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Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Sohr, Daniel (Illustrator)

A storybook packed with exciting and turbulent adventures to read aloud. For all police fans, young and not so young!
The many colour pictures make these varied stories even more appealing to small children.
You can look at them together and read them aloud.
| 4 +

    Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Sohr, Daniel (Illustrator)

    Off to the crime scene at lightning speed with blue lights flashing! This storybook is packed with adventures! While Max is searching for his lost budgie, the police let him sit in a real police car, and John finds a magical police cap.
    Children will have great fun with these 13 exciting police stories and illustrations full of realistic detail.
    | 4 +

      Napp, Daniel (Author) Napp, Daniel (Illustrator)

      Neenawneenaw – here comes the police! What a lot of different noises! The telephone rings at the police station, the ambulance siren wails and the dog barks. And what sound does the police car make?

      This board book explains the activities of the police to the very young.
      Encourages small fans of big vehicles to join in on the sounds | 12 months +

        Egger, Sonja (Illustrator)

        I want to be a policeman. But what does a real policeman do all day? The children find out with Lars. Lars pays a visit to a proper police station, where he meets the police dog, Timmi. He listens in on the emergency calls that come in and even accompanies the policemen on a real call-out. During the police open day, Lars even wins the ride-on car race, too. | 3 +

          Häfner, Carla (Author) Sturm, Carola (Illustrator)

          Four small and very special picture dictionaries on the perennial favourite themes of “the forest”, “the farm”, “motor vehicles” and “animals”. Alongside the classic and delightful illustrations, each new word is also explained by means of short and catchy rhymes. These help to imprint these new acquisitions in the minds of small children, who will also enjoy the playful element as they look at the pictures and repeat the rhymes along with you. | 18 months +

            Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Marshall, Anna (Illustrator)

            There are lots of amazing things for tiny tots to discover here!

            Every page has a slider that can be pulled in and out to change the pictures. So there’s lots more to discover about the vehicles than can be seen at first glance – as well as some funny surprises!

            With the Pull & Discover series, children aged 18 months and over playfully get to know their environment, while the subjects and illustrations encourage them to start learning to talk.

            | 24 months +

              Nahrgang, Frauke (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

              Wanted: Father Christmas! Because PC Warden mistakes Father Christmas for a burglar, he takes him down to the police station. And Father Christmas is already behind with his present deliveries this year! What a good thing Max goes looking for him – after all, Father Christmas should have arrived long since … | 3 +

                Böhm, Anna (Author) Wultschner, Ramona (Illustrator)

                Lovable Heroes in Tricky Police Missions

                Themes close to children’s hearts: animal protection and friendship

                There’s no case that can’t be solved with brains, wit and friendship

                One morning, Flopson the red panda wakes up and discovers that her friend Tjalle the streaked tenrec, has disappeared. Flopson scents a crime, and leaves her safe cage to try to rescue Tjalle. In the process, she encounters Fridolin, a mini dwarf pony. He joins in with her search, but instead of finding Tjalle, they find the injured blue tit Meili. Together, the three of them seek sanctuary in a disused police car. However, the grumpy Syrian hamster Jack has already taken up residence there and doesn’t want to share his home with uninvited guests. But when they find an important clue pointing to the whereabouts of Tjalle, the four very different animals join forces. Only together can they solve the mystery – as THE ANIMAL POLICE!

                The new children’s series by Unipig creator Anna Böhm – second book in the series will be published in autumn 2021

                8 +

                  Fox & Sheep (Author) Schwarz, Thies (Illustrator)

                  Based on the Highly Successful Children’s Apps

                  The apps are available in 180 countries and 13 languages!

                  A summons reaches the Little Fire Station: a mysterious animal needs to be rescued from a tree. But what is this creature which is stuck in the treetop? The Little Fire Station crew and their engine are always ready to race to any emergency. But when Grumpy Gertrude thinks her afternoon nap is being disturbed by loud animal noises, a rather different adventure awaits them. For which animal says “Miaowoof ”? And how can it be rescued from the tree: with a trampoline, a human ladder, or, if it comes to it, a rocket? | 3 +

                    Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator) | further

                    The Oggly detectives are afraid of nothing!

                    Run for your life! Zombies are on the loose at the old cemetery in London! The chief of police decides that this is a case for the Oggly detectives! Paddock and his team boldly conceal themselves between the graves at nightfall, and their plan produces results: in the middle of the night, they spot a dark figure climbing out of his tomb.

                    Book 22 in the series featuring Paddock and co! Pure suspense and plenty of Oggly action in handy pocket size: each crime story comes with a collector’s corner, English vocabulary list and detective tips!
                    | 8 +

                      Raab, Dorothee (Author) Abel, Bettina (Illustrator)

                      You know all that! A treasury of words to last a long time
                      A real treasure trove for young explorers! Small children love to look at and name the things they know over and over again and to learn new ones, as well. The 70 colourful and faithfully detailed pictures with the corresponding words give kiddies lasting pleasure. Children will always find something here they recognise or that surprises them – for example toys, vehicles, clothing, animals, plants, colours, shapes and lots more! Recognising and naming for the tiniest tots – trains perception and language skills.
                      | 12 months +