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Gricksch, Gernot (Author) Kreitz, Isabel (Illustrator)

The Mystery of the Rubber Crocodiles
Emma, Sarah, Nucki, Fitze and Torben are spending their holidays at the Kids’ Club in the mountains. From their very first day, they can sense that something is not quite right there. Their accommodation is shabby, the five friends are the only children staying at the club and the supervisors, all dressed in kimonos, look like peas from a pod. Where do the rubber crocodiles that wash up on the lake shore come from? Why does each of the children always have just one particular letter in his or her bowl of noodle soup? But things really turn weird when the kimono women disappear and the children find themselves all alone…
Holiday club mysteries – exciting and amusing all at the same time! The second children’s book by popular author Gernot Gricksch.

| 10 +

Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

Paula becomes a dogsitter – something girls just starting to read for themselves would also like to be!
Paula’s friend Sina gets a puppy from her parents. Paula would dearly like to have one, too, but that’s not possible because Paula’s brother is allergic to animal hair. But then a super opportunity arises for Paula: Mr Bell, her music teacher, needs a dogsitter to look after his lively, funny dog Fidelio on Sundays. Paula doesn’t wait to be asked twice! Now she and Sina can have lots of fun in the dog field and they even end up in the local newspaper!
For beginning readers of six and over. | 7 +

Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Unimak (Illustrator)

What is fantasy? What is reality? A fascinating thriller
When 17-year-old Maurice is asked to invent urban legends for a book company, it sounds like a dream job. He just finds it a bit odd that his stories suddenly take on a life of their own. The nightmare really begins when Maurice invents a murder, which then actually takes place. Is someone making his stories come true? What role does his publisher play in all this? And where does the fine line between imagination and reality really lie?
A sophisticated novel for young adults by the famous author Rüdiger Bertram – full of deceptive truths and suspense, with lots of surprising twists and fascinating wrong turns.

English sample translation available! | 13 +

Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator)

Where to leave the children when you suddenly have to go away yourself? With Auntie Sandy, of course! It’s not really the perfect solution because she already has her hands full with Phil and Bill, her own one-year-old twins, which doesn’t leave much time for ten-year-old Lou and her eight-year-old brother, Rokko. Not only that, the greedy tomcats Vladimir and Vitali are constantly slinking round the house and getting up to all kinds of mischief. Then suddenly the little twins are missing. Very soon, Lou and Rokko suspect the worst.

The new children’s book by Anja Fröhlich - wonderfully wacky and full of surprises, with delightful illustrations by Nina Hammerle. Brotherly/sisterly love can be so funny sometimes!
| 9 +

Groschupf, Johannes (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

A hotel full of dark secrets

An old hotel in Berlin, mysterious guests and a large, black cat – Katinka and Finley sense some kind of secret at their hotel. Could weird Skripnik, who is looking so hard at the painting “The Smile of the Panther”, have something to do with it? The more Katinka finds out about the hotel’s spectacular history, the more she also learns about her own past – and also makes an incredible discovery in the process …

Berlin atmosphere, a panther and a hidden art treasure – the new, exciting and highly atmospheric novel by Johannes Groschupf
| 16 +

Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Sohr, Daniel (Illustrator)

Off to the crime scene at lightning speed with blue lights flashing! This storybook is packed with adventures! While Max is searching for his lost budgie, the police let him sit in a real police car, and John finds a magical police cap.
Children will have great fun with these 13 exciting police stories and illustrations full of realistic detail.
| 4 +

Matt, Natalie (Author) Matthes, Silas (Author)

A devilish king.
A kingdom full of shadows.
Four young people - one destiny.

Sam and Noel take one of the red king’s scientists prisoner in the hope that he might know the way to the secret library. But the scientist has his own plans and they could spell disaster for Sam.

Volume 4 of the modern high-fantasy series with elements of mystery. For readers who simply cannot get enough of Game of Thrones! An exceptional project from young writers Silas Matthes and Natalie Matt mentored by bestselling author Bernhard Hennen (The Elven series).
| 14 +

Matt, Natalie (Author) Matthes, Silas (Author)

A devilish king.
A kingdom full of shadows.
Four young people - one destiny.

Incendiary projectiles and an assault on the boarding school’s director: Favilla is under attack! There’s no clue as to who the saboteurs might be. Then someone is killed in the raid. Noel knows he has no option but to join the battle if he is to put a stop to it all.

