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Ludwig, Sabine (Written by) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrated by)

HURRAY! Miss Braitwhistle is back!
A for “absolute nightmare”, that’s what the old 4a used to be called. Now all the kids from 4a go to different schools. But luckily there will be a class reunion soon, where Frank, Aki, Paula and the others can meet up again. But the real fun only begins when Miss Braitwhistle, their enchanting ex-teacher, turns up and invites the kids to her place. And she has prepared a “little surprise” for them: party crackers that make wishes come true! And suddenly they all find themselves at the zoo in the middle of the night.
School life - Sabine Ludwig’s favourite subject and also that of her young (and not quite so young) readers: a wonderful reunion in the fourth volume of this bestselling series, refreshingly told with all the typically light-hearted Ludwig humour and illustrations by Susanne Göhlich.
| 8 +

Maar, Paul (Written by) Engelking, Katrin (Illustrated by)

Lippel is still dreaming! The second adventure with the great little inventor of worlds

Lippel loves to dream and because you need peace and quiet to dream, he would be happiest if he could spend the holidays at home. But he’s out of luck! His parents take him with them to the Lofoten islands and there, high in the Far North, he has the greatest adventure of his life. He meets Luna, a girl who could just as easily be a troll the way she looks, with her red hair, bare feet and ragged trousers. No wonder Lippel is soon dreaming again, this time about the troll princess Ganaxa with her cute bat ears and fluffy tail, who captures his heart and leads him into all kinds of unsuspected dangers – because in her father’s underground kingdom, everything is very different. This is the sequel to Lippel’s Dream, the Paul Maar bestseller that has not only won several awards but has also been adapted for number of films. There is great poetry in Maar’s telling of this thrilling adventure between dream and reality, set in the enchanting world of the trolls. With a wealth of colour illustrations by Katrin Engelking.

• A wonderful, realistic novel – and at the same time a highly child-appropriate, eloquent narrative extolling the power of dreams, the power of the imagination
• The mysterious world of the trolls and their amusing habits and customs will strike a chord with children
| 9 +

Frixe, Katja (Written by) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrated by)

You can never have enough books or chocolate tarts! Mrs Owl’s bookshop is due for an inspection. But she is very busy just now, with seeing that everything in Mrs Ting’s Chocolate Heaven is in order, looking after Gustaf the lovesick cat and dealing with a number of books that keep stepping out of line. In all the chaos, Mr Slurze sees his chance. Luckily, Mrs Owl has Clara at her side.

The fourth book about Mrs Owl’s magical bookshop: a magical, warm-hearted adventure for young book lovers!
| 8 +

Bleckmann, Daniel (Written by) Hussung, Thomas (Illustrated by)

The summer holidays are over, and Dario - self-styled comic strip illustrator and total nerd - no longer understands the world. His best mate Lennard hasn’t just updated his look, but he’s also started to be disruptive at school, whereas he was previously a model pupil! Dario quickly realises that something is amiss. Together with Lennard’s sister Clara-with-a-C (who’s nice and annoying in equal measures), he discovers that his friend has been abducted and a goblin has taken his place. And he’s not the only one …

  • Perfect new genre for Greg fans and reluctant readers.
  • Brilliantly illustrated by Thomas Hussung (The Little Bad Book).
  • The prelude to a host of Goblin Chronicles merchandise.

You can find more material 9 +

Lagemann, Franziska (Written by) Kister, Kristina (Illustrated by)

  • A headstrong protagonist in the tradition of Pippi Longstocking.
  • Dark, quirky and with a fantastic, sometimes slightly macabre humour.
  • An imaginative adventure which offers an unusual take on the topic of death.

As a child, twelve-year-old Odette was given a magic rattle by her great grandmother Eloise, who was rather too fond of experiments. Since then, Odette has had necromantic powers, and can bring people back from the dead and control them. Thus she chooses to spend most of her time with her dead friends at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. This Halloween, she plans a huge party for them all. Alas, she’s not the only necromancer there as the nefarious Dark Brotherhood have snuck into the cemetery and they've chosen Halloween of all nights to try to achieve world domination! Odette has to pull out all the stops to defend the cemetery and have her party…

| 10 +

Maar, Paul (Written by) Maar, Paul (Created by)

Good news for all Sat fans: the Wish Machine is back!

