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Hassenmüller, Heidi (Author) Schürmann, Kerstin (Illustrator)

In Our Midst – Forced Marriages In Germany
When Malika reaches puberty, everything changes. As the daughter of a conservative Muslim family, she must now obey strict rules, wearing a scarf to cover her hair and living by her family’s traditional values. Malika does her best to be what her parents consider to be a “good” Muslim. But deep down inside, she is plagued by doubts. Is this really how she wants to live her life? | 13 +

    Steffan, Philipp (Author)

    Clear message: Speak out against right-wing extremism!

    Right-wing populism is constantly gaining ground. But how do you identify right-wing ideas, and more than anything, how do you deal with them? These are the questions the highly acclaimed young association Tadel verpflichtet e.V. poses with its educational initiative diskursiv, which is publishing this practical little book providing some powerful reasoning to support arguments against right-wing populism; tailored to a young readership and practice-related with conversation tactics, tips and suggested solutions. | 14 +

      Martin, Peer (Author)

      Calvin, 19, used to be a neo-Nazi, but his love for a Syrian girl called Nuri taught him to see things differently. He has now left his old gang, changed his name and identity – and managed to opt out of the neo-Nazi scene altogether.
      But he has lost Nuri.
      In the fire, right at the end, he made her a promise: to get thirteen-year-old Jinan out of Syria. Casting common sense to the wind and disregarding all the rules, he sets out with Nuri’s brother, Kamal, for the country from which hundreds of people flee every day.
      While Calvin’s former friend Pascal is trying to track down and do away with Nuri’s parents in Berlin, Calvin’s path takes him through devastated towns and winter mountains. He witnesses destruction and violence, torture and death, but time and again also experiences a hospitality he has never known before. When he falls into the hands of the IS, he is determined never to give up the search because only by finding and rescuing Jinan can he also, in his own way, find his way back to Nuri again.

      In Winter so Far, Peer Martin continues the gripping story begun in "The Summer of Black Wings".
      | 14 +

        Scheerer, Susanne (Author) von Sperber, Annabelle (Illustrator)

        Families are like a rainbow – they come in every colour.
        How come Oscar has two mummies, Tilly wonders. Her big sister, Frieda, explains that Oscar’s mummies badly wanted a baby but couldn’t make their wish come true. Then they met Tilly’s and Frieda’s parents and Frieda’s and Tilly’s daddy donated some sperm to Oscar’s mummies. That’s how Oscar came to be born and a great wish turned into an even greater miracle.

        Two Mummies for Oscar deals with the topical subject of “rainbow families”: vivid, descriptive and written in child-appropriate language, the book makes it easy for parents and teachers to talk about diversity to children of three and over.
        | 4 +

          Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator)

          Although they come from totally different backgrounds, Cliff and Alain are fascinated by each other, and Margareta, whom they have known since they were small, has always stood between them. Then Cliff converts to Islam and disappears. When he returns, it soon becomes clear that he is there on an assignment: to plan a “Day of Blood” for IS. Alain wants to save his friend – and the police actually do succeed in preventing the worst, but Cliff and Alain die. Only Margareta will live.

          With "The Assassins", Antonia Michaelis offers an unsettling glimpse into the dark abyss of terrorism.
          Absolutely topical: A teenager becomes an IS warrior
          As dark and poetic as "The Storyteller"
          | 16 +

            Poppe, Grit (Author)

            Love and betrayal in the shadow of the Berlin Wall.

            1988. Jana is fifteen and lives in East Germany. She had never questioned the system before – not until she fell in love with Jacob. But her wonderful feelings are mixed up with doubt and anger. Doubt because Jacob has applied for an emigration permit. Will the day soon arrive when she may never see him again? Anger because Jana’s line-towing parents want to stop her from seeing Jacob. Then Jacob really does disappear – he is locked up. Jana's world comes crashing about her head. She is prepared to do all she can to help him. But why oh why doesn’t he answer her letters.
            Jacob is having a terrible time in prison. He thinks about Jana all the time. Why doesn’t he hear anything from her? In 1992, Jana discovers that it was her father who betrayed Jacob. He had been an unofficial member of the Stasi, the East German state security service. Jana is devastated and has terrible feelings of guilt! She simply must find Jacob…
            25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall: a controversial piece of GDR history for the first time in a literary context by the award-winning author of the bestselling novel Locked Away.
            | 14 +

              Martin, Peer (Author) Büro Süd GmbH (Illustrator)

              An eye-opening book: unsettling, poetic, socially enlightening.
              Socially enlightening young adult literature of the very highest standard
              Nuri is from Syria and lives at a home for asylum seekers. Calvin lives just a few doors down the road and is a member of a right-wing teenage gang. When the two meet each other, Nuri tells him about her native village on the edge of the desert and how beautiful it was, but that then the wings of evil swooped down and cast their shadow across the land. The more Calvin learns about the girl with the dark eyes, the more he falls in love with her. Calvin decides to leave his gang – but getting away from his old friends isn’t so easy.
              A moving love story amid social conflict, full of poetry and beauty. A painfully frank portrait of society with a Romeo and Juliet story all its own.

              SUMMER UNDER BLAC WINGS won the German Youth Literature Award in 2016!

              “With deep insight Peer Martin depicts the ground on which hatred grows, and in precise detail he describes the mechanisms at work within the group. This makes the story credible. But Martin’s novel is much more than an educational work. It is gripping and moving, and it takes its life from characters one does not want to be parted from.” Neue Zürcher Zeitung

              “A multilayered book that makes the reader sit up and think; an incitement to resist every form of Neo-Nazism.” (Büchermagazin 04/2015) | 16 +

                Nitschke, Julia (Author) Schultz, Ruth (Author)

                Say What You Think. Do What You Think is Right

                The self-help book for life: political, provocative, informative and inspiring

                Which prejudices are you secretly harbouring? Can boys be feminists too? And why is it sometimes so hard to say no?

