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Stories to Read Aloud

Stories to Read Aloud



Livanios, Eleni (Written by) Livanios, Eleni (Created by)

Wonderfully thick and with a host of illustrations – that’s what makes this compendium of fairy tales such fun, even for young children of three and over. This picture-book treasury contains ten of the most popular fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm:
Sleeping Beauty
Hansel and Gretel
Snow White
The Frog King
The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
Mother Holle
| 3 +

Scheller, Anne (Written by) Orosz, Susanne (Written by) Korthues, Barbara (Illustrated by)

  • A new title in the hit question-and-answer series “Read Aloud ‘Aha!’ Stories”
  • Expertise packaged in entertaining, age-appropriate stories.
  • Perfect length for reading out loud.

Children never stop asking smart questions: why do trees get sunburnt? Will I really get eaten by a shark at the seaside? Why can’t we live on the moon? How do vaccinations work?

Fortunately there are also loads of answers in this fact-packed book. Almost 20 stories depict children having adventures and finding out the answers to pressing questions - there’s plenty for adults to learn, too!

The new title in the ‘question-and-answer’ series.

| 5 +

Schmitt, Petra Maria (Written by) Dreller, Christian (Written by) Vogel, Heike (Illustrated by)

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of our popular Question Book series

Why don't sharks have to go to the dentist? Why don't penguins get cold feet? Where is the wind, when it's not blowing? Children are never shy about asking questions. Adults, however, are not always quite so forthcoming with the answers – not least as they don't always know them! However, these clever and amusing stories will help to plug the gaps. | 5 +

Orso, Kathrin Lena (Written by) Bruder, Elli (Illustrated by)

  • Sensitive and amusing story reduces children’s fear of visiting the dentist.
  • With great tooth-brushing tips - approved by dentists.
  • Important everyday topic of caring for your teeth presented in a funny and impish way.

What does Frieda Fox do when her tooth starts to wobble? What does a tooth-brushing day look like at the Forest Kindergarten? And what happens if the Tooth Fairy is ill? They’re all questions for the tooth imp Pearly White! Pearly is the pixie forest equivalent of a dentist. And whenever one of the baby animals issues a “Tooth Alarm”, Pearly is there in a flash along with her best friend Willi the robot. 12 tooth-tastic stories gently introduce young listeners to this important everyday topic and show them that looking after your teeth can be great fun!

| 3 +

Fickel, Florian (Written by) Becker, Stéffie (Illustrated by)

  • A fast-paced animal adventure, ideal for fans of the “Muskeltiere”.
  • A must-have for parents: how to console your child when they lose their favourite cuddly toy.
  • Perfect for its target audience: combines two favourite childhood themes - real animals and cuddly toys.

“Help! Help! Cuddly Toy Alert!” The alarm resounds through Rescue HQ, and all the resuce mice are instantly wide awake. An emergency is declared through the yoghurt-pot radio system: a soft toy is stranded in the middle of a busy road. Lickety-split, the brave mice set off on a daring rescue operation. Mission accomplished, the cuddly toy is sent to Cosy Cottage, the home for lost cuddlies, while the mice face their next challenge: to find the toy’s owner and to reunite them …

| 4 +

JOHNA (Written by) Beimler, Tatjana (Illustrated by)

The little Pundle has a very special and appealing quirk: when it speaks, it begins every word with a “P”. With a bag filled with home-made honey piscuits, it sets off into the forest to make new friends. But it’s not quite that easy. And only when the Pundle meets the cuddly Stuffle does it never have to say again: “Please pee pind poo pee!”

  • Empathetic portrayal of bullying based on a speech impairment.
  • Singer-songwriter JOHNA is renowned for her sensitive handling of feelings.
  • Songs which accompany the book are written by the author herself and released on all big-name streaming platforms such as Spotify.
| 3 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

The Oggly children are digging a hole. It’s going to be a thousand metres deep! Digging is fun - especially when you can snack on a few stones while you’re at it. But then the Oggly children unearth a chest … is it a treasure chest?

A trip to the seaside! The Oggly children munch on tasty sand, and the Oggly parents are thrilled by the rubbish-strewn beach. But then the Oggly baby is carried out to sea by a big wave. Help! Happily, Oggly Grandpa plunges bravely into the ocean.

Eight exciting adventures with the Oggly family.

