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Sara, Pia (Author) Körner, Tine (Author)

… inspired by Lucy, Feli decides to start dancing again. She used to do a lot of it but then gradually let the hobby slide. After a first training session at the Stage School’s gym, she feels frustrated – she hasn’t quite got the hang of the steps. Ben offers to help her with them when the class is over and they come physically so close that temperatures rise and they almost end up kissing again. Just at the last moment, Feli draws back and walks away, leaving him standing.

… is still fighting for her friendship with Klara. The relationship between the two is still very tense, but they gradually become closer again. During a carefree shopping trip, they end up together in the same cubicle and the atmosphere is electric … and this time things go much further than a mere kiss … For Klara, it’s an exciting adventure and a new experience. But Lucy realises that she wants more and feels hurt when Klara continues to flirt madly with every man she meets. She doesn’t seem at all interested in a relationship with Lucy, not even to consider the possibility. Lucy is deeply hurt and keeps her distance. She just cannot keep on acting as though nothing had happened.

| 16 +

Schinko, Barbara (Author)

Supergirl & Rock Star Love – tough avenger of the underdog and cool as Catwoman

Torn between her feelings for Brynn and Ash, Rina continues to patrol the streets of the Northside as Alleycat. But Brynn’s father, boss of The Musicians gang, is hot on her heels so that Rina is forced to flee. Will she still be able to solve the mystery of her brother’s death? And which of the two boys is the right one for her: Ash or Brynn? The thrilling finale!

Rock star romance in trendy comic setting

Second and last book in this two-part series
| 14 +

Kirchner, Angela (Author)

First love – tender and realistic
A truly special love story and a touching young adult novel. Sensitive. Humorous. Authentic.
Mina is seventeen and has perfected the art of making herself invisible in the presence of her peers. An accident turns her ordered world upside down and enables her to take a first tentative step towards her neighbour Theo. Theo, who always has his head in the clouds, whose private haven is the garage roof between their two houses – and who has always been secretly in love with Mina. Can these two so very different outsiders come together?
| 13 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator)

Breathtaking thriller! An amazing story of love and betrayal.
Inside a cubby hole under the eaves of her new student flat in Tübingen, 18-year-old Svenja finds a scruffy 11-year-old boy, who seems unable or unwilling to speak. She decides to let him stay and calls him Nashville because that’s what’s printed on his T-shirt. When a series of murders targeting homeless people rocks the city, Svenja begins to feel uneasy. Could Nashville, who keeps on mysteriously disappearing, have something to do with it all? Very soon, she realises that not only Nashville’s life is in danger, but her own, too. A grandiose thriller from multi-award-winning author Antonia Michaelis; a captivating and gripping story of love, longing, fears and friends who cannot be trusted.
| 14 +

Abidi, Heike (Author)

Last stop love - a rally of emotions

Ever since her twin brother was killed in an accident, 19-year-old Claire’s world has been turned upside down. She feels incomplete and insecure, tries out various things, drifts … until that memorable night when she sees HIM. The young man enthrals her from the very first moment – but then he gets off the bus before she has a chance to talk to him – and leaves his backpack behind! Now if that isn’t a sign … Claire takes the backpack and hopes its contents will provide her with a clue to the stranger. But apart from a shopping list, a sweatshirt, a box of matches and a biro, all she finds is a notebook with a single diary entry. She follows the few clues she holds in the hope of meeting the mysterious stranger again. Claire spontaneously makes his diary her own and records her search in it, addressing all her entries directly to the stranger, telling him about her fears, her life and, of course, how she longs to meet him. Will the pair ever meet face to face? | 14 +