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With Max Mouse in the zoo – there's lots to see!
Max Mouse is going to the zoo today. There he wants to meet his friend Sina, a desert mouse. But meeting her is not that simple in a big zoo! She must be hid somewhere between lions, camels, apes and penguins! Max Mouse needs your help to find Sita!
| 24 months +

Who can find Max Mouse? A “find the...” book for kiddies to search and find in!
There’s so much to see in the city! Cars travelling along the road, workmen busy on the building site, and the roundabout going round and round on the fairground. In each of the funny pictures, Max Mouse is hidden away somewhere, pinching something to take home to his mouse family. To find out what Max’s home is like, you just have to pull out the secret mouse page to see why he needed the things he took. | 24 months +

Small, but smart! A cute chick with all its wits about it! A tiny little chick hatches from its shell. But, oh no! Wherever can Mother Hen be? The little chick stretches its neck in all directions but cannot see its mummy. What should it do now? Climb. Is that a good idea? Unfortunately not. The chicken is too small; its legs are too short. It tries to hop and call, but there’s no chicken in sight. In the end, Mother Hen finally comes on the scene. She has found her chick so now it can cuddle up snug and happy beneath its mummy’s wings.

A lovely spring title that also makes a good Easter present!
| 24 months +

| 14 +

A feast for little seekers: the discovery picture book for all seasons
Who can see the bird’s nest filled with eggs? Where is the sunflower growing and under which tree are there chestnuts on the ground? The children accompany a family through the year and search for a number of items printed in the frame around the picture on every double page. And who can find out what’s not right on the last page? Grandpa is sitting on a deckchair although there’s snow on the roof – it looks like the seasons have got mixed up here!
A big discovery picture book with lots of individual items to seek and find. Also ideal for learning words.
| 24 months +

Clear the ring for Rapple, the great rabbit magician, and his assistants, the little physician Nano and his friend Lilly! With his shrinking machine – and an abracadabra – the magician reduces the children to microscopic size and sends them on a journey of discovery through the human body. On the trail of Windy Wanderer, Nano and Lilly discover lots of fascinating facts about healthy eating and our digestive system. | 5 +

Abracadabra ! Discovery fun with everyone’s favourite little witch, Lisbet

Where’s the magic wand hidden? Who can find the tambourine and whistle? And on which shelf is the yummy cat food? In the great big witch’s discovery picture book, children will find the best pictures from the Little Witch picture books as well as lots of objects to seek and find besides. No easy job if you’re as untidy as Lisbet and her witch friends!

Six double-page pictures all about birthday parties, music and lots more with objects to seek and find!

| 24 months +

Hidden picture fun for the very young!
“Quack, quack!” The little duck is looking for a friend. But the animals she finds only bleat, grunt or moo. Will she find another animal that quacks just like her?
A simple story for very young children with lots of animal sounds to repeat and a flap to open on every double page.
| 24 months +

A new story about the beloved unicorn who has no horn.

It’s raining. The little unicorn wonders what to do in this weather. A little bird suggests it could go and look for the rainbow. Easier said than done, though, because for that, you need rain and sunshine at the same time. The elephant offers to blow away a few clouds. Then out comes the sun and a rainbow appears in the sky.
“And now,” the unicorn laughs, “I’m going to turn the rainbow into a slide!”

The second book about the lovable unicorn with no horn will delight little girls’ hearts with a large portion of unicorn, rainbow and glitter.
| 24 months +

Who will help Mother Hen find her chick again?
Where has Mother Hen’s egg got to? She sets out to look for it, but when the first egg she finds hatches, out comes a little heron. The next egg contains a penguin and the third egg actually has a crocodile inside! Before Mother Hen finally finds her own egg, there are lots of surprises in store that children can even join in on. Every time they turn a page, a new baby animal hatches from the egg!
A hide-and-seek story with peepholes and lots of surprises. | 24 months +

Boom, hiss, bang! A chaotic experiment for Kay and COOLMAN.
Could things get any worse? While conducting an experiment for the young scientists competition, Kay suffers the same fate as COOLMAN: he becomes invisible. But that’s not all! Although he manages to reverse the transformation, he finds that now not only he, but also COOLMAN can be seen! However is Kay going to explain the weird guy who never leaves his side to the others?
Book 8 of the hilarious adventures for boys, with lots of comic strips.

