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Abidi, Heike (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator) Herold, Heike (Illustrator)

How can I ever survive puberty? It gets really tricky when your body suddenly goes crazy, your life mutates into an emotional rollercoaster ride and love turns out to be a dreadfully complicated affair! Henrietta has done some thorough research on all this and written down her findings in this book in the form of blog entries, checklists and interviews – with plenty of tips and tricks for every girl who’s about to turn 13.

For fans of the successful PINK trilogy: a special kind of guidebook for girls
Blog entries, checklists and mini-interviews with amusing vignettes
Things it’s good to know, presented in a humorous, authentic and sensitive package
| 12 +

Kirchner, Angela (Author)

It all started with a crash. It was that night, that party that changed everything in Fay and Luke’s lives. All Fay and her girlfriend really wanted to do was stay home that night, but instead they end up in the middle of a motorcycle race between Luke and Ben, in the middle of the accident – and in the middle of a new life. And then Fay and Luke meet one day. Although they should hate each other, sparks fly – and they are not just sparks of anger!

Modern, stirring and unvarnished: an unusual love story, told from two perspectives.
| 13 +

Haas, Alex (Author)

Comedy, chaos, catastrophes: slapstick and romantic entanglements for boys! Ben is thirteen years old and in love. All he thinks about is Tanya. But just as he and Tanya are getting close, his parents take him on holiday to Denmark. Ben’s best friend, Felix, offers to look after Tanya. Luckily, by the time it finally dawns on Ben that Felix’ offer might not be quite as selfless as it seemed, he is already being distracted by the anything but unattractive girls in the holiday village! Hilarious, irreverent and with an ultra cool girls’ and boys’ poster in every book. | 13 +

Abidi, Heike (Author)

Goal for the heart! Francie just loves playing football, but her parents want her to go to dancing class. Suddenly, Francie finds herself having to hold hands with boys she was racing across the grass with just a short while ago. How embarrassing is that? Luckily, her pal Marius is also there. She gets on really well with him – and not just on the football pitch.

The perfect spin-off to the successful Suddenly 13 series. A strong heroine fights for her dreams – between football and dancing class!
| 12 +

Schmid, Thomas (Author)

Butterfly tum! Of friendship and first love – the special film edition “Stupid Cap!” That’s how Oliver greets Martin when he joins the new class after moving house. Martin caught Oliver stealing and gave him away by mistake – no wonder Oliver doesn’t have a good word to say for him. But Martin’s thoughts are far more taken up with Silke, who has really turned his head. Sadly, it seems she already has a boyfriend – Oliver, of all people! Johannes Schmid, winner of the film award Der goldene Spatz, filmed Thomas Schmid’s young adult novel debut with the German big-screen stars Inka Friedrich, Andreas Hoppe and Inga Busch. With colour photos from the film. | 12 +

Seidl, Anna (Author) Niere, Cornelia (Illustrator)

Moving, gripping, inconceivable: when nothing is the way it was any more. Just after the bell for break, Miriam hears a shot. To begin with, no one realises what's actually happened, but then chaos breaks out and naked fear reigns. Matias, a boy from her parallel class, has run amok and is shooting wildly around him. Miriam's boyfriend Tobi is among those fatally wounded. Miriam survives – but she can’t help wondering whether life has any meaning now, without Tobi and with her ever recurring nightmares. Were she and her schoolmates to blame for what happened?
The grandiose debut work of Anna Seidl, who was only 16 when she wrote this heart-rending story: an in-depth examination, relentlessly told, of the consequences for the survivors of a mass shooting.

