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Felgentreff, Carla (Author) Kohne, Diana (Illustrator)

Every child would love to have an animal friend like this.

Blubb, blubb, blubb… The little whale takes a big breath and dives below the water. At some point, he’s going to have to breathe out again. But how? The other underwater animals show him how they do it. But there’s only one solution for the little whale.

Eye-catching on the book-stands.
Attractively embossed.
Popular animals make this a must-have book.

12 months +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Koku, whose full name is actually Konrad Kurdisch junior, is not only the owner of an enviable head of hair, he also has an acute environmental consciousness with which he has frequently driven his teachers to distraction and nearly brought lessons to a standstill. In the end, Koku changes not only his teachers and school, but also his ecological tactics. Instead of trying to convince people with arguments, he now tries to wake them up with secret campaigns – with Catherine, the girl he shares a desk with, and some other schoolmates as his partners ... | 12 +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Rath, Tessa (Illustrator)

Family fun from Monday to Sunday: a new adventure every day.

Forest ranger Andrea lives with her husband, their children, Granny and Lolli the dachshund in Seven Oaks Forest. There, the family has a new adventure every day of the week. On Monday, Lolli prevents a forest fire. On Tuesday, the children discover a fox’s lair. On Monday, the Forest Kindergarten comes to visit. On Thursday, a tree plays a central role. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, too, are packed with adventures. There’s no risk of boredom in Seven Oaks Forest!

An exciting new forest-based story for every day of the week.
Comes with a colour-your-own days of the week wheel.
Important read-aloud ritual reinforced by a compelling series of stories. | 4 +

Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Reitz, Nadine (Illustrator)

All my animals … go everywhere with me

The deer nibbles red berries, the squirrel has found a nut, the wild pig is looking for acorns, and the owl glides through the night. This little board book contains many woodland animals that are just waiting to be discovered by young picture book fans. Each animal is briefly introduced and then shown in action.
| 18 months +

Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Vogel, Heike (Illustrator)

Discovery fun with woodland animals!

Do you know where the baby rabbits sleep? And someone is saying hello to the little hedgehog family. Can you see who it is? Pull on the slider now and find out!

Brightly coloured pictures, peephole on the cover and interactive sliders on every page.
| 12 months +

Häfner, Carla (Author) Sturm, Carola (Illustrator)

Four small and very special picture dictionaries on the perennial favourite themes of “the forest”, “the farm”, “motor vehicles” and “animals”. Alongside the classic and delightful illustrations, each new word is also explained by means of short and catchy rhymes. These help to imprint these new acquisitions in the minds of small children, who will also enjoy the playful element as they look at the pictures and repeat the rhymes along with you. | 18 months +

Rosenbaum, Katharina (Author) Brüchler, Mirco (Illustrator)

What’s this glittering here? The best present in the Christmas woodland word – with gold foil!
It’s bitterly cold outside and the animals are all freezing. But what’s that glittering over there in the snow? A golden parcel? Whoever can it belong to? Along with the rabbit, the fox, the bear and the other animals in the wood, the children guess who the parcel might be for and what is inside it. The wise owl finds out that the parcel is for all of the animals. They are all so delighted they celebrate a very happy Christmas together! | 24 months +

Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Vogel, Heike (Illustrator)

Board books to go! The four buggy books come with simply, affectionately drawn scenes to delight even the tiniest child. Each book is devoted to a different subject: On the Farm, Woodland Animals, At Home and Vehicles. Simple questions prompt the kiddies to seek and find. So even the very youngest can see a squirrel climbing up the tree and a lorry being loaded. With a little luck, they will see many of the scenes from the book all around them when they are out in their buggy.

The colourful board picture books with their well-loved everyday topics are ideal companions for on the road.
| 12 months +

von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Apfelbacher, Lisa (Illustrator)

Wonderful woods! Discoveries around the year
What else will you find in the woods apart from trees? Much more than you would think! Polo shows the children foxes, badgers, rabbits and other timid woodland creatures. They visit birds and insects, and read prints in the snow. How do they do that? Oh, that’s simple … by pulling the flaps to bring deer out of the thicket and ants out of their anthill, and to reveal footprints.
Animals and plants throughout the year. With lots of extras: acetate sliders, discovery wheel, lacquer finish and embossing. Large format, packed with especially beautiful, detailed pictures and lots of information.
| 4 +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Schoene, Kerstin (Illustrator)

Deep in the woods, play, laughter and some enchanting rhymes are waiting.