The spectacular final episode in the COOLMAN series!
| 10 +

A World Full of Magic

An enchanting, highly illustrated read-aloud book which the whole family will love!

Unadulterated adventure in a glowing forest full of fantastical creatures

Where have the fortuna lights gone? They were always visible in the sky above the Land of Light. But now they have vanished. The only thing that can bring them back is an enchanted amulet – and this is what Karla and Frederik need to find! Together with their glowing snail Tini, the two friends set off on an adventure-packed hunt. It leads them deep into the Glimmering Forest, teeming with wondrous creatures. Here they encounter Earth Murpels and Night Elves, Candle Goblins and sinister Shadow Biters. However, nothing’s going to distract Karla and Frederik from their goal: to re-illuminate the Land of Light... | 5 +

Happy Easter! Hide-and-seek fun with the Easter Bunny and his sparkly egg.
The little bunny’s got a problem: He‘s found a hiding place for all of the Easter eggs except the loveliest one, the sparkly egg. Where on earth can he hide it? Then he has an idea. An amusing Easter bunny story for tiny tots. With a sparkling foil egg on every page! | 24 months +

Heartwarming dinosaur story for young children.

Creak… crack… The little Brachiosaurus emerges from his egg. But where is his mum? She’s nowhere to be seen. The little dinosaur decides to follow her footprints. On the way he encounters all kinds of dinosaurs - but none of them is his mum. Then he suddenly hears someone calling in the forest, and a long neck rises up from within the leaves. Mum?

Long-awaited book for the smallest dinosaur fans.
Textured pages enable toddlers to follow Mummy Dinosaur’s trail.
Ends with a real wow factor!

24 months +

The Wild Forest Four - Let’s Go on a Treasure Hunt!

It has been raining non-stop in Honeycake Forest, and the Wild Forest Four decide to try to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But when their treasure hunt yields nothing, they decide to make their own - starting with a real treasure map. But then the map falls into the hands of their friends from the Forest Kindergarten - and the heroic foursome have to rack their brains to make sure that the young children’s treasure hunt is more successful than their own!

- In every story, the animal gang helps a small Kindergarten child.

- Popular read-aloud themes: the forest, talking animals, Kindergarten children seeking treasure and adventure.
| 4 +

There’s so much to see on the farm. Sophie and Ben’s grandparents have a farm with lots of animals, a farm shop and some very special dwarves. But what goes on at night, when Ben and Sophie and even their grandparents are asleep? Who secretly plays in the paddling pool? Which visitors patter across the field? And can you see what Grandma’s chicken Lotta likes doing best at night? You can discover all of this and lots more behind the big fold-out pages. An exciting day/night book for inquisitive children! | 24 months +

Daytime and nighttime discoveries in the city!

Sophie and Ben are looking forward to a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, who are coming to sell fruit and vegetables from their farm at the market. But Sophie and Ben discover so many other exciting things during the day and the night! There are cats holding a concert, toys running riot in the shop at night and much, much more besides. The children open up the big fold-out pages and are amazed to see all the things that go on when they are already asleep.

The second book in the My Day & Night discovery picture series. Hide and seek for the very young with extra-large, fold-out pages and the objects to look for depicted along the edge of the picture. Super, detail-packed discovery pictures!
| 24 months +

Where are the Baby Animals Hiding?

Where, oh where have the baby animals gone? Are the foxcubs hiding behind Mummy Fox’s bushy brush? Oh look: there’s the baby whale hiding behind the big whale’s tail! And the baby orangutan is snuggled up against Mummy’s tummy. There’s loads to discover in this little picture book - thanks especially to the combination of two much-loved add-ons: die-cut pages and flaps to turn. These invite the smallest readers to keep seeking and finding.

- Beautifully made “peepo” book.

- Die-cut shapes and flaps with a fresh twist.

