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Woolf, Marah (Author)

Sometimes dreams do come true! For this summer, Jess had really only planned a couple of lazy weeks in the Rocky Mountains. But then she meets good-looking Cayden, the boy with the emerald-green eyes, and he steals her heart away. But Cayden has his own agenda. He’s the son of a god and has made a pact with Zeus: only if he can find a girl able to resist his charms will Zeus grant Cayden’s dearest wish: to finally become mortal. Will Cayden play to win his game with the gods even if it costs Jess her heart?

A top title from one of the most successful self-publishers, now for the first time with a German publishing house!

DivineSpark is the ideal blend of dream material for the target readership: a deep, world-encompassing love that must not be, a self-assured heroine, and a (seemingly) inaccessible hero every girl reading this story will sigh for.

Volume 2: DivineSpark – Don’t Hate Me
Volume 3: DivineSpark – Don’t Leave Me
| 14 +