Volume 5 of the modern high-fantasy series with elements of mystery. For readers who simply cannot get enough of Game of Thrones! An exceptional project from young writers Silas Matthes and Natalie Matt mentored by bestselling author Bernhard Hennen (The Elven series).
| 14 +

Matt, Natalie (Author) Matthes, Silas (Author)

A devilish king.
A kingdom full of shadows.
Four young people - one destiny.

Burying the dead, digging graves. It’s a dirty job, but also the only chance Lucas has to spy in the kingdom. He gets dangerously close to discovering the red king’s secret and puts not only his own, but also Sam’s life at risk.

Volume 6 of the modern high-fantasy series with elements of mystery. For readers who simply cannot get enough of Game of Thrones! An exceptional project from young writers Silas Matthes and Natalie Matt mentored by bestselling author Bernhard Hennen (The Elven series).
| 14 +

Matt, Natalie (Author) Matthes, Silas (Author) Kauer, Jacqueline (Illustrator)

No victory is without its shadow, no love with suffering! How could Favilla have been betrayed? Can the youngsters escape the Red King’s henchman? Who will Sam choose? In the two final books of the series, there is greater drama and tension than ever before. As the great battle for Lavis begins, it now becomes clear who will survive and who will not, who will struggle and who will rule, and who will have to depart forever. | 14 +

Matt, Natalie (Author) Matthes, Silas (Author) Kauer, Jacqueline (Illustrator)

No victory is without shadow, no love with suffering! How could Favilla have been betrayed? Can the youngsters escape the Red King’s henchman? Who will Sam choose? In the two final books of the series, the drama and tension are greater than ever before. The great battle for Lavis begins, and now it becomes clear who will survive and who will not, who will struggle and who will rule, and who will have to leave forever.

The grand finale in the high-fantasy romance with a dramatic showdown and authentic modern narrative style!
| 14 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Wilharm, Sabine (Illustrator)

Adventure at Fairytale Castle!
Is there anything nicer than a holiday at a real castle? You can ride horses there, swim and play cricket or tennis. In the evening, Mr. Singh, a famous television storyteller, enchants the children. To eleven-year-old Miranda, it’s all seems like paradise. But after a few days, everything changes and instead of playing games, they have to do boring things like drawing or handicrafts. When Mr. Singh disappears, Miranda thinks he’s been kidnapped. But her friends Joe and Cymbeline have another suspicion. Whilst searching for the truth, the three of them experience an exciting adventure that even puts them in mortal danger!
A thrilling children's detective novel! | 10 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

I would like an exciting Sat, a funny Sat, a brand-new Sat!
If only Martin Pocketbeer hadn’t taken the Sat and the Sat retrieval drops with him on his class trip! Because his teacher steals the drops and takes possession of the Sat. Not that that’s so easy to do as the Sat belongs to the Pocketbeer family. If anyone else asks him to grant them a wish, his wishes have unexpected side-effects. And the Sat himself feels worse and worse, too. So Martin and his friends Tina and Roland set out to rescue the Sat. But there are plenty of complications, mix-ups, Sat poems and first-rate suspense before they finally succeed! | 10 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Are there Ogglies on the moon?
The Ogglies are in New York City for the first time – and they think the visit is really toad-slimy! While they are there, the young Ogglies happen to discover a secret space project in which all the tasty rubbish in the world is to be loaded into a rocket and sent up to the moon! Yet Ogglies love nothing more than rubbish. No wonder the young Ogglies suddenly find themselves stowing away on the rocket and bang slap in the middle of a great adventure – for when they land on the moon, the Ogglies find they are not alone…
An Oggly-galactic adventure in the Oggly universe – with lots of colourful pictures by the author and gleaming silver stars on the cover. | 8 +

Schmitt, Petra Maria (Author) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

Fleet Finn goes to sea for the very first time. He’s actually still too small for seafaring, but because he is so good at chopping onions and the Vikings all love eating onion soup, he is allowed to go as a kitchen hand. But Finn has other plans: he wants to be a real Viking! When Rotten Carl turns up, Finn has a chance to prove himself. Now only his courage can save the crew … | 3 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

New magical goings-on: no end of excitement for Max and his beloved Bello
Max is the proud owner of something very special: a talking dog! But only very few people are supposed to know about it and his talking is just as big a secret as the fact that Bello was actually a human being once. And that’s a good thing, as it turns out, because one day a ruthless circus trainer, who hopes to be a big hit with Bello in the circus ring, eavesdrops on the pair. When the dog disappears a little while later, Max immediately suspects that something terrible must have happened. But could he have found Bello again without the help of Paloma, the circus director’s daughter? | 8 +

