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Stories to Read Aloud



Schreiber, Chantal (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

Siblings Fanndis and Jon are visiting Grandpa Valdis’s farm in Iceland … and they spend the whole time arguing about absolutely everything. But then Grandpa Valdis tells them about an adventure had by two very special friends: Kappi and Skoppa. Two Icelandic foals who couldn’t be any more different, but who are the best of friends. Their story is funny, moving, and thrilling. So thrilling that even Fanndis and Jon suddenly forget to argue.

- At last: a pony adventure for Kindergarten children aged 4+

- Written by Chantal Schreiber, THE author of pony fiction.

- A love-letter to Iceland and its ponies.
| 4 +

Scheller, Anne (Author) Heger, Lena (Illustrator)

And it isn’t just curious kids who will learn something here! In a whole variety of read-aloud stories, this entertaining book answers all the questions about Christmas. Why do we celebrate it? What’s Advent all about? Who was St Nicholas? This book, with its age-appropriate and entertaining tales, is guaranteed to get everyone in the mood for Christmas - and without the constraints of a 24-chapter “Advent calendar book”, it will continue to provide enjoyment once the festive season is over.

- The topic of Christmas, in the popular question-and-answer series (which includes “Warum ist die Banane krumm?” [“Why is the Banana Curved?”]
- Unique and successful concept: facts presented in a child-friendly way, through the medium of great read-aloud stories.
- With bright, colourful, modern illustrations.
| 4 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Parciak, Monika (Illustrator)

There are so many exciting things going on during Advent and Christmas: Julian can hardly believe that Herr Huber next door is going to be spending Christmas Eve on his own. But he has had an idea for a brilliant Christmas surprise. And Paul? He’s given up all hope of winning the sleigh race - when Father Christmas suddenly offers to lend a hand.

- Chilled stories to get all the family in the Christmas mood.

- Helps to create a cosy Advent bedtime routine.

- Christmas stories of varying lengths.
| 3 +

Michels, Tilde (Author) Michl, Reinhard (Illustrator)

Who’s That Knocking On Vanya’s Door?

One frosty winter’s night, gamekeeper Vanya hears a knock on his door. It’s a freezing hare seeking sanctuary - and, naturally, Vanya lets him in. But shortly afterwards, he’s joined by a fox, and then by a bear. How’s that going to work out? The animals promise Vanya that they will not fall out with one another. When Vanya wakes up the next morning, he thinks he must have dreamed it all. But then he sees the tracks in the snow…
- Special limited edition in high quality cloth binding.
- Enduringly popular story: over 370,000 copies sold of the picture book classic.
- A touching winter story in rhyme form.
| 4 +

Sprater, Florian (Author) Kaiser, Natasa (Illustrator)

The inquisitive meerkat Govinda takes small and big children alike by the paw, and takes them to meet the wildlife of Africa. The movements of the animals inspire these super-easy yoga exercises for children to join in with. At the end, breathing exercises and a journey through the mind ensure total relaxation. No previous experience necessary! This easy and fun introduction to the topic ties in with children’s natural creativity, imaginativeness, and need to move. It teaches them how to reduce stress and how to feel better and more strongly grounded in their lives. An interactive yoga book for children aged 3+ - and their parents, too.

- Beautifully illustrated read-aloud book with incorporated yoga exercises.
- Interactive book for families and groups of children by the well-known children’s yoga teacher Florian Sprater.
| 3 +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Korthues, Barbara (Illustrator)

Do you fancy a thrilling and fantastic adventure? It only takes three, five or eight minutes to experience something truly incredible, for this book combines numerous thrilling adventure stories of differing lengths. Jolin discovers a mysterious shop while Miranda flies up to the moon - and then there’s that … pet which is “really not so dangerous - in fact, pretty tame”. But whatever could it be?

- Exciting, funny and sparky stories full of fantasy and derring-do.
- Inspires children’s imaginations.
- The perfect daily companion, thanks to its stories of three different lengths.
| 3 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator)

It has been raining non-stop in Honeycake Forest, and the Wild Forest Four decide to try to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But when their treasure hunt yields nothing, they decide to make their own - starting with a real treasure map. But then the map falls into the hands of their friends from the Forest Kindergarten - and the heroic foursome have to rack their brains to make sure that the young children’s treasure hunt is more successful than their own!

