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Lippa-Wagenmann, Henrike (Author) Uhing, Jan (Illustrator)

Found: that very special Easter present!
“Oh, what kind of an egg is that colourfully patterned one out there in the garden?” the little socks ask themselves. The sport socks immediately want to play football with it, the ladies’ socks feel it should be hung up as a decoration, but the medical sock realises that it’s alive. And so the little socks all keep the egg snug and warm in their cosy sock drawer until the Easter Bunny finally hatches!

The new title in the successful series of Little Sock picture books. An Easter gift book for sock wearers small and large!
| 4 +

Ondracek, Claudia (Author) Schulte, Susanne (Illustrator)

Eggciting eyecatcher! The most colourful egg in the nest

It won’t take you long to spot this on your Easter table: the egg-shaped book is the big surprise in the Easter nest! The twelve read-aloud stories about Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter wreaths and Easter chicks are sweeter than any chocolate egg.

Not only is this Easter egg in book form an eye-catcher, but its 12 merry read-aloud stories also capture the imagination of little Easter bunnies and their parents.
| 3 +

Schuld, Kerstin M. (Author) Schuld, Kerstin M. (Illustrator)

Grandpa Easter Bunny tells the little rabbits everything they need to know to become proper Easter bunnies – and there’s quite a lot to learn. From the chicken run to the workshop, where they do the painting, Grandpa shows them exactly how everything has to be done. And he also knows how to make a pretty Easter nest, of course. | 24 months +

Koch, Miriam (Author) Koch, Miriam (Illustrator)

Easter Bunny Ethan paints the prettiest Easter eggs far and wide, and he finds the best hiding places, too. Everyone who finds his eggs is really happy. But on Easter morning, Ethan is very sad because, for once, he would like to find an egg himself. What a good thing his friend Bertha hid an egg especially for him.

A short story for Easter beginners about the give and take of happiness.
| 24 months +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Bogade, Maria (Illustrator)

Easter in the air! Delightful rhymes by popular author Sandra Grimm

This year, the little Easter bunnies are determined to help with the Easter preparations, so they are all busily painting eggs. Early in the morning, the bunnies set out to hide their tasty artworks and hop merrily around the gardens. And when they are tired out from all the work and ready to fall into their cots, they find a sweet surprise waiting for them on their pillows: seven brightly coloured Easter eggs!

Delightful rhymes set the mood for Easter | 18 months +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Vogel, Heike (Illustrator)

Something keeps on going “cheep, cheep, cheep”! It’s getting the little Easter bunny quite confused, and he still has all the brightly painted eggs to hide - and quickly! But the cheeping simply won’t stop. Could it be the blue tit? But no, it isn’t … at some point the little Easter bunny makes a delightful discovery: a tiny chick has hatched in the basket of Easter eggs! And so, of course, it is immediately returned to its Mummy and Daddy in the henhouse. Now it’s time for the best Easter celebrations ever to begin.

Mechanical sound – easy to trigger
| 24 months +

Schmidt, Hans-Christian (Author) Német, Andreas (Illustrator)

An amusing Easter story with lots of flaps! With rhymes to join in on and counting from 1 to 10.

Mr Rabbit is very upset, he can’t find the Easter eggs any more! Now how is he going to hide them away for the children to find the next day? Mr Rabbit searches all over the house, but all he finds is a fish under the table, a hedgehog behind the mirror and a Christmas tree in the bath. That’s no use to him at all! It looks like the children will have to help him … | 24 months +

Schmidt, Hans-Christian (Author) Német, Andreas (Illustrator)

How do all the eggs get coloured? Easter fun for handy kids

Mr Rabbit is a proper inventor. He uses planks of wood, wheels, bowls and rods to make an Easter egg painting machine that would delight any child! The hens sit on top and lay the eggs. And now off it goes: the eggs roll into the bowl of hot water, where they are boiled. Then they plop into the dye basin and finally they are decorated with colourful dots and circles. What beautiful eggs! And what an amazing machine!
| 24 months +

