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Our Heroine Alea Aquarius

Unsere Helden Alea Aquarius

Alea Aquarius

Oetinger’s best-selling Alea Aquarius series is an exciting ecological fantasy adventure. The books deal with themes of self-discovery, identity, romance and friendship which is appealing to a wide readership, especially to girls. The writing is direct and lyrical but also dramatic and intriguing.

The explicit ecological message gives Alea Aquarius greater weight and resonance than conventional fantasy novels. The link drawn between environmental issues and health is prescient and thought-provoking. The protection of the oceans has absolutely top priority in Alea’s world.

The Alea Aquarius series has a devoted and highly active fan base. A wide range of merchandise is also associated with the series: audio books, CDs (music co-written by Tanya Stewner and her husband), and stationery products including pens, stickers, ribbons and notepads, and teaching materials

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Meet Our Bestselling Mermaid Alea Aquarius

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

  • More than 1.1 million copies sold, and more than 40 million streams.
  • Massive topics for the target audience: love, friendship, adventure, and taking positive steps to protect the environment.
  • Eagerly awaited by fans.

The brilliant ninth volume in the bestselling Alea Aquarius series!

After reaching Rome, the Alpha Cru return home on their ship Crucis - and find themselves facing bigger challenges than ever before. Will they manage to capture the dastardly doctor and take him to a Lafora? And will Alea and her twin sister Anthea be reunited?

Alea fans will be in their element: gripping new adventure guarantees huge reading pleasure.

| 10 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

The brilliant ninth volume - Part 2 - of the Alea Aquarius bestselling series! After the great climatic concert in Rome holds numerous surprises, Alea and her friends plan the long-awaited meeting with Doctor Orion in front of the Colosseum. Will they succeed in capturing the dastardly doctor and taking him to a Lafora? Can other sea children and the Ocean Knights help them? What role does Orion's husband Jinx play? And will Alea and her sister finally find their way back to each other?

New friendships, fast-paced developments and eagerly awaited revelations mean that Alea fans will get their money's worth in this second part of the ninth volume.

| 10 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

Marine mystery, adventure and a wonderful friendship! For as long as she can remember, Alea has felt drawn to the sea. But she is also afraid of it because coming into contact with water could be fatal to her – that’s what Alea’s mother told her foster mother before she disappeared. One day, Alea joins the Alpha Cru kids, who sail the sea on a yacht. During the first big storm, Alea is swept overboard. After that, nothing is the same again. The first book in the cool mermaid series by bestseller author Tanya Stewner (author of Liliane Susewind). | 10 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

Alea is a mermaid once more - but she’s very worried about Thea. Where has Doctor Orion taken her? What’s he planning, and what particular role is Tess going to be playing in their attempt to stop him? Or might the new member of the gang be the key to everything?

An ancient power is arising in the sea, but the Alpha Cru can only make its way to the new allies via the narrow streets of Venice. Will they manage to defeat their opponents?

The eighth volume of the popular mermaid saga - thrills and spills from start to finish!

| 10 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

In this comprehensive compendium, Alea Aquarius fans get up close to their favourite characters. There’s so much to browse, and stacks of exciting new background information about the protagonists, fascinating minor characters and much more besides. Best of all: this reference book also contains an upublished Aquarius story by Tanya Stewner. The ultimate book and absolute must-have for everyone who loves Alea and the Alpha Cru! | 10 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Hennig, Simone (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

A new mergirl adventure for beginning readers

The Alpha Cru writes a song for the Gilves because she knows music is what they love most. With the help of an eavesdropping snail, Alea Aquarius and her friends manage to squeeze the song into a shell and take it down to the cave city, where the Gilves live. Will the Gilves get the message?

Alea Aquarius imparts courage, stands for friendship and is dedicated to protecting the environment and helping her fellow humans – the perfect recipe for hours of reading fun with Alea and the Alpha Cru.
| 8 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

Alea Aquarius 7 - Under the Spell of an Oath
Love, friendship, adventure - and longing for a reunion: it’s the seventh volume in the Alea Aquarius series! This time, Alea and Lennox set out overland to reach the Lorelei Rocks. They believe Alea’s twin sister Anthea to be there. Will the twins manage to meet up again? And will their meeting reactivate Alea’s mermaid capabilities?
- The eagerly awaited new instalment of the number one best-selling series.
- Compelling themes: protection of the environment, friendship, solidarity.
| 10 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Hennig, Simone (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

At last, there’s an Alea Aquarius for beginning readers, too!