- In every story, the animal gang helps a small Kindergarten child.

- Popular read-aloud themes: the forest, talking animals, Kindergarten children seeking treasure and adventure.
| 4 +

Zöller, Elisabeth (Author) Kolloch, Brigitte (Author) Czerwenka, Eva (Illustrator) Paehl, Nora (Illustrator) | further

At the swimming pool, Jonas has finally plucked up the courage to go down the big slide. But once he’s standing at the top, he freaks out. Thank goodness his best friend is up there with him - which helps Jonas finally to take the plunge! Lotte goes to the baker’s shop on her own for the first time, and Leo summons up the courage to have a sleepover with his friend Paula without his mum and dad being there too. Jana asks her Granny how people become courageous. Fortunately, Granny has an answer…

- A great value read-aloud treat.

- Makes a fantastic present for your own children - or for other people’s.

- Emotion-packed stories for all everyday situations.
| 4 +

Gieseler, Corinna (Author) Paule, Irmgard (Illustrator) Paehl, Nora (Illustrator)

I Like Reading Aloud
You are my star - How loved you are
Milla and Paul love to have a huge cuddle with Mummy and Daddy when they wake up on Sundays. Molly the warthog has no friends at all in the zoo - but then she meets another warthog. They hit it off so well that before very long, they are happily throwing mud at one another. Tristan von Hogweed - the son of Eckart von Hogweed - is tasked with finding a dragon, but can only find dragon eggs. But then a little dragon hatches out of one of the eggs, and Tristan has found a super-faithful friend. How great it is to have someone to love and cuddle!
- Top-notch stories at a bargain price.
- Powerful, emotion-packed series dealing with all sorts of topics relating to everyday life.
- Rounded corners; comfortable to hold while reading aloud. | 4 +

Zöller, Elisabeth (Author) Kolloch, Brigitte (Author) Wechdorn, Susanne (Illustrator) Paehl, Nora (Illustrator) | further

Two mice are quarrelling about who is allowed to live in the apple. But then they work out that the apple is big enough for them both - and in fact it’s much nicer not to live on your own! Princess Priscilla is supposed to be choosing a husband. But she doesn’t care for the big, strong knights who are arguing about her. Instead, she chooses the nice, kind-hearted knight Ronald. Lukas, for his part, is particularly interested to know the answer to this question: what does ‘getting on with people’ mean?

- A handy book, lovingly designed.

- A new story in the popular series.

- Emotion-packed stories for all everyday situations: on the bus, on the train, in the car. | 4 +

Rahn, Sabine (Author) Gotha, Britta (Illustrator)

Bible stories for children. The most important and best-known stories from the Old and the New Testament, adapted for children and fascinatingly told. Children learn how God created the world, why the Great Flood took place and why Jonah was swallowed by a whale. The author writes vividly and in detail about the life of Jesus. Seventy-three bible stories to real aloud or for children to read to themselves with a detailed glossary of the difficult words. Developed by theologists. | 5 +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Grote, Anja (Illustrator)

The story of a small woodland brownie and his great love of animals

Fleakins is one of the brownies known as “Littels” and lives with his family in the wood. When Fleakins starts school, he has to discover his special talent. Is he good at practical things? Or music perhaps? But no matter what he attempts, Fleakins seems to have two left hands. He simply can’t do anything right! Then suddenly everyone in Littelwood is in uproar because the Lumini, the tiny light folk, have fallen ill and nobody knows how to make them better! Luckily, Fleakins has a brilliant idea. Is he destined to become Littelwood’s animal doctor?

A classic story book for the whole family to enjoy with the message that everyone has a talent. With a host of colour illustrations and chapters the perfect length to be read aloud.
| 5 +

Schreiber, Chantal (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

Kurt goes Ninja: a new adventure for the reluctant unicorn.

Friendship? Duty? Kurt can take them or leave them. But when Fred, leader of the brave Ninja Goldfish, needs help, the grumpy unicorn gets stuck straight in. Ninja goldfish are vanishing from Fred’s shoal. Kurt quickly turns himself into the world’s first Ninja Unicorn. The two heroes set out on a rollercoaster hunt for the missing fish. Things start to look dicey, and they end up being helped by a violet-scented farting Twonicorn. In short: Kurt is back - grumpier and funnier than ever!