Schmitt, Petra Maria (Author) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

Fleet Finn is over the moon. Now that he has trounced Rotten Carl, he can be a proper Viking and not just the kitchen hand on board Sigarr, the Victor’s ship. But Finn and the Vikings now need to get their juicy spoils to safety. And Rotten Carl wouldn’t be Rotten Carl if he didn’t make life very difficult for Sigarr’s people … | 3 +

Bongard, Katrin (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

Dangerous Game of Mistaken Identity

Teresa feels pretty confused when a friend of her parents and his twin sons come to visit. Two years before, Teresa had had a crush on Adrian. Now he's in a wheelchair and Teresa feels strongly attracted to Kai – and ashamed of it. But is Kai really Kai? Or is Teresa the victim of a dangerous game of mistaken identity? When several of the animals on her parents’ farm suddenly die a mysterious death, things begin to get dangerous for Teresa, too …

A gripping thriller that will have adults and teenagers on the edge of their seats right to the last page!
| 14 +

Götz, Andreas (Author)

How does a final breath sound? A race against time.
A psychopath, who is obsessed with the sound of death. A boy, who can hear more than anyone else. A crime, which casts its shadow far into the past. These are the ingredients of the new, perfectly constructed thriller from Andreas Götz!

Never has Linus been happier! He has just got together with Lucy, his first love, and is enjoying life to the full. But then his world is shattered, when his mother, Vera, is kidnapped. And the worst thing is that no one knows what the kidnapper wants. From the very start, he makes only one demand: no police! Then he sends audiofiles in which Linus’ mother can be heard – but that still gives them no clues. Even Linus’ father, Richard, a professor of forensic phonetics, is at a complete loss even though his exceptionally acute sense of hearing has enabled him to solve crimes time and again. In his despair, Richard turns unofficially and in the strictest of confidence to his old friend, Frank Volkmann, at the Federal Criminal Police Office. When a ransom demand comes in shortly after, the clues all point to none other than Lucy’s brothers. But do they really have something to do with the kidnapping or are they just copycats? Their doubts test Linus’ and Lucy’s love to the limits.
While Lucy tries to find out what role her brothers are really playing in the affair, Linus receives messages from the kidnapper that he must keep to himself if he doesn’t want to endanger his mother’s life. Linus goes along with the perfidious game and follows the encoded instructions the kidnapper sends him. In doing so, he brings to light an old case in which his father and Frank investigated together and, as it turns out, by means that were not exactly fair. So is this all about revenge? And above all - can Linus still trust his father?
When all the pressure becomes too much for Richard and he suffers a sudden loss of hearing, that question loses its urgency for the moment because then it's up to Linus, who has inherited Richard’s exceptional hearing, to step into the breach. And with his help, the place where his mother had been kept really is located, only she has long since been taken somewhere else. When Linus finally realises who the kidnapper is and what he is planning, it is already nearly too late: the kidnapper meanwhile also has Lucy in his clutches and he is planning to capture on tape for all eternity both her final breath and Vera’s …
| 14 +

Plichota, Anne (Author) Wolf, Cendrine (Author) Schenk, Jonas (Illustrator) Hage, Anike (Illustrator) | further

| 10 +

Groschupf, Johannes (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

Run-down buildings and deserted squares – a novel with undertow!
Berlin teenagers Chris, Moe, Kaya, Steven and Lennart are urban explorers, who go rummaging round disused factories, empty houses and dilapidated hospitals at night. But what starts out as an exciting adventure soon becomes a dangerous undertaking because the deserted buildings hold not only charms, but terrors, too. When the friends discover a dead body in a building that’s all demolished, they begin to suspect that the Badidos motorbike gang must be behind it. And then suddenly things start to get really dangerous…
Breathtaking, disturbing, gripping. Immerse yourself in the hidden world of lost places!
| 14 +

Buchholz, Simone (Author) Klein, Horst (Illustrator)

Johnny lives down by the harbour, which also happens to be his gang’s territory. They usually meet at Cherry’s chip van, or in the best hiding place in the world – and that is under Vicar Lionleg’s church. But sometimes it gets a bit boring to be always hanging around the harbour. Maybe it’s time for something new, for a real adventure! And before they know it, the Chip Gang find themselves in pretty deep water.

