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Die Krickelkrakels (Author) Die Krickelkrakels (Illustrator)

Come along on a journey through time from the creators of the Krickelkrakel series!

Open up the book and off we go! Save the little dinosaur from the ravenous T-Rex. Solve the puzzle of the pyramids in Egypt and then help the Vikings to build a ship. Finished? But there’s much more still to come on your journey, and thousands of adventures awaiting you there. Turn, tap, blow – the fun creative new activity book from the Krickelkrakel team carries kids off to foreign lands and other times!

- Fascinating activity fun to return to time and again
- Carries children off to distant worlds and other times
- From the creative Krickelkrakel team | 4 +

    Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

    Of octopuses and pirates: the Ogglies go treasure hunting in the Devil’s Sea

    Diving in the Devil’s Sea to find precious porcelain from the Ming Dynasty? That’s something no Oggly would want to miss. So off they go in Fizzywine’s time machine, all the way back to the year 1604. But deep down at the bottom of the sea, the Ogglies are suddenly attacked by ravenous giant octopuses. And then they come within a whisker of being captured by wild Chinese pirates. Will they be able to escape? And how will they get back to the present?

    An exciting deep-sea adventure with the Ogglies for children aged six and over that will encourage them to learn to read.
    | 6 +

      Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

      Close to their mucky hearts: Erhard Dietl's Ogglies go time-travelling again - this time in knight's armour.

      How impolite! Oggly Grandma never thanked the Herb Lady who, some 800 years ago, gave her the love amulet that helped her to capture the heart of Oggly Grandpa.
      It's high time to rectify this. So, together with the two Oggly children, Granny uses Brausewein's time machine to travel back to the Middle Ages. But their visit to the Herb Lady is just the start of it. The Ogglies find themeslves ravelled up in further matters of love: the evil knight Gregor has imprisoned young Gunhilde in his castle and is trying to force her to marry him - rather than the cobbler's apprentice whom she loves. The Ogglies think this is a stinker of an unfair plan. But can they free Gunhilde from the tower?

      Travel back in time to the thrilling past.

      Ideal reading matter for emerging readers: exciting and irresistibly funny.

      The Ogglies are guaranteed big-sellers. | 6 +

        Smoltczyk, Alexander (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator)

        My friend from the future.
        How does she know all of this? And why does the new girl in class 6b have such an odd diary? Greta is happy about her new classmate – and what she finds out is even more amazing: Zola is not from Bavaria or anywhere like that. No, she comes from the future! She is here to do a stint of time experience in the present. But no one is really supposed to know that. Luckily, Zola always has an emergency chewing gum ready to hand, in case there is something to forget!
        A hilarious time travel adventure: the latest fun read from the author of Popes Don’t Fart
        | 9 +

          Ukpai, Anja (Author) Meinzold, Max (Illustrator)

          You Are the Time Guardian, Jade!

          A magical secret society in present-day London – our new atmospheric fantasy trilogy in a boarding school setting

          The summer holidays are just beginning when Jade unexpectedly finds herself back at the Clockmakers Academy in London. There she learns that she belongs to an ancient secret society of time guardians. From now on, Jade and her classmates will be taught such fascinating topics as time-window leaping and demon defence. And Jade is really going to need these newly acquired skills because Chronos has set his sights on gaining dominion over time. And Jade also finds that of all “people,” Harper, an overanxious guardian spirit, has been appointed to protect her.

          The first book of a richly illustrated trilogy – mysterious, magical and gripping | 13 +

            Ukpai, Anja (Author) Meinzold, Max (Illustrator)

            Atmospheric boarding school fantasy set in modern-day London

            Jade has returned the magic hour hand to the Time Inheritors’ Society. However, her best friend Mat lost his powers in the process, and now has to leave the Academy. Fortunately, Jade still has Orla and Henry. But why has Henry suddenly started rebuffing her? And then there’s the mysterious stranger who she sees creeping around the Clockmakers’ Market. Could it be that the Time Knights have returned? They’ve only ever had malice in mind ...

            Best selling topics in a totally original form: time, school, secret societies | 13 +

              Woolf, Marah (Author)

              When Cedric de Gray rescues 17-year-old Sasha from the Atlantic waves off the storm swept island of Alderney, he is already living his thousandth life. He is desperately trying to atone for a sin he once committed and, although he has the power to return to each of his lives, he cannot alter them. Sasha learns of Cedric’s fate and resolves to help him. She can and will not leave him to the mercies of the soul hunters who have been pursuing him for centuries because for them there is nothing more precious than a soul that remembers.

              - A fine book to settle down with by the bestselling SPIEGEL author and uncrowned romantasy queen
              - A story of time travel – an ever-popular dream theme – grippingly told
              - Huge fan community: Marah Woolf’s books have sold over one million copies | 14 +