Third volume of the hilarious series: join the Cult of Kurt!
A fictional first: a grumpy ninja unicorn.
“In” Ninja topic: boys love Kurt, too! | 5 +

Maar, Paul (Author)

A fairytale world, created by the great storyteller Paul Maar.

Little Troll Tojok lives with his parents in a house on the side of a mountain. Although their house looks a bit wild, it’s actually set up just like a human dwelling - only everything is much smaller. The sitting room sofas, for instance, are made of willow branches, with a tree-stump for a table. Tojok’s favourite thing is to play outside in the woods with his best friend the wildcat. Together they have endless little adventures.

Children will readily identify with Little Troll Tojok. Like them, he’s inquisitive and adventurous, and he sees the world through the eyes of a child.

Little Troll Tojok early reader now in an extended form. Includes completely new stories.
Lovingly and richly illustrated by Paul Maar.
The perfect read-aloud title by one of our house writers. | 5 +

von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator) Opheys, Caroline (Illustrator)

Nee-Naw, nee-naw!! Stories about everything that clatters and bangs, brmms and hums.

Going to kindergarten on a tractor? Lucky Mayla lives on a farm and when she and Mum miss the bus in the mornings, they just go back and fetch the tractor. Pablo wants a digger for his birthday. Will he get a real one, like the ones on the building sites? And Lina and her Granny watch as old bottles and jars clatter-bang their way into the giant recycling truck.

Powerful read-aloud topic: vehicles.
Suitable for small children, with rounded corners and board pages.
The latest in the successful series for children aged 2+ | 24 months +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator)

Off to school! The Wild Forest Four on a rescue mission.

Leo’s best friend is moving up from Forest Kindergarten to big school, and the quiet little boy is talking even less than he normally does. When he’s with the Wild Forest Four, the words come pouring out of him. But the minute another child appears, Leo’s mouth seems to glue itself shut, and the words just won’t come out. A clear case for the Wild Forest Four! They invent a fantastic anti-stammer-word chain - and it works brilliantly. Hurrah!

3 on-trend themes: forest, Kindergarten, animals.
Volume 4 of the successful and lively series about the Wild Forest Four.
Each volume shows the animals helping a Kindergarten-aged child. | 4 +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Rath, Tessa (Illustrator)

Family fun from Monday to Sunday: a new adventure every day.

Forest ranger Andrea lives with her husband, their children, Granny and Lolli the dachshund in Seven Oaks Forest. There, the family has a new adventure every day of the week. On Monday, Lolli prevents a forest fire. On Tuesday, the children discover a fox’s lair. On Monday, the Forest Kindergarten comes to visit. On Thursday, a tree plays a central role. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, too, are packed with adventures. There’s no risk of boredom in Seven Oaks Forest!

An exciting new forest-based story for every day of the week.
Comes with a colour-your-own days of the week wheel.
Important read-aloud ritual reinforced by a compelling series of stories. | 4 +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Korthues, Barbara (Illustrator)

Pirate power and jousting tournaments! Read-aloud fun for adventurous children.

The crafty knight Roastbeef and his hilarious donkey Remoulade win their
first jousting tournament. The feared female pirate Piranha searches for treasure and finds a green monster. The queen defeats the dangerously pongy farting pirates. Just three of the 20+ stories, all lasting 3-8 minutes, whose heroes and heroines are guaranteed to appeal to swashbuckling young pirates and brave knights alike.

A whole new look for the renowned read-aloud Minute Stories.
Knights and pirates: massively popular with girls and boys alike.
Fantastical sea adventures, with top-notch illustrations. | 3 +

von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Garanin, Melanie (Illustrator)

It’s always happy time with this big and cheerful read-aloud book.

By the seaside, in the car, in the garden, or snuggled up in bed at night… wherever you are, these warm-hearted stories about witches, wizards, fairies, pirates and knights are bound to bring a smile to the faces of adults and children alike. And best of all: children and their parents can choose whether they want to read for three, five or even eight minutes.

A whole new look for the much-loved Minute Stories.
Topics beloved of children: laughing, giggling, being silly!
Warm-hearted, true to life, and laugh-out-loud funny: even more amusement for all the family. | 3 +

von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Becker, Stéffie (Illustrator)

3-5-8-Minute stories for every night. A lovely collection, guaranteed to give little ones a good night’s sleep.

