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Niessen, Susan (Author) Waas-Pommer, Ulrike (Illustrator)

Quack quack, bow wow and meow! Lots of favourite animals

"Look how pleased the ducks are when we scatter grain for them!” The little duck’s belly is cuddly and soft – and when the children stroke it, the duck begins to quack. The little girl has plenty of favourite animals: a puppy, a pony, a cuddly cat and, of course, her lovely soft teddy! She takes the readers through the garden and into the house – and when they meet one of the animals, they just have to stroke its fur and it will start to bark, neigh or meow!

Five familiar and well-loved animals, five different animal noises. With the innovative stroke/sound concept.

An interactive book with an animal to stroke on every page
| 24 months +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Schuld, Kerstin M. (Illustrator)

What a cute petting zoo! A listen and feel book for young animal lovers.
There are lots of animals to see and hear in the petting zoo. They neigh and quack and baa and bleat! The children can touch the chick’s soft down, the goat’s rough fur and the little lamb’s woolly coat. And the really special thing is that when they stroke an animal, it makes the proper sound. With different touch elements and deceptively realistic animal sounds.
| 24 months +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Weldin, Frauke (Illustrator)

Bedtime, cuddling and feeling cosy!
How snug the cat looks up the tree! How peacefully the hamster looks, fast asleep at the edge of the field after his delicious dinner! And just listen to the great big elephant trumpeting out his snores! The little mouse patters softly from animal to animal, enjoying all the different snoring sounds the children make by softly stroking the animals’ tummies. A sound and feel book with different snoring sounds and touch elements.
| 24 months +

Inkiow, Dimiter (Author) Reiner, Traudl (Illustrator)

Hilarious brother and sister stories!
Going to bed in water wings, learning swear words from a parrot or cleaning their teeth for a month in advance; these are the kinds of ideas only Klara and her little brother could ever come up with! Klara’s brother’s tells such mischievous stories about the funniest pranks in the world that his readers will be roaring with laughter – a joy to read for adults and children of five and over. | 5 +

Vogt, Stefanie (Author) Weldin, Frauke (Illustrator)

Oh dear, the little bear is having a bad time. Will you comfort him?

All the baby animals are crying because something hurts or they’ve had a fright or feel anxious. By stroking them, the young readers calm the baby animals down, so that they give a sigh of relief in the end. Each double page features a different animal that reacts when the fur element is touched.

With its cute sighs and sounds of relief, The touch-sound book “Stroke Me And Everything Will be All Right Again introduces toddlers of 18 months and over to empathy by giving them a different animal to comfort on every new page.
| 24 months +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Weldin, Frauke (Illustrator)

How does a little rabbit giggle? The sound-and-feel book that has everyone giggling!

The squirrels play tag in the tree, the baby bear crawls all over his great big daddy and the mice children tickle each other until they are all doubled up with laughter. With everyone in such a happy mood, the children cannot help joining in. And when they run their hands over the animals’ soft tummies, such merry laughter comes out of the book that they simply can’t help laughing, either! The stroke-and-listen animal book by Frauke Weldin and Susan Niessen with merry little rhymes to join in with has everyone feeling happy!
| 24 months +

Stronk, Cally (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator)

Time for some cheeky fun with a handful of colourful cuddlies!

Max thinks his new stepsister Lara is stupid – just like the old house he and his dad are living in now. What a good job there’s a soft, cuddly creature with brightly coloured hair that’s no bigger than his index finger living there: a maffel. Together, Max and the maffel think up new tricks to play on spoilt Lara. But they have no idea that Lara also has some help when it comes to playing pranks.
Entertaining everyday stories for beginning readers: irresistibly cuddly, colourful little creatures in cheeky illustrations by Nina Hammerle.
| 6 +

Frixe, Katja (Author) Walther, Franziska (Illustrator)

A Pair of World Champions in Fooling Around

Stupid neighbours, big sisters – no one is safe from Rocco and Pepe and their jokes. These twins are cheeky, noisy and absolute masters in thinking up tricks, pranks and nonsense. So when Tiffy the tortoise disappears, it’s no surprise that they are immediately suspected of having something to do with it. But at the time she went missing, Rocco and Pepe were busy trying to kidnap the skeleton from the general knowledge classroom!
This is a children’s book debut that doesn’t miss a trick: modern stories about cheeky little rascals with amusing illustrations, brilliant characters and some marvellous pranks.
| 8 +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Wechdorn, Susanne (Illustrator)

