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Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Close to their mucky hearts: Erhard Dietl's Ogglies go time-travelling again - this time in knight's armour.

How impolite! Oggly Grandma never thanked the Herb Lady who, some 800 years ago, gave her the love amulet that helped her to capture the heart of Oggly Grandpa.
It's high time to rectify this. So, together with the two Oggly children, Granny uses Brausewein's time machine to travel back to the Middle Ages. But their visit to the Herb Lady is just the start of it. The Ogglies find themeslves ravelled up in further matters of love: the evil knight Gregor has imprisoned young Gunhilde in his castle and is trying to force her to marry him - rather than the cobbler's apprentice whom she loves. The Ogglies think this is a stinker of an unfair plan. But can they free Gunhilde from the tower?

Travel back in time to the thrilling past.

Ideal reading matter for emerging readers: exciting and irresistibly funny.

The Ogglies are guaranteed big-sellers. | 6 +