An exciting adventure story by crime writer Simone Buchholz.

| 10 +

Uebach, Evelyn (Author) Kopainski, Alexander (Illustrator)

Vicky has never seen her best friend like this before. When Blanche receives a threatening letter, she feels the carpet is being pulled from under her feet. The sender is Robin Dorville, no less, the ruler of one of the mightiest glamour societies in the country. He’s a power-hunger character, arrogant and good-looking. How on earth can she reach him? His society, known as “Saya North”, is currently in crisis because Robin is seeking his future regent-consort, or “First Harmony”. As the woman at his side, she will become one of the most powerful women in the country. Desperate as Vicky is, she applies – under a pseudonym – to become Robin’s First Harmony. She is actually accepted as a candidate and soon finds herself caught up in a world of glittering parties, jealousy and intrigue as dark as it’s glamorous between the candidates and thrilling dates with Robin. But when she hears of a mysterious case of murder in the past, her whole world is turned upside down.

Love, hate and intrigue: Surrender to the glamour society and you will never be free of it again!

Star potential: Gossip Girl meets Selection meets Pretty little Liars
-\x09A plot entirely without fantasy, a setting worthy of glossy magazines
-\x09Friend or foe, love or hate? Big emotions and even bigger intrigues
Book 2 will be coming out in February 2019: Glamour Girl - Poisonous Truth
| 14 +

Frieser, Claudia (Author) Spengler, Constanze (Illustrator)

Oskar travels back in time to the Middle Ages to visit his friends Albrecht, Liss and Katrin in Nuremberg. On the way there, a wagon train of people pass him on the road. They all have dark skin and black, curly hair – all, that is, except a small, fair-haired boy who gazes out at Oskar from behind a tarpaulin. His friends tell him that a group of gypsies has set up camp just outside the city. Before long, Albrecht, Liss and Oskar meet the two children Yojo and Rupa. The rest of the people in the city are not happy about having the gypsies on their doorstep and spread all sorts of rumours about them – even accusing them of child kidnapping. Oskar cannot believe his ears when he hears this and from that moment cannot stop thinking about the small blond boy. Could the gypsies really have something to do with the boy’s disappearance? Oskar and his friends decide to investigate the matter.
The race against time is on because not only does Uncle Henry suddenly turn up in the past, intent upon rescuing Oskar from the impending ice flood, but also the dangerous man who wants to catch up with the small boy Philipp. And what does all of this have to do with the emperor’s family and the forthcoming royal election? The enemies of the imperial family have already made several attempts to abduct the emperor’s grandson. Oskar has a grave suspicion based on the rumour making the rounds of the city that the son of the future king is currently on his way to Nuremberg. Could Philipp be the future king’s son? And will Oskar ever manage to return to the future?
| 10 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator)

Drug dealer, beloved boyfriend, murderer?
Anna and Abel: madly in love, mad with doubt

Abel Tannatek is a misfit, a truant and a drug dealer. Against her better judgement, Anna falls desperately in love with him because she sees the other Abel: the gentle, sad boy who takes care of his sister and tells Anna a story that touches her soul. But the fine line between reality and fantasy gradually becomes blurred. What if the story isn’t a story but awful reality? What if Anna’s worst fears are confirmed?

- Fast-moving thriller and touching love story – unputdownable!
- Impressive and inspired: a completely new Antonia Michaelis
- Filled with variety: thrilling, everyday and fairy-tale passages in rapid succession

14 +

Gruber, Simone (Author)

A journey through time that will set girls’ hearts beating faster: 14-year-old Charlotte follows her mother to a long-gone world beyond the mirror. With her cousin Fritz, she discovers a magical old family secret and her first sweet romance. | 12 +

Winter, Joyce (Author)

Who protects us when we dream?

Right in the middle of the school year, Allegra is called up to the Academy of Dream Intelligence to become a dream agent, just like her late parents. Dream agents are specialists who watch over people’s dreams to prevent their souls from taking harm as they sleep and also to prevent the fine membrane that separates our dreams from the real world from becoming torn. Hardly has Allegra arrived at the academy, however, she realises the agents themselves are in the greatest danger and that they must have a traitor in their ranks. When Allegra’s own sister vanishes during dreamtime, a life-and-death struggle begins.

