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Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Wonderfully thick and with a host of illustrations – that’s what makes this compendium of fairy tales such fun, even for young children of three and over. This picture-book treasury contains ten of the most popular fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm:
Sleeping Beauty
Hansel and Gretel
Snow White
The Frog King
The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
Mother Holle
| 3 +

    Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator) Herrmann, Dagmar (Illustrator)

    Explore the woods, discover the surprises they hold and have fun with Peter Wohlleben! Do trees have a language of their own? Do tree children have a nursery? Why are wild animals frightened of people? Peter Wohlleben answers questions that are unusual, original and often very funny. His easy-to-understand and nearly always surprising answers help children to see life in the woods with new eyes. The gifted storyteller draws on his decades of experience as a forest ranger as well as the latest research findings.

    An appeal for people to be more mindful in their attitude to the environment, nature protection and sustainability by bestselling author Peter Wohlleben.
    | 6 +

      Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Kiss, Gergely (Illustrator)

      3,2,1, mine? The animal’s winter jumble sale.

      What? Winter isn’t coming this year? Peter Piek the hedgehog can hardly believe his ears. Now what are the other creatures going to do with their winter things? Of course, they’ll hold a jumble sale! And very soon they are swapping back and forth: The fox’s ice hockey helmet becomes a paddle boat for the hedgehog, Aaron the stag’s sleigh is turned into a garden swing and someone else is using the warm bearskin as a bathing costume. But just as the animals are about to hold their summer party, the first snowflakes begin to fall. What now? An imaginative story full of fun and surprises, told in appealing, cheeky pictures with lots of interesting details.

      Wonderfully whacky and at the same time warm and affectionate: the sequel to the surprise hit 'To Go or Not to Go'?
      | 4 +

        Gricksch, Gernot (Author) Kreitz, Isabel (Illustrator)

        The Mystery of the Rubber Crocodiles
        Emma, Sarah, Nucki, Fitze and Torben are spending their holidays at the Kids’ Club in the mountains. From their very first day, they can sense that something is not quite right there. Their accommodation is shabby, the five friends are the only children staying at the club and the supervisors, all dressed in kimonos, look like peas from a pod. Where do the rubber crocodiles that wash up on the lake shore come from? Why does each of the children always have just one particular letter in his or her bowl of noodle soup? But things really turn weird when the kimono women disappear and the children find themselves all alone…
        Holiday club mysteries – exciting and amusing all at the same time! The second children’s book by popular author Gernot Gricksch.

        | 10 +

          Maar, Paul (Author) Dalianis, Panajotis (Illustrator)

          Typical of Paul Maar: weird, whacky and sure to raise a smile.

          A dwarf who moves out of his organic waste bin and into Mr Mockinpot’s cosy flat? A talking vase that could make wishes come true if only it would listen properly? A queen who leaves her reading glasses on the royal lavatory?
          Paul Maar’s power of imagination and his special way with words lend wings to classic fairy-tale motifs.

          All the stories are wonderfully uneducational and ideal for reading aloud to the whole family.
          Typical of Paul Maar: telling texts with a hint of mischief
          Fairy tales with a comic twist

          Auch als 6 +

            Geisler, Dagmar (Illustrator)

            Come to the enchanted land! Dagmar Geisler’s book of fairy tales for the very young.

            Who will rescue the princess from her deep sleep that lasted one hundred years? Why did the grandmother suddenly have such large teeth? And did you know that it snows down on earth when Mother Hulda shakes out her pillows? The first fairy tale book for the very young contains seven of the most popular children’s fairy tales and wonderful, mischievous pictures in Dagmar Geisler’s unmistakable hand. Seven well-known fairy tales, told in age-appropriate language and beautifully illustrated.
            Contains, on two to three double pages each, the following fairy tales:
            Sleeping Beauty, The Town Musicians of Bremen, Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats, The Big, Fat Pancake, Mother Hulda and The Princess and the Pea.
            | 24 months +

              Zapf (Illustrator)

              Welcome to the valley – welcome to the wonderful world of reading!

