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Dax, Eva (Author) Groger, Melanie (Illustrator)

Here comes George!
George would like to learn how to fly because he doesn’t get as far as he would like by just hopping. His friend Bo, the dung beetle, does his best to stop him. He knows from past experience how difficult it is to get off the ground. And he’s right. What a good thing the pair meet Belle, the dragonfly. She can’t actually teach them to fly, but she does take them on an exciting journey of discovery into the big, wide world, to Ireland and Italy, to the North Sea and Egypt and all the way up into the Himalayas.
Fifteen delightful adventures with George, the grasshopper. To read aloud or for children to read to themselves.
| 6 +

Straaten, Harmen van (Author) Straaten, Harmen van (Illustrator)

The bath is a great big ocean – and Tim is the bathtub captain on a voyage to Timbuktu. On his way, he meets a hungry polar bear, two penguins, a pirate and a big whale. They all join him on his travels, but none of them knows exactly where Timbuktu actually lies … | 3 +

Grönemeyer, Dietrich (Author) Karriko, Helen (Illustrator)

Clear the ring for Rapple, the great rabbit magician, and his assistants, the little physician Nano and his friend Lilly! With his shrinking machine – and an abracadabra – the magician reduces the children to microscopic size and sends them on a journey of discovery through the human body. Along the way, Nano and Lilly discover that our nose can do an awful lot more than just smell and what a runny nose is actually good for.
| 5 +

Gernhardt, Robert (Author) Waechter, Philip (Illustrator)

When Gernhardt’s subtle humour meets Waechter’s delightful illustrations, immortal classics are the result. Like the story of four-legged Trulli and his gang of stray dogs who want to sail to America in a bright-red rubber dinghy. Unfortunately, Trulli sets out on his own - well, not quite on his own because a gull goes along with him as a stowaway. That doesn’t suit Trulli at all and the inevitable follows.

A modern new edition of the classic by Robert Gernhardt and Philip Waechter in a larger format!

Robert Gernhardt’s story about bold Trulli on his journey around America and Philip Waechter’s delightful illustrations guarantee some very special fun with this picture book – and not just for children. | 3 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator) Spengler, Constanze (Illustrator) Michaelis, Antonia (Illustrator) | further

The man who is trying to get Marit away from Hamburg and the night-time blitzes of World War 2 to the safety of the Galapagos Islands is her uncle. But he is acting against her will because now that her father has been declared missing in France and her mother and little sister have both died in the bombing, all Marit wants to do is die. She dives off the ship in attempt to drown herself in the Atlantic as the ship approaches the Galapagos Islands but someone saves her. That someone is José, a local boy, who hauls her out of the water and onto his boat, the Mariposa, in the belief that he has rescued a British boy called Jonathon, who is really Marit using a false identity.
José is on the way to the isla maldita to discover why people call it “curse island” and to find out if there is any truth in the tales of its legendary treasure. He takes Jonathon along and the two travellers are gradually joined by a variety of animals, as a rice rat, a penguin, an iguana, a flamingo and several other members of the animal kingdom find their way onto the boat as if by magic. They all help to raise Jonathon’s spirits and help him face life again.
It becomes clear that the Mariposa is being followed and José seems to have a map on board that a few other people would dearly love to lay their hands on, too. The stowaway José and Jonathon discover one night is also after the map. In the end, he is the one who realises that Jonathon is really a girl.
Marit and José survive storms and volcanic eruptions to arrive, at last, on the isla maldita. The map leads them to the treasure, which turns out to be nothing but a freshwater spring – which is disappointing, too, for the people who had been on the Mariposa’s tail. They are, in fact, American and German spies, who had thought they were after a map that could change the course of the war. On the island, Marit also discovers a second treasure: her family who had in turn believed her dead. They had flown the war to the safety of the Galapagos Islands Marit’s mother had dreamed of all her life. José returns to his native island but remains in contact with Marit. | 11 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Schüttler, Kai (Illustrator)

Gulliver is shipwrecked and finds himself stranded on the strange island of Lilliput. But what’s this? Gulliver cannot believe his eyes: All of the people there are no bigger than his thumb! Gulliver’s adventures in the land of the little people make this book one of the most popular children’s classics. | 3 +

Baeten, Lieve (Author) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrator)