- Written by the best-selling author of “How Baby Animals Go To Sleep”
| 18 months +

Friendship, Magic and Adventure!

Eleven-year-old Tom lives alone with his mother. His father died before he was born – at least, that’s what Tom had always thought. Then suddenly an old circus ticket Tom finds at his grandparents’ home calls everything into question. Could Arthur Merlini, the famous circus artist, be his father? Tom sets out in search of his roots. In a world that’s full of magic and seems to have a false bottom, he is forced to face his greatest fears and finds himself catapulted into the adventure of his life!

Original characters, an exciting plot, amusing and at the same time, profound: a glimpse behind the circus scenes with Nina Weger!
| 10 +

Everyone needs a guardian angel!
Everyone has a guardian angel – Dash is certain about that. But what has happened to Paula’s guardian angel? In just one week, his best friend Paula has scraped her knee, broken her little finger and lost a tooth. Dash sets off to look for Paula’s angel, who lives on the famous HOLLYWOOD letters. And very soon he has also discovered how to get the angel girl to protect Paula again… Paula’s angel has a star on the Walk of Fame – and when it looks all bright and shiny, nothing can happen to Paula! Cornelia Funk’s declaration of love to Los Angeles is a wonderfully warm-hearted story about a guardian angel that will delight children and adults alike. With illustrations by Kerstin Meyer. | 4 +

Gripping and touching - Sabine Ludwig’s most personal book.
Twelve-year-old Uli is off to the North Sea coast with a group of other children from Berlin. But it’s not going to be a holiday for any of them as none of the children will be staying at the “sanatorium” of their own free will – and Mrs Butt, the director there, runs a tight ship. If it weren’t for her roommates, Freya, Fritzi and Anna-Lisa, who soon become her firm friends, life there would be hard to bear for Uli. But then Freya disappears. The girls search for her secretly and finally discover her far out on the mudflats. But before they can make their way back to dry land, the tide sweeps in and they find themselves stranded on a sandbank.

Sensitive treatment of a moving subject – an exciting story of adventure and friendship with lots of vignettes from daughter Emma Ludwig.

“There probably isn’t another author in this country who can describe so aptly and with so much humour the often really tough daily encounters between children and adults.” Der Tagesspiegel
| 10 +

There’s loads to discover in these pull tab books: Elephants, tractors, whales, diggers, sheep, fire engines ... children dive into a new world with every double page spread, and get to know our favourite animals and vehicles. A host of entertaining suprises reveals itself to our small readers as they pull the tabs on every page twice, and uncover the rest of the picture.

Pull tab entertainment in board book format by best-selling author Sandra Grimm | 24 months +

Forty age-appropriate puzzles in each pad, in black-and-white and in colour, banish all boredom. And because the puzzles are self-explanatory, even nursery school children love these puzzle pads. All the solutions are printed on the back, making it easy as pie for the children to check their own results. | 4 +

Forty age-appropriate puzzles in each pad, in black-and-white and in colour, banish all boredom. And because the puzzles are self-explanatory, even nursery school children love these puzzle pads. All the solutions are printed on the back, making it easy as pie for the children to check their own results. | 4 +

With this cute activity pad, boredom disappears as if by magic. The pad has 40 age-appropriate puzzles that are heaps of fun to solve and colour in – a super idea, especially for passing time on the move! And with the correct answers on the other side of the page, the children can easily find out whether they got it right. | 5 +

What does a bear do when it’s as hungry as a bear? Guessing fun with peepholes.
The bear is very hungry and looking for something to eat. The children help him to search and already know what tasty titbits await him on the next page – a glimpse through the peephole lets them in on the secret! But the big bull is too dangerous, the pigs are too filthy, and the hare is too fast for him, and the chickens just laugh at him. The bear is feeling pretty desperate, but then Mrs Bear comes home with delicious bread and honey.
Discovery fun for young children with amusing rhymes to join in with, peepholes for guessing games and lovely bright pictures.

| 24 months +

Forty age-appropriate puzzles in each pad, in black-and-white and in colour, banish all boredom. And because the puzzles are self-explanatory, even nursery school children love these puzzle pads. All the solutions are printed on the back, making it easy as pie for the children to check their own results. | 4 +