              The trees are still holding on to their many-coloured leaves and the weather is far too warm for the time of year when the four friends Talis, Alva, Will and Sam happen upon a gleaming stone in a forbidden part of the forest. Hardly have they found the stone than they have strange creatures clad in iron armour pursuing them…

              A fantastic adventure comic that whisks children away into an unfamiliar world packed with fun and action and opens up the world of reading even to unpractised readers.

              Second book in the series to be published in autumn 2021 | 6 +

                Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

                Toyok and his friend the wild tomcat have been invited to visit Smilla, the girl troll, because her cat would like to meet Toyok’s tomcat. And so the pair leave the forest for the very first time and make their way to the hidden valley where Smilla lives. There are no trees there, but the valley does have a lake. Sadly, Smilla’s cat turns out to be rather vain and the wild tomcat isn’t particularly enthusiastic about their outing. But Toyok finds he has made a new friend in Smilla. | 5 +

                  Schulze, Marc-Alexander (Illustrator)

                  What happens when sweet porridge grows bigger and bigger? When Hansel and Gretel lose their way in the woods? Or Rumplestiltskin tries to claim the queen’s daughter? Of course, the children’s eyes grow large and round as they wait eagerly for the happy ending. This fascinating compendium of the wonderful stories collected by the Brothers Grimm will delight young and old with enchantingly beautiful pictures.

                  Affectionately illustrated compendium for all the family. Grimm’s original fairy tales, with a linen spine and bookmark ribbon.
                  | 4 +

                    Richert, Katja (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

                    Once upon a time … fairy-tale hilarious!

                    Here’s a book to make you laugh your crown off! In this popular activity and read-aloud series, children can guess, search and be creative when they encounter dragons spewing soap bubbles, students of magic banned from performing spells, and lookalike princes, who would rather play tricks on the whole court than save a princess. A kingdom for one more story.

                    This book is for children who love fairy tales retold in modern style, with 10 fairy-tale stories for activities and having fun, full of ideas and stimulating suggestions for craftwork and games.
                    | 4 +

                      Moser, Annette (Author) Opheys, Caroline (Illustrator)

                      All the animals think they’re tall –
                      Even those that are very small.
                      But none of them’s as tall by half
                      As the tree-top touching, giant giraffe.

                      What about you? Are you as tall as a mouse, or a sheep, or a bear?
                      The concertina growth chart will tell you, and it will go on telling you until you are fully grown.

                      18 months +

                        Loske, Judith (Illustrator)

                        This very special picture book assembles four of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales about princesses. For every fairy tale, there’s a double page where the reader can quickly read up on what the fairy tale is about. On the following three double pages, the fairy tales are then told without words, so that even the very youngest fairy tale fans can enjoy them to the full, while adults get to see the stories from an entirely new perspective. | 4 +

                          Kawamura, Yayo (Illustrator)

                          The perfect book for passing on traditional knowledge to young children. The book provides readers with a short text version of the fairy tale as a basis on which to tell the story in their own words. Children love hearing a story over and over again and also being able to join in. This is very good for their language development, and it’s also lots of fun, of course. Picture stories with strong girl characters in a large-format book for the children to follow as the adult tells the story. With cute, cheeky illustrations. | 3 +

                            Strobel, Tatjana (Author) Pieper, Andrea (Illustrator)

                            Mia has a problem at school. Ever since her class had a new teacher, her marks have been slipping, and she can't concentrate.

                            She eventually confides in her grandmother, who gives her a hand-knitted brightly coloured jumper. When Mia puts it on, she can't believe her eyes and ears: "Pilou" can magically speak and understand Mia's problems. Thus begins a special and miraculous friendship. Will Pilou be able to help Mia solve her problems?

                            With her magical, speaking jumper, bestselling author Tatjana Strobel has created a friend and helpmate for every child. Pilou understands all children's fears and anxieties, and gives them the tools to deal independently with the situations that bother them, and to find solutions to them.

