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Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

Great vehicle heroes for our youngest readers!
Digger driver Paul has lots to do every day, sitting on his digger from morning till night, loading up the lorry with sand and digging the foundation pit for the new house. And at the end of the day, he really is very tired and goes home.

Early learning for the very young with an interactive slider for moving the fire hose on the cover.

| from age 2

Rahn, Sabine (Author) Offermann, Andrea (Illustrator)

Who could ever tire of hearing about Neverland? One night, Wendy and her brothers have a visitor: a boy called Peter Pan and a tiny fairy turn up in their room. The two show them how to fly and take them along to Neverland – a place inhabited by mermaids, Indians and real live pirates. J. M. Barrie’s classic retold for young listeners, with beautiful, atmospheric illustrations by Andrea Offermann. | from age 4

Niessen, Susan (Author) Schulze, Marc-Alexander (Illustrator)

Cheer up, Mr Zoomzemann!
Oh dear, oh dear! Mr Zoomzemann the May bug is feeling miserable. That’s because he has only five legs – the sixth is swaying from a solitary birch tree. Luckily for the frightened May bug, the children Peter and Anneli are there to help. Together they set out on the dangerous journey to the moon and several friends help them along the way.

An adventure about courage and friendship, retold for young listeners with evocative illustrations.
| from age 4

Niessen, Susan (Author) Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

One night, a strange boy appears in Wendy’s bedroom. He calls himself Peter Pan, he can fly and he even has a real elf called Tinkerbell with him. Peter tells Wendy about his home – Neverland – and persuades her to go there with him. In Neverland, Wendy meets Peter’s friends, the Lost Boys, and has all kinds of adventures with them. But then the boys and Wendy are kidnapped by the dreadful Captain Hook. Luckily, Peter comes to their rescue. | from age 3

Niessen, Susan (Author) Schulze, Marc-Alexander (Illustrator)

All May bugs have five legs. Five? But surely they should have one more! Correct, but due to an unfortunate accident, Zoomzemann’s sixth leg landed on the moon a long time ago. Peter and Anneli want to help May bug Zoomzemann get his leg back. On their exciting journey across the Star Field, the Milky Way and the Sea of Clouds, the three have lots of exciting adventures.
This retelling of the charming story is suitable for children of three and over.
| from age 3

Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

Picture-book wonderland! The eight best-loved children’s classics in one book. Twelve illustrated double pages for each classic, all retold in age-appropriate language. It contains: PETER PAN, HEIDI, LITTLE PETER’S TRIP TO THE MOON, ALI BABA AND THE 40 THIEVES, NILS HOLGERSSON, ALICE IN WUNDERLAND, THE WIZARD OF OZ and PINOCCHIO.
The perfect present!
| from age 3

Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator)

Out into the leafy outdoors: forest discoveries with Peter Wohlleben and Pete the squirrel

Pete the squirrel is sad because he has no family in the woods. Peter the forester comforts Pete and explains that even trees live in families. Now this is something Pete really wants to see, so the pair sets out to look for tree children and their parents. Along the way, they meet a wolf, a dangerous hawk and a horse and see a conifer plantation. All they fail to find are tree families – until they reach the beech wood. Back at the forester’s lodge, Pete begins to feel sad again because he is still all alone. Will Peter perhaps let him stay?

Do You Know Where the Tree Children Are? by Peter Wohlleben is a heart-warming story with a small and lovable hero who introduces children to woodland and nature in a unique way.
| from age 4

Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator) Herrmann, Dagmar (Illustrator)

Explore the woods, discover the surprises they hold and have fun with Peter Wohlleben! Do trees have a language of their own? Do tree children have a nursery? Why are wild animals frightened of people? Peter Wohlleben answers questions that are unusual, original and often very funny. His easy-to-understand and nearly always surprising answers help children to see life in the woods with new eyes. The gifted storyteller draws on his decades of experience as a forest ranger as well as the latest research findings.

An appeal for people to be more mindful in their attitude to the environment, nature protection and sustainability by bestselling author Peter Wohlleben.
| from age 6

Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator) Herrmann, Dagmar (Illustrator)

How clever are dung beetles? Which animals live in the water butt? Why does a fawn have spots on its back?
Peter Wohlleben takes you on a tour of the animals that live close to where you live: in the woods, in the garden, by the water and in the house. You get to see hedgehogs and mosquitoes have their babies, watch them eat, defend themselves and sometimes also when they are ill. You will learn so much about all manner of creatures – from the thunderfly to the wolf – that you didn’t know before!