Lots of favourite animals for toddlers!
There’s always something happening in the animal world! Boris the dawdling bear discovers the most gorgeous honey in the wood, Henri the dog can’t wait to go to nursery school and Ingo the hedgehog is terribly proud of having found a wonderfully warm place for the whole family to hibernate. And little Jules discovers a newborn lamb at the petting zoo. She’s even allowed to stroke it! With big, colour illustrations and a padded cover – for children of 2 upwards. | 24 months +

Geisler, Dagmar (Author) Geisler, Dagmar (Illustrator)

"How do I feel? Am I sad, happy or just being awkward?
Love and cuddles for Mummy and Daddy, fear in the dark, anger at playmates – small children experience all of these feelings with great intensity. But it isn’t always easy to cope with all these different emotions! That’s why it is nice for children to recognise familiar situations in the pictures – and to talk to their parents or teachers about what they feel. But the funniest thing of all is looking at yourself in the mirror and conjuring up a smile on your face with the good-mood sticker and windows to open and shut.
| 24 months +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Slimy sludge and class outing fun!

This is enough to drive even the hardiest of Ogglies mad! Schoolgirl Greta has run away from the coach taking her class on a school trip and now she’s playing Oggly tricks on the Ogglies themselves. The Ogglies are very relieved when Greta’s teacher turns up to collect her again. But then the Oggly kids have a bright idea: they always wanted to go on a class trip. In a flash, they climb aboard the coach as stowaways. This class trip is going to be the best fun ever!

Perfect beginning reader fun with the Ogglies!
| 6 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

Sludgy experiments with the Ogglies

Fishbones, fumes and freeloading toothwort, this is so exciting! What could be more fun than to make real fartslime with the Ogglies, build bug-infested huts in the garden, or try out the rattiest hopscotch game of all time?

This adventure book with the Ogglies contains the best ideas, instructions and games for kids who love to experiment. For children aged eight and over and their parents.
| 8 +

Dickreiter, Lisa-Marie (Author) Götz, Andreas (Author) Renger, Nikolai (Illustrator)

Berti comes in like a wrecking ball!

Sibling fun somewhere between the Herdmanns and Troublemaker Street: Life really isn’t easy for five-year-old Berti. He has not one, but three big brothers – and all of them are at least twice as old as him! So it’s no wonder they only ever see him as the baby who’s never allowed to join in their games. After all, as superheroes, they are constantly busy saving the world every day. It’s just a pity that their heroic deeds always land them in such a mess that they have to be saved themselves – by Berti, of all people!

- Superheroes are a top topic at the moment and here it’s spiced with plenty of humour and a host of hilarious illustrations, so just right for the young target group
- Ideal for reading aloud: a book brimming with mischief that will have parents and children in stitches

5 +

Inkiow, Dimiter (Author) Reiner, Walter (Illustrator) Reiner, Traudl (Illustrator)

When it comes to sibling pranks, it never rains but it pours

Swapping piggy banks on the sly? Training flees (and letting them escape)? Feeding ponies with straw hats? Klara and her brother are never at a loss for a trick to play. That’s hardly surprising because siblings spend lots of time with each other – it’s like having friends who are always there. You can come up with the most delightful pranks, like tasting the cake mum’s just baked and going back for more for so long that you might as well just finish it off.

Dimiter Inkiow’s brother-and-sister classic

With three previously unpublished stories

Series with over 100,000 copies sold
| 5 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Class 4a is very excited to have Miss Braitwhistle back again! She immediately sets to work, and no matter what she turns her hand to, a school outing in a golf buggy, a cycling proficiency test for left-hand traffic or a visit from two English tortoises called Harry and Willy, this teacher is always good for a surprise. Miss Braitwhistle is enchanting, in the truest sense of the word. And this time she really pulls out all the stops and – as though by magic – ends up saving more than the day on 4a’s tedious school outing.