You Can Smell the Fear. You Can Reach Out and Touch it
He's among us. We can hear them, the shots. They are loud. Far too loud.
It's a normal school day. But shortly after the bell for break, a first shot rings out. Fifteen-year-old Miriam takes refuge in the boys' toilets with her best friend. When she ventures from her hiding place, she finds Tobi, her boyfriend, lying gravely injured on the floor. Help comes too late for Tobi, and on this day Miriam loses more than the carefree life she has known until now…
The debut work of a young German author: gripping, disturbing and deeply moving.

| 14 +

Fitzgerald, Taylor (Author) Schütz, Nele (Illustrator)

True Love in Montana

New York, elite college, sheltered background: It’s quite a come-down for 18-year-old Pearl, when her father is sent to prison and she has to move with her mother and brother to Aunt Rose’s farm in Montana. At least there’s one silver lining – the men in Montana are rather attractive! Especially Caden … But although the attraction between the two is so strong that they can hardly resist each other, Caden either cannot doesn’t want to give Pearl what she is looking for. In defiance, she turns to River, the local bad boy– not knowing that River and Caden share a past. Only when Caden rescues her from great danger do both realise what really counts.

Wait for me. Heartbeat, book four in the sensual series that combines intense emotions and a longing for that one true love.
| 15 +

Matysiak, Mascha (Author)

In love? Pah! Not me! From the Wonderbra and the first spots to sex education: these are all on the menu in this book. Leni and Emma think it’s really embarrassing to see how the other girls and boys makes fools of themselves and so they make a pact: love, no thank you! Their plan doesn’t work out, of course, because Fintan joins Leni’s sports club and she suddenly gets butterflies in her stomach – and terrible pangs of conscience because Emma really must not know about this!

A ride on the hormonal roller coaster through the chaos of adolescence: comical, zippy and brilliantly funny! A light-hearted story of romance and friendship!
| 11 +

Gilges, Angela (Author)

But he loves me!

Caro is a fifteen-year-old girl suffering from the classic insecurities of puberty. And there’s someone who knows how to take advantage of that: Nick. At first he treats her like a princess and fulfils her every wish, then draws her into a vicious circle of manipulation and dependence. You want to scream “Stop!“ when Caro, the first-person narrator, goes to school in the morning, spends the afternoon working the streets, and in the evening goes home to her unsuspecting parents, or when “lover boy“ Nick manages to twist her round his little finger time and time again. Will she find a way out of this situation?

I Belong to Him is a very powerful and important book about sexual violence, manipulation and dependence, written with the collaboration of ex-police officer and education spokesperson Bärbel Kannemann (
| 14 +

Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Schmidt, Silke (Illustrator)

Paulina alias Miss Krassikovski has finally had enough! She simply cannot bear to see how everyone around her is constantly doing things they so obviously shouldn’t do. The time has come to save the world! But she really wasn’t to know that she would end up in the middle of an emotional crisis and even risk losing Muckel, her best friend …
This is the third time Anja Fröhlich plunges her readers headlong into bubbly Paulina’s life. But Paulina wouldn’t be Miss Krassikovski if she didn’t find herself going from one escapade to the next.
The eagerly awaited next edition in the popular series about the young superheroine and the huge misunderstandings she faces.
A must for every Krassikovski fan!

| 12 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Kreitz, Isabel (Illustrator)

If only it were Monday again at last! What a stupid Sunday, eleven-year-old Freddy thinks to herself. Tomorrow is the first day back at school after the holidays, her satchel isn’t packed yet and her report not yet signed, her big sister, Mia, is being her usual mean self and their father is totally preoccupied with cooking. A day like this almost makes school seem like something to look forward to! But next morning, the unbelievable happens: when Freddy wakes up, it’s Sunday again! And that happens over and over again, every day. After the first shock, she begins to discover the good things about this crazy time loop. But there’s only one thing Freddy really wants: for Monday to come round at last! A funny, exciting and imaginative story. Crazy time loop – great subject for a children’s book! | 10 +

Weber, Anke (Author) Niere, Cornelia (Illustrator)

Welcome to life!

Inspired by something she read on a packet of Cornflakes and fearful of losing her beloved home, 16-year-old Milla decides to keep the death of the grandfather she grew up with a secret. Milla buries his body in the garden and only confides in her best friends. Soon after, she meets Tim. Tim is terminally ill, and he and Milla even plan the details of his funeral together. But the better she knows Tim, the more the two feel drawn to each other and discover how wonderful life can be.

