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Steckelmann, Petra (Author) Schulte, Tina (Illustrator)

Everyone loves baby animals!

Nico takes his little guinea pig, Flip, to the zoo so that he can play with the other guinea pigs. Theo the little zebra has lost his stripes after bathing in the water. A book full of stories for everyone who loves baby animals.

MAXI picture and activity books make wonderful presents and are great for indoor games and at bedtime, fit into any advent calendar and are fun in any weather.
| 3 +

    Maar, Paul (Author) Schulte, Tina (Illustrator)

    Fun from “A” to “Z”: in Paul Maar’s picture stories, every letter of the alphabet has a funny rhyme and its own animal. These go to make up a great, big animal family and, with this animal family, children can even play number and guessing games as well as do picture puzzles. | 6 +

      Wich, Henriette (Author) Wechdorn, Susanne (Illustrator)

      Lots of favourite animals for toddlers!
      There’s always something happening in the animal world! Boris the dawdling bear discovers the most gorgeous honey in the wood, Henri the dog can’t wait to go to nursery school and Ingo the hedgehog is terribly proud of having found a wonderfully warm place for the whole family to hibernate. And little Jules discovers a newborn lamb at the petting zoo. She’s even allowed to stroke it! With big, colour illustrations and a padded cover – for children of 2 upwards. | 24 months +

        Wessel, Kathrin (Author) Wessel, Kathrin (Illustrator)

        Owl, elephant and cheeky shrimp: the big animal dictionary

        There are so many animals in the world! Pigs, sheep and cows live on the farm, and jellyfish, shrimps and the huge sperm whale are at home under water. Zebras and giraffes survive in the blistering heat and polar bears and penguins sit on large ice floes in the freezing cold. It’s great fun for the children to name and to spot their favourite animals.
        Delightful, fresh illustrations full of charm and humour: animals on the farm, in the water, in the air, in the woods and in other worlds. Each animal appears with its name.
        | 12 months +

          Inkiow, Dimiter (Author) Reiner, Traudl (Illustrator)

          The best animal stories featuring Klara and her brother, with lots of colour pictures. Klara and her little brother are very fond of animals. They let parrot Pippo fly in the sky like a kite so he can rest his legs. Tomcat Kasimir urgently needs a haircut and when Pippo gets fleas, Klara and her brother would best like to bathe him along with his cage. They want him to be the cleanest parrot in the world, you see! Sadly, the grown-ups don’t agree at all. Nineteen lively and amusing brother-and-sister stories to read aloud. | 5 +

            Die Krickelkrakels (Illustrator)

            Which animals live underwater? Who spends the winter in a pile of leaves? Draw the bear’s shaggy fur! The young and not quite so young artists have loads of fun completing and colouring in these funny animal pictures, at home and on the move. | 5 +

              Fehr, Daniel (Author) Lehmann, Bernd (Illustrator)

              The perfect board book for animal lovers and active listeners

              It’s time for zookeeper Nora to feed the animals again. Of course, the young readers can go along with her and even lend a hand! On every double page, there’s a zoo scene on the left, and a large picture of a single animal on the right that can be fed by pushing the detachable pieces of feed through a slot at the top of the page. In the end, all the animals are satisfied and happy, of course. And their meal for the next day is already ready for them.

              Innovative new feature: With toy feed to throw to the animals

              A huge favourite with this audience: feeding animals

              Attractive mix of story and action fun | 24 months +

                Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Reitz, Nadine (Illustrator)

                All my animals … go everywhere with me

                The guinea pig nibbles at a lettuce leaf, the fish blows great big bubbles, the pig wallows in a huge muddly puddle, and the owl flies through the night. These four board books are full of household pets, marine creatures, farm animals and woodland animals, all just waiting to be discovered by young picture-book fans. Each animal is briefly introduced and then shown in action.

                Big, eyecatching peephole on the cover

                Undisputedly a hot topic for tiny tots

                Children get to know and name their very first animals
                " | 18 months +

                  Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Marshall, Anna (Illustrator)

                  There are lots of amazing things for tiny tots to discover here!

                  Every page has a slider that can be pulled in and out to change the pictures. So there’s lots more to discover about the baby animals than can be seen at first glance – as well as some funny surprises!

                  With the Pull & Discover series, children aged 18 months and over playfully get to know their environment, while the subjects and illustrations encourage them to start learning to talk. | 24 months +

                    Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Reitz, Nadine (Illustrator)

                    All my animals … go everywhere with me

                    The deer nibbles red berries, the squirrel has found a nut, the wild pig is looking for acorns, and the owl glides through the night. This little board book contains many woodland animals that are just waiting to be discovered by young picture book fans. Each animal is briefly introduced and then shown in action.
                    | 18 months +

                      Leykamm, Martina (Author) Leykamm, Martina (Illustrator)

                      Many of the baby animals that fascinate our tiny tots can be found in this picture dictionary. Each double page is devoted to one or two subjects. Particularly delightful: the handwritten representation of sounds and noises that some things produce and children always want to imitate. Other picture dictionaries in this style: MY TOYS, MY GOODNIGHT BOOK and MY VEHICLES.