Palanza, Dorothy (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

Off to the Easter nest! The minibook about Helma the hen who lays coloured eggs
Could this perhaps be how the legend of the Easter Bunny was born? All the hens at hen school lay nice white eggs. Only Helma’s are coloured! And because that’s so, she isn’t allowed to move up into the next class. Helma paints one egg white to show it to the teacher and secretly hides the rest around the farm at night-time. To make sure nobody recognises her, she dresses up as a rabbit. And it just so happens that that’s the night before Easter.
| 4 +

Richert, Katja (Author) Schnabel, Dunja (Illustrator)

All the animals lend a hand so that everything’s ready for Easter!
Oh boy, look how many eggs the Easter bunny still has to paint! Will he finish the job by Easter? He paints some notices asking for help. The animals are all happy to lend a hand, each in its own way: the sheep dips the eggs in the paint, the pig dabs dots on them with its snout and the chickens flap their wings so that the Easter eggs dry in a jiffy. And when they’re ready, the mouse helps to hide them and everyone tucks into a delicious Easter picnic.

An easy, light-hearted Easter story that fits perfectly in any Easter nest, with verses both children and parents will enjoy!
| 24 months +

Praml, Sabine (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

Whether grumpy or cheerful, these little bunnies are well-loved favourites!
What on earth is wrong with the little bunnies today? Every one of them refuses to get dressed and they squabble at breakfast time. Mummy and Daddy are at their wits’ end. And yet the little bunnies know exactly what will make them good-tempered again.

The new book in the bestselling series about the bunny family! Amusing rhymes and delightfully humorous illustrations that are super for story time!
| 24 months +

Brand, Heinz (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

Happy Easter, Little Bunny!

The little bunny Reuben discovers that he’s old enough to become an Easter Bunny. Thankfully, his grandpa can help him. Together they visit the hen-house and prepare a big surprise for Easter morning: an egg hunt for the whole bunny family!

A warm-hearted Easter-themed book about growing up.

A first Easter book for young egg-hunters.
Egg-shaped format fits perfectly into an Easter nest.
Made of sturdy board to withstand small hands. | 24 months +

zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Vogel, Heike (Illustrator)

Where’s the best place to hide the Easter egg? Easter rhyming fun to join in with
Hurray! At last the day has arrived when the little bunny is allowed to hide an Easter egg for the very first time. But where do you hide decorated Easter eggs? The mole is already filling up the molehill, the mouse’s hole is no longer free, either, and the bird has built her nest in the bush. By pulling the sliders, the children can join in and help the little bunny with his big Easter job of hiding eggs!
An elaborately produced book with interactive sliders on the cover and on every page. Lovely bright pictures! | 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Weldin, Frauke (Illustrator)

It’s Easter and even the animals at the zoo are having an Easter egg hunt. Where, oh where, has the Easter Bunny hidden the egg for the penguin? Could it be in the igloo? Or under the ice floe? Elephant, crocodile, bear and turtle also welcome the young readers’ help in their search for eggs. Under which of the flaps is the egg hidden?

| 24 months +

Praml, Sabine (Author) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

“Dear Little Bunny, don’t do that, you are much too small for that!“ The little bunny is sick of being told he’s too small. And so he shows them all how good he is at doing things, like hiding Easter eggs with Grandpa. He soon finds the best hiding places, by jumping up high, bending right down low, and even crawling right inside a tree trunk. And while Grandpa is giving his aching back a rest, the big basket quickly empties. When Grandpa finally carries the proud, tired little bunny home, they are both very happy. | 12 months +

Schmidt, Hans-Christian (Author) Német, Andreas (Illustrator)