Fresh and endearing, optimistic and life affirming with a likeable heroine and a cool guy who’s pretty irresistible! A book about death, friendship and first love!
| 13 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Künster, Doris K. (Illustrator)

Christine Nöstlinger’s young people’s classic.
Ilse Janda, 14, runs away from home. She secretly leaves the flat one Friday afternoon and climbs into a red sports car that’s waiting outside the front door. Only one person thinks she knows where Ilse has gone: Erika, Ilse’s younger sister. But when she finds Ilse, things are not at all what Erika expected. | 12 +

Fröhlich, Anja (Author)

Friendship is possible without words.
"I bet you won’t manage to go for a week without telling anything but the truth!" Cooper says to Philippa. And Cooper normally doesn’t say a word – but now, in the pitch-dark cellar they both happen to be locked up inside, he does. And while everyone in their class suddenly thinks Cooper is silently cool, Philippa makes herself more and more unpopular by telling nothing but the truth. But then Cooper has an idea that will help Philippa out.
A light-hearted everyday story, bright and amusing, but sensitively told. A really enjoyable read that deals with the subject of inclusion “along the way”, too.
| 9 +

Abidi, Heike (Author)

Everything Pre-Teens need to read

The perfect present for 12-year-olds

Being twelve years old is no picnic. Tessa’s parents don’t care for her new hobby (playing the drums), and then there are the boys in their school band. Noel is cute, but ... Fortunately, Tessa’s sister can give her tips via Skype – and her sister wrote the book

Everything Girls Should Know Before They Turn 13, so she at least knows her stuff! | 11 +

Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Weise, Frauke (Illustrator)

Commotion, Classroom, Crushes

Everyone loves Mike Hoffmann. Everyone except Mel, that is. In her opinion, Mike has far too many tricks up his girl-charming sleeve. That's why Mel starts up a blog, Girlaxis, to warn the other girls once and for all. Mel is convinced that there are Mike Hoffmanns in old people's homes making false compliments to old ladies about their false teeth, too. In next to no time, word gets out about the blog and soon the whole school is talking about it. But when, by chance, Mel gets to know Mike a bit better, she falls for him herself – and her heart is so agitated, it doesn't know whether to stand still or gallop away …

Funny and fast-paced! Following her popular Miss Krassikovski series, this is the latest novel from Anja Fröhlich.
| 12 +

Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Schmidt, Silke (Illustrator)

Everyone has been driving Pauline mad recently. In the morning it’s her teacher, Godfrey Hardhead-Sainthouse, the rest of the day, her mum and her half-sister, Anastasia. Never ever would she have thought that things could get any worse. But then her mother pays a visit to a fortune teller – and chaos takes its course. Anja Fröhlich sets the normal madness of puberty down on paper. Gloriously wacky with bags of humour and cheeky illustrations by Silke Schmidt. A hilariously funny story about growing up, being grown up and the crassest family of all time. | 12 +

Abidi, Heike (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

Henrietta has been looking forward to turning 15 for so long – and now that it’s finally happening, she’s head over heels in emotional chaos! Her boyfriend, Nick, has suddenly gone all unromantic and barely has any time for her. And Henrietta’s blog has turned into a kind of agony column. No wonder she feels like a fraud. How is she supposed to give other people advice on their love life when her own relationship is going haywire? It’s clearly high time for a change in Henrietta’s life! So when the writing competition comes up, it’s perfect timing for her…

Great finale to our popular trilogy
| 12 +

Abidi, Heike (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

Riddles, Research, Romance

The countdown’s on! Henrietta will soon be turning 13, when she will officially be a teenager. But she has quite a lot to do before then, like getting herself a steady boyfriend. And she also wants to find out a few important things – what being in love is like, how to be a great kisser, what goes on in boys’ heads and why parents are always so terribly embarrassing. She starts researching all of these things and trying out some experiments, and also manages to put her foot in it at every possible opportunity.
| 11 +

Kirchner, Angela (Author)