A brand-new Sat story, illustrated by acclaimed author Paul Maar.

The Sat isn't allowed to do anything! So it spends its days being bored while Mr Taschenbier is at work. Through the window, it spies a couple of children clambering aboard a dragon. The Sat wishes it could do the same. As the dragon shop is shut, though, the Sat decides just this once to use the forbidden Wish Machine. Lo and behold: a little dragon appears before him! An entertaining game of hide and seek ensues, because Mrs Rotkohl must, needless to say, not discover what's going on. However, there's no way to hide the fact that everyone is so happy all of a sudden. For the Sat managed to conjure up a Chinese lucky dragon!

- A new Sat story written and illustrated by Paul Maar.
- Immense multi-generational fan-base - over 5 million copies sold in Germany.
- Translated into 23 languages
- New: rhyming chapter titles | 7 +

Scheller, Anne (Written by) Orosz, Susanne (Written by) Korthues, Barbara (Illustrated by)

  • A new title in the hit question-and-answer series “Read Aloud ‘Aha!’ Stories”
  • Expertise packaged in entertaining, age-appropriate stories.
  • Perfect length for reading out loud.

Children never stop asking smart questions: why do trees get sunburnt? Will I really get eaten by a shark at the seaside? Why can’t we live on the moon? How do vaccinations work?

Fortunately there are also loads of answers in this fact-packed book. Almost 20 stories depict children having adventures and finding out the answers to pressing questions - there’s plenty for adults to learn, too!

The new title in the ‘question-and-answer’ series.

| 5 +

Bleckmann, Daniel (Written by) Hussung, Thomas (Illustrated by)

  • Hot on the heels of the phenomenal Volume 1: Part 2 of the GoblinGronigles, with additional app feature.
  • Popular diary form à la Diary of a Wimpy Kid, with distinctive illustrations.
  • Everyday school life meets a fantastical parallel world and a big secret.

Return to Gwertz! In this second volume of the GoblinGronigles, Dario and his friends are back in their normal school routine. Clara-with-a-C  is rehearsing madly for the big school play, and the goblin Rumpel is disrupting lessons in the guise of an exchange student. Mr Alltatty, the new English teacher, is behaving increasingly … suspiciously. Might he really be a goblin too?

Dario, meanwhile, is being plagued by nightmares. Has Azzrar really disappeared forever? Was their first mission in fact just the start of a much bigger quest - the search for Dario’s mysterious family history, for a lost girl, and for treasure shrouded in myth?

| 9 +

Blesken, Julia (Written by)

  • Friendship story filled with endearing and diverse characters.
  • Powerful topic: shyness and having the courage to be true to yourself.
  • Gently and sensitively treats topics such as Ramadan and homelessness.

When timid Fridi drops out of the scouting trip for fear of all the trials it involves, he bumps into his school friends. Together with them, Fridi has a very special kind of road trip around the outskirts of Berlin during which he suddenly realises how much courage he really has. He thus becomes a hero, albeit by accident.

| 11 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

Marine mystery, adventure and a wonderful friendship! For as long as she can remember, Alea has felt drawn to the sea. But she is also afraid of it because coming into contact with water could be fatal to her – that’s what Alea’s mother told her foster mother before she disappeared. One day, Alea joins the Alpha Cru kids, who sail the sea on a yacht. During the first big storm, Alea is swept overboard. After that, nothing is the same again. The first book in the cool mermaid series by bestseller author Tanya Stewner (author of Liliane Susewind). | 10 +

Frixe, Katja (Written by) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrated by)

Birthday magic! Clara is terribly excited: With a little help from Mrs Owl and her friend Leo, she is busy planning her birthday party, which will be held at the Magical Bookshop of Wishes, of course. But then Mrs Owl has to go away and Monsieur Hibou, her French stand-in, turns the whole bookshop upside down, comes with a tiresome Persian cat and a mysterious crystal ball and, on top of all that, instead of chocolate tarts, provides baguette with smelly cheese! All is uproar until Mrs Owl returns and they can finally celebrate Clara’s birthday together.

