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“Wheeee!“ Frida and Mats are whizzing along the path on balancing bike and racing car, when Frida bumps into the little fire engine and scratches her arm. Mats kisses it better and even gives her his cuddly bunny. But Frida only really cheers up when Mummy puts a colourful plaster on the scratch. Of course, now Mats wants one just like it, too!

Mats & Frida – first companions for little board book fans
In popular photo look
Mats & Frida are characters to fall in love with straight away
The first in a new series: set in a miniature world of felt figures
| 12 months +

Poor little owl! A delightful book about making hurts better.

The little owl has hurt herself. The fox comes along and blows on the bump, the mouse brings a plaster and the snake strokes the little owl’s cheek. But what’s the best way to make it better? A kiss from Mummy Owl, of course! With the cutest little owl in the world, this book is an absolute favourite with very young children! A charming story of kindness and empathy told in clear pictures and simple rhymes children will have great fun joining in with.

18 months +

I’m always here for you when you feel sad. A gift book to make small people feel better. Here’s your little read-aloud sticking plaster. Together, we’ll defeat the ‘inner worm’, build the best dens in the world, and play with the contrary bears. That’ll make everything miles better! Read-aloud stories can go anywhere with you. On the train, in the car, on the bus, in the waiting room. Evening and morning, noon and night, or any time in between: the little Read-Aloud book will always be there for you when you need it. To be read anywhere - on the train, on the bus, in the car! High enjoyment factor for a low price. Rounded corners make it super-comfy to hold. | 4 +

Thanks to the many sliders in this book, kiddies will all adore the little owl even more now! The little owl has hurt herself. The fox, the mouse, the snake and the bear do their best to comfort her. “Ssssht!” says snake, stroking her cheek. “Blowing helps,” advises fox. Their efforts are all very well, but in the end, only one thing helps: her mummy.

The top bestseller with sliders on every page. In large format with delightfully amusing rhymes that comfort and distract!
| 24 months +

Oh dear, the little bear is having a bad time. Will you comfort him?

All the baby animals are crying because something hurts or they’ve had a fright or feel anxious. By stroking them, the young readers calm the baby animals down, so that they give a sigh of relief in the end. Each double page features a different animal that reacts when the fur element is touched.

With its cute sighs and sounds of relief, The touch-sound book “Stroke Me And Everything Will be All Right Again introduces toddlers of 18 months and over to empathy by giving them a different animal to comfort on every new page.
| 24 months +

Who will help the little beaver?

“Oh no,” says the beaver. “I think I have a fever!” Straight away, all of his friends want to help him. The ferret sends him to bed, the snail gives him a blanket, the rabbit provides a cold compress and they all get together to cook him a hot soup! How could the beaver fail to get better now!

Large, clear pictures, delightfully funny rhymes for the children to repeat and empathise with. For everyone with a big heart!
| 12 months +

“Sometimes, when I was lying in bed at night, I would imagine that Julius was gliding through the depths of the ocean like an enormous whale.“

Do we have the right to make decisions about someone else’s life? And how are we to know what is right or wrong if we can’t ask them? Blake’s older brother Julius is in a coma; the family has to make a decision and is on the verge of breaking apart. So what now? Blake’s friend Martha wants to ask the Pope. Surely he must know what to do in a case like this … They secretly rob their piggy banks, steal a credit card and set out on an adventurous trip to Rome to find an answer and save Blake’s family.

A uniquely sensitive and wonderful story about life.

With this courageous book, Nina Weger creates a reading experience that hovers between tears and laughter, profoundly serious and yet with a fine sense of comedy and an inspiring message: live life to the full and always try to look on the bright side of things.
| 10 +

Olli’s grandpa isn’t like other people’s grandpas and he does some odd things, like asking for ice cream with ketchup, going for a walk in the middle of the night and sometimes even forgetting to go to the toilet. How embarrassing! But Olli’s grandpa has a secret. On nights when the moon is full, something incredible happens to him. When Olli discovers one evening that grandpa turns into a wolf, it’s the start of the most exciting night of his life and nothing is ever quite like Olli had imagined it to be again.

- An appeal for people with dementia to be treated respectfully; told with warmth and affection
- Nora Alexander describes the magic in every kind of human difference without judging or moralising
- Much more than a book focused on a particular topic, this is an adventure story and a declaration of love | 8 +

Who can comfort these animals? A plaster book for young nurses Ouch! The tiger has got his tail caught, the mouse has scraped his knee, the frog has a big bump on his head and the hippopotamus has hurt his toe. All the animals need looking after – and the little children, full of pity, know very well that what is needed here is a plaster! What a good thing there’s one in this book – with a velcro dot and attached to a tape so that it can be used over and over again! Seven stories to arouse kiddies’ sympathy and desire to help! With a genuine velcro plaster on a tape. | 24 months +

The little bunny comes home shivering and shaking after playing outside. “Oh dear,” says his mummy. “Cold ears, red nose – my little bunny’s got a cold!” A warm blanket, something tasty to eat and hot tea work wonders. But the best medicine is, of course, a big kiss from mummy. | 18 months +

Read away your scratches and scrapes.

Oh dear - the little animals aren’t very well today! Sissi the Snail has got backache; Hetty the Hen has a cold; Carla the Cow has a cough; Dougal the Dog has fallen off his scooter; Cathy the Cat has a thorn in her paw; and Benny the Bear has tummy ache. Fortunately the little animals have good friends to take care of them. Thanks to heat rubs, herbal tea, cuddle blankets, cherry stone pillows and plasters, they will all soon be better again.

Combines powerful themes: illness, comfort, recovery and friendship.
Rhyme and repetition.
Trained teacher Kathrin Orso understands how small children think and feel.

18 months +

Mission Kolomoro, or: Grandpa in the Plastic Bag

At the start of the October half term, six children have a chance encounter outside a supermarket. There’s Katja, who has had a row with her dads. Polina, who only wanted to buy some baking powder. Fridi, Mustafa and Zeck. And Jennifer, who is accompanied by her miniature Pinscher and who is also carrying her grandpa’s ashes in a plastic bag. When Mustafa tricks a biker in the car park, the children have to leg it. They have no phones and next to no money. But they do have an important mission: Jennifer’s grandpa has to be laid to rest in Kolomoro. But how’s that going to happen, when nobody has a clue where Kolomoro is?

- Winner of the first Kirsten Boie Prize for Children’s Literature, awarded by the Hamburg Literature Foundation.

- A story full of diversity set in urban Berlin.

- Delightful and warm-hearted - similar in style to Kirsten Boie or Erich Kästner.
| 9 +

It’s so nice when we’re together!
The perfect good night storybook for mothers and children

Who’s got the nicest mum in the world? Is it the squirrel whose mummy rocks him in her arms? Or the polar bear whose mummy makes him hot tea? Or perhaps the little fox whose mummy kisses away the pain when he hurts himself. All of the baby animals really have the nicest mummy, just like the little girl at the end of the book whose mummy tucks her in and says good night!

•\x09Affectionate rhymes, lovely pictures
•\x09A book that also makes an ideal gift!

| 24 months +

When the Angels Bark

Ellie and her dog Karlo have been inseparable since forever. Ellie can’t imagine a life without Karlo. But one day she comes home from school to find him not there. Ellie has never been so sad. What can you do if you haven’t been able to say goodbye to your best friend? Fortunately, anything is possible in the realm of dreams. And so Ellie and Karlo meet in their secret place in the garden and have one final adventure with the glow worms.

- When your beloved pet dies: ideal for families with children.

- Helps children to put the inexplicable into words.

- Beautiful, colourful illustrations on every page.

| 5 +