  • Ideal for Oggly newbies: stories based on the Ogglies’ family life.
  • Entertaining stories - the perfect length for reading aloud.
  • More than 8 million copies sold.


| 6 +

Schreiber, Chantal (Written by) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrated by)

Kurt is fed up. No surprise there, then. But now that horrid gnome Vladimir has diverted the stream in order to water his garden - all part of his attempt to win the gold medal at the Gnome Garden Show. He doesn’t care that the forest will dry out as a result. And so Kurt is forced to step in once more. But the gnome manages to trick him - and Kurt’s magical powers suddenly vanish! Well … they don’t exactly vanish, but they are reversed. And this is bad news, for if a unicorn’s magic goes wrong, then only the unicorn parents can put it right again. But Kurt is an orphaned unicorn …

  • Kurt: one of the most popular characters of the unicorn trend.
  • A fun story which will appeal equally to girls, boys and adults alike.
  • Fifth volume in the hilarious series about the grumpy and reluctant unicorn.
| 5 +

Dietl, Erhard (Written by) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrated by)

It’s bedtime, but the Oggly children are still full of beans.

So Oggly Grandpa starts to spin mouldy old Oggly yarns, recounting the tale of when he was a deep-sea-diver, an astronaut, and a sailor on the ocean. He goes on to tell them about his legendary record for late rising. The Oggly children are of course desperate to break his record. Thanks to the little symbols on each page, beginner readers can learn about Grandpa Oggly’s adventures for themselves - and they experience the satisfaction of doing it all on their own!

  • Popular symbol-supported method boosts less confident readers.
  • Much loved Ogglies encourage children to read.
| 6 +

Inkiow, Dimiter (Written by) Gebhard, Wilfried (Created by)

Fantastic adventure in the Greek world of myths and legends
Ancient history can be fun! Dimiter Inkiow retells the best Greek myths with plenty of humour and in clear language. What adventures did Odysseus have during his wanderings? Who hid in the Trojan Horse? What was Zeus like as a baby and why did Eros want to take revenge on Apollo? The 21 read-aloud stories are a light-hearted introduction to the world of the gods – and so full of adventure, so exciting and amusing that they delight children and parents alike! | 5 +

Maar, Paul (Written by) Maar, Paul (Illustrated by)

Can the Sams really fulfil every wish? Surely not!

In order to prove this, Mr Taschenbier wishes for something completely crazy: he wishes for snow! Right in the middle of summer. Before he knows it, he and the Sams are knee-deep in a freezing cold snowstorm in their flat. And that’s just the start of it: a polar bear then comes along, together with the inquisitive landlady Mrs Rotkohl. How’s Mr Taschenbier supposed to explain this?

Paul Maar’s cheeky Sams is linguistically edited for emerging readers and is packed with a variety of syllables, pictures, games and puzzles. Reading is fun with the Sams!

  • Become a reading pro with a host of fun syllables.
  • Paul Maar’s sassy Sams stories motivate emerging readers.
  • The Sams is and will remain a guaranteed long-seller.
| 7 +

Fickel, Florian (Written by) Seipelt, Johanna (Illustrated by)

  • To celebrate the 45th birthday of Tiger and Bear: two titles in one volume.
  • Read-aloud book for children 4+: lovingly narrated and heartwarmingly illustrated.
  • Beautifully produced, with commemorative poster.

Oh what a lovely life they lead in the little cottage by the river!Tiger and Bear go mushroom-collecting in the woods; they sprawl around on the soft plush sofa with their friends; and they get up to all kinds of mischief together. After a day filled with little adventures, it can sometimes be difficult to get to sleep - thank goodness for friends who can tell you a bedtime story. And then it’s off to the land of the nod all round! This anthology consists of two stories: Life is Wonderful, My Friends, and It’s Sleepy Time, My Friends.

| 4 +

Ambach, Jule (Written by) Thißen, Sandy (Illustrated by)

Grab your pens and get ready, steady - here comes the Plus-Pony!

Together with the other Mathematicanimals, he’ll show you how much fun literacy and numeracy can be. Get on board with the Mathematicanimals and go with them on a plus-tastic sea adventure. Collect all the individual numbers for the big maths puzzle at the end of the book.