                            An I-can-do book by bestselling author Tatjana Strobel - sensitively handles difficult situations for children. | 5 +

                              Grimm, Jacob und Wilhelm (Author) Schulze, Marc-Alexander (Illustrator)

                              Twenty-five in One Fell Swoop

                              Straight from “the old times when a wish could still make a difference” comes this marvellous compendium of Grimms’ fairy tales, with the Frog Prince and Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, the Bremen Town Musicians, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumplestiltskin and altogether 25 of the best-loved fairy tales. With child-appropriate illustrations, this is a beautiful picture book that’s great for reading aloud.

                              A fairy-tale treasury for the whole family

                              A perennial favourite in the read-aloud segment

                              Magically and lavishly illustrated | 5 +

                                Parciak, Monika (Illustrator)

                                There are already countless anthologies of Grimm fairy tales in print – but often they feature the original texts, which are too difficult for younger children to understand. This special book offers readers the chance to tell the fairy tales in their own words. And the children can also easily retell each story with the help of the pictures. Animal fairy tales told in pictures, delightfully illustrated and ideal for children of 3 and over. | 3 +

                                  Schäfer, Jasmin (Illustrator)

                                  Once upon a time … we found the most wonderful fairy tales in the world!

                                  A varied selection of child-appropriate, fairy tales to read-aloud from some very different cultures from around the world - with exceptionally delightful illustrations and beautifully bound. A fairy-tale journey around the world: from old familiar tales of the Brothers Grimm, Andersen and Wilhelm Hauff to Scandinavian tales of trolls and fairy tales from Africa, Asia and America. A treasure of a book for children and parents alike that will never lose its charm.

                                  - A very special family book, artistically designed, imaginative, opulent
                                  - Cosmopolitanism meets tradition – a treasure for everyone
                                  - Delightful, richly detailed illustrations by Jasmin Schäfer | 5 +

                                    Fiedler-Tresp, Sonja (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

                                    Pictures tell the story – a unique concept
                                    Three double pages each are devoted to the telling of one fairy tale – entirely in pictures. So even the youngest children can take an active part in telling the story – a great success that makes children (and their parents) very proud! And just in case the adults need a little reminder of how the stories go, there’s a short text summary for each of the fairy tales.

                                    Four fairy tales retold in pictures
                                    To enjoy over and over again
                                    Short text summaries as reminders of the content
                                    | 3 +

                                      Talleur, Jan David (Author) Steckelmann, Petra (Author) Henn, Astrid (Illustrator)

                                      Finn and his grandpa have built a small sailing boat and now they’re sailing it on the lake. What a pity they didn’t bring a string to haul the boat back to land! In the end, there’s nothing for it but to hire a rowing boat – and an exciting chase begins right across the lake!

                                        Luhn, Usch (Author)

                                        Brains, bliss, butterflies
                                        Larissa loves to design and sew clothes. But her auntie and uncle, with whom she has been living ever since she was born, would rather she concentrated more on developing her maths skills. But what a surprise: Suddenly Larissa’s unknown father appears! The 15-year-old is not sure wether she really wants to meet him, but she is very interested in knowing more about his job – he is a hip fashion photographer! And so, quite unexpectedly, he helps her to get a work experience placement in the costumes department of a film production company. Now the only thing Larissa needs for her happiness to be complete is a boyfriend ...
                                        | 12 +

                                          Tramountani, Nena (Author)

                                          The red-hot fourth volume of the "City of Elements" series by Nena Tramountani.

                                          The Talenti find themselves increasingly ravelled up in the power struggle between Omilia and the Phos rebels. Phos has, it's true, liberated Kiana's parents, but they still don't trust him - rightly so, as it turns out: he killed Gaia and has been manipulating Melamarcia to fit in with his plans. Nero duly murders Phos, but Melamarcia has long since become enslaved to the dark side, as William surmised. Nero therefore pits himself against her and sacrifices himself for Kiana and Tessarect.

                                          Highly praised young author of immense potential.