Lisbet the little witch has a visitor, Trixi, the witch child. As you naturally have to offer your guests something special, little witch Lisbet wastes no time in conjuring up a flying carpet, pronouncing Trixi a witch princess and – hey presto – flying off with her into the night beneath the full moon. Faster than all the witch’s brooms in the world, the carpet carrying the two little witches soars over mountain and valley, over river, lake and forest. Like any witch child, Trixi does get hungry sometimes, and she even occasionally needs to pee, but that’s no problem to Lisbet. Only when the mountains and valleys, rivers, lakes and forests suddenly all disappear because the moon has slipped behind the clouds Lisbet is helpless for the first time. And if they hadn’t bumped into the balloon witch in the end, the pair might still be flying through the air today, who knows. | 3 +

Baeten, Lieve (Author) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrator)

Lisbet, the little witch, has a visitor, Trixi, the witch child. As you naturally have to offer your guests something special, Lisbet wastes no time in conjuring up a flying carpet, pronouncing Trixi a witch princess and flying off with her over mountains and rivers into the dark night. And if Trixi, the witch princess, hadn’t suddenly needed to pee, who knows, the pair might still be travelling now.

"... a wonderful adventure for the little ones… and a heart-warming and hilarious film that will delight old and young alike." (
| 3 +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Behl, Anne-Kathrin (Illustrator)

There was candy sugar crackling in the pot and the delicious smells of coffee, cheesecake and a dollop of stewed cherries hung in the air. It’s easy to guess that in this part of her journey Anna Lightning learns the letter C. She meets this letter and all the other letters in the alphabet on her exciting journey to Walpurgis Night aboard the ABC train. And before the train arrives at Blocksberg Mountain, Anna Lightning and Zack, her raven, will have had adventures with X, Y, and Z behind them, too.

This ABC read-aloud book is just the thing for young language-game fans of 4 and over. Each of the 26 stories introduces a different letter of the alphabet.
| 4 +

Girod, Anke (Author) D'Oro, Miri (Illustrator)

Imagination embarks on a journey with June! June is 12 years old and an absolute travel freak – but one with sadly no travel experience at all. Now it’s time to put an end to that – and to her trips to visit Auntie Ernie in the Harz Mountains. How else is she ever going to become a good travel reporter? After all, she does already have a travel blog. But then June and her friend Will meet a sad little circus lady, Miss Pabs, who has to save her family from unscrupulous villains. With Miss Pabs and her magical suitcase, an adventurous trip around the world begins for June and Will – at long last!

A bold character with an ambitious dream, girls will find her easy to identify with, a fantastic travel adventure with a touch of magic and even a real live blog on Instagram and Wordpress!
| 9 +

Dax, Eva (Author) Groger, Melanie (Illustrator)

Once around the world! New adventures with George the grasshopper!

George and his friends Mo, the dung beetle, and Belle, the dragonfly, have “itchy feet”; they can’t get wait to go travelling again and explore foreign countries. They want to find out what’s it like in Transylvania, Iceland and Spain. But flying is never as easy as you think, and George and his friends experience more than one turbulent adventure! They even end up taking part in Olympic Games!

The second book all about the adventures of George, the lovable mascot of GEOmini magazine, with 12 read-aloud stories and lots of colour illustrations.
| 6 +

Schill, Ralph (Author) Giraud, Paul (Illustrator)

Biodiversity and environmental awareness in an age-appropriate format – suitable for reading aloud or alone

Walter is a little water bear who lives in Greenland. He has barely had chance to thaw out after his hibernation before his ice floe snaps off and takes him on an odyssey around the world. Water bears are tiny and can adapt to extreme living conditions. Like no other creatures on the planet, they are a byword for bio-diversity. Walter's involuntary journey around the world leads him through the great multitude of the Earth's habitats. On the way, he meets all sorts of other animals, and learns about the biodiversity of our flora and fauna and the way in which everything hangs together in a natural balance.