                      This picture dictionary for modern families has fantastic illustrations packed with playful details and is ideal for reading at home and on the move.

                      | 12 months +

                        Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Reitz, Nadine (Illustrator)

                        The guinea pig nibbles at a lettuce leaf, the fish blows great big bubbles, the pig wallows in a huge muddly puddle, and the owl flies through the night. These four board books are full of household pets, marine creatures, farm animals and woodland animals, all just waiting to be discovered by young board-book fans. Each animal is briefly introduced and then shown in action.

                        Undisputedly a hot topic for tiny tots

                        Children get to know and name their very first animals | 18 months +

                          Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Reitz, Nadine (Illustrator)

                          All my animals … go everywhere with me

                          The whale squirts water into the air, the fish blows great big bubbles, the seahorse hides itself away, and the seal plays with a ball. This little board book is full of marine animals just waiting to be discovered by young picturebook fans. Each animal is briefly introduced and then shown in action.

                          Undisputedly a hot topic for tiny tots
                          Children get to know and name their very first animals | 18 months +

                            Weigelt, Udo (Author) Brüchler, Mirco (Illustrator)

                            Felix is the best finder in the wood. He looks for and finds all the things the animals have lost: the raccoon’s hat, the mouse’s toy cat and the hare’s ear warmers. But one day things get too much for him. He simply has no time for anything else any more – this will have to stop! Felix decides to ask the owl for advice. “I’m glad you’re here,” says the owl. She can’t find her book anywhere even though she’s already searched for it all over the place …” | 3 +

                              von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Apfelbacher, Lisa (Illustrator)

                              Everyone starts out small! Join Polo Propeller on a visit to animal nurseries

                              With Polo Propeller, the children visit all kinds of young animals, from kittens to a baby wallaby, inside the house and outside in the garden, in the desert and the savanna, in the countryside, at sea and in the air. How are they born, how do they grow up? With the help of transparent sliders, the children bring movement into the young animals’ daily lives. The goslings waddle along behind their mother, the young storks learn to fly and the baby monkey swings on a vine. This detailed, large-format activity knowledge book for nursery school children is full of adorable young animals and comes with transparent sliders on every double page, plus a wheel, lacquer finish and embossing on the cover. Discover the world with Polo Propeller!
                              | 4 +

                                Maar, Anne (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

                                Master builder of beaver lodges Balthasar and his son Ben build the best lodges in all of Beaverland. One day, however, Ben would like to build something very special: a beaver tower! But his father is against it. When Ben goes ahead and builds his tower anyway, trouble brews between father and son – until they finally realise how much they rely on each other’s help. Paul Maar, who received the German Youth Literature Prize in 1996 for his complete works, painted the evocative pictures that illustrate Anne Maar’s amusing story. | 3 +

                                  Lindner, Irmgard (Author) Lindenblatt, Katherina (Illustrator)

                                  All the elephants in Circus Wonderland are grey. All, that is, except Nico, who is green – a small, grass-green elephant. It’s his birthday today and his greatest wish is to be allowed to perform under the big top. The circus director, on the other hand, doesn’t want any green elephants in his circus ring. But then there’s a new addition to the circus family when Ria, the new mare, gives birth to a foal – and the foal isn’t black like all the other horses at Circus Wonderland. No, it’s … | 3 +

                                    Palanza, Dorothy (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

                                    Helma has the best ideas of all!
                                    There’s a new cockerel on Helma’s farm and he really gets on all the animals’ nerves. Not only does he crow far too loudly every morning, he also wants to take over Anton’s kennel and forbid Helma to play with her best friend, Louise. The animals won’t stand for this! Chaos reigns until Helma hatches a really good plan. | 3 +

                                      Vöhringer, Katharina (Author) Vöhringer, Katharina (Illustrator)

                                      “We’re going for a walk in the jungle today,” Mother Tiger decides. Little Rascal and his brothers and sisters, Ringlet, Claw and Jackie Fang set off. “This is easy-peasy, it’s just an outing for scaredy-cats!,” Jackie Fang grumbles. But then they meet some peculiar animals – and have to roar very loudly indeed when someone blocks their path! Then Rascal, the smallest, suddenly finds himself face to face with a huge giant of an animal – and the only sound he can produce is a croak…