                                          Destiny, imagined worlds … The sweet spot where romance meets modern fantasy.

                                          Love story with a pronounced twist: who can be trusted?

                                          For teenagers and adults

                                            Tramountani, Nena (Author)

                                            Volume 3: captivating, fast moving, thrilling. Romantasy at its best!

                                            Following Wills' terrible betrayal, Kia is trying to avoid him completely. However, that's not quite so easy, when she is desperate to be close to him with every fibre of her being. The fact that her former crush Niyol suddenly re-appears in her life and shamelessly takes up flirting with her again - months after they had put a stop to this - doesn't exactly help matters. Meanwhile, Nero resorts to ever more drastic measures in order to maintain the continued segregation of the elements, and Kia feels compelled to make contact with Phos, the leader of the rebels. Can he become an important ally in the fight against Omilia? On her search for trustworthy allies, Kia has to work closely with Will and Niyol, and ultimately has to confront the ultimate question. To whom does her heart really belong?

                                            Critically acclaimed young author with massive potential.

                                            Destiny, imagined worlds … The sweet spot where romance meets modern fantasy.

                                            Love story with a pronounced twist: who can be trusted?

                                            For teenagers and adults

                                              Müller, Thomas (Author) Wolff, Julien (Author)

                                              Dream job professional footballer! This is how superstar Thomas Müller made it

                                              What I want to be when I grow up is a professional footballer! That’s what plenty of children dream of. But how can they actually achieve that? In this book, likeable superstar Thomas Müller gives a full and frank account of his football career, from the first time he kicked a ball to his first professional game (for FC Bayern) his team’s Champions League win and being a part of Germany’s terrific victory at the World Cup in Brazil.

                                              Top goalscorer and ambassador for reading: Thomas Müller is an idol

                                              The first footballer autobiography especially for children

                                              With exclusive private photos and a wealth of background information | 10 +

                                                Tramountani, Nena (Author)

                                                Earth, Water, Air, Fire … and Love

                                                Creative world building and a powerful love story – modern fantasy at its best!

                                                “Who are you?” I asked, angrily interrupting him. He shrugged his shoulders. “Your best chance of surviving the night.”
                                                Tessarect. A city strictly divided according to the four elements – and those who rule them. Kia is kidnapped and brought here and then discovers that her life is in danger because she is the child of two element bearers – and that makes her unique. Her kidnapper Will, of all people, turns out to be her inventi, born to protect her come what may. Unfortunately, he’s not only unbearable, but also pretty good at his job and never lets Kia out of his sight. Somehow she has to give him the slip if she is to find out who can be trusted in this impenetrable maze of alliances and secrets – and to awaken the extraordinary talent that is said to be slumbering within her.
                                                Book 1: gripping, fast-paced, thrilling – romantasy at its best!

                                                A new, young voice, ideal for the target audience

                                                With the elements that make modern fantasy so successful: talent und self-determination

                                                For teenagers and adults

                                                  Tramountani, Nena (Author)

                                                  Earth, Water, Air, Fire … and Love

                                                  Creative world building and a powerful love story – modern fantasy at its best!

                                                  “And you know very well that I practically have a heart attack whenever you put yourself in danger.“
                                                  “I’m sorry, but this is not about you,” I said between gritted teeth.
                                                  “Oh, yes it is. Our lives are bound up with each other whether you like it or not.”

                                                  Kia’s gift takes her right to the brink between life and death, but still she secretly continues to use it because she feels she simply must understand it fully before Omilia does, and she’s doing all she can to worm Kia’s secret out of her. Nero says she’s doing it to help her, and as proof that he can be trusted, he takes her to see her natural parents, who are languishing in a sanatorium. Did their forbidden love really drive them crazy? William and Kia aim to uncover the truth and receive help in that from an unexpected quarter. Their search takes them far below the earth – and to the very depths of their own hearts: How certain can Kia be that Will’s feelings for her are genuine when, as her inventi, he always reflects her own?