Take an adventure-filled journey with Walter around a world which has biodiversity as its core. An oft-discussed topic given a new slant with this book and cuddly water bear toy. | 6 +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Heitmann, Michaela (Illustrator)

Ship’s goblin ahoy! Haunting fun for seafarers and landlubbers, young and old!
Molly is looking forward to joining her father, Captain Bendixen, on another voyage
and also to some new adventures with the ship’s “goblin sea bear”, Captain Button. And she doesn’t have to wait long for them to begin because the three are off to Scotland, where Captain Button plans to visit an uncle of his. To her horror, Molly discovers that the uncle has been held captive in a haunted castle for hundreds of years! She immediately sets about freeing the Scottish sea bear, of course!
Captain Button’s second adventure: an entertaining holiday story for the whole family, with lots of colour pictures, a linen spine and a ribbon bookmark.

| 6 +

Schäfer, Jasmin (Illustrator)

Once upon a time … we found the most wonderful fairy tales in the world!

A varied selection of child-appropriate, fairy tales to read-aloud from some very different cultures from around the world - with exceptionally delightful illustrations and beautifully bound. A fairy-tale journey around the world: from old familiar tales of the Brothers Grimm, Andersen and Wilhelm Hauff to Scandinavian tales of trolls and fairy tales from Africa, Asia and America. A treasure of a book for children and parents alike that will never lose its charm.

- A very special family book, artistically designed, imaginative, opulent
- Cosmopolitanism meets tradition – a treasure for everyone
- Delightful, richly detailed illustrations by Jasmin Schäfer | 5 +

Mallon, Lina (Author)

How I became the woman I am now.

In her latest book, Lina Mallon writes about the female friends and other women who have affected her life. With great frankness and openness, she describes real support, unexpected opposition, friendship disappointments, the strength of Girl Power, and the dilemma in which women of all ages can find themselves: meeting the expectations of society whilst fulfilling their own dreams and desires. Our greatest challenge is not to lose ourselves at this point but to find our own way as women. Above all, Mallon emphasises the importance of women mutually supporting one another, being honest with one another, and even being able to criticise one another in a positive way so that they can grow together rather than competing with one another.

30 stories about 30 women - for all young women who are on the journey of their lives! | 14 +

Steingässer, Jana (Author) Steingässer, Jens (Illustrator)

Once around the world: A family follows the tracks of climate change.

Twelve-year-old Paula’s bantam hen lays an egg in the middle of December. Hardly surprising, since this winter feels more like spring. But why? In order to understand this, Paula goes on an incredible trip around the world with her family, following the tracks of climate change. They want to find out how people, animals and plants react when the balance of their environment is disrupted by climate change. And perhaps they can also learn ways in which they themselves can change the world.

Jana and Jens Steingässer succeed in addressing the abstract topic of climate change on an authentic and personal level and provide lots of tips on how to deal with it in daily family life. The book has more than 150 fascinating nature photos from around the world.

-\x09A courageous family sets out on a journey and faces one of the greatest challenges of our time. A wonderful book that amazes, raises questions, makes you think and invites you to join in
-\x09A book everyone should read as the issues affect every single one of us!
-\x09Includes an interview with Jostein Gaarder, author of Sophie’s World
| 10 +

Cordes, Miriam (Author) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

“The travel bear loves to travel, but even more does he adore - packing his suitcase!” And because his suitcase is so wonderfully big, all kinds of things fit inside it. He first packs his pyjamas. Then his hat. And then …? What else does the bear pack? On every page there’s a picture of the suitcase with a flap to open. By lifting the flap, small children can find out what the Bear has already put inside it. And when he has at last stowed everything in the suitcase, the bear is tired out and no longer feels like going away.

“I pack my bags and take…” – a book version of the game
With large suitcase flaps and cute rhymes
| 24 months +

Fox & Sheep (Author) Pietrowski, Karoline (Illustrator)

Based on the Highly Successful Children’s AppsThe apps are available in 180 countries and 13 languages!

On their farm, the friends Fox and Sheep produce all kinds of delicacies which they sell on to customers worldwide. When they receive an order from distant Osaka, they immediately set off on their little train. But how do you even say “hello” in Japanese? | 3 +

Kissel, Vera (Author)

When the truth is not what you thought it was.