The third in the Mathematicals series, which makes literacy and numeracy seem like child’s play! Age 6+

  • Plus, plus, hurray! The third book for young mathematicians, featuring the cute Mathematicanimals. 
  • Innovative concept, combining literacy and numeracy in a fun way.
  • Funny characters, exciting puzzles, and a great story.
| 6 +

Schaudinn, Jasmin (Written by) Gstalter, Angela (Illustrated by)

Mum has an allotment with a lovely wild flower meadow and a little gingerbread house. A real fairy tale garden, Tilly thinks. And needless to say, it gives her a fun idea: she and Bruno can hold a surprise birthday for Mum on the new allotment. Fortunately Dad can help them to organise it. Family and friends are all invited; now all Tilly has to do is try to avoid giving the game away and spoiling Mum’s surprise!

A cheerful new adventure filled with unmistakable Tilly charm.

  • New Tilly adventure for the new season
  • Popular ‘garden’ topic
  • Gardening is child’s play with Tilly’s fun projects to try out
| 4 +

Sprater, Florian (Written by) Sprater, Thomas (Written by) Kaiser, Nataša (Illustrated by)

The second children’s yoga picture book is a lively and cheerful introduction to the world of children’s yoga.

The tried-and-tested yoga and mindfulness exercises help even small children to reduce stress, become calm, and sense their inner strength. An imaginative story based on farmyard animals leads readers through a variety of yoga exercises. No props or previous experience needed! Developed by the renowned and experienced children’s yoga instructor Florian Sprater, whose yoga exercises form a core part of the curriculum of various schools and nurseries.

  • A new adventure for early readers with Peter and Piet.
  • Facts about forest amimals presented in Wohlleben’s typical child-friendly manner.
  • Guaranteed hit: more than 500,000 Wohlleben books sold.
| 3 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Written by) Christians, Julia (Illustrated by)

Tuuli is a lively, inquisitive and warm-hearted little goblin who is also an incorrigible prankster. She enjoys collecting fir cones and spends her entire day working out hilariously naughty tricks to play on people. However, Tuuli is also very helpful and loves going on expeditions with her parents into the Skuleberget. Once winter is over, Tuuli and her parents set off for their summer house together with old Goat Granny Gudrun. There, they find a mysterious message in a bottle. Someone needs their help! Tuuli and her friend Snorri, an itinerant gnome storyteller, soon plunge into an adventure …

  • Stefanie Taschinski’s new series has all the hallmarks of a future classic. A guaranteed long-seller.
  • Packed with humour and with impressively artistic illustrations.
  • As magical as Taschinski’s earlier ‘The Little Lady’ series.


| 6 +

Jelden, Carolin (Written by) Bednarski, Laura (Illustrated by)

Lively Karla and dreamy Prince Frederick became best friends in the first Lichterland volume.

Their new adventure takes them deep into the Spiky Mountains. When they get into difficulties, they try to use their gold dust to summon the magician to help them. But alas! Their dust is anything but golden and has all of a sudden turned dull and black. What has happened? Is it just the dust which has changed - or also the magician himself?

  • Fantastischer Mix der Themen  Freundschaft, Wald und Abenteuer
  • Wirbelwutsche und Leuchtschnecken: eine zauberhafte Fantasiewelt  liebevoll gezeichneter Charaktere
  • Zweiter Band der Vorlesereihe  für Kinder von 5 bis 99 Jahren
| 5 +

Boie, Kirsten (Written by) Engelking, Katrin (Illustrated by)

Jabu and his mother, the Good Queen, live in Happy Land in the royal croft. When decisions have to be made, everyone comes to their garden and discusses it while eating cake. But one day, several of them become quarrelsome and jealous, and they all stop helping one another. Before they know it, the Bird of Hope has stopped singing over Happy Land. Now it’s up to Jabu to bring him back. But the magnitude of the task scares him, so he’s glad when Alva, the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, agrees to accompany him. They set off together with heroic Helene, the brave captain’s old ship, and armed with the only thing their mothers could give them: a comforting melody.

In this fairytale, suitable for reading alone or aloud, Kirsten Boie discusses the meaning of goodness and comfort, along with the hope that we might all be able to live together peacefully one day.

  • A brilliantly written new parable about humanity by Kirsten Boie: a beacon of light in our current situation.
  • Suitable for reading alone or aloud.
  • With sumptuous illustrations by Katrin Engelking.
| 6 +

Schütze, Andrea (Written by) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrated by)

Here come the four helpful heroes!

There’s a rustling and a crackling and the forest is full of secrets. But the four young animal heroes with their big hearts and soft fur are always ready to step in to help any kindergarten child who needs them. First job for the animal task force: little Diego doesn’t like going to Forest School and is feeling homesick. Barely have they solved his problem when they’re on call again: boisterous little Paula has managed to disturb an ant colony with her stick! Fortunately our forest heroes know their way to the next stream and manage to rescue not only Paula but two little rabbits who have got into difficulties.