                                                  For teenagers and adults

                                                    Grimm, Sandra (Author) Grote, Anja (Illustrator)

                                                    The story of a small woodland brownie and his great love of animals

                                                    Fleakins is one of the brownies known as “Littels” and lives with his family in the wood. When Fleakins starts school, he has to discover his special talent. Is he good at practical things? Or music perhaps? But no matter what he attempts, Fleakins seems to have two left hands. He simply can’t do anything right! Then suddenly everyone in Littelwood is in uproar because the Lumini, the tiny light folk, have fallen ill and nobody knows how to make them better! Luckily, Fleakins has a brilliant idea. Is he destined to become Littelwood’s animal doctor?

                                                    A classic story book for the whole family to enjoy with the message that everyone has a talent. With a host of colour illustrations and chapters the perfect length to be read aloud.
                                                    | 5 +

                                                      Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

                                                      Jacob can hardly believe his luck. A talent scout has invited him to take part in a trial training session for another club’s youth team. In fact, it is the top club in the German soccer league! His friend Tom has also been invited. Both are already dreaming of a great football career. But reality soon catches up with them. The fact is that there are a lot of other strikers competing for a place at the club – and not all of them are playing fair… | 7 +

                                                        Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

                                                        Maluna makes you brave!

                                                        The folks of the Enchanted Forest are rarely among the winners in the annual talent contest. Nor would that really matter if it weren’t for the fact that the prize is a Whirlyfast - a real roundabout!! One day, Maluna sees the young catfish dancing and is so moved by the sight that she encourages him to enter the contest.

                                                        Maluna is fun to read and helps to build self-confidence and courage in any situation | 4 +

                                                          Loose, Anke (Author) Krüger, Simone (Illustrator)

                                                          Three entertaining stories to read aloud or for children to read to themselves – with recipes for tasty treat

                                                          It’s true, Olli Breezelong is perhaps a little short for his age, but that’s no reason for everyone to call him Titch. Ole is determined to show them all – as soon as he’s found the ultimate recipe for growing! Luckily, he not only has the wonderful cookery and practical kitchen book he inherited from his grandpa to help him, but also his friend Elif and his own clever hamster, Holger. Olli has some amazing adventures with them, and most of them end up in the kitchen – and every time, Olli grows a little bit more.

                                                          Three entertaining stories to read aloud or for children to read to themselves written especially for pot gazers, taste experts, experimental cooks and anyone who wants to become one.
                                                          | 5 +

                                                            Grimm, Sandra (Author) Grote, Anja (Illustrator)

                                                            Little Flea is always there for his animal friends and keen to make Christmas a wonderful time for them by providing them with fodder and shelter in the icy cold. But no one has time to help him. And Grantel, in particular, a grumpy Littel, doesn't even approve of his plan. When their stocks of food dwindle and the villagers begin to worry, it’s up to Flea to come up with a solution. The animals need fodder, the Littels are uneasy and Flea needs to teach Grantel all about spreading happiness at Christmas. Will Flea succeed? Can he bring Christmas magic back to Littelwood?

                                                            - A charming Christmas story for a quiet, cosy time with the family
                                                            - A fantastic fable about friendship and compassion
                                                            - Lavishly and colourfully illustrated chapters of the perfect length for reading aloud | 5 +

                                                              Nynke Mare Talsma wurde 1975 in der niederländischen Provinz Groningen geboren. Mit 18 Jahren zog sie mit Ihren Eltern nach Kampen, wo sie auch ihr Studium der Illustration begann und abschloss. Heute lebt und arbeitet sie in Rotterdam.
                                                              Jan David Talleur
                                                              Jan David Talleur wuchs in Hamburg auf und studierte in Karlsruhe. Als er nach dem Studium in seine Heimatstadt zurückkehrte, musste er seine Ultimate-Mannschaft zurücklassen, mit der er internationale Erfolge erzielt hatte. Aber ohne Frisbeescheibe in den Händen fiel ihm das Schreiben einfach leichter!