Deep in the woods, the little fox plays hide and seek with his friend the hare. But before he finally spots the hare hidden in the tall grass, he meets some other animals because there’s lots going on deep in the woods!

In Susanne Weber’s fanciful verses full of imagery, young readers experience with the little animals all there is to be found in the woods. Wonderfully atmospheric illustrations by Kerstin Schoene.
| 24 months +

Maar, Paul (Author) Ballhaus, Verena (Illustrator)

A story that takes us back to the days of fairytales and adventures. Full of wordplay and told with irony, it features a wealth of colour illustrations, some full-page.
As none of the suitors who asked for her hand were to her taste – you see, she wasn’t just rather beautiful, but also rather haughty – princess Henriette-Rosalinde-Audora hit on the unusual idea from having herself kidnapped by a monster. When the king then announced that the man who would rescue his daughter should marry her and be given half the kingdom, the bravest and most handsome princes would come from afar. But the monster – probably a vegetarian – wasn’t the tiniest bit interested in the princess, just in the delicious chocolates she had with her. So Henriette-Rosalinde-Audora more or less had to kidnap herself if her plan was to work.
And nothing else went according to plan, either. One by one, the princes who had set out to rescue Henriette-Rosalinde-Audora, returned home empty-handed. Then Simplinella, Princess of Lützelburgen, who had more sense than all the princes put together and her heart in the right place, decided to try her luck – and succeeded. This not only gained her half a kingdom and eight barrels full of gold pieces, but also the heart of the Crown Prince of Großburgen, who had been the monster so long as he was under an evil spell. What became of Princess Henriette-Rosalinde-Audora? Well, naturally she was not particularly pleased to be “rescued” by a princess and had to put off her wedding plans for a while. | 8 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator)

Four-legged friends to the rescue : The new comfort commando for nursery school kids is ready for action!

Rustling sounds and the crackling of twigs fill these woods, and they hold a secret - four heroic young animals with big hearts and soft, fluffy fur are always at the ready to soothe away the big and small cares of nursery school children.

On an outing to the forester’s house, boisterous little Paula disturbs an anthill with her stick, sending the ants scuttling in every direction, including up trouser legs … Luckily, our four woodland heroes know the way to the next stream and help Paula to rescue two rabbits who are in trouble | 4 +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Schoene, Kerstin (Illustrator)

Deep in the woods, play, laughter and some enchanting rhymes are waiting.

Deep in the woods, the little hedgehog is busy picking berries when suddenly it starts to rain. He looks for somewhere to shelter and finally finds a dry spot underneath a gigantic leaf where heaps more delicious berries are growing. There’s lots going on deep in the woods!

In Susanne Weber’s fanciful verses full of imagery, young readers experience with the little animals all there is to be found in the woods. Wonderfully atmospheric illustrations by Kerstin Schoene | 24 months +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator)

A new mission for The Wild Forest Four – the rescue commando for nursery children

Small heroes,big hearts! Offers a rewarding insight into children who are different

A new child has started at the Forest Kindergarten: Eleni. Unlike any of the other children, she has Down Syndrome. There are other things that make her special, too: she can sort out the autumn leaves at a tremendous speed, and she also makes friends particularly easily. She’s not the only one who’s different. The little pet cat who suddenly appears is very different from the other animals who live in Honeycake Forest. The Wild Forest Four are now faced with a new and very special task – and they rise to the occasion as true friends and heroes. | 4 +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Schoene, Kerstin (Illustrator)

Deep in the woods, play, laughter and some enchanting rhymes are waiting.

The little mouse lives deep in the woods. She’s hungry and her tummy is rumbling. Sadly, the nut she wants to carry home is very heavy and far too big for her. Luckily, the squirrel helps her to carry it. There’s lots going on in the woods!

In Susanne Weber’s fanciful verses full of imagery, young readers experience with the little animals all there is to be found in the woods. Wonderfully atmospheric illustrations by Kerstin Schoene. | 24 months +

Weger, Nina (Author) Schöffmann-Davidov, Eva (Illustrator)

“Sometimes, when I was lying in bed at night, I would imagine that Julius was gliding through the depths of the ocean like an enormous whale.“

Do we have the right to make decisions about someone else’s life? And how are we to know what is right or wrong if we can’t ask them? Blake’s older brother Julius is in a coma; the family has to make a decision and is on the verge of breaking apart. So what now? Blake’s friend Martha wants to ask the Pope. Surely he must know what to do in a case like this … They secretly rob their piggy banks, steal a credit card and set out on an adventurous trip to Rome to find an answer and save Blake’s family.