                                      | 3 +

                                        krima & isa (Author) krima & isa (Illustrator)

                                        A cuddly sheep, a cheeky hen or a fluffy chick. The board picture books feature the successful krima and isa design that’s equally popular with mothers and children and for the first time open up the krima and isa world to the very young. A pictionary for tiny tots drawn with lots of love and attention to detail. | 12 months +

                                          Kiss, Gergely (Illustrator)

                                          Who does the trunk belong to? Guessing games with a funny animal muzzles index

                                          Who does this beak belong to? Whose is the trunk and who has a gigantic green mouth? On every double page, there’s an animal hiding behind a wall or a bush and the first thing the children see is its muzzle on the index card. Amusing rhymes help the children to guess the animal and then, on the following double page, they find out whether or not they were right! The amusing pictures and light-hearted rhymes encourage the children to join in and the cheerful animal guessing game holds lots of surprises for them.
                                          | 24 months +

                                            zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

                                            For mummy, daddy and their sleepy child: the loveliest goodnight story book!
                                            How does the lion say goodnight? What does the baby mouse like best before he falls contentedly asleep? The animal children and their parents cuddle up close before they go to sleep at night just like young human children do. An absolute favourite for every child’s goodnight ritual! Eight goodnight scenes with beautiful pictures and lovely rhymes to join in with.
                                            | 24 months +

                                              Rettich, Margret (Author) Rettich, Margret (Illustrator)

                                              To have a pet of their own is something many children dream of. Ian and Julia get a guinea pig to play with. But they also have to feed and look after it. The guinea pig needs food every morning and every evening and the cage has to be cleaned out from time to time, too. | 4 +

                                                Maar, Paul (Author) Geisler, Dagmar (Illustrator)

                                                Children’s compendium: The goodnight book by Paul Maar and Dagmar Geisler!

                                                Do animals really sleep just like people? Some do, but many don’t! The bat uses its feet to hang upside down from the rafters to sleep, the baby rabbits huddle together in their warren, the lamb sleeps in the meadow near its mummy and the calf lies safe and warm in the stable. And where do children dream the sweetest dreams?

                                                Light-hearted rhymes from the masterly Paul Maar and amusing, adorable illustrations from Dagmar Geisler!
                                                | 12 months +

                                                  Wich, Henriette (Author) Weber, Mathias (Illustrator)

                                                  Even little animals feel sleepy in the evening.

                                                  Conny, the kangaroo has hiccups and just cannot get off to sleep. And before she goes to sleep, Kitty the kitten wants something to drink, to look for her toy mouse, and then she wants her mummy to sing her a song. And Susi the piglet is wrapped up warm in a blanket of straw because she’s got a temperature. At the end of the story, the baby animals are all asleep – and so are Conny’s hiccups, just like Kitty’s mummy.

                                                  When all the Animals Head for Bed is sure to send all young human children happily off to dreamland.
                                                  | 3 +

                                                    Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

                                                    The little lamb wakes up really early in the morning and sets off to wake all the other animals.

                                                    With a fluffy sensory element | 12 months +

                                                      Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

                                                      The little pig is more interested in finding something to eat – he’s always so very hungry!

                                                      With a fluffy sensory element | 12 months +

                                                        Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

                                                        The little rabbit is looking for his friend, the hedgehog. Where can he be?

                                                        With a fluffy sensory element | 12 months +

                                                          zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

                                                          Goodnight bestseller with a fluffy sensory element and a guarantee that sleepy heads will soon be nodding

                                                          How does the lion say goodnight? How does the owl rock her young to sleep? And how does the mouse get her mouse child to nod off? Tender goodnight rituals invite imitation and are crowned with a nice, cuddly goodnight kiss.

                                                          An enchanting bedtime book with quality special effects. Fluffy sensory elements for sleepy children to stroke complete the bedtime rituals.
                                                          | 24 months +

                                                            Wich, Henriette (Author) Niessen, Susan (Author) Janßen, Rike (Illustrator) Wechdorn, Susanne (Illustrator) Weber, Mathias (Illustrator) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrator) Hennig, Dirk (Illustrator) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator) | further

                                                            One child, one card, one story! This lovingly designed box containing 16 individual sturdy board story cards makes story time even more playful for tiny tots because they can each pick out the card with the story they want to hear. To read aloud, look at, play with and talk about.

                                                            Story time with a difference: Individual story cards perfect for the tiny hands of children from the age of 2 upwards, in a high-quality box made of sturdy board!
                                                            | 24 months +

                                                              zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

                                                              Happy Christmas! The animals have a party in the woods!