                You don’t just get your opinions from out of the blue. You have to form them yourself. Sounds like hard work? Well, it is. But it’s good fun too! The co-authors Ruth and Julia take you with them on a journey to find yourself and to engage with the hot topics of our times. So grab a pen and set off – this book can’t function without you!

                For teenagers and young adults seeking a fun challenge | For teenagers and adults

                  Poppe, Grit (Author)

                  Never give up! Escape from the youth detention centre. GDR, 1988: Anja’s mother applies for a departure permit to leave East Germany and is arrested by the secret police, the Stasi. The 14-year-old is placed in a youth detention centre under the administration of the Juvenile Welfare Department. Shocked by the high-handedness of the educators, the violence and the drill, Anja soon has only one thought in her mind: escape. But things get even worse…

                  A gripping novel about tyrannical treatment and violence at the youth detention centre in the GDR. Carefully researched by the author, who was herself a member of the “Democracy Now!” movement. With a glossary and chronicle of the regime change in the appendix. | 14 +

                    Martin, Peer (Author) Andersen, Nils (Illustrator)

                    When everything has been taken from you, you have nothing to lose. Nineteen-year-old Canadian Mathis accompanies Hope, an 11-year-old Somali, as he flees right across South America. The two have barely set out, when two shady characters start following them – and they are not the only threat to confront Hope and Mathis on their breath-taking journey. As they travel through the Amazon rainforest, across the Panamericana highway and on the roof of a high-speed goods train speeding along, death lurks in the shadows on all sides; they barely escape with their lives on more than one occasion. Will the pair make it to freedom?

                    - Fast-paced, political adventure novel touching on controversial topics, such as climate change, refugees and world politics
                    - Highly topical, captivating and disturbing. Exceptionally absorbing right from the very first page
                    - With vignettes, notes and additional information for each chapter
                    - Topical, gripping and unsettling: the latest novel by German Youth Literature Prize laureate Peer Martin | 16 +

                      Poppe, Grit (Author)

                      First, You Betray Your Conscience. Then You Betray Your Family

                      A teen fiction first: young people in the GDR being turned into unofficial collaborators by the Stasi

                      When his grandmother has to move to a care home, Sebastian has to move in with his father, who left their family when Sebastian was just a baby. He feels no connection with this man who served a life sentence and barely addresses a word to him. It is, however, better than going back to that dreadful children’s home which Social Services initially placed him in – and where he came to care secretly about Katja, who ran away. One day, though, a man appears at Sebastian’s school and forces him to agree to spy on his teachers and schoolmates. He turns him into an unofficial Stasi collaborator, and persuades him to spy on his own father. | 14 +

                        Steffan, Philipp (Author) Morfeld, Caroline (Author) Gralke, Tobias (Author)

                        Recognising right-wing language patterns: the highly topical follow-up to "Say Something!".

                        Why is language so important? Because HOW we say something is fundamentally linked to WHAT we say. In this new volume, the activist organisation “Tadel verpflichtet! e.V.” exposes right-wing populist language and the world view behind it. Practical examples help the reader to judge difficult situations accurately, and to counter them politely but radically.

                        Clear Message: Speak out against right-wing extremism!

                        More than 25.000 copies of "Say Something!" sold! | 12 +

                          Stein, Maike (Author) Crenshaw, Carina (Illustrator)

                          An award-worthy love story about two girls

                          Berlin, in the early summer of 1961, when the border between East and West is no more than a white dividing line on the streets of the city. The passport controls are a nuisance, but they don’t stop either Marie or Lennie from crossing over because they have found each other, found a love both had believed impossible. Nothing can separate them – or so they think. But in the August of that year, the construction of the Berlin Wall tears the city – and the two girls - apart. Marie is faced with an impossible decision: Should she stay with her father and younger brother and give up all the dreams she shares with Lennie? Or should she risk making an escape to West Berlin, to Lennie, and never see her family again?

                          - Perfect to mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
                          - Excellently researched: a credible escape that really could have taken place | 14 +

                            Kraußeneck, Thekla (Author)

                            Virtual reality novel for digital native readers – combines the gaming scene with a dramatic dystopian setting

                            Zack slowly starts to recover. Everything hurts. He spent three months in solitary confinement. Now the monitoring organisation META has incarcerated him in Gundremmingen, a prison camp, where he has to dispose of radioactive waste. The reason? The whole of Europe believes him to be the terrorist Orion, who posts videos of attacks on the internet. But Zack knows that Lachlan is behind the videos. And Lachlan is no longer behaving like the friend he once was. Fortunately Zack encounters an old female friend who’s willing to help him. Can he prove his innocence to the world? And can he stop Lachlan in his tracks?

                            | 14 +

                              Kraußeneck, Thekla (Author)

                              Fast-moving sci-fi fantasy in the age of totalitarian surveillance.

                              After his friend Zack has freed him from his kidnappers’ clutches, Lachlan hides in the south of Ireland to plan the next steps in his resistance against the surveillance state: Lachlan’s mentor, Griffin, has asked him to obtain the mighty weapon Erion for him, and to do that, he has to go behind Zack’s back. Zack, in turn, is under pressure from the surveillance organisation META to capture Griffin before he can plunge the world into chaos with Lachlan’s help.
                              The friends are being played off against each other and no longer know whom to trust. Who is really pulling the strings? Their friendship is once more tested to the limit as Lachlan and Zack battle their way not only through the real, but also through the virtual Cronos fantasy world.

                              Virtual reality and coming of age for a digitally savvy readership. Book 2 in the terrifyingly well told gaming series. | 14 +