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Haberstock, Meike (Author) Haberstock, Meike (Illustrator)

Fee, the dwarf hippo, wants to take part in a beauty contest for horses, but when she gets there, Fee turns quite pale, because all the other contestants are such beautiful horses. Luckily, Tilly Trouserbutton comes up with a great idea: she simply takes away the horses’ mega-glitter-gleam oil, mane extensions and high heels, and in the blink of an eye, the pretty prancing ponies look more like old nags!

Innovative concept for the new “second reader”
Hilarious, amusing and a little bit crazy: perfect for all really keen beginning readers. | 7 +

Haberstock, Meike (Author) Haberstock, Meike (Illustrator)

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! When Holly goes to the market with her friends, Herbert the timid aardvark’s cheese-and-mud camouflage gets noticed – and no wonder: there’s a WANTED poster of him on every corner!
And if someone notices him, he will have to go back to the zoo! So he decides he would rather hide in the secret overseas container. But that doesn’t suit Sheriff Louis and Tilly one little bit… A bit of bother surely wouldn’t harm in their opinion. Quite the opposite, in fact!”

Innovative concept for the new “second reader”
Hilarious, amusing and a little bit crazy: perfect for all really keen beginning readers.
| 7 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

Rhymes, riddles and shuttles: the lyrical treasures of Paul Maar, with colourful illustrations by Ute Krause. Almost too good to give to anyone but yourself as a present! The Jaguar and Neinguar collection with over 200 poems and rhymes by Paul Maar is a treasure trove that reveals the diversity and broad spectrum of his lyrical works. There are dragons, witches, the positive and negative big cats Jaguar and Neinguar, and other animals; goodnight stories, riddle and shuttle rhymes, two-liners and counting rhymes as well as a colourful bouquet of impudent Sat poems. Ute Krause’s amusing, cheeky illustrations match the tone of the poems perfectly and make reading them twice the pleasure! Beautifully bound with a linen spine and ribbon book mark | 12 months +

Maar, Paul (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

Diverse and colourful, that’s how everything I write is! And that is how versatile Paul Maar is.
Paul Maar exceeds himself in this beautiful compendium and uses the full spectrum of his many talents. Delightfully witty poems, nonsense rhymes, interactive ideas, tantalising tongue twisters and charming stories about the Little Kangaroo provide ample reading material for an entire year. All of the texts centre on animals, a favourite topic with children, and are beautifully illustrated by Nina Dulleck – a truly gorgeous book for children of 6 and over and their parents!
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Wish dot chaos: a polar bear for Mr Pocketbeer!

Mr Pocketbeer doesn’t believe the Sat can make any wish come true for him and loses a wish dot every time! That’s why he decides to make a wish for something completely impossible: he asks for snow! And before he knows it, he and the Sat are knee-deep in a freezing snowstorm in their flat. And if that weren’t enough – here come a polar bear and their nosy landlady, Mrs Redcabbage. How on earth is Mr Pocketbeer going to explain all this?

The second Sat adventure revised for beginning readers and with lots of new illustrations by the author!
| 7 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Oh no! The wish dots on the Sat’s face are disappearing! High time for Mr Pocketbeer to finish building his wish machine! He’s got it hidden in Mrs Redcabbage’s attic. He makes a wish for him and the Sat to be transported there as fast as possible. But they end up in the wrong attic and find themselves face to face with an angry caretaker. Luckily, the Sat and Mr Pocketbeer manage to escape by making another wish, and this time they land right beside the wish machine. At last Mr Pocketbeer can try it out. And what’s the first thing he wishes for? Loads of money! It works, and the whole room is suddenly filled with coins and banknotes – but all in the wrong currency. | 7 +

Steckelmann, Petra (Author) Specht, Miryam (Illustrator)

Oh my goodness, a lump of wood that can actually speak. Master carpenter Antonio can’t help feeling there’s something very odd about this and quickly gives the wood to his friend, Gepetto, the wood carver. He will know what to do with it, he tells himself. And Antonio is quite right because before very long, Gepetto has chipped away at the wood and created a charmingly mischievous puppet, Pinocchio – and the first thing Pinocchio does is to stick out his tongue at Gepetto.
The retelling of this popular classic is suitable for children of three and over.

| 3 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Swoboda, Annette (Illustrator)

A goodnight favourite: when the animals are asleep. Children aren’t the only ones who have to go to bed: piglet, the birds, sheep and the little dragon do, too. A goodnight book to charm the tots – with funny rhymes by Paul Maar and pretty pictures by Annette Swoboda. | 24 months +

Steinhöfel, Dirk (Author) Steinhöfel, Dirk (Illustrator)

The power of imagination and the magic of books!
What effect do books have on people? Like Alice in Wonderland, the girl suddenly disappears through a gateway into an unfamiliar world. Dirk Steinhöfel takes his readers into landscapes of pristine beauty, down into deep wells, up to tall mountain peaks, and through fire, ice and deserts. Each of the different stops along their way is accompanied and inspired by books, and Steinhöfel finds images of tremendous creative power that illustrate the magic of literature. A wonderfully artistic journey into the realm of fantasy with magnificent pictures of enchanting beauty. For everyone who believes in the power of words!
| 14 +