A uniquely sensitive and wonderful story about life.

With this courageous book, Nina Weger creates a reading experience that hovers between tears and laughter, profoundly serious and yet with a fine sense of comedy and an inspiring message: live life to the full and always try to look on the bright side of things.
| 10 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Nilson, Peter (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator) | further

Grump-fart-giant holes: What’s happened here?
Swiss cheese: Great big holes in the walls of London buildings present the Oggly detectives with a real mystery. At first, it looks as though rotten burglars had used the holes to make their way into other people's homes, but then the Oggly detectives make an important discovery: The paintings of a mysterious artist were on the missing pieces of wall. Can the Oggly detectives be able to track down the art thieves?
| 8 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator)

Off to school! The Wild Forest Four on a rescue mission.

Leo’s best friend is moving up from Forest Kindergarten to big school, and the quiet little boy is talking even less than he normally does. When he’s with the Wild Forest Four, the words come pouring out of him. But the minute another child appears, Leo’s mouth seems to glue itself shut, and the words just won’t come out. A clear case for the Wild Forest Four! They invent a fantastic anti-stammer-word chain - and it works brilliantly. Hurrah!

3 on-trend themes: forest, Kindergarten, animals.
Volume 4 of the successful and lively series about the Wild Forest Four.
Each volume shows the animals helping a Kindergarten-aged child. | 4 +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Schoene, Kerstin (Illustrator)

Deep in the woods, play, laughter and some enchanting rhymes are waiting.

Deep in the woods, the little owl is fast asleep. She wakes up at nightfall. Then in the bright moonlight, she hops happily from branch to branch, playing with her shadow until next morning, when she’s tired out and falls into a blissful sleep. There’s lots going on deep in the woods!

In Susanne Weber’s fanciful verses full of imagery, young readers experience with the little animals all there is to be found in the woods. Wonderfully atmospheric illustrations by Kerstin Schoene | 24 months +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator)

Four-legged friends to the rescue : The new comfort commando for nursery school kids is ready for action!

Rustling sounds and the crackling of twigs fill these woods, and they hold a secret - four heroic young animals with big hearts and soft, fluffy fur are always at the ready to soothe away the big and small cares of nursery school children.

The very first mission for the animal rescue commando: Little Diego doesn’t like going to the new woodland nursery school and feels very homesick. What a good thing the young animals Rufus, Poppy, Mikkel and Flora are there to make him a woodland calendar that has a present for him every half-hour.

4 +

Lucht, Irmgard (Author) Lucht, Irmgard (Illustrator)

A love letter to Mother Nature: Fascinating information about the woods, fields and birds. Find out what happens in nature: three of Irmgard Lucht's classic "clock books" about birds, fields and woodlands in one volume. Irmgard Lucht’s three most beautiful books in one volume with informative and detailed texts and true-to-life illustrations. A reference work for children. | 5 +

Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator) Herrmann, Dagmar (Illustrator)

How clever are dung beetles? Which animals live in the water butt? Why does a fawn have spots on its back?
Peter Wohlleben takes you on a tour of the animals that live close to where you live: in the woods, in the garden, by the water and in the house. You get to see hedgehogs and mosquitoes have their babies, watch them eat, defend themselves and sometimes also when they are ill. You will learn so much about all manner of creatures – from the thunderfly to the wolf – that you didn’t know before!

- For all children and everyone else who’s interested in animals aged six or over – for reading aloud or to yourself
- Peter Wohlleben knows the secrets of the animal world and his sensitive narrative tone sparks children’s interest and enthusiasm for nature’s delicate wonders | 6 +

Schill, Ralph (Author) Giraud, Paul (Illustrator)

Biodiversity and environmental awareness in an age-appropriate format – suitable for reading aloud or alone

Walter is a little water bear who lives in Greenland. He has barely had chance to thaw out after his hibernation before his ice floe snaps off and takes him on an odyssey around the world. Water bears are tiny and can adapt to extreme living conditions. Like no other creatures on the planet, they are a byword for bio-diversity. Walter's involuntary journey around the world leads him through the great multitude of the Earth's habitats. On the way, he meets all sorts of other animals, and learns about the biodiversity of our flora and fauna and the way in which everything hangs together in a natural balance.