Luke is 14 years old and he has the house to himself while his mum is away. It’s pretty cool having two weeks of freedom. And with his best mate, Luke can have all kinds of adventures. Also, there’s a girl he is crazy about. He got hold of her telephone number before the summer holidays and now each day is the one when he will finally text her.
All pretty normal stuff so far.
But there is something Luke definitely needs to do now. Something he can only do as long as his mother is away. Luke’s father, Uli, is dead. He lost his life in the Christmas tsunami disaster in Thailand in 2004 – while on holiday with his new love, Kim.
Since then, no one has ever spoken a single word about Uli. It’s as though he had been erased. His name is taboo. And Luke desperately needs to find out why. Because at night he is plagued by nightmares and finds himself struggling over and over again with the deadly wave.
When Luke discovers a letter Kim wrote to his mother, he decides to go in search of Kim in the hope of also finding his father in some way.
What awaits him is initially a shock. Kim is a man!
Luke goes wild, gets so drunk he has a mental blackout so that the police take him to the address he keeps on babbling – which is Kim’s. Next morning, Luke freaks out again. Instead of talking to Kim, he lunges at him, wants to hurt him, because he hates Kim so much, blames him for his father’s death. His rage with Uli and with his mother, Anja, is practically devouring him. Who wants a gay father? And why on earth did he bring a child into the world, too? Was it all just a big front? Luke is in despair, but he knows there is only one person who can answer his questions, and that's Kim. Luke manages to overcome his anger and contacts Kim again – and this time finds that he is someone who can tell him about his father. It’s a wonderful feeling, finally having someone he can talk to about Uli, and Luke realises that he was actually the most important person in Uli’s life. And that his father said nothing so as not to lose him.
And when Anja returns from her holiday, Luke confronts her with the truth he has unearthed. His mother is anything but pleased and reacts exactly as Luke had feared: she won’t talk about Uli and she doesn’t want Luke ever to see Kim again.
Luke is faced with a decision - does he want to carry on as before and remain silent for ever more? Or does he want to take action at last?

Nominated for Oldenburg Kinder- und Jugendbuch Preis:
“With her […] coming-of-age novel What the Wave Took, Vera Kissel has made an exceptional debut in young adult literature. […] And at the end of his search, the protagonist has not only got to know his father better, but also and most importantly himself.“
Christian Bittner (Jury of the Oldenburg Children’s and Young Adult Book Award)

| 14 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Millie is in Paris with her mummy, daddy and little sister. Every day they go and see a new bit of Paris, like the I-Full Tower, for example, where Millie gets a huge red lolly, a bicycle lolly. Then there’s the Pompididu Museum. Luckily, it’s closed as there’s plenty of real art going on outside in the square: sword-swallowers and a clown and a hurdy-gurdy man. Millie joins in singing French songs with him. That’s how it is in Paris. | 6 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

To Millie, Italy seems awfully hot – as hot as hell must be. You sweat and sweat and feel like eating ice cream all the time, especially tutti frutti. Mummy and Daddy say they’re saving the best thing in Italy for last: not another volcano, not another leaning tower, but a city called Venice. “Pah!” thinks Millie, “Ven-iss – what can be so special about that?” | 6 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Millie is spending her holiday in the Austrian capital, Vienna – and what a beautiful city it is! On her list of places to visit are St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Schönbrunn Palace, which even has a puppet theatre that’s putting on Mozart’s Magic Flute. Especially for children. A visit to the Prater is another must, of course, because it is the site of Vienna’s best-known landmark: the big wheel. Will Millie be brave enough to go right up to the top and back down again on it? In the coffee houses Millie gazes in wonder at the scrumptious Sachertorten, Vienna’s rich chocolate cakes, and when it’s time for dinner, she simply cannot get enough of her gigantic Viennese schnitzel. Vienna is definitely worth a visit! | 6 +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Heitmann, Michaela (Illustrator)

This time, it’s off to Greece for Captain Button! But this little bear is such an inquisitive little sea dog, it’s no surprise that he never misses an opportunity to get himself into a pickle. When Captain Button actually happens upon the entrance to the Minotaur's labyrinth, chaos ensues: the sagas and treasures of Ancient Greece come to life! | 6 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

| 6 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

This time Millie is off to the perfect country for a family holiday, Sweden. And when she gets there, the best tour guide in the world can hardly believe her eyes! She discovers a peculiar brown animal. Can it really be an elk? What's more, she is lucky enough to meet a real celebrity: Pippi Longstocking. Will Millie learn anything new about courage and strength from the famous Swedish girl? The Millie stories are amusing and informative – and that means they are perfect for all beginning readers. | 6 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Millie’s first school holidays! And she’s off to Greece, or to be more accurate, Crete, which is not only a great place for bathing, but also where Zeus once stole Europe away and the Minotaur monster lived in the palace of Knossos, putting his enemies in fear and dread. Or was the monster called Minitaunus? Millie would find that easier to remember!
Who says it has to be boring for children to go sightseeing with their parents? That’s not the way Millie sees it!” (FAZ) | 5 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Engelking, Katrin (Illustrator)