Book 3 in the series THE MAGICAL BOOKSHOP OF WISHES is the perfect birthday present for girls of 8 and over who love books!
| 8 +

Fix, Patrick (Written by) Fix, Patrick (Illustrated by)

  • Funny, and packed with illustrations - motivates reluctant readers too!
  • A page-turner bursting with adventure, humour and friendship.
  • Sammy shows how courageous timid children can be.

One morning, Sammy pulls a strange hologram out of his muesli packet. It’s a message from the cosmos! Sammy’s parents are interstellar secret agents and are being summoned to take part in an extraordinary mission. The terrible space pirate Grimmlin Greybeard has escaped from the prison-moon Tondur and is now heading for Earth. His destination is the secret “Heart of the Sun”. Unfortunately he has ended up in the family’s kitchen cupboard instead. Sammy embarks on the adventure of his life, including a move to Proxima Centauri which houses the headquarters of the space agents. The “Heart of the Sun” must be protected come what may!

| 8 +

Hörnlein, Katrin (Written by)

Loved, revered, remembered: 20 years after her death, Astrid Lindgren is still very much alive - in her stories, but also in the memories of her family, her friends and all those who knew her. And, of course, in the hearts of all her readers. DIE ZEIT journalist Katrin Hörnlein has interviewed many of these people, including Lindgren’s daughter Karin and great-grandson Johan along with the Pippi Longstocking actress Inger Nilsson. In this book, she conjures up the picture of a unique and multifaceted woman. | 14 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

The Oggly children are digging a hole. It’s going to be a thousand metres deep! Digging is fun - especially when you can snack on a few stones while you’re at it. But then the Oggly children unearth a chest … is it a treasure chest?

A trip to the seaside! The Oggly children munch on tasty sand, and the Oggly parents are thrilled by the rubbish-strewn beach. But then the Oggly baby is carried out to sea by a big wave. Help! Happily, Oggly Grandpa plunges bravely into the ocean.

Eight exciting adventures with the Oggly family.

  • Ideal for Oggly newbies: stories based on the Ogglies’ family life.
  • Entertaining stories - the perfect length for reading aloud.
  • More than 8 million copies sold.


| 6 +

Schreiber, Chantal (Written by) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrated by)

Kurt is fed up. No surprise there, then. But now that horrid gnome Vladimir has diverted the stream in order to water his garden - all part of his attempt to win the gold medal at the Gnome Garden Show. He doesn’t care that the forest will dry out as a result. And so Kurt is forced to step in once more. But the gnome manages to trick him - and Kurt’s magical powers suddenly vanish! Well … they don’t exactly vanish, but they are reversed. And this is bad news, for if a unicorn’s magic goes wrong, then only the unicorn parents can put it right again. But Kurt is an orphaned unicorn …

  • Kurt: one of the most popular characters of the unicorn trend.
  • A fun story which will appeal equally to girls, boys and adults alike.
  • Fifth volume in the hilarious series about the grumpy and reluctant unicorn.
| 5 +

Frixe, Katja (Written by) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrated by)

A magical Christmas in the magical bookshop of wishes Mrs Owl’s magical bookshop of wishes is looking very Christmassy. Gustaf, the talking cat, has a wonderful time at the Christmas market; Clara’s best friend, Lena, comes on a visit; and everyone is really looking forward to Christmas Eve. But then Clara finds out that Mrs Owl is planning to spend the best time of the year all alone. Of course, Clara cannot allow that! Along with all of the city’s book lovers, she gives Mrs Owl a wonderful Christmas surprise! The magical bookshop of wishes – Christmas with Mrs Owl by Katja Fixe speeds up the time till Christmas. Presse quote: "...a feel-good mixture of a read that leaves you wanting more.” – Stiftung Lesen, September 2017 | 8 +

Frixe, Katja (Written by) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrated by)

More from the magical bookshop of wishes: more magic than ever before! Clara and her friends from the magical bookshop are very excited about the talent competition the whole town is talking about. Only Clara’s friend Leo (who is otherwise known for his unfailing cheerfulness) is grumpy and constantly picking a fight. Luckily, the friends come up with a clever way to solve his problem. Now they can finally devote themselves to the mystery of the strange hamster. These are turbulent times, but as Mrs Owl always says: “Today isn’t the day to be bad-tempered.”