Take an adventure-filled journey with Walter around a world which has biodiversity as its core. An oft-discussed topic given a new slant with this book and cuddly water bear toy. | 6 +

Dax, Eva (Author) Dully, Sabine (Illustrator)

There's nowhere more hygge than the Gnome Forest! Read-aloud delight with peek-through cover.

Exciting news! Runkel the Gnome is to represent the missing Gnome Forest Queen. Full of excitement, she and her friend Jeppe and her hamster Oswald go to the Chestnut Woods in order to ‘gnomify’ them: they have to sweep the moss, paint the leaves and make sure everything sounds nice and rustly. But where’s the Queen - and what are the Forest Gnomes hiding? Eventually Runkel leaves Oswald the Hamster in charge of the throne, and sets off on a thrilling adventure with Jeppe…

Funny, heart-warming story for children and parents alike.
Peek-through cover with a little nest for each individual gnome.
By the successful and creative duo Dully & Dax.
| 4 +

Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator) Herrmann, Dagmar (Illustrator)

Explore the woods, discover the surprises they hold and have fun with Peter Wohlleben! Do trees have a language of their own? Do tree children have a nursery? Why are wild animals frightened of people? Peter Wohlleben answers questions that are unusual, original and often very funny. His easy-to-understand and nearly always surprising answers help children to see life in the woods with new eyes. The gifted storyteller draws on his decades of experience as a forest ranger as well as the latest research findings.

An appeal for people to be more mindful in their attitude to the environment, nature protection and sustainability by bestselling author Peter Wohlleben.
| 6 +

Walentowitz, Steffen (Author) Walentowitz, Steffen (Illustrator)

Interactive fun on the building site!
There’s so much to see on the building site. The excavator digs a ditch, the wheeled loader pushes rubble away, the roller makes the asphalt nice and even, and the building workers put up wooden beams. The house will soon be ready to move into!
First facts for young readers plus an interactive slider to move the tip-up truck on the cover.
| 12 months +

Walentowitz, Steffen (Author) Walentowitz, Steffen (Illustrator)

Perfect for all birthday girls and boys:
Guessing fun for little ones

Mimi receives an invitation to a birthday party but is puzzled to find that there’s no name on the letter! Who invited Mimi to the party? The little mouse sets out to find out who it was. The children go with her every step of the way, helping her to lift the flaps and delightedly discovering Mimi’s friends behind them. But which of them is the birthday boy or girl?
| 24 months +

Walentowitz, Steffen (Author) Walentowitz, Steffen (Illustrator)

There’s so much to see with the fire brigade!
The firemen have so much to do. They pump water out of a basement, put out a burning shed and clear tree trunks off the road. And at the fire brigade fete, the children are allowed to hold the big fire hose. A favourite book with an interactive slider on the cover. First facts all about what makes the fire brigade so exiting - at a take-me-with-you price.
| 12 months +

Wald, Julie (Author)

Can a blind pony change the way I see things? Volume 2 of a very special friendship!

Ava is looking forward to the holidays. But there’s so much to do: just as they’re preparing for the pony day, Soraya suddenly falls ill. Ava is terribly worried. She can’t bear the thought of losing another beloved pony, so wraps the blind mare up in cotton wool. But that in turn does more harm than good to their relationship. And then someone comes creeping up through the woods, bent on causing trouble…

A story from the heart.
A fantastic pony adventure about friendship and sticking together.
The author herself owns and rides a blind pony | 11 +

Wald, Julie (Author)

Can a blind horse change how I see things?

Ever since having to give up her pony, 12-year-old Ava is so sad that she decides to have nothing more to do with horses or riding ever again. But then she meets the blind Lusitano mare Soraya, and to her great surprise, Soraya will trust only Ava. With the aid of Soraya’s owners, old Silvester and his granddaughter Elsie, Ava deals with her fear of commitment and allows herself to become fond of Soraya. And so the foundations for a lifelong friendship between girl and horse are laid.