•\x09The second book in the crazy school series featuring Miss Braitwhistle: a delightfully written book that simply trips off the page. With wonderful illustrations by Susanne Göhlich.
•\x09Volume 1 has already sold more than 35,000 copies.
•\x09Sabine Ludwig is a weaver of spells!
| 8 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Miss Braitwhistle has gone missing – and at a really bad time, too, in Class 4a’s final term. It isn’t until Aki, Franz & co. decide to raise funds for their class kitty that she suddenly turns up behind her desk again. But instead of her teapot and cup, she pulls a thermos flask out of her bag. And her chalk suddenly doesn’t solve any maths problems any more! Were they all wrong about her? Could it be that Miss Braitwhistle doesn’t have any magical powers, after all? | 8 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Funny and fantastic! A new adventure with Miss Braitwhistle.

Franz and Aki have actually made it into Year 5! But isn’t there still a story about the chaotic 4a that has never been told? Of course there is, the story of their class trip! Imagine Miss Braitwhistle on a trip with her 4a! That could only end in muddle and chaos.

Sabine Ludwig’s hilarious school stories are told with charm and a dash of irony, and convey values without a moralising undertone.
| 8 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Ludwig at her very best! Now school is being turned upside down

Class 4a is notorious throughout the school. A for “absolute nightmare” is what everyone calls it and class teacher Mrs Dove is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. To make matters worse, the school inspector announces a visit to the school and on the morning he’s due to come, the children are delighted to see Mrs Dove turn on her heel just outside the school gates. Of course, Class 4a erupts into chaos straight away, but then along comes Miss Braitwhistle, the exchange teacher from Newcastle upon Tyne. She takes charge of lessons and always stays as cool as a cucumber, even when faced with 4a. And the children suddenly discover that school really can be fun. They’ve never had a teacher like Miss Braitwhistle before. With her, they study the subject of blood circulation standing on their heads, the indoor swimming pool is turned into an ice rink, a horse comes to tea and Miss Braitwhistle even has a recipe for making the saddest dog in the world happy again. The pupils all agree: Miss Braitwhistle is simply fabulous and even the headmaster, Mr Fishley, is seen to smile for the first time.
But one morning, Mr Fishley comes into the classroom to tell the children that it’s time for Miss Braitwhistle to go back to Newcastle upon Tyne. He is clearly just as sad about this as the children, but they decide to take Miss Braitwhistle at her favourite words – wait and see –and cannot help believing that their favourite teacher will soon be back.

A modern Mary Poppins story, enchanting and humorous. With lots of illustrations by Susanne Göhlich.
| 8 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

HURRAY! Miss Braitwhistle is back!
A for “absolute nightmare”, that’s what the old 4a used to be called. Now all the kids from 4a go to different schools. But luckily there will be a class reunion soon, where Frank, Aki, Paula and the others can meet up again. But the real fun only begins when Miss Braitwhistle, their enchanting ex-teacher, turns up and invites the kids to her place. And she has prepared a “little surprise” for them: party crackers that make wishes come true! And suddenly they all find themselves at the zoo in the middle of the night.
School life - Sabine Ludwig’s favourite subject and also that of her young (and not quite so young) readers: a wonderful reunion in the fourth volume of this bestselling series, refreshingly told with all the typically light-hearted Ludwig humour and illustrations by Susanne Göhlich.
| 8 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Kreitz, Isabel (Illustrator)

Ludwig at her best: spooky classroom goings-on that are guaranteed to raise a smile!
Twelve-year-old Felix Vorndran’s newly won friendship with his pals, and above all with Ella, is put to an acid test. But what role do the seemingly friendly biology replacement teacher Dr. Dr. Quip, who is obsessed with flying, and the ‘resurrected’ Hulda Stingbeard play in all this?? And why is it Felix who is shrinking this time? Another fast-paced and gripping story by Sabine Ludwig.

Once again, we meet Felix, Smithy and Ella of the bestseller and box-office hit "Help, I’ve Shrunk my Teacher" by bestselling author Sabine Ludwig (200,000 books from the Miss Braitwhistle series sold). Light-footed and hilarious narrative style.

“Sabine Ludwig mixes the creepy adventures of schoolchildren with elements of fantasy. The liveliness of the book stems above all from its humour, which emerges from the smallest incidents. The result is often hilarious!”
Berliner Zeitung

“Sabine Ludwig’s fans must read it, and for those who have not yet read any of her books, it is recommended unconditionally.”
Der Tagesspiegel

“Excitement is guaranteed with this book by Sabine Ludwig.”
Neues Deutschland

| 10 +