Thank goodness for the Wild Forest Four - now in a special double volume.

  • Four heroic young animals help the young Forest School children to solve their problems.
  • Sensitively handled read-aloud stories based on friendship, inclusion and team spirit.
| 4 +

Linde, Verena (Written by) Schwelgin, Anka (Illustrated by)

What do toads, ants, gnus, loggerhead turtles and House Martins have in common? Yes, they all have funny names but, more importantly: they are travellers!

The toad, it’s true, only manages 1,000 metres, but from the ant to the gnu to the loggerhead turtle, the distances become ever longer until we meet the House Martin, who can apparently fly 5,000 kilometers!

These animal journeys are narrated in entertaining and amusing stories, which are also illustrated with maps.

  • Inventive topic combined with lesser known animals
  • A particular ellerman strength: facts conveyed through read-aloud stories
  • Expert author (also editor of Geolino), with illustrations by Anka Schwelgin
| 5 +

Böhm, Anna (Written by) Wultschner, Ramona (Illustrated by)

Animals are going missing from the zoo! The Animal Police set out to make their enquiries - and the first witness they encounter is the vain peacock Mark (“Who’s the handsomest in the whole park? Yes, of course, it’s me, Mark”). He is one of the few animals who are allowed to roam freely around the zoo, and so is very much in the know. Three animals have already vanished. The prime suspect is the zoo’s new inhabitant: a kind of giant raccoon. The peacock has, of course, seen him. This strange creature can bite through ice, and his eyes are glowing red. He’s super-dangerous! All the animals say so! But who has actually seen any of this? And where is he …?

  • 60,000 copies sold of the Animal Police stories.
  • New animals and a thrilling adventure in which Flopson the little Red Panda learns all about her origins.
  • Featuring a scary new giant. But what kind of animal is he?
| 8 +

Schütze, Andrea (Written by) Kraus, Tina (Illustrated by)

This anthology comprises ten stories to dream of. Featuring the adventures of magical creatures in the forest: little fairies, bears and dragons. Magic, imagination and wit give these charming stories a safe and homely feel.

Perfect bedtime reading!

  • The perfect bedtime book for children who love to give their imaginations free rein.
  • Delightful and creative stories packed with warmth and linguistic wit.
  • Fantastic creatures in an enchanted forest.
| 4 +

Schmitt, Petra Maria (Written by) Orosz, Susanne (Written by) Vogel, Heike (Illustrated by)

Why, why? Ask, and you’ll get an answer!

Why are guinea pigs called pigs? Why do glow worms glow? And why do we get goose bumps? Who’s able to give a spontaneous answer to these children’s questions anyway? Thank goodness that there are always new volumes in this bestselling series of expert knowledge packed into read-aloud stories that fascinate and delight us adults, too.

Over 165,000 copies of the series sold (October 2019) | 5 +

Schaudinn, Jasmin (Written by) Gstalter, Angela (Illustrated by)

Things have become serious. Tilly’s mum and dad are separating. This isn’t good. Not good at all. And Tilly cries a thousand tears - while Bruno erupts with fury. Times are hard for the little family which has to try to navigate its way through the new situation, with two different homes for Mum and Dad, a big move, and all the feelings that go with it. Thank goodness for Tilly’s Uncle “Midge”, who is able to distract the children and comfort them as necessary. Tilly describes this difficult time in which she feels somehow broken, like a cracked shell, with great feeling and in a child-friendly manner. Gradually, this new “someone’s always missing” life starts to feel less painful, and Tilly comes to realise that there are advantages to having two homes.
| 4 +

Schaudinn, Jasmin (Written by) Gstalter, Angela (Illustrated by)

As Mum and Dad aren’t able to take as much time off work as they want, but Bruno is still on school holidays, Tilly and her brother are allowed to go to stay with Granny Jula and Grandpa Jockel. Tilly is thrilled, and sets about making some gifts to give to her grandparents. She also inspects the contents of the wardrobe with Granny, while Grandpa is trying on his new work belt. We discover why Granny and Grandpa’s house always smells of Granny and Grandpa, why going out to eat can be a real challenge for small children, and that it’s great to discover that you can dream of meeting Mum and Dad on a picnic blanket.
| 4 +