First love – tender and realistic
A truly special love story and a touching young adult novel. Sensitive. Humorous. Authentic.
Mina is seventeen and has perfected the art of making herself invisible in the presence of her peers. An accident turns her ordered world upside down and enables her to take a first tentative step towards her neighbour Theo. Theo, who always has his head in the clouds, whose private haven is the garage roof between their two houses – and who has always been secretly in love with Mina. Can these two so very different outsiders come together?
| 13 +

Wronski, Ulrike (Author) Steigerwald, Kathrin (Illustrator)

It’s like a curse – every time 15-year-old Anna is interested in a boy, she can’t get a sound out. She isn’t usually lost for words, but her word centre regularly leaves her in the lurch when Niklas is around. Her friends aren’t much use, either: one is too shy, the other too direct. The French au pair, Manon, on the other hand, is constantly attracting men and turns out to be a real expert on style and how to flirt. Anna is about to put her newly acquired knowledge into practice, when Finn, a friend from her primary school days, bursts in on the conversation and turns out to be rather nice!
Complete with flirt test and practical styling tips
| 12 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Liepins, Carolin (Illustrator)

Blunderblog! Betty’s best – new from Juma Kliebenstein

Betty is 14 and since her last birthday has at last been the proud owner of a laptop! What better reason to share the details of her chaotic life with others? So she starts to write a blog. This deals not only with the size of her boobs (more or less zilch…) and the question of how to get to know boys (success: also more or less zilch), but also about mothers who serve cocoa at birthday parties, bits of toilet paper hanging out of pants and babysitter jobs that go hopelessly wrong. Betty seems to find putting her foot in it wherever she possibly can utterly irresistible!
Funny, frank, young girls will recognize and laugh out loud at the situations told in authentic social network style in this novel.

| 12 +

Hasselbusch, Birgit (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

School trip, suspicions, snogging
Fourteen-year-old Lu is overjoyed: her crush Noah went out with her to the cinema! So now she is more excited than ever about their school trip to the island of Amrum, where they will surely get together. But that’s easier said than done: as soon as she takes her eyes off Noah, he is flirting with Jenny from Berlin. No matter what Lu wants to do with Noah, the cheeky girl from Berlin is always close on their heels. And on top of this, Lu’s mother suddenly appears on the island. How embarrassing is that! How will Lu manage to conquer Noah’s heart now?
| 12 +

Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Weise, Frauke (Illustrator)

Back on set? Lucky was a real childhood star, but now she’s 15 and sadly right out of the picture! But that could soon change: Lucky has been invited to the auditions for One-day love, her favourite director’s new film. All she needs now is a new coach now that her old drama teacher of the white guru pants has sent her packing. That Lucky’s new coach is her schoolmate constantly and repeatedly lovelorn Iago, does not make things easier – but it does make them more exciting … | 13 +

Hasselbusch, Birgit (Author)

Ex Trouble, Tactics, Triumph
Everything's going wrong for 13-year-old Pia just now. Not only has Nick, her boyfriend, finished with her, but her father has just fallen head over heels in love! And before she knows it, Dad's new flame is moving in and bringing Philip, her son, with her. Pia immediately writes off the unwanted addition to the family as a complete idiot, of course. But when Pia ends up in her school’s musical project group with Philipp and Nick, she suddenly discovers that having a new brother can be quite practical. Because with Philipp, who's in the year above her, she can make Nick really jealous…
Full of situation comedy and witty repartee, Birgit Hasselbusch’s novel is all about first-time romance and heartache – and why it is always good to have an ace up your sleeve if you want to win the Jack of Hearts.
| 12 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

Guitar riffs, drum beats, rocking rhythms! Let the music begin.
Who would have thought that Martin and Karli, the pair who used to be such losers, could get even cooler after their experiences at a holiday camp? Now they’re even planning to form a real rock band. That’s easier said than done, though, as they soon discover the path to fame and fortune is lined with problems, pitfalls and pink-faced embarrassment.
Juma Kliebenstein’s sequel to the bestselling The Day I Started to be Cool is even funnier and even cheekier; its two antiheroes are even more lovable! Full of slapstick, word play and hilarious ups and downs.

| 10 +

Girod, Anke (Author) Melcher, Lea (Illustrator)

A love list.

