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The best animal stories featuring Klara and her brother, with lots of colour pictures. Klara and her little brother are very fond of animals. They let parrot Pippo fly in the sky like a kite so he can rest his legs. Tomcat Kasimir urgently needs a haircut and when Pippo gets fleas, Klara and her brother would best like to bathe him along with his cage. They want him to be the cleanest parrot in the world, you see! Sadly, the grown-ups don’t agree at all. Nineteen lively and amusing brother-and-sister stories to read aloud. | 5 +

One child, one card, one story! This lovingly designed box containing 16 individual sturdy board story cards makes story time even more playful for tiny tots because they can each pick out the card with the story they want to hear. To read aloud, look at, play with and talk about.

Story time with a difference: Individual story cards perfect for the tiny hands of children from the age of 2 upwards, in a high-quality box made of sturdy board!
| 24 months +

Lots of favourite animals for toddlers!
There’s always something happening in the animal world! Boris the dawdling bear discovers the most gorgeous honey in the wood, Henri the dog can’t wait to go to nursery school and Ingo the hedgehog is terribly proud of having found a wonderfully warm place for the whole family to hibernate. And little Jules discovers a newborn lamb at the petting zoo. She’s even allowed to stroke it! With big, colour illustrations and a padded cover – for children of 2 upwards. | 24 months +

The little lamb wakes up really early in the morning and sets off to wake all the other animals.

With a fluffy sensory element | 12 months +

The little pig is more interested in finding something to eat – he’s always so very hungry!

With a fluffy sensory element | 12 months +

The little rabbit is looking for his friend, the hedgehog. Where can he be?

With a fluffy sensory element | 12 months +

Biodiversity and environmental awareness in an age-appropriate format – suitable for reading aloud or alone

Walter is a little water bear who lives in Greenland. He has barely had chance to thaw out after his hibernation before his ice floe snaps off and takes him on an odyssey around the world. Water bears are tiny and can adapt to extreme living conditions. Like no other creatures on the planet, they are a byword for bio-diversity. Walter's involuntary journey around the world leads him through the great multitude of the Earth's habitats. On the way, he meets all sorts of other animals, and learns about the biodiversity of our flora and fauna and the way in which everything hangs together in a natural balance.

Take an adventure-filled journey with Walter around a world which has biodiversity as its core. An oft-discussed topic given a new slant with this book and cuddly water bear toy. | 6 +

And what’s the little chick doing? She hops out of the barn because she’s curious to see what’s going on outside.

With a fluffy sensory element
| 12 months +

Wild animal, beware!

What Max had actually wanted for his tenth birthday was a dog, but sadly, that was out of the question because Max’s father has a pesky allergy to pet hair. But one day, a small box suddenly turns up in Max’s room and he can hear someone bellowing impatiently inside it: “Let me out of here!” When Max opens the box, out leaps a mini-lion that’s about the size of a cat. Its name is Leo, and when Max goes to school, Leo goes with him of course. And there, he turns out to be the good friend Max had always dreamed of.

Amusing, sensitive and encouraging: With Leo the lion, nothing is impossible any more! | 8 +

A girl, a pony and a friendship that needs no words!

A horse of her own! For that, Emily would even appear on a quiz show, even though she’s far happier fixing old mixers and toasters than mixing with people. And then opportunity knocks for Emily when she actually comes up trumps in a quiz and makes her dream come true. But now there’s something wrong with Runa, her mare. She’s sad; Emily immediately senses that because she has a special bond with animals … it’s almost as though she could talk to them. And Emily knows that she is the only one who can help her pony.

Sensitively and movingly told: In Emily’s world, intuition counts more than words

For every girl who’s crazy about horses and children, and loves books about special friendships

Filled with wonderfully atmospheric illustrations by Verena Körting.
| 9 +

Little dinosaur Fred bumps into Annegret, who has - without her Granny’s permission - set off in Granny’s time machine and has accidentally ended up travelling back to the Dinosaur Age. When Annegret’s conscience starts to prick her and she wants to return to her own time, they discover that a fully-grown Tyrannosaurus Rex has mistaken the time machine for an egg, and is busily trying to incubate it.

