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von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

Life really isn’t easy for Annika. She is always in the shadow of her sister, Mel, who is 18, three years older than Annika, and not just very pretty, but also clever and popular with all the boys – in a nutshell, she has it all! It’s Mel, of course, who comes up with the idea of organising a rock festival, but then she falls ill and Annika gets her big chance: now she’s in charge of auditioning the bands. That’s how she comes to meet and immediately fall for Benny, a drummer, and she also finds herself getting on really well with Lance, a member of the press team. Everything is going beautifully, but then Mel suddenly starts acting weird. Little by little, the sisters grow closer… | 12 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author)

Who can tell the most rotten jokes? Which Oggly is the strongest? What sorts of things can you do with rubbish? And how do you find your favourite smelly socks if they've gone missing on the rubbish tip? Oggly fans – and fans-to-be – can find out everything they could possibly want to know about their favourite stinkers and learn all kinds of cool things in these colourful pull-out pages. Find the Oggly answers to the most important everyday questions! | 5 +

Wagner, Charlotte (Author) Wagner, Charlotte (Illustrator)

Forty age-appropriate puzzles in each pad, in black-and-white and in colour, banish all boredom. And because the puzzles are self-explanatory, even nursery school children love these puzzle pads. All the solutions are printed on the back, making it easy as pie for the children to check their own results. | 4 +

Wockenfuß, Benjamin (Author) Messing, Stefanie (Illustrator) Kowalski, Stephanie A. (Illustrator)

An innovative and fun guidebook in bullet journal/planner style, written by father, social media manager and social pedagogue Benjamin Wockenfuß. Packed with strategies to enable dads to play a successful and empathic role in their children’s worlds and lives. Every chapter ends with easy, tried-and-tested, no-nonsense tips which fathers can easily incorporate into family life.

In the age of digitisation and “New Work”, fatherhood has become more complicated than ever; the role of contemporary fathers and the culture of fatherhood generally are constantly being redefined. #Brilliantdad gathers together these ideas about the role of fathers in their children’s upbringing, and demonstrates that their implementation has an invariably positive effect on all the relationships within the family as well as contributing to career success.

With an inspiring “Dad Power” picture book for dads and children to read and explore together.

Practical, entertaining information targeted firmly at men and fathers - in a handy go-to format.
With day-to-day challenges to enable men to become more actively involved in their children’s upbringing.
Planner, bullet journal, workshop and more, all in one book.
Includes an inspiring “Dad Power” picture book for dads and children to read and explore together (double-sided cover). | 14 +