14 and starting a new school? Ugh - talk about complicated! But Luv knows how to get her life into order: with her beloved lists. And, in fact, her new life isn’t so bad. She quickly sets up a makeshift barn in the garden so that she and her friends can pursue their hobby of upcycling. But what good are her lists when gorgeous Liam from Theatre Club appears in her life and intruders wreck her barn? And what does the anonymous list-writer want all of a sudden?

With brilliant upcyclying ideas for readers to try themselves, and illustrations inspired by bullet journaling - ideal for creative minds either with or without a propensity for lists!
| 12 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

Martin is fat (although he would call himself “chubby”). He also wears a large pair of red-rimmed glasses that his mum thinks are “dead smart” and he’s hopeless at sports. Instead he is well up on science and good with computers. Karli is Martin’s best friend. Karli is thin and weedy and no more athletic than Martin. When he gets excited, his voice goes all high and squeaky, and he uses sticky tape to glue his sticky-out ears flat to his head.
Martin and Karli would love to be cool, as cool as the Fab Five, the coolest boys in their class. The Fab Five think Martin and Karli are totally uncool and never tire of making the pair’s lives a misery by doing rotten things to them, like pouring smelly old cream that’s gone off into their satchels. But then Martin and Karli see their chance to take revenge! They happen to hear that the Fabs are planning to break into the outdoor swimming pool at night. But the pair’s plan goes horribly wrong. Before the Fabs turn up at the baths, Karli and Martin decide to take a dip themselves. Unfortunately, Martin becomes wedged in the baby elephant slide with the huge blue ears – stuck so fast there, in fact, that he can neither move forwards nor backwards!
But then they have to take their punishment for the night-time escapade, which means they going on a camping trip with Dad and Grandpa to France – without any Nintendos, MP3 players or computer magazines to keep them amused. Instead they have to work their way down Grandpa’s good scouts’ list. Will they ever find the time to get through their own list of way to get cool, for which a slinky walk and playing football are two absolute musts? The holiday turns out to be absolutely brilliant....

A rip-roaring, hilarious story with lots of slapstick!

| 10 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

At Last: Things Get Even Cooler!

The third and final volume of one of Germany’s most successful “boy books”

The Freaks are back! After their mega-successful gig at the end of the summer term, Martin’s and Karli’s band has been voted the school’s band, and Karli’s grandpa has even let them have his garage as a rehearsal space. Everything would be perfect if only Martin knew how to tell Luna how he feels about her. And then there’s Shirin ... But then a welcome diversion intervenes and saves Martin from his emotional traumas: he and Karli meet a real live rock star who takes them with him on a thrilling journey ... The third volume in the ultra-cool series by Juma Kliebenstein.

More than 140,000 copies sold of her series! | 10 +

Lund, Silja (Author)

Hit or miss? Real or fake? Leonie in love, and in chaos.

Leonie (14) is completely obsessed with her YouTube channel, “Glamourama”. Being styled to within an inch of her life is the most important thing ever. So Niklas, the boy she fancies, would be the perfect match for her. He’s incredibly good looking - but, unfortunately, already has a girlfriend, namely the perfect Laura. Leonie is going to change this, though. She turns shy new boy Frederic into a stunning heartbreaker. Will Laura take the bait and dump Niklas? And who has Leonie really got her eye on? Does personality matter more than looks, when it comes down to it?

The rollercoaster of puberty combined with glamour, friendship dramas and relationship issues.
YouTube influencers - hot topic for pre-teens.
Book comes with its own YouTube song.
| 11 +

Crämer, Jana (Author) Pauluth, Josephine (Illustrator)

Be yourself – beyond comparison!

This book will do you good. There’s space here for everything: your strengths, your weaknesses, your deepest desires, your fears, your memories, your courage and your strength. It’s a journal, a companion along the path that leads to you, and most of all: a friend made of paper. What would life be without friends? And what if you could love yourself as much as you love your best friend?
For a long time, I didn’t know who or how I wanted to be. I was always trying to please everyone so much that I didn’t notice that I stopped liking myself. In this book, I will tell you how I got the song inside me to ring out again. Come on, let’s write your story together – I’m really looking forward to it!