Fred and Annegret come up with a ruse to lure the T Rex away from the ‘egg’. As a result of a whole host of unfortunate events, though, it isn’t just Annegret who travels back to her own time but also Fred and - clamped by the tip of its tail - the T Rex. Cue much hilarity all round.

Laugh-out-loud funny, with brightly coloured wax crayon style illustrations .
Developed with and approved by children (test groups found it hilarious).
Includes ‘make your own dinosaur costume’ sewing instructions.

4 +

Frog or King, That is the Question!

Fox and Wild Boar were really expecting the mayfly, but who’s this climbing out of the water? A frog, and it actually claims to be a king – or to be exact, their king. King Frog proceeds to demand a palace, freshly grilled flies and absolute obedience. He even makes the pair build a wall to keep out the stork, which, he claims, is a sorcerer. Will the two best friends the forest has ever seen be taken in by this self-crowned king?

Following the success of his children’s book ONLY A DAY, Martin Baltscheit has now come up with another masterpiece featuring Wild Boar and Fox

The subjects of populism, society based on lies, and manipulation are merrily tackled here with charm and humour as well as depth

Great philosophy for small readers, warm-heartedly illustrated by Sabine Büchner.

6 +

Fox & Sheep (Author)

Based on the Highly Successful Children’s AppsThe apps are available in 180 countries and 13 languages!

On their farm, the friends Fox and Sheep produce all kinds of delicacies which they sell on to customers worldwide. When they receive an order from distant Osaka, they immediately set off on their little train. But how do you even say “hello” in Japanese? | 3 +

Fox and Sheep live on a farm in the Black Forest, where they produce all kinds of tasty treats. One day they receive an order for 127 jars of gherkins to be delivered to Helen Hippo for her party in the East African Serengeti. The pair immediately set off on their special train, and plunge straight into another adventure.

On their travels they don’t only see the Pyramids of Egypt, but also encounter a stowaway on their train, who gives them a huge shock.

Delightfully funny and cheerful adventure book for children, based on the successful children’s app characters Fox and Sheep. The second part of Migo’s Fox and Sheep book series.

Developed with and approved by children.
Based on the children’s app and the original Spotify® podcast .
Book comes with postcards and an Animals of the Serengeti poster. | 3 +

Galloping Away - Like the Sun and the Wind

Siblings Fanndis and Jon are visiting Grandpa Valdis’s farm in Iceland … and they spend the whole time arguing about absolutely everything. But then Grandpa Valdis tells them about an adventure had by two very special friends: Kappi and Skoppa. Two Icelandic foals who couldn’t be any more different, but who are the best of friends. Their story is funny, moving, and thrilling. So thrilling that even Fanndis and Jon suddenly forget to argue.

- At last: a pony adventure for Kindergarten children aged 4+

- Written by Chantal Schreiber, THE author of pony fiction.

- A love-letter to Iceland and its ponies.
| 4 +

It’s Bedtime for the Baby Animals!

Even the baby animals in the forest have to go to sleep. But before they do, they have to make themselves comfy in their own particular ways. The little mouse builds a den; the baby fox has to jump on his bed just one last time; and the little owl has to carry on reading. With its catchy rhymes, this picture book encourages little ones to develop a good bedtime routine. A particular highlight is Sandy Lohß’s outstanding illustrations, which give the book a distinctive modern look.

- A great combination of the popular themes “animals” and “bedtime”.

- Modern design, with stunning illustrations.

- Author Kathrin Lena Orso is a trained teacher.
| 18 months +

Pull The Tab Twice … and Find the Woodland Creatures

There’s so much to discover in the forest! Hiding behind the trees, bushes, stones and shrubs are forest creatures such as foxes, deer and owls - but there are other suprises, too. And the best surprise of all is that this book is twice as much fun: when you pull the tab twice, you find twice as much to delight you!

What’s more, pulling the tabs makes even more space for best-selling author Sandra Grimm’s amusing rhymes and Larisa Lauber’s delightfully detailed illustrations.

- Third pull-the-tab book about the much-loved topic of “woodland creatures”.

- Double pull-out, extra-wide panoramic pages.

- Innovative design and popular topic make this a must-buy!

| 24 months +