-\x09For all children and everyone else who’s interested in animals aged six or over – for reading aloud or to yourself
-\x09Peter Wohlleben knows the secrets of the animal world and his sensitive narrative tone sparks children’s interest and enthusiasm for nature’s delicate wonders | from age 6

Korthues, Barbara (Illustrator)

Heidi – child of the mountains. Heidi loves the mountains. But then her aunt takes her away to Frankfurt, where she meets Clara, a crippled girl. The two immediately become friends, but that doesn’t stop Heidi from missing her mountains, her grandfather and the alm more and more every day. Then one day, Clara’s father has a real surprise for Heidi! Johanna Spyri’s classic retold for young children. | from age 4

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Schössow, Peter (Illustrator)

Luki-live was perfectly normal up to the summer holidays, but since he came back from England, everything has changed. You see, Luki-live has decided to become a character. He only wears second-hand clothes (in protest against fashion terror), rides an ancient bike (in protest against consumerism), knits (to relax) and in future only wants to say what he really thinks. This naturally gets him into a lot of trouble ... | from age 12

Daugherty, C.J. (Author) Liepins, Carolin (Illustrator)

| from age 14

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Nilson, Peter (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

Grump-fart-giant holes: What’s happened here?
Swiss cheese: Great big holes in the walls of London buildings present the Oggly detectives with a real mystery. At first, it looks as though rotten burglars had used the holes to make their way into other people's homes, but then the Oggly detectives make an important discovery: The paintings of a mysterious artist were on the missing pieces of wall. Can the Oggly detectives be able to track down the art thieves?
| from age 8

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Nilson, Peter (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

Foul play with the Oggly detectives!
Firebomb Jack has his people everywhere – even in London’s infamous gambling den, where Mikado-Mitsy, a cunning con artist, does her evil best to cheat people out of their winnings. What evil is her boss – the infamous villain Firebomb Jack – planning now?

| from age 8

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Nilson, Peter (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

Witching hour! The Oggly detectives have been engaged for a special assignment of the spooky variety. Mysterious ghostly apparitions have been scaring the guardsmen away from the Tower of London, a popular tourist attraction. Mister Paddock and his team spend a night inside the stronghold in a bid to put an end to all the silly talk of ghosts. But they soon discover that things really aren’t as they should be. | from age 8

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Nilson, Peter (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

A pirate treasure in London? Hard to believe, but a mysterious board game that turns out to be a map of buried treasure actually falls into their little green fingers. In their search, have the Oggly detectives stumbled on real pirate gold? | from age 8

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Nilson, Peter (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

And action! Dumpy is going to be a film star. He’s playing in a film about a gang of bank robbers who steal gold from the Bank of England. The problem is that the supposed gangsters really do seem to be more than a little interested in getting their hands on the loot. Are they taking their role a little bit too seriously? This is clearly another case for the Oggly detectives! | from age 8

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Nilson, Peter (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

Long live Mister Paddock! The famous Oggly detectives are supposed to be getting their own wax figure in Madame Tussi’s waxworks cabinet, but of course, that doesn’t please their great rival, Firebomb Jack, at all. The gangster king does everything in his power to give them hell - literally. Will the Oggly detectives be able to ward off his dastardly attacks? | from age 8

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator) Nilson, Peter (Illustrator)

Shark alert in London!
Confusion reigns at the London aquarium. Someone has evidently kidnapped the sharks – and they are the really dangerous kind! Paddock & Co investigate and very soon discover who is behind the theft. But what on earth are the kidnappers planning to do with the sharks?
| from age 8

Hans Peterson
Hans Peterson, geboren 1922 in Väring/Schweden, gehört zu den renommiertesten schwedischen Autoren des 20. Jahrhunderts und veröffentlichte mehr als einhundert Kinder- und Jugendbücher, Romane und Novellen. Er wurde u.a. mit dem schwedischen Astrid-Lindgren-Preis, der Nils-Holgersson-Plakette und dem Schwedischen Staatspreis für Literatur ausgezeichnet. "Matthias und das Eichhörnchen" erhielt 1959 den Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis.
Peter Wohlleben
Peter Wohlleben, geboren 1964, studierte Forstwirtschaft und arbeitete 23 Jahre in der Landesforstverwaltung Rheinland-Pfalz. Er kündigte, gründete 2016 eine Waldakademie und bewirtschaftet einen ökologisch orientierten Forstbetrieb. Er ist Gast in zahlreichen TV-Sendungen und gibt sein Wissen in Büchern und Seminaren, aber auch durch ungewöhnliche Waldführungen weiter.