Confidence-inspiring activity book by the well-known German blogger Jana Crämer

Inspirational message: body positivity instead of the compulsion for Instagram optimisation

Fun challenges and lots of space for making notes and finding yourself | 12 +

Crämer, Jana (Author) Pauluth, Josephine (Illustrator)

Inspiring new activity book by the renowned body positivity messenger – packed with suggestions and encouragement

Jana Crämer hasn’t always had it easy, but she has always made the best of it. Being happy isn’t the same as being perfect: this much has Jana learned. This is also her message, and forms the basis of her second activity book. Includes anecdotes and quotations from her own life, full of ideas and encouraging exercises and with loads of space to write in. This book is like your best friend, a new and inspiring activity book by the renowned body positive blogger.

Be who you are! Blogger Jana motivates her readers to accept themselves as they are | 12 +

Kraußeneck, Thekla (Author)

Seeking the thirteen Hounds of Hell: the greatest adventure of Cronos World.

Zack died in the attack on Galaxy Tower, but Lachlan is trying to revive him as an avatar in Cronos Cube. When he succeeds, the two friends in Cronos set off to find the powerful thirteen Hounds of Hell. However, they need to get a move on. For Henry, who is in charge of the gymnastics club, is just a few paces behind them, and is about to enslave mankind. Can Zack and Lachlan stop him?

Thrilling finale: fast-paced and thrilling!
Two role-model heroes do battle with the evil powers of the future.
Sci-Fi and fantasy: futuristic fiction for digital natives. | 14 +

Kraußeneck, Thekla (Author)

Virtual reality novel for digital native readers – combines the gaming scene with a dramatic dystopian setting

Zack slowly starts to recover. Everything hurts. He spent three months in solitary confinement. Now the monitoring organisation META has incarcerated him in Gundremmingen, a prison camp, where he has to dispose of radioactive waste. The reason? The whole of Europe believes him to be the terrorist Orion, who posts videos of attacks on the internet. But Zack knows that Lachlan is behind the videos. And Lachlan is no longer behaving like the friend he once was. Fortunately Zack encounters an old female friend who’s willing to help him. Can he prove his innocence to the world? And can he stop Lachlan in his tracks?

| 14 +

Kraußeneck, Thekla (Author)

Fast-moving sci-fi fantasy in the age of totalitarian surveillance.

After his friend Zack has freed him from his kidnappers’ clutches, Lachlan hides in the south of Ireland to plan the next steps in his resistance against the surveillance state: Lachlan’s mentor, Griffin, has asked him to obtain the mighty weapon Erion for him, and to do that, he has to go behind Zack’s back. Zack, in turn, is under pressure from the surveillance organisation META to capture Griffin before he can plunge the world into chaos with Lachlan’s help.
The friends are being played off against each other and no longer know whom to trust. Who is really pulling the strings? Their friendship is once more tested to the limit as Lachlan and Zack battle their way not only through the real, but also through the virtual Cronos fantasy world.

Virtual reality and coming of age for a digitally savvy readership. Book 2 in the terrifyingly well told gaming series. | 14 +

Lüftner, Kai (Author) (Illustrator)

Sam, Svea, Momo, Bent und Li-Ho have successfully passed the legendary Tesuto despite all the apparently insurmountable obstacles and mishaps involved.

Finally they are starting their first year at the Academy, where they are about to embark on their Level 1 training, the so-called Ashigura. But even more excitingly, they are allowed to take part in their first ever competition. And if Sam weren’t already nervous enough, he has to encounter his father - and Kent, “The Bullet”, puts yet more obstacles in his way…

- Volume 3 of the fast-paced Ninja series - five extraordinary kids, and heaps of action!
- Not your normal school day - the Ninja Academy is a gripping read for all 9+ girls and boys.
- By the successful children’s author Kai Lüftner.

9 +