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Müller, Thomas (Author) Wolff, Julien (Author)

Dream job professional footballer! This is how superstar Thomas Müller made it

What I want to be when I grow up is a professional footballer! That’s what plenty of children dream of. But how can they actually achieve that? In this book, likeable superstar Thomas Müller gives a full and frank account of his football career, from the first time he kicked a ball to his first professional game (for FC Bayern) his team’s Champions League win and being a part of Germany’s terrific victory at the World Cup in Brazil.

Top goalscorer and ambassador for reading: Thomas Müller is an idol

The first footballer autobiography especially for children

With exclusive private photos and a wealth of background information | 10 +

    Ziegler, Meral (Author) Birzer, Romina (Illustrator)

    Pride. A moment in which you have the world at your feet.

    When she sets out, she has luck in her pockets. The mountain towers high above her, the ascent can begin.

    Slam poetry meets illustration: young authors write about grand emotions. New territory for words and images! | 14 +

      Weger, Nina (Author) Kühler, Anna-Lena (Illustrator)

      A Robber Who Doesn’t Want to Rob?!

      Amusing and perfectly pitched for its target audience: the kind of topsy-turvy world that children love

      New series by bestselling author Nina Weger: 175,000 books sold

      Hey-ho, the robbers-oh! In the second volume of Nina Weger’s Robber Rapido series, there’s uproar in Pickpocket Woods: People wearing track-suits are jogging through the undergrowth! Forester Schmidt has built a keep-fit path. The band of robbers isn’t going to stand for that. But what can they do? It will take cunning and guile, as Little Robber Rapido discovers.

      A true easy read: generous typeface, a likeable hero and loads of humour | 5 +

        Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

        Practical, small handbag size: Fits into the very tiniest fairy pocket

        Strange things are happening in the famous Enchanted Forest, where Maluna Moonshine lives. She’s the brave little goodnight fairy with the big heart, who’s always ready to protect others. The fairies dance for all they’re worth on nights when the full moon shins brightly, but within minutes, summer sunshine can become a snow storm and the lake is filled with mermaids demonstrating how to swim. All perfectly normal for the Enchanted Forest.

        The popular little fairy with the big heart

        6 Maluna stories:
        Maluna Moonshine and the pink secret
        Maluna Moonshine – Fairy Dance in the Enchanted Forest
        Maluna Moonshine and the Fairy Gift
        Maluna Moonshine – Wild Weather in the Enchanted Forest
        Maluna Moonshine Learns to Swim
        Maluna Moonshine – A Magical Friendship
        | 4 +

          Weger, Nina (Author) Kühler, Anna-Lena (Illustrator)

          A Robber Who Doesn’t Want to Rob?!

          Amusing and perfectly pitched for its target audience: the kind of topsy-turvy world that children love

          New series by bestselling author Nina Weger: 175,000 books sold

          A robber who doesn’t want to rob anyone. That’s Little Robber Rapido, Nina Weger’s lovable new hero. “But why do robbers have to rob people?” Little Robber Rapido wonders. The answer is quite obvious to his friend, Rapscallion the Raccoon. It’s because they’re called robbers! “But why are they called robbers?” Sigh. This is precisely the problem: Rapido asks too many questions. He thinks too much. In fact, he’s completely un-robber-like. His father, Robber-in-Chief Rigorous, thinks so too. But then Rapido proves them all wrong! | 5 +

            Stewner, Tanya (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

            Eagerly Anticipated: Alea’s Adventure Continues

            Dramatic cliffhanger finale of volume 5 makes this a must-read

            In the eagerly anticipated sixth volume of the bestselling series by Tanya Stewner, Alea Aquarius’s adventures take a new turn. Robbed of all their memories, the Alpha Cru have to reorientate themselves. Who is targeting them? Who is the man with the black coat and the barrel organ who is watching them from the harbour? And were there originally more members of the gang? Alea wouldn’t be Alea if she didn’t decide to take on her adversaries in order to save her friends, even if the odds seem to be stacked against her.

            Bestseller: 640,000 Alea Aquarius books and audio-books sold | 10 +

              Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

              Maluna makes you brave!

              The folks of the Enchanted Forest are rarely among the winners in the annual talent contest. Nor would that really matter if it weren’t for the fact that the prize is a Whirlyfast - a real roundabout!! One day, Maluna sees the young catfish dancing and is so moved by the sight that she encourages him to enter the contest.

              Maluna is fun to read and helps to build self-confidence and courage in any situation | 4 +

                Nitschke, Julia (Author) Schultz, Ruth (Author)

                Say What You Think. Do What You Think is Right

                The self-help book for life: political, provocative, informative and inspiring

                Which prejudices are you secretly harbouring? Can boys be feminists too? And why is it sometimes so hard to say no?

                You don’t just get your opinions from out of the blue. You have to form them yourself. Sounds like hard work? Well, it is. But it’s good fun too! The co-authors Ruth and Julia take you with them on a journey to find yourself and to engage with the hot topics of our times. So grab a pen and set off – this book can’t function without you!

                For teenagers and young adults seeking a fun challenge | For teenagers and adults

                  Crämer, Jana (Author) Pauluth, Josephine (Illustrator)

                  Be yourself – beyond comparison!

                  This book will do you good. There’s space here for everything: your strengths, your weaknesses, your deepest desires, your fears, your memories, your courage and your strength. It’s a journal, a companion along the path that leads to you, and most of all: a friend made of paper. What would life be without friends? And what if you could love yourself as much as you love your best friend?
                  For a long time, I didn’t know who or how I wanted to be. I was always trying to please everyone so much that I didn’t notice that I stopped liking myself. In this book, I will tell you how I got the song inside me to ring out again. Come on, let’s write your story together – I’m really looking forward to it!

                  Confidence-inspiring activity book by the well-known German blogger Jana Crämer

                  Inspirational message: body positivity instead of the compulsion for Instagram optimisation

                  Fun challenges and lots of space for making notes and finding yourself | 12 +

                    von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Lange, Igor (Illustrator)

                    In Humboldt’s footsteps: Discovery stories to read aloud

                    Read aloud and discover! Exciting stories about the greatest explorers and scientists in the history of the world: Leif Eriksson, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Maria Sibylla Merian, Alexander von Humboldt, Mary Kingsley, Roald Amundsen, Amelia Earhart, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Dian Fossey and Ellen MacArthur.

                    Amusing, child-appropriate stories about scientists and explorers. Read-aloud stories for children aged four and over | 4 +

                      Schröer, Silvia (Author)

                      Write Stories! Preferably Your Own

                      Bursting with ideas to encourage creative self-reflection

                      The poetry album re-booted: two fantastic gifts for adults, too

                      What moves you? What do you dream of ? What drives you up the wall? Such questions and little challenges inspire you to examine yourself and develop your views on your own life and the things that are going on around you. Arguably the most exciting way to keep a diary! | 12 +