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Erik, the little Viking, simply cannot fall asleep, even though he really does try everything. To help him get to sleep, his grandfather sends him on a journey to Wallahalla. Along the way, Erik meets several sleepless animals for which counting sheep and all the other remedies actually do work. What a good thing that after all his many adventures, Erik has now grown very, very tired.
Children and adults alike will enjoy the wonderfully touching story of Erik, the little Viking. With amusing and imaginative illustrations by Nina Hammerle.
| 3 +

Fleet Finn goes to sea for the very first time. He’s actually still too small for seafaring, but because he is so good at chopping onions and the Vikings all love eating onion soup, he is allowed to go as a kitchen hand. But Finn has other plans: he wants to be a real Viking! When Rotten Carl turns up, Finn has a chance to prove himself. Now only his courage can save the crew … | 3 +

Fleet Finn is over the moon. Now that he has trounced Rotten Carl, he can be a proper Viking and not just the kitchen hand on board Sigarr, the Victor’s ship. But Finn and the Vikings now need to get their juicy spoils to safety. And Rotten Carl wouldn’t be Rotten Carl if he didn’t make life very difficult for Sigarr’s people … | 3 +