dragon!

              - A new Sat story written and illustrated by Paul Maar.
              - Immense multi-generational fan-base - over 5 million copies sold in Germany.
              - Translated into 23 languages
              - New: rhyming chapter titles | 7 +

                Lütje, Susanne (Author) Rammensee, Lisa (Illustrator)

                A beautifully made board book which tells the story of a charmingly different family

                Pingu and Pongo are happy
                As a penguin pair can be.
                But then they’re even happier
                When two plus one makes three!

                Pingu spends his days doing what penguins like to to do best: swimming, diving, and sliding on the ice. Then he meets Pongo and they are very happy together. One day they suddenly find something lying on the ice: an egg! The pair incubate it. And what hatches out? A little chick. How wonderful!

                18 months +

                  Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

                  A tubful of bathtime fun with the little owl!

                  It’s bath day at the owls’ house, but Little Owl doesn’t want to know. Mummy Owl offers her heaps of fluffy bubble bath and a yellow rubber duck, but nothing will tempt her into the water. Little Owl simply refuses to hop into the bath. Then mummy has a brilliant idea…

                  This Little Owl story by author duo Susanne Weber and Tanja Jacobs makes bathtime a delight for every child. | 0 +

                    Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

                    The Little Owl Wants Everyone to be Her Friend

                    The Little Owl is terribly bored. Luckily she meets the little dormouse and the pair have a wonderful time playing hide and seek. And because they both get along so well, they both know instinctively that they will be seeing each other again.

                    Bestseller character: over 900,000 Little Owl copies sold

                    Perfect for nursery school children

                    Popular topic: friendship
                    | 3 +

                      Strobel, Tatjana (Author) Pieper, Andrea (Illustrator)

                      Mia has a problem at school. Ever since her class had a new teacher, her marks have been slipping, and she can't concentrate.

                      She eventually confides in her grandmother, who gives her a hand-knitted brightly coloured jumper. When Mia puts it on, she can't believe her eyes and ears: "Pilou" can magically speak and understand Mia's problems. Thus begins a special and miraculous friendship. Will Pilou be able to help Mia solve her problems?

                      With her magical, speaking jumper, bestselling author Tatjana Strobel has created a friend and helpmate for every child. Pilou understands all children's fears and anxieties, and gives them the tools to deal independently with the situations that bother them, and to find solutions to them.

                      An I-can-do book by bestselling author Tatjana Strobel - sensitively handles difficult situations for children. | For kids and adults

                        König, Michael (Author)

                        Adventure's Coming Home!

                        Turn your home into an Escape Room - with a whole host of challenges in all the different rooms! In the game, players are shut in and the doors are secured by a combination lock.

                        Your mission is to work together as a family to escape from the 'room'. Now things become exciting: you'll need to rack your brains, work things out, search for things - because you can only escape once you've found the right code. The puzzles are true brain-teasers; however, there's fun to be had as well. Ever heard of the Tickling Challenge or the Food Pairing Contest? No? Well, you will do now!

                        – The first family book that transforms your own four walls into an Escape Room!
                        – Quality Time: this book is great fun, offers endless opportunities for family bonding, and promotes creativity, deductive skills and empathy.
                        – This interactive book leads participants step by step through the game, offering useful tips along the way. If you get really stuck, the solutions are at the end, too! | For kids and adults

                          Müller, Thomas (Author) Wolff, Julien (Author)

                          Dream job professional footballer! This is how superstar Thomas Müller made it

                          What I want to be when I grow up is a professional footballer! That’s what plenty of children dream of. But how can they actually achieve that? In this book, likeable superstar Thomas Müller gives a full and frank account of his football career, from the first time he kicked a ball to his first professional game (for FC Bayern) his team’s Champions League win and being a part of Germany’s terrific victory at the World Cup in Brazil.

                          Top goalscorer and ambassador for reading: Thomas Müller is an idol

                          The first footballer autobiography especially for children

                          With exclusive private photos and a wealth of background information | 10 +

                            Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

                            | 18 months +

                              Tailor, Kathy (Author)

                              Borka – Bold as a Lioness: girl becomes a prince’s bodyguard in a fantastic setting

                              Borka is a girl who was raised by lions. When poachers capture her lion parents, the 18-year-old follows them to the royal court, where her courage and strength earn her the position of bodyguard to the crown prince. Borka accompanies Prince Feodor on a perilous journey, by the end of which she not only knows her own past, but also the person to whom her heart and future belong.
                              Where exactly is your home when you come from two worlds?
                              Her forest - green, secluded, peaceful. That’s where 16-year-old Borka lives as a member of a pride of lions.
                              The royal court – loud, power-hungry, gruesome. That’s where Prince Feodor lives. As heir to the throne, he is required to prove himself in a battle with two lions.
                              Both worlds collide one fateful day and Borka’s life changes for ever. Where does she belong? And will she ever learn the truth about her past?