Lippel is still dreaming! The second adventure with the great little inventor of worlds

Lippel loves to dream and because you need peace and quiet to dream, he would be happiest if he could spend the holidays at home. But he’s out of luck! His parents take him with them to the Lofoten islands and there, high in the Far North, he has the greatest adventure of his life. He meets Luna, a girl who could just as easily be a troll the way she looks, with her red hair, bare feet and ragged trousers. No wonder Lippel is soon dreaming again, this time about the troll princess Ganaxa with her cute bat ears and fluffy tail, who captures his heart and leads him into all kinds of unsuspected dangers – because in her father’s underground kingdom, everything is very different. This is the sequel to Lippel’s Dream, the Paul Maar bestseller that has not only won several awards but has also been adapted for number of films. There is great poetry in Maar’s telling of this thrilling adventure between dream and reality, set in the enchanting world of the trolls. With a wealth of colour illustrations by Katrin Engelking.

•\x09A wonderful, realistic novel – and at the same time a highly child-appropriate, eloquent narrative extolling the power of dreams, the power of the imagination
•\x09The mysterious world of the trolls and their amusing habits and customs will strike a chord with children
| 9 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Mudflats, waves and wind for Millie

Millie is on holiday on the North Sea coast! There’s so much to see and do here. Millie visits the seal banks to see the baby seals, she goes on an outing to Legoland and walks across the mudflats. It’s amazing how many creatures live there in the mud: lugworms, mussels and lots of small crabs. If only Millie’s feet didn’t keep getting stuck in the mud…

Bestseller Millie: more than 350,000 copies sold in hardback alone

| 6 +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

Ship’s goblin ahoy! The summer, fun and sailing book for landlubbers and seafarers.
When captain’s daughter Molly is given a sea chest for her birthday, she has no idea there’s someone inside. That someone is old “sea dog” Captain Button, a ship’s goblin. Molly takes the chest with her on board her father’s ship, where she plans to spend the first part of her summer holidays – and before she knows it, she and her friend Finn are having the most exciting, uproarious holidays ever!

The first book of read-aloud adventures about Captain Button, the goblin sea bear. Filled with colourful illustrations and beautifully bound, with a linen spine and ribbon bookmark.
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Harvey, Franziska (Illustrator)

Kobold spookery for beginning readers – super reading fun from Paul Maar When Martin and Miriam go on a cruise with their parents, they suddenly find themselves face to face with a real live ship’s kobold or, to be more accurate, an apprentice kobold! He has to pass three exams, which is a very hard thing to do on a modern cruise ship. Luckily, brother and sister have a good idea … | 7 +

Haas, Alex (Author)

Comedy, chaos, catastrophes: slapstick and romantic entanglements for boys! Ben is thirteen years old and in love. All he thinks about is Tanya. But just as he and Tanya are getting close, his parents take him on holiday to Denmark. Ben’s best friend, Felix, offers to look after Tanya. Luckily, by the time it finally dawns on Ben that Felix’ offer might not be quite as selfless as it seemed, he is already being distracted by the anything but unattractive girls in the holiday village! Hilarious, irreverent and with an ultra cool girls’ and boys’ poster in every book. | 13 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Millie has never been so far away from home before: New York is 6,000 kilometres away, her teacher says. That makes it all the more exciting that Millie is flying there with her parents and little sister. She sees the city with very different eyes from her parents, though, and thinks McDonald’s is much more exciting than the Empire State Building. But Millie is very taken with the glittering place her parents call Times Square and naturally also intrigued by the mysterious Miss Libby her teacher told her about. When will they get to meet her at last? | 6 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Millie is the best tourist guide in the world!
A bear of a weekend! Millie goes to Berlin with Mummy, Daddy and Trudy. What she likes best are the “topless” doubledecker buses. Riding around Berlin, she catches a glimpse of the outside and sometimes the inside of lots of museums and gets to see the Chancellery and the parliament building, the Bundestag. And she also discovers that a zoo doesn’t necessarily have to be a zoo! On the other hand, there are bears all over the place in Berlin … | 6 +

Tienti, Benjamin (Author) Kuhl, Anke (Illustrator)

A road trip that goes straight to the heart

Andrea lives with his father and his pet rabbit, Maikel. Their lives are sometimes chaotic but, all in all, the three get along perfectly well – until Fidaa and her mother move in. But when Fidaa accidentally drops Maikel, and there’s talk of Maikel being put to sleep, Andrea sets off secretly in the middle of the night for the south of Germany and his mother’s with Maikel in a cool box – and Fidaa hot on his heels.