Sammy has gone missing! Ben, Alea and Lennox immediately set out into the magical underwater world to look for him. When they find his camera floating around between plastic waste, they start to feel very worried. Where on earth can Sammy be? What can have happened?

With Alea Aquarius. Mermaid Magic by Tanya Stewner and Simone Hennig, the exciting mergirl adventures featuring Alea, Sammy and Lennox, are now also available for beginning readers of eight and over. | 8 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

Eagerly Anticipated: Alea’s Adventure Continues

Dramatic cliffhanger finale of volume 5 makes this a must-read

In the eagerly anticipated sixth volume of the bestselling series by Tanya Stewner, Alea Aquarius’s adventures take a new turn. Robbed of all their memories, the Alpha Cru have to reorientate themselves. Who is targeting them? Who is the man with the black coat and the barrel organ who is watching them from the harbour? And were there originally more members of the gang? Alea wouldn’t be Alea if she didn’t decide to take on her adversaries in order to save her friends, even if the odds seem to be stacked against her.

Bestseller: 640,000 Alea Aquarius books and audio-books sold | 10 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Hennig, Simone (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

With heroine Alea Aquarius, we can achieve anything!

The Alpha Cru discovers that a scrapyard owner has been dumping car tyres into the river - right at the spot where the Isibelles’ brown trout lay their eggs! With the aid of the water spirits, Alea and the Isibelles manage to haul the tyres out of the river again, and the Magicals realise that if they all pull together, they are a match for any enemy, no matter how small any of them may be. What a wonderful present for Alea, whose birthday it is today!

This bestselling series is also a hit with beginning readers

So far 25.000 copies of Alea beginning readers sold

Playfully imparted extra knowledge about the environment | 8 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

At last Alea knows why she has always felt so out of place: she’s a mermaid. But what happened to her natural mother eleven years ago and why does the underwater world seem so deserted? Alea cannot possibly be the only member of the merfolk left in the world! Little by little and with the aid of the Alpha Cru, Alea finds out more and more about where she came from. And she learns that Lennox is also half mer. Could that be why they feel so drawn to each other? The first volume in this series was one of the Top 6 Children’s and Young Adult Bestsellers A story about being different and strong that will set girls dreaming | 10 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Hennig, Simone (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

Alea doesn’t want to celebrate her first Christmas as a mermaid like an ordinary landlubber, so she sets out with Lennox to look for underwater Christmas traditions and calls on a Finder-Finya to help them. But the Finder-Finya doesn’t even know what Christmas is. And the Christmas tree and delicious cheese soup Tess had wished for don’t quite work out, either, because while the band plays, a storm rages across the square, and it’s all the Alpha Cru can do to catch the litter that’s flying around before it ends up in the sea! Is Christmas going to be a washout? | 8 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

Stay true to yourself and protect what you love.
Book 5 in the bestselling series by Tanya Stewner.

Barely escaped from the clutches of Doctor Orion, the Alpha Cru set sail for France in search of Alea’s mother. In the English Channel, they stray into a death zone, a stretch of water devoid of oxygen because toxic fertiliser has been dumped there! Alea is dumbstruck! Will she be able to come one step nearer to saving the marine world with the aid of her friends and the Magicals?

- Environmental protection is a topic that touches a nerve with the target group and lends a certain extra to the story #FridaysforFuture
- An endless wave of top reviews, numerous fan accounts on Instagram
- More than 440,000 copies of books from the series sold (February 2019) | 10 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

The great merpeople adventure continues! Fleeing from Doctor Orion, the Alpha Cru sails to Norway, where an oil rig has sprung a leak. Can Alea and the Magicals prevent a catastrophic oil spill? Will she meet the Whale Wanderer and find a way, with the help of the merkids, to rid the magical underwater world of the virus?

The fourth book in the mermaid saga by bestselling author Tanya Stewner!
The environmental theme is perfect for the target audience.
| 10 +

Stewner, Tanya (Written by) Carls, Claudia (Illustrated by)

Suspense guaranteed – a new adventure with Alea Aquarius!
Off to Iceland! Alea and the Alpha Cru set sail for the far north. Alea hopes she will at last find her father there and, with him, the answers to all the questions going round and round inside her head. But when the Alpha Cru reaches its destination, Alea is forced to face up to her past. And that’s not all; there she also encounters the mysterious Doctor Orion, who is researching the deadly virus that destroyed the merfolk. With his help, can Alea make her dearest wish come true and restore the merfolk to life? And will Lennox help her put her plan into action? Alea senses that he’s keeping something from her and that’s really putting their love to the test.

The third book in the Alea Aquarius mermaid saga by bestselling author Tanya Stewner.

| 10 +

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