                              Two worlds, one prince, a lion girl: a romantasy unlike any you’ve read before

                              Focuses on strength and wildness, background and identity | 14 +

                                Kölpin, Regine (Author) Schwan-Jones, Josephine (Illustrator)

                                Emotional huddle … on fleek

                                Dana and Fee, her best friend, live in a small village on the dyke on the North Sea coast. The girls are both keen knitters and have sworn an oath – no boys until they are 18! But then Chris and Mick turn up and before they know it, first Fee and then Dana are in emotional turmoil. How on earth can you resist a boy who knits friendship bracelets?

                                With cool DIY instructions for real fans – holiday feeling guaranteed!

                                Holidays by the sea, best friends and first love

                                A summer read with all of the elements girls enjoy
                                | 12 +

                                  Crämer, Jana (Author) Pauluth, Josephine (Illustrator)

                                  Be yourself – beyond comparison!

                                  This book will do you good. There’s space here for everything: your strengths, your weaknesses, your deepest desires, your fears, your memories, your courage and your strength. It’s a journal, a companion along the path that leads to you, and most of all: a friend made of paper. What would life be without friends? And what if you could love yourself as much as you love your best friend?
                                  For a long time, I didn’t know who or how I wanted to be. I was always trying to please everyone so much that I didn’t notice that I stopped liking myself. In this book, I will tell you how I got the song inside me to ring out again. Come on, let’s write your story together – I’m really looking forward to it!

                                  Confidence-inspiring activity book by the well-known German blogger Jana Crämer

                                  Inspirational message: body positivity instead of the compulsion for Instagram optimisation

                                  Fun challenges and lots of space for making notes and finding yourself | 12 +

                                    Kaiblinger, Sonja (Author) Liepins, Carolin (Illustrator)

                                    By bestselling author Sonja Kaiblinger: A touch of magic, first love and the topsy-turvy chaos of everyday catastrophes

                                    You can be whoever you want to be! But do you know who you are?

                                    Ophelia’s transformation skills are more practical than you might think. After all, (in the guise of Amalia) she finally gets to kiss Cliff, the boy she’s crazy about. But then it’s time for the whole school to set off for the Highland Games. And because not only Cliff and the real Amalia join them on the journey, but also Ophelia’s twin sister, their three loopy aunts and Adrian, who is absolutely nuts about Ophelia, heartache and chaos are a foregone conclusion. Strange things happen and Ophelia realises that she has another relation staying at camp incognito.

                                    Mistaken at the second kiss, the second book in Sonja’s comic and complicated tale of transformation. | 12 +

                                      Tramountani, Nena (Author)

                                      Earth, Water, Air, Fire … and Love

                                      Creative world building and a powerful love story – modern fantasy at its best!

                                      “And you know very well that I practically have a heart attack whenever you put yourself in danger.“
                                      “I’m sorry, but this is not about you,” I said between gritted teeth.
                                      “Oh, yes it is. Our lives are bound up with each other whether you like it or not.”

                                      Kia’s gift takes her right to the brink between life and death, but still she secretly continues to use it because she feels she simply must understand it fully before Omilia does, and she’s doing all she can to worm Kia’s secret out of her. Nero says she’s doing it to help her, and as proof that he can be trusted, he takes her to see her natural parents, who are languishing in a sanatorium. Did their forbidden love really drive them crazy? William and Kia aim to uncover the truth and receive help in that from an unexpected quarter. Their search takes them far below the earth – and to the very depths of their own hearts: How certain can Kia be that Will’s feelings for her are genuine when, as her inventi, he always reflects her own? | 14 +

                                        Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

                                        The alpaca needs to do a poo.
                                        It’s desperate. It can’t wait!
                                        But will it manage to find a loo
                                        In time, or will it be too late?

                                        A humorous tale about every travelling parent’s nightmare.

                                        From the best-selling duo who created The Little Owl
                                        | 18 months +

                                          Hill, Nova (Author)

                                          In the woods, you are all alone.

                                          On a field trip, twins Ira and Vanjo lose their way in the woods. They seek sanctuary in a dilapidated sanatorium, where they encounter a group of young people from a boot camp. But something isn't right. Why do all routes lead back to the doors of the sanatorium? Where are the nocturnal gasping and shuffling sounds coming from? Thrown back on their own resources, there's only one thing they can do: solve the mystery of the sanatorium. However, the tensions within the group are mounting, and it soon transpires that they are in real danger.

                                          - Highest level excitement and mystery
                                          - Netflix-style mystery - has similarities with "The Society", "Dark" and "Stranger Things".
                                          - Nightmarish setting: an abandoned sanatorium.
                                          - Group dynamics, psychological tension, dual narrative perspective.

                                          14 +