The second novel all about enchanted books and mysterious places: with humorous and heart-warming two-colour illustrations!
| 8 +

Frixe, Katja (Written by) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrated by)

It’s terrible when your best friend moves away to another town! What a good thing that Clara still has Mrs Owl and her bookshop. Here she is surrounded by her favourite books, Gustaf, the rhyming cat, and Mr King, the talking mirror. So she doesn’t feel too lonely. Especially not on snuggle-up moonshine reading nights. As Mrs Owl so beautifully puts it: “Today is not a day for feeling miserable!”

A dream of a book: magical reading for young book fans! With stories about best friends, talking cats and the most wonderful place in the world, with warm-hearted illustrations by Florentine Prechtel.

"A lovely mixture of friends and family and more than a touch of magic." - Kirkus Review

"...a feel-good reading mix that whets the appetite for more.” - Stiftung Lesen | 8 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Written by) Kreitz, Isabel (Illustrated by)

If only it were Monday again at last! What a stupid Sunday, eleven-year-old Freddy thinks to herself. Tomorrow is the first day back at school after the holidays, her satchel isn’t packed yet and her report not yet signed, her big sister, Mia, is being her usual mean self and their father is totally preoccupied with cooking. A day like this almost makes school seem like something to look forward to! But next morning, the unbelievable happens: when Freddy wakes up, it’s Sunday again! And that happens over and over again, every day. After the first shock, she begins to discover the good things about this crazy time loop. But there’s only one thing Freddy really wants: for Monday to come round at last! A funny, exciting and imaginative story. Crazy time loop – great subject for a children’s book! | 10 +

Böhm, Anna (Written by) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrated by)

Emmi and her family are looking forward to going to the seaside. Only the Unipig isn’t getting into the holiday spirit. He’s constantly being asked to magic up things which he doesn’t care for. Sandwiches, ingredients for supper, or provisions for their holidays. And then it happens: however hard the Unipig concentrates, all he can conjure up is … pickled gherkins. Emmi is most anxious about her Mythoture - and then the next catastrophe occurs: the irreplaceable Mythical Tree belonging to Emmi’s family is to make way for a building site. How are they supposed to go on holiday with all this happening? The tree absolutely has to be saved - with magic or without! | 8 +

Messner, Tania (Written by) Blankenhagen, Jürgen V. (Illustrated by)

Barely have Leonard and his friends prevented the dream-production from being sabotaged when one thing becomes clear: Sansaria and the human world are still in danger! Sansaria is collapsing little by little. And the man on the ice-breaker in the Arctic is hatching evil new plans. This time he has his eye on the Dreamlings, the creatures who ensure than humans dream. Will Leonard and his friends manage to save the dreams of humankind and the world of Sansaria? | 10 +

Maar, Paul (Written by) Maar, Paul (Illustrated by) Sauvant, Henriette (Illustrated by)

Who is Muck? The small stray dog who always follows Lippel on his way to school or the dog from the king’s palace? And who are Asslam and Hamide, with whom Lippel wanders through the desert in a sandstorm? The two Turkish children in his class or the prince and princess from the Orient? The adventure Lippel dreams is an exciting one and he is right there in the thick of it. Or isn’t it a dream, after all? | 10 +

Steingässer, Jana (Written by)

A toad in search of water sets eleven-year-old Hannah and her family off on a thriling journey. In the process, they try to discover what has gone so awry with the world and its climate that the puddles and ponds are drying out in the woods. And whether we might one day find ourselves high and dry, too. In Italy, Spain, Morocco and Jordan, they learn how humans, animals and plants cope with the shortage of water - and how we can all do our bit when it comes to protecting this valuable resource. | 10 +

Maar, Paul (Written by) Maar, Paul (Illustrated by)

Chains of sausages in the Christmas tree, Christmas carols accompanied by saxophone, lots of presents and a whole bunch of Sats. The Sat couldn't have imagined his very first Christmas Eve any better. And that's exactly how it should continue on Christmas Day. The mini-Sat is to return to the human world. The Sat, Father Taschenbier and even Mrs. Rotkohl miss him so much. But the spell that the Mini Sat has to remember to get back into Papa Taschenbier's room is just too complicated. And so the Mini-Sat unexpectedly experiences a very adventurous and very funny Christmas Day. | 7 +