Filled with poetry and imagination
In their search for her seafaring daddy, Nelly and her mother, Ava, travel all over the country in a brightly coloured bus. One day, a flying postman puts Nelly and Ava off course and leads them behind a wall of fog to the strangest place Nelly has ever been. Here, everything is padded and secure. There are thousands of prohibitive signs – and lots of frightened people. Then Ava suddenly disappears without trace, and Nelly discovers that her mother isn’t the first person to have gone missing here. Anyone who breaks the rules disappears. Just like that! But where do they go to?

A children’s book debut with an adorably inquisitive heroine
Fascinating narrative style: explodes the boundaries between reality and fantasy
Illustrated by the successful Joëlle Tourlonias (Bommel the Little Bumblebee)
| 10 +

A book as colourful as a flea market: over 300 pages full of variety, wonderful ideas and suggestions, to read and read aloud, to look at, imitate and one that keeps you thinking. It contains a host of stories, poems and counting rhymes, puzzles, word and letter games; it contains picture stories, find-the-hidden pictures and upside-down pictures, cuddly pictures, alphabet pictures, squiggly pictures and typewriter pictures. A book that children love: eight-year-olds no less than twelve-year-olds. | 8 +

Last stop love - a rally of emotions

Ever since her twin brother was killed in an accident, 19-year-old Claire’s world has been turned upside down. She feels incomplete and insecure, tries out various things, drifts … until that memorable night when she sees HIM. The young man enthrals her from the very first moment – but then he gets off the bus before she has a chance to talk to him – and leaves his backpack behind! Now if that isn’t a sign … Claire takes the backpack and hopes its contents will provide her with a clue to the stranger. But apart from a shopping list, a sweatshirt, a box of matches and a biro, all she finds is a notebook with a single diary entry. She follows the few clues she holds in the hope of meeting the mysterious stranger again. Claire spontaneously makes his diary her own and records her search in it, addressing all her entries directly to the stranger, telling him about her fears, her life and, of course, how she longs to meet him. Will the pair ever meet face to face? | 14 +

It’s Easter and even the animals at the zoo are having an Easter egg hunt. Where, oh where, has the Easter Bunny hidden the egg for the penguin? Could it be in the igloo? Or under the ice floe? Elephant, crocodile, bear and turtle also welcome the young readers’ help in their search for eggs. Under which of the flaps is the egg hidden?

| 24 months +

There’s loads to discover in these pull tab books: Elephants, tractors, whales, diggers, sheep, fire engines ... children dive into a new world with every double page spread, and get to know our favourite animals and vehicles. A host of entertaining suprises reveals itself to our small readers as they pull the tabs on every page twice, and uncover the rest of the picture.

Pull tab entertainment in board book format by best-selling author Sandra Grimm | 24 months +

Monday morning at Lotta’s house: everyone is dawdling around. Daddy has to urgently answer some emails so he hands his smartphone to Lotta and her little brother Lukas to keep them quiet. They become so absorbed in the digital world that not even Klicks the family dog can get their attention. They’re all so busy with their home office and smartphone that they lose track of time. All except Klicks. But just in the nick of time they finally set off for nursery school, and that’s when it happens: Klick goes missing! What can they do to find their dog? Lotta is heartbroken. Can an app on Daddy’s phone help or is some other strategy called for here?

How to teach media skills to children – without turning it into a lesson

The author Benjamin Wockenfuß is a social media manager and addiction therapist who also runs the project DigiKids for the Hessian state office for addiction issues, which is sponsored by the TK health insurance fund. It supports the idea that digital media belongs to the world in which our children live and that it is not a question of either/or but rather the need to recognise that digital and analogue are both part of the same interactive process.
A story that triggers the imagination and shows that Lotta has fun learning to look beyond the edge of her father’s smartphone screen.

With an introduction by the author, actor, blogger and Grimme Award winner Schlecky Silberstein.