                                                              At Christmas, everyone comes together, and the little piglet, the big, fat bear and lots of other funny animals have a big party. First they decorate a tree and then they guzzle gorgeous food, sing and dance. Hurray! Christmas is simply wonderful!

                                                              A heart-warming story of Christmas and best friends with festive rhymes and charming illustrations!
                                                              | 12 months +

                                                                Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

                                                                And what’s the little chick doing? She hops out of the barn because she’s curious to see what’s going on outside.

                                                                With a fluffy sensory element
                                                                | 12 months +

                                                                  von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Worms, Ina (Illustrator)

                                                                  Pets, wild animals, soft toy animals, sock animals: they are all here! The little brown bear is not in the mood for hibernating, cuddly toy pig Emma is playing pranks, Luna, the little owl, is learning to fly, and the princess and the pirate girl both long for the same: to have a pet of their own.

                                                                  A wonderful, interactive book for children of four and over. It comes with plenty of ideas for games, questions, craft suggestions, picture quizzes, and read-aloud tips for adults.
                                                                  | 4 +

                                                                    Swoboda, Annette (Author) Swoboda, Annette (Illustrator)

                                                                    The world is so wonderful! A masterpiece by Annette Swoboda
                                                                    Little God looked contentedly out over the world he had created. How beautiful it all is! But somehow it’s a bit quiet, too. Something’s missing: the animals! And so Little God sets to work and creates animals large and small, yellow and red, flying and swimming, singing and croaking. They all become part of a wonderful creation – and without them, the world would be only half as beautiful!

                                                                    Annette Swoboda’s story about how the animals were created: affectionate, ideal for children and with beautiful, detailed pictures. | 3 +

                                                                      Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Ionescu, Cathy (Illustrator)

                                                                      Welcome to the Animal Rescue Club!

                                                                      Hello animal lover, do you want to join the Animal Rescue Club? Jane, Tom and Ali could do with a few extra hands. Unfortunately, their parents don’t understand that snails need protection. And their teachers go up the wall the minute some cute little mice make the school their new home. Can at least the poor, injured hedgehog soften their hearts? Outside, the place is full of animals needing help. Be there to help the animal rescuers when there’s a life to be saved!

                                                                      Mischievously and affectionately written

                                                                      For a broad target readership

                                                                      With lots of hilarious illustrations by Cathy Ionescu
                                                                      | 8 +

                                                                        Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator) Herrmann, Dagmar (Illustrator)

                                                                        How clever are dung beetles? Which animals live in the water butt? Why does a fawn have spots on its back?
                                                                        Peter Wohlleben takes you on a tour of the animals that live close to where you live: in the woods, in the garden, by the water and in the house. You get to see hedgehogs and mosquitoes have their babies, watch them eat, defend themselves and sometimes also when they are ill. You will learn so much about all manner of creatures – from the thunderfly to the wolf – that you didn’t know before!

                                                                        - For all children and everyone else who’s interested in animals aged six or over – for reading aloud or to yourself
                                                                        - Peter Wohlleben knows the secrets of the animal world and his sensitive narrative tone sparks children’s interest and enthusiasm for nature’s delicate wonders | 6 +

                                                                          Enchelmaier, Iris (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

                                                                          Squeak squeak, quack quack and mooooo! The funny join-in book of animal sounds.
                                                                          There are so many animals on the farm and they’re all talking at once! The mouse is squeaking, the cat is miaowing, the cock is crowing, the pig is grunting and the cow is mooing so loudly the farmer cannot sleep! On every double page the children have to guess which animal is making such a commotion, and when they pull the slider, they can see who it really was!
                                                                          A fantastic board picture book with funny rhymes for joining in with and guessing, and a slider on every page.
                                                                          | 24 months +

                                                                            Schütze, Andrea (Author) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator)

                                                                            Four-legged friends to the rescue : The new comfort commando for nursery school kids is ready for action!

                                                                            Rustling sounds and the crackling of twigs fill these woods, and they hold a secret - four heroic young animals with big hearts and soft, fluffy fur are always at the ready to soothe away the big and small cares of nursery school children.

                                                                            The very first mission for the animal rescue commando: Little Diego doesn’t like going to the new woodland nursery school and feels very homesick. What a good thing the young animals Rufus, Poppy, Mikkel and Flora are there to make him a woodland calendar that has a present for him every half-hour. | 4 +

                                                                              Weber, Susanne (Author) Vogel, Heike (Illustrator)

                                                                              Hidden picture fun for the very young!
                                                                              “Quack, quack!” The little duck is looking for a friend. But the animals she finds only bleat, grunt or moo. Will she find another animal that quacks just like her?
                                                                              A simple story for very young children with lots of animal sounds to repeat and a flap to open on every double page.
                                                                              | 24 months +