A thrilling, fast-paced novel about the world of dreams, which is far from being as safe as it appears, and the story of a girl, who is being trained at a secret academy to restore the dividing line between dream and reality and so to protect everyone she loves.
| 14 +

Uebach, Evelyn (Author)

Deeply hurt by Robin’s betrayal, Vicky turns her back on Saya North. But she can’t forget Robin. Torn between longing and a craving for revenge, she forges a plan, with Clea of all people, to finally discover the truth about Robin and his mother’s mysterious death. This necessarily means getting closer to Robin again and Vicky starts to have doubts. What if his feelings for her were genuine after all? | 14 +

Winter, Joyce (Author)

The battle of dreams has begun

Ever since Allegra found out that her parents’ souls are still wandering about somewhere in dream time, she has made it her goal to find them, come what may. But Mortensen barely leaves the agent time to do so. Nearly every night, his troops infiltrate the dreams of innocent people in order to manipulate them while they sleep and to use them for their own purposes. It soon becomes clear that Mortensen will start another battle, that his perfidious machinations have provided him with the perfect weapons and that, under his influence, they are prepared to go to any lengths. Allegra trains day and night at the academy to prepare herself for the inevitable and this puts the young love she shares with Arthur to a dramatic test.

Even faster-moving, even more nerve-racking: The great Dreamkeeper finale! | 14 +

Donnelly, Elfie (Author) Parciak, Monika (Illustrator)

Caught red-handed! Emma Panther and the Chocolate Conspiracy

Emma Panther, the youngest agent in the world’s most secret secret service, is waiting eagerly for her first official assignment, but the chief of the secret service keeps on putting Emma and her fellow agents Shirin and Santi off. Then Emma notices something peculiar. Her classmates, her half-sister Bertha and even Santi are growing steadily fatter and lazier. Unlike Emma, they have been eating an awful lot of the new Blue Ox chocolate that is supposed to make you more intelligent! Emma suspects a conspiracy and she turns out to be right. The person behind the oh-so tempting chocolate is an old acquaintance Emma still has a bone to pick with. A book from the imaginative series by successful author Elfie Donnelly about a diminutive secret agent with a great big heart.
| 10 +

Westhoff, Angie (Author) Bayer, Michael (Illustrator)

Wishes, friendship and secrets! A true holiday adventure
“These summer holidays will be the same as always,” 12-year-old Flint thinks to himself. But he couldn’t be more wrong. Because the very next day, Mr Shripp, the caretaker, asks Flint, crazy Charlotte, her maths-obsessed cousin, Ben, and pretty Jette to track down an old friend of his. When they eventually find the missing friend, he gives them a mysterious book: The Book of Curious Wishes. And that is when an unexpected and exciting adventure begins to unfold…

"In The Book of Strange Wishes, Angie Westhoff presents us with a highly complex and exciting reading adventure that is simply bubbling with imagination and has readers on the edge of their seats right to the last page."
Die Rheinpfalz, 18.11.2011

| 10 +

Matt, Natalie (Author) Matthes, Silas (Author)

Modern fantasy: mysterious, romantic, full of suspense! It’s becoming more and more dangerous to protect the knowledge that has been preserved for so long. The king’s messengers are moving inexorably closer to the cemetery beneath which the secret boarding school lies. As graves are being opened after dark, Noel and Sam keep nightly watches and so end up becoming closer. But there’s danger lurking inside the school, too. It’s beginning to look as though Sam and Noel’s search for the secret library could be their downfall.

The second "two books in one" of the great fantasy series – perfect genre material for tough girls!
| 14 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator) Spengler, Constanze (Illustrator) Michaelis, Antonia (Illustrator) | further

The man who is trying to get Marit away from Hamburg and the night-time blitzes of World War 2 to the safety of the Galapagos Islands is her uncle. But he is acting against her will because now that her father has been declared missing in France and her mother and little sister have both died in the bombing, all Marit wants to do is die. She dives off the ship in attempt to drown herself in the Atlantic as the ship approaches the Galapagos Islands but someone saves her. That someone is José, a local boy, who hauls her out of the water and onto his boat, the Mariposa, in the belief that he has rescued a British boy called Jonathon, who is really Marit using a false identity.
José is on the way to the isla maldita to discover why people call it “curse island” and to find out if there is any truth in the tales of its legendary treasure. He takes Jonathon along and the two travellers are gradually joined by a variety of animals, as a rice rat, a penguin, an iguana, a flamingo and several other members of the animal kingdom find their way onto the boat as if by magic. They all help to raise Jonathon’s spirits and help him face life again.
It becomes clear that the Mariposa is being followed and José seems to have a map on board that a few other people would dearly love to lay their hands on, too. The stowaway José and Jonathon discover one night is also after the map. In the end, he is the one who realises that Jonathon is really a girl.
Marit and José survive storms and volcanic eruptions to arrive, at last, on the isla maldita. The map leads them to the treasure, which turns out to be nothing but a freshwater spring – which is disappointing, too, for the people who had been on the Mariposa’s tail. They are, in fact, American and German spies, who had thought they were after a map that could change the course of the war. On the island, Marit also discovers a second treasure: her family who had in turn believed her dead. They had flown the war to the safety of the Galapagos Islands Marit’s mother had dreamed of all her life. José returns to his native island but remains in contact with Marit. | 11 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schöffmann-Davidov, Eva (Illustrator)