The DigiKids Project:
DigiKids is a media competence project that can be implemented from kindergarten onwards and was first introduced in 2017. The aim is to give children confidence in dealing with digital environments instead of being dominated by them. At the same time, DigiKids seeks to retain the children’s connection to the analogue world by strengthening it and developing it further. The project also aims at involving parents and teachers in the process and provides them with support training.
The TK health insurance fund Techniker Krankenkasse at present supports pilot projects in Hesse.
Further information at
| 4 +

Where is the Owl who Wants to Howl?

What’s this? Where has the Little Owl gone? Is she hiding again? Can you see the egg on her head poking up from behind the stone? Or is she behind the bush? Together with her friends, small children can enjoy searching for the Little Owl, and looking behind the flaps to see if she’s there. A fabulous board book with touchy-feeling felt trimmings bound to appeal to all young fans of the popular “Little Owl” series.

- Beautifully appointed board book for all Little Owl fans.

- Large felt-covered flaps to touch and grab.

- The latest addition to the best-selling series (more than 1.3 million copies sold).

| 18 months +

So many animals help the little chick search for his mummy! The little chick has just hatched from its egg and now it’s looking for its mummy. Could the two green feet belong to her? No! The animal under the leaf is a frog! “Croak, croak!” he says and helps the chick to look. “Oink, oink!” the pair hear – could that be the chick’s mummy? No, it’s a pink piglet! As the tiny chick gets to know more and more animals, so do the children and together they are sure to find the chick’s mummy! A delightful story with lots of animal noises – to copy and guess. Full of flaps.
| 24 months +

Adventure's Coming Home!

Turn your home into an Escape Room - with a whole host of challenges in all the different rooms! In the game, players are shut in and the doors are secured by a combination lock.

Your mission is to work together as a family to escape from the 'room'. Now things become exciting: you'll need to rack your brains, work things out, search for things - because you can only escape once you've found the right code. The puzzles are true brain-teasers; however, there's fun to be had as well. Ever heard of the Tickling Challenge or the Food Pairing Contest? No? Well, you will do now!

– The first family book that transforms your own four walls into an Escape Room!
– Quality Time: this book is great fun, offers endless opportunities for family bonding, and promotes creativity, deductive skills and empathy.
– This interactive book leads participants step by step through the game, offering useful tips along the way. If you get really stuck, the solutions are at the end, too! | 6 +

Can you help me find my way home?

Young boar Fritz goes out for a walk in the woods with his parents and younger siblings. When he’s briefly distracted, he loses sight of Mum and Dad - and before he knows it, he’s lost! Fortunately he encounters fox-cub Frieda who wants to help him. Unfortunately, Frieda hurts her leg while she’s looking for his parents. But together they are bound to find the Wild Boar family - aren’t they?

First picture book by acclaimed Unipig author Anna Böhm.
Age-appropriate topic of “getting lost”.
Two protagonists who defy all the stereotypical roles. | 4 +

Strange women on the loose! The mystery of the vanished mothers - Nothing could be more obvious: Emily, Bruno and Sofia definitely have the worst mothers in the world. Emily is constantly having to help her chaotic mum out of a tight spot, Bruno is forced to play the piano against his will, and Sofia can never do anything right in her mum’s eyes. The three enter a competition on the Terrible Mothers website and suddenly, miraculously, their mothers disappear and are replaced by friendly women who can read the children’s every wish from their lips. But there’s something not quite right about these substitute mothers.… An original, humorous suspense-packed detective story – that expresses just what children feel! | 10 +

Pull The Tab Twice … and Find the Woodland Creatures

There’s so much to discover in the forest! Hiding behind the trees, bushes, stones and shrubs are forest creatures such as foxes, deer and owls - but there are other suprises, too. And the best surprise of all is that this book is twice as much fun: when you pull the tab twice, you find twice as much to delight you!

What’s more, pulling the tabs makes even more space for best-selling author Sandra Grimm’s amusing rhymes and Larisa Lauber’s delightfully detailed illustrations.

- Third pull-the-tab book about the much-loved topic of “woodland creatures”.

- Double pull-out, extra-wide panoramic pages.

- Innovative design and popular topic make this a must-buy!

| 24 months +