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A top team: Lena and the most fantastic aunt in the world!

Lena’s Auntie Mel used to be an artiste with Pirelli’s Circus and now works as a fortune teller and tarot card reader. She has the gift of telepathy – and that is how Lena and Mel communicate with each other every night before going to sleep. Lena’s mother, Doro, cannot bear Mel and her crazy circus friends.
After Lena finds out that Auntie Mel has been killed in a car accident, she hears her voice again – and it’s not just in her head, it’s her real live voice. Her aunt is sitting beside Lena’s bed, invisible, telling her what has happened. She isn’t dead, she says, but “semi-material”, in other words, only her body died in the accident, but her soul and an invisible outer shell have survived.
After the family has moved into Mel’s house, Doro’s new boyfriend, Gino, persuades Lena’s mother to put Hilda, Lena’s confused old grandmother, into an old people’s home. Lena and Mel discover that Gino is really only after Doro’s money, that he’s busy wrapping her round his little finger, charming her into selling the house so that she can give him some financial support. Lena and Mel manage to put paid to Gino’s plans with plenty of help from Mel’s old circus friends. In the end, Gino is exposed, the house is saved and, during a dramatic scene, Mel appears to Doro and, in a sudden spell of clear-mindedness, Grandma Hilda, now back from the old people’s home, is able to put an end to the age-old feud between her two daughters.

An amusing and heart-warming family story with detective elements. Exciting, light-hearted and slightly fantastic! With illustrations by Sabine Büchner.

English sample translation available!
| 8 +

Moving, gripping, inconceivable: when nothing is the way it was any more. Just after the bell for break, Miriam hears a shot. To begin with, no one realises what's actually happened, but then chaos breaks out and naked fear reigns. Matias, a boy from her parallel class, has run amok and is shooting wildly around him. Miriam's boyfriend Tobi is among those fatally wounded. Miriam survives – but she can’t help wondering whether life has any meaning now, without Tobi and with her ever recurring nightmares. Were she and her schoolmates to blame for what happened?
The grandiose debut work of Anna Seidl, who was only 16 when she wrote this heart-rending story: an in-depth examination, relentlessly told, of the consequences for the survivors of a mass shooting.

You Can Smell the Fear. You Can Reach Out and Touch it
He's among us. We can hear them, the shots. They are loud. Far too loud.
It's a normal school day. But shortly after the bell for break, a first shot rings out. Fifteen-year-old Miriam takes refuge in the boys' toilets with her best friend. When she ventures from her hiding place, she finds Tobi, her boyfriend, lying gravely injured on the floor. Help comes too late for Tobi, and on this day Miriam loses more than the carefree life she has known until now…
The debut work of a young German author: gripping, disturbing and deeply moving.

| 14 +

The book answers questions children frequently ask about religion. They are “genuine children’s questions” the author has collected from children’s day care centres, children’s groups and year one school classes.
The book explains theological issues in child-appropriate, easy-to-understand language. It explains the significance of Christian traditions and provides aids to understanding. This book of children’s questions aims to stimulate conversations between children and adults and also to encourage them to search for the answers together.

The following are just some of the children’s questions to which this book provides answers:

?\x09Does God like chocolate, too?
?\x09Has God got a white beard?
?\x09Is God really a person?
?\x09Who was God’s mother?
?\x09How does God make us?
?\x09Where did the first person come from?
?\x09What kind of food do they have in heaven?
?\x09Why do people have to die?
?\x09Why do children starve?
?\x09Where does the Baby Jesus live?
?\x09What is a soul?
?\x09Why can Jesus go up to heaven on a cloud?

| 4 +

Wake Up or You Will be the Next!

Faye’s insomnia has always made her feel different, but now she is in the greatest danger. Important files have suddenly gone missing, mad Missy’s house has been set on fire, and now Auntie Liz proves to Faye that she is suffering from the same disorder that has already played a part in the mysterious deaths of Zoey Fuller and Fabiana Nunez. Could good-looking Luke be right in thinking that the Monday Club is behind it all? Faye fights desperately to discover the truth about whatever is threatening not just her life.
| 14 +

“Sometimes, when I was lying in bed at night, I would imagine that Julius was gliding through the depths of the ocean like an enormous whale.“

Do we have the right to make decisions about someone else’s life? And how are we to know what is right or wrong if we can’t ask them? Blake’s older brother Julius is in a coma; the family has to make a decision and is on the verge of breaking apart. So what now? Blake’s friend Martha wants to ask the Pope. Surely he must know what to do in a case like this … They secretly rob their piggy banks, steal a credit card and set out on an adventurous trip to Rome to find an answer and save Blake’s family.

A uniquely sensitive and wonderful story about life.

With this courageous book, Nina Weger creates a reading experience that hovers between tears and laughter, profoundly serious and yet with a fine sense of comedy and an inspiring message: live life to the full and always try to look on the bright side of things.
| 10 +