A wonderful – addictive – story to start off the series

Touching and with lots of honest emotion

Perfect for girls 11+ | 11 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

After surviving a terrible storm, Dorothy and Toto, her dog, find themselves in a strange land. There, Dorothy meets the Scarecrow who has no brain, the lonely Tin Man who has no heart and the roaring lion who has no courage. Together they set off to meet the Wizard of Oz, for only he can show Dorothy the way home.
Dorothy’s adventure is retold here in language suitable for children of three and over.
| 3 +

Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

Picture-book wonderland! The eight best-loved children’s classics in one book. Twelve illustrated double pages for each classic, all retold in age-appropriate language. It contains: PETER PAN, HEIDI, LITTLE PETER’S TRIP TO THE MOON, ALI BABA AND THE 40 THIEVES, NILS HOLGERSSON, ALICE IN WUNDERLAND, THE WIZARD OF OZ and PINOCCHIO.
The perfect present!
| 3 +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

One night, a strange boy appears in Wendy’s bedroom. He calls himself Peter Pan, he can fly and he even has a real elf called Tinkerbell with him. Peter tells Wendy about his home – Neverland – and persuades her to go there with him. In Neverland, Wendy meets Peter’s friends, the Lost Boys, and has all kinds of adventures with them. But then the boys and Wendy are kidnapped by the dreadful Captain Hook. Luckily, Peter comes to their rescue. | 3 +

Breitenöder, Julia (Author) Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

What’s the point of waiting for a charming prince to come and rescue you? None at all, as far as Princess Maya is concerned! Surely she can deal with that obnoxious band of robbers herself. And little fairy Hella also has a mind of her own and refuses to let a few big drops of rain spoil her fairy dance.
20 exciting stories, none of them more than three, five, or eight minutes long, for all girls who love pink but are wild at heart.

Over 45,000 copies of the previous volumes sold.
| 3 +

Frixe, Katja (Author) Walther, Franziska (Illustrator)

A Pair of World Champions in Fooling Around

Stupid neighbours, big sisters – no one is safe from Rocco and Pepe and their jokes. These twins are cheeky, noisy and absolute masters in thinking up tricks, pranks and nonsense. So when Tiffy the tortoise disappears, it’s no surprise that they are immediately suspected of having something to do with it. But at the time she went missing, Rocco and Pepe were busy trying to kidnap the skeleton from the general knowledge classroom!
This is a children’s book debut that doesn’t miss a trick: modern stories about cheeky little rascals with amusing illustrations, brilliant characters and some marvellous pranks.
| 8 +

Kopp, Ella (Author) Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

Peggy and Hobgoblin her dog are the best of friends and do everything together! But one morning, Peggy finds that Hobgoblin has disappeared. Peggy immediately drums up the help of her friends Lisa, Phil and Ian to find her beloved dog. Because one thing is obvious: best friends are always there for each other! | 5 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Walentowitz, Steffen (Illustrator)

Mimi’s having visitors today! A join-in book with rhymes by Paul Maar. Knock, knock, there’s someone at the door. Who can it be? Mimi the little mouse is just as curious as the children – who open the door with Mimi and are delighted to see each of her guests. A charming, cheerful board picture book for everyone who enjoys having visitors! With a big door to open on every double page – and a real doorknocker! | 24 months +

Waldherr, Sarah Lilian (Author) Kopainski, Alexander (Illustrator)

Year two is about to begin on the boarding school spaceship Simalia! This time the journey will take them to the marine kingdom. There’s just one thing that has dampened Fana, Hala and Ivy’s delight at being reunited: Kian, Fana’s boyfriend has disappeared without trace. What has happened to him? Could it have something to do with the jewel king’s power-hungry plans? Fana is faced with a decision. How much is she willing to risk to save Kian and preserve peace in Patenia.

Volume 2 of the Star Diamond Series - captivating, funny, and as mysterious as the Sea of Merinea. | 12 +

Waldherr, Sarah Lilian (Author) Kopainski, Alexander (Illustrator)

The search for the star diamonds takes the barding school spaceship Simalia further into the fairy kingdom. Hala, Ivy, Fana and Kian do their very best to gain possession of the remaining diamonds, but Fana and Kian are going through a very bad patch, and Hala is flirting with a Fairyland officer, and the sparks are flying between Ivy and Tem, too. Will the friends be able to stay focused on their goal in sight in spite of all the romantic entanglements?