On the Road with Rabbit by Benjamin Tienti is a heart-warming, humorous and authentic story for children from age 10.

| 10 +

Wieker, Katharina (Author) Wieker, Katharina (Illustrator)

It’s raining but that doesn’t matter because Tim is going to the airport with his family to fly to Mallorca – where the sun is sure to be shining. That’s why Yuri, Tim’s big brother, is already wearing his sunglasses. But Daddy seems to have forgotten that he promised Tim a pair, too … | 3 +

Rose, Barbara (Author) Ishida, Naeko (Illustrator)

Fairy dust and adventure! Rosalie and Nikki are really excited. They have been selected to pick the magical sproodlecabbage that grows on the banks of mysterious Lake Murgle. They have only just arrived when they come face to face with Murxi, a scary lake monster whose roar makes them tremble with fear. But then Rosalie discovers why Murxi is yelling so loudly – he has toothache. One of his molars is driving him mad. Once the two fairy girls have taken care of his toothache, Murxi is so thankful he invites them into the magical underwater world of his lake. An absolutely unforgettable experience!

That’s how beautiful fairy adventures can be: with gorgeous, wonderfully detailed, colour illustrations.
| 6 +

Junge, Tobias Rafael (Author) Andersen, Nils (Illustrator)

Logbook entry: School ship missing, mysterious blackmailer! A school ship full of young people in the middle of the Indian Ocean. One by one, night after night, adults go missing and a cruel blackmailer forces the schoolchildren to commit acts of terrorism. It isn’t long before the first body turns up - that of one of the teachers. What has the mysterious Marburg virus found in the contaminated water got to do with it? And how is teacher and vaccine inventor Detering involved in all of this?

Travel adventure in logbook look, with cool illustrations and lots of additional material: GPS data, routes and maps!
| 12 +

Clement, Ina (Author) Mildner, Tom (Author) Clement, Ina (Illustrator)

The hobgoblings discover sweets on the high seas and follow their trail. Very soon they discover that they come from the Sultana of Zanzibar’s ship. As she sails dreamily across the sea, she doesn’t notice that the wicked octopotoad is clearing the sweets off the deck and setting the ship on course for the perilous sabre-tooth rocks! The hobgoblings simply must do something! Perhaps, with a little help from King Hobgoblin’s spooky pipe, Brizetto’s magic wand and the readers’ spell, they will be able to rescue the sultana.

Play this book!
All you need is a die and a piece for each player’s character and the game can begin! You can even lay your Hobgobling picture books side by side to make the board bigger.
| 4 +

Clement, Ina (Author) Mildner, Tom (Author) Clement, Ina (Illustrator)

Ahoy there! The Hobgoblings are flying through the air – in a homemade hovering machine! But then they make a crash landing and soon after find themselves in the clutches of wicked Professor Aldehyde. Drat it!

Play this book!
All you need is a die and a piece for each player’s character and the game can begin! You can even lay your Hobgobling picture books side by side to make the board bigger.
| 4 +

Weger, Nina (Author) Schöffmann-Davidov, Eva (Illustrator)

“Sometimes, when I was lying in bed at night, I would imagine that Julius was gliding through the depths of the ocean like an enormous whale.“

Do we have the right to make decisions about someone else’s life? And how are we to know what is right or wrong if we can’t ask them? Blake’s older brother Julius is in a coma; the family has to make a decision and is on the verge of breaking apart. So what now? Blake’s friend Martha wants to ask the Pope. Surely he must know what to do in a case like this … They secretly rob their piggy banks, steal a credit card and set out on an adventurous trip to Rome to find an answer and save Blake’s family.

A uniquely sensitive and wonderful story about life.

With this courageous book, Nina Weger creates a reading experience that hovers between tears and laughter, profoundly serious and yet with a fine sense of comedy and an inspiring message: live life to the full and always try to look on the bright side of things.
| 10 +