Bold girls, brave boys, lost dogs, busy squirrels, tired witches and sleepless chickens … but they have one thing in common: they all fall fast asleep at the end of their adventures. And children and parents can have their own little adventure, too, as they decide how long the story is going to be. Whether three, five or eight minutes, there’s always one to suit. Snuggling and dreaming is so lovely!

A whole new look for the much-loved ‘minute stories’.
“Sleep” topic loved by children and parents alike.
Snuggly stories with dreamily beautiful illustrations. | 3 +

Schaudinn, Jasmin (Author) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator) Kellner, Nima (Illustrator)

A read-aloud treasury for little dinosaur fans: adventures with T Rex & Co.

Snuggle up with Little Fox on the sofa in his cave while he reads out loud. This time it’s the turn of the dinosaurs, the biggest creatures loved by the smallest humans, to feature in a collection of exciting stories. Three young dinosaurs become embroiled in a thrilling adventure with the terrifying T-Rex. Kindergarten friends play with their toy dinosaurs. And older fans even start their own dinosaur fan club. Extinct? Not likely! Long live the dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs - enduringly popular with all pre-school children
Child-friendly, entertaining stories with great dinosaur illustrations.
Stories rather than facts - a USP in this field. | 3 +

Schaudinn, Jasmin (Author) Berend, Jutta (Illustrator)

It’s all going on in Kindergarten! Stories from children’s daily lives.

The 10th volume of this successful series deals with Kindergarten - and so successfully that every kindergarten child will recognise themselves in the stories. They are variously funny, thought-provoking and empathic; climate change warriors, sleepy-heads and racing drivers alike will find themselves and their family lives reflected. The stories are thus ideal for the all-important going-to-bed ritual.

The much-loved Minute Stories rebooted: with more feeling, better design, and new topics.
Top everyday topic for this age group: Kindergarten.
Warm-hearted, amusing, true to life: makes the idea of Kindergarten even more appealing! | 3 +

Schreiber, Chantal (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

The Only Thing Worse Than Unicorns? Twonicorns!
Volume 2 of the fast-paced read-aloud best seller – Kurt defies all unicorn clichés!
Read-aloud enjoyment for children and adults alike

Too much unicorning! After freeing the Princess, Kurt wants a bit of peace and quiet. However, Trill’s little brother and the other animals are still imprisoned, so his hopes of having a rest are dashed. What follows is a horn-ruffling adventure in which Kurt only just manages to escape from the clutches of a love-struck pig with its sights set on the unicorn – and then a Twonicorn appears on the scene and even more chaos ensues. Of course, everyone lives happily ever after, and all the animals are freed. In Volume 2 of her series about the grumpy unicorn Kurt, Chantal Schreiber has again created a fast-paced read-aloud treat. | 5 +

Dax, Eva (Author) Dully, Sabine (Illustrator)

There's nowhere more hygge than the Gnome Forest! Read-aloud delight with peek-through cover.

Exciting news! Runkel the Gnome is to represent the missing Gnome Forest Queen. Full of excitement, she and her friend Jeppe and her hamster Oswald go to the Chestnut Woods in order to ‘gnomify’ them: they have to sweep the moss, paint the leaves and make sure everything sounds nice and rustly. But where’s the Queen - and what are the Forest Gnomes hiding? Eventually Runkel leaves Oswald the Hamster in charge of the throne, and sets off on a thrilling adventure with Jeppe…

Funny, heart-warming story for children and parents alike.
Peek-through cover with a little nest for each individual gnome.
By the successful and creative duo Dully & Dax.
| 4 +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Becker, Stéffie (Illustrator)

My favourite read-aloud treasury for those snuggly goodnight moments.

It’s never too soon for young listeners to share the joy of reading aloud. In this book of short stories about sleep and dreaming, all mums and dads and grannies and grandpas will find something to encourage little ones to drift off to sleep. Stefan can’t sleep without his cuddly dragon - but oh dear! He can’t find it. However, dreaming will sort it all out. The children in these stories all dream their favourite dream: Jenny dreams about being a firefighter, Pauline dreams her dream of sheep, and Konstantin dreams about his dad the monster-slayer…

Delightful read-aloud stories in a practical format.
Popular series, reasonably priced. | 24 months +