There’s something not quite right about this school! The perfect formula for a compelling read: magic, a great riddle and two plucky children
Frederic has a weird feeling about his new school. There seem to be only model pupils here, all with absolutely no ideas of their own or imagination. And isn’t headmaster Broone’s shadow a bit too dark to be an ordinary shadow? Yet no one except Anna seems to understand what Frederic means. Together the pair make an incredible discovery: Broone steals the children’s dreams and keeps them locked up in an old factory. Frederic and Anna have only a few days left in which to foil Broone’s dastardly plan to destroy all dreams. But to succeed, they have to climb deep down into the nightmare shaft… | 10 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Swoboda, Annette (Illustrator)

A bloodstained handkerchief!
Is it an open-and-shut case? The detective team investigates

Nothing could be more boring for Pauly, agent 007, than lying around at home with his leg in plaster. But then, gazing out of the window one night, he witnesses some strange goings-on in the backyard. Who’s that slinking through the shadows? Whose blood is that on the handkerchief left lying on the ground in the yard? Could a murder have taken place down there? Pauly, Bella and Max start investigating. But is everything really as it seems?
| 8 +

Donnelly, Elfie (Author) Parciak, Monika (Illustrator)

Suddenly a secret agent!
The first book in a new children’s detective series

For someone of her age, 11-year-old Emma has an awful lot of problems. Her mother died in a tightrope accident and her father doesn’t even notice that Emma’s mean half-sister Bertha is giving Emma a pretty hard time. Emma keeps her other worries from her father, too, because she thinks that being a single father as well as a fire fighter he already has plenty to cope with. That’s why she doesn’t tell him, for instance, that she stopped growing some time ago, but that doesn’t mean Emma is happy with the situation. Not, at least, until she unexpectedly finds herself in the middle of an adventure and discovers that she possesses some very special talents that come in very handy. Secret Service boss Y recruits her to the children’s corps of the World Secret Service. Emma Panther – who would have thought it – is to become a secret agent! Along with the brilliant Turkish girl Shirin and the no less brilliant and above all very good-looking Spanish boy Santi, she is on a special training course. What’s more, Emma has been assigned the job of protecting Lilli Krüger, whose mother is the German Chancellor. Even though Lilli can be pretty unpleasant at times, Emma is still over the moon at being a secret agent.
But she has no idea that Prince Yarvis of Minimalia, a ruler of very small stature, is hatching a devilish plan. He intends to use malina-mamaq, a legendary Inuit potion, to shrink all the high-ranking politicians and scientists invited to attend the World Water Summit in Minimalia because he is tired of being teased. For years now he has longed to be bigger than anyone else for once.
Emma realises just how dangerous malina-mamaq is when her half-sister Bertha accidentally swallows an overdose and cannot stop shrinking! The three junior agents are naturally horrified. How long will it be before Bertha disappears altogether? And when Yarvis kidnaps Lilli Krüger and the other agents dismiss their fears as pure fantasy, Emma, Shirin and Santi have no option but to track down the evildoer themselves. In her search for Lilli and an antidote for Bertha, Emma has to overcome her fears many times over. But thanks to her courage and intelligence, coupled with that of Shirin and Santi, in the end the three succeed in freeing Lilli from Yarvis’ clutches and saving Bertha and the delegates at the World Water Summit right at the last minute. Now the three junior agents have passed their test with flying colours and it’s just a matter of time before Emma Panther embarks on a second adventure with her new friends.

•\x09The first book in a series about Emma Panther and her agent friends
•\x09A likeable heroine with huge identification potential

| 10 +

Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Schulmeyer, Heribert (Illustrator)

Who will save the world? Book 1 in the new series about two ultracool secret agents.
It was actually just by chance that Bob and Tim managed to put top international agent Thomas Snyder out of action. But that was what drew his secret organisation’s attention to them. On the spot, S.W.A.P. recruits the boys and assigns them to Snyder’s case, which is to stop the madman Hazweio, who wants to take control of all of the world’s water resources. And before they know it, the pair are right in the thick of an action-packed adventure.
With lots of cool cartoons.
| 10 +