Volume 3 of the Star Diamond series – absolutely gripping, romantic, and magical.
| 12 +

Waldherr, Sarah Lilian (Author) Kopainski, Alexander (Illustrator)

Fana has been desperately unhappy since Kian, who she loves above all else, has gone over to her arch-enemy’s side. But there are more and more signs that seem to bear out her innermost feeling that something isn’t quite right about his sudden about-turn. Meanwhile, Kasim, the self-styled Jewel King, has captured the capital of Avestina. When he then declares war on the fairy kingdom and the sea people, it soon becomes clear that Fana is the only person with the knowledge to use the star diamond. Everyone is expecting her to do away with Kasim at last so that history cannot be repeated. But can she really kill in order to achieve this goal?

Love, friction and jealousy - plus a healthy portion of suspense, a relentless opponent and a dark secret - Volume 4 in the breathtaking fantasy saga for all Kerstin Gier fans. | 12 +

Steffen Walentowitz
Steffen Walentowitz, 1962 geboren, illustriert seit Mitte der achtziger Jahre vor allem Natur-Sachbücher und Bilderbücher. Seine Gemälde und Zeichnungen wurden in u.a. in Deutschland und Großbritannien sowie in den USA, Kanada und Israel ausgestellt. Der Künstler lebt mit seiner Familie in Norddeutschland.
Naeko Walter
Naeko Walter wurde 1984 in Tokio/Japan geboren und lebt sei 1988 in Deutschland. Sie studierte Illustration im Fachbereich Design an der Fachhochschule in Münster. Seit 2010 arbeitet Naeko Walter als freischaffende Illustratorin.
Franziska Walther
1980 in Weimar geboren, studierte Franziska Walther Architektur und Visuelle Kommunikation an der Bauhaus-Universität. Nach Ausflügen zum Städtebauen nach Shanghai, Kiwipflücken in Neuseeland und Zugfahrt durch Sibirien machte sie sich 2010 selbstständig und ist seitdem als freie Grafikdesignerin und Illustratorin für Verlage und Agenturen tätig. Für ihre Arbeiten im Bereich Illustration und Buchgestaltung erhielt sie zahlreiche nationale und internationale Auszeichnungen, unter anderem den Joseph-Binder-Award 2012 in Gold. Seit 2013 lebt...
Zwei Dinge begleiten Julie Wald, geboren 1978, im Leben: Schreiben und Pferde. Nach der Ausbildung zur Sozialpädagogin begann sie unter anderem Namen Kinder- und Jugendbücher zu schreiben und ist mittlerweile als freie Autorin tätig. Silverhorse ist nun ihre erste Pferdereihe, die von einem besonderen Schicksal erzählt. Silverhorse ist blind und lebt in Wirklichkeit in der Nähe der Autorin.
Sarah Lilian Waldherr
Sarah Lilian Waldherr wurde 1990 in Stuttgart geboren. Nach der Schule absolvierte sie mehrere Praktika, in einer Buchhandlung, in einem Sportstudio und bei verschiedenen Fotografen. Sie studiert derzeit Schauspiel an der Theaterakademie in Stuttgart. Sarah Lilian Waldherr hat sich schon als Kind gern Geschichten ausgedacht und bringt sie seit sechs Jahren nun auch zu Papier.
Walter Scharnweber (1910 - 1975), deutscher Graphiker, Illustrator und Künstler, schuf mit dem Titelbild der deutschen Erstausgabe von Astrid Lindgrens "Pippi Langstrumpf" eines der bekanntesten Buchcover der Nachkriegszeit. 1956 wanderte er nach Australien aus, wo er weiterhin künstlerisch tätig war.
Walter Trier
Walter Trier, 25. Juni 1890 Prag - 8. Juli 1951 Collingwood/Ontario Kanada. Nach dem Realschulabschluss ging Walter Trier an die Prager Kunstgewerbeschule. Nachdem man dort seinen eigenwilligen Stil nicht dulden wollte, studierte er Kunst in München, u.a. bei Franz von Stuck. Ab 1910 lebte Trier in Berlin. Er wurde einer der bekanntesten Presse-Illustratoren und arbeitete für den SIMPLICISSIMUS, die LUSTIGEN BLÄTTER u.v.a. 1929 illustrierte Trier Erich Kästners "Emil und die Detektive", viele weitere Kinderbücher von Kästner folgten. 1936...