Who will help Mother Hen find her chick again?
Where has Mother Hen’s egg got to? She sets out to look for it, but when the first egg she finds hatches, out comes a little heron. The next egg contains a penguin and the third egg actually has a crocodile inside! Before Mother Hen finally finds her own egg, there are lots of surprises in store that children can even join in on. Every time they turn a page, a new baby animal hatches from the egg!
A hide-and-seek story with peepholes and lots of surprises. | 24 months +

Praml, Sabine (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

Quickly off to bed? Oh no! Seven little bunnies keep Mummy on her toes
The baby hares still have so much to do. They have great fun charging about, eating and scrubbing their teeth – and then first their left and then their right leg has to go into their pyjama trousers. At last, they’re all ready – but where’s the cuddly toy? But then finally, in all the excitement, one by one the little hares’ eyes fall shut.
A humorous look at the usual evening family hullaballoo by bestselling author Christiane Hansen. Large format and colourful pictures packed with details.
| 24 months +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Becker, Timo (Illustrator)

Who will help Pit? Easter fun for little egg hunters!

Pit paints a pretty pattern on a beautiful, big goose egg. Unluckily for him, it rolls away and Pit has to rush off and look for it. Could it perhaps be round the corner over there? No, that’s just Nana Elsie’s overall! And then the hen’s sunshade and a balloon both look just like the egg, too. In the end, Pit finds his egg again and makes a present of it to little Lexi, who gives him a big, fat rabbit nose-kiss in return! An Easter book with colourful spring-time pictures, merry rhymes to join in with and playful details like peepholes, flaps and even a punched-out Easter egg to hang up!
| 24 months +

Palanza, Dorothy (Author) Krause, Ute (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

All the hens in hen school lay nice white eggs. Only Helma’s are coloured – red, blue and yellow. So that no one will discover the embarrassing truth, she dresses up as the Easter bunny the night before Easter and hides the eggs in the yard … | 4 +

Ondracek, Claudia (Author) Schulte, Susanne (Illustrator)

The very best time for bunnies is Easter!

Easter is just around the corner! Will Ian and Yola manage to catch the Easter Bunny unawares? They are certainly determined to try, so they set up tent and camp out in the garden… And Easter bunny Lily is supposed to be hiding the chocolate eggs, but in the end she gobbles them all up herself. What on earth is she going to put in little Mia’s Easter nest now?

| 3 +

Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

The Little King and the Little Princess are looking forward to a really terrific Easter. But what’s this? It’s Easter morning and outside it’s raining cats and dogs. How are the two of them supposed to search for Easter eggs in the garden in this weather? Without further ado, the Little King puts on his wellington boots and rushes outside but there’s not a single Easter egg to be found in the garden! Might the Easter bunny have hidden the eggs somewhere else completely? | 3 +

Michels, Tilde (Author) Michl, Reinhard (Illustrator)

Sweet Easter surprise
Who would have thought it? There are two different kinds of coloured eggs and they don’t all come from the Easter Bunny! This charming Easter story explains how this came about.
| 4 +

Naoura, Salah (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator)

Easter Bunny? Pah, there’s no such thing! But extraterrestrial space bunnies with antenna helmets do, of course, exist. And that’s why young bunny astronomer and space expert Henrietta climbs aboard Grandpa Erwin’s red rocket and travels to the faraway Planet of the Bunnies. When she gets there, will she discover the whole story behind Easter eggs? | 4 +

Palanza, Dorothy (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

Helma has the best ideas of all!
There’s a new cockerel on Helma’s farm and he really gets on all the animals’ nerves. Not only does he crow far too loudly every morning, he also wants to take over Anton’s kennel and forbid Helma to play with her best friend, Louise. The animals won’t stand for this! Chaos reigns until Helma hatches a really good plan. | 4 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Meister, Marion (Illustrator)

“I’ve had enough,” the Easter bunny tells the other animals. It’s Easter, all the eggs are painted and the basket is packed and ready – but the Easter bunny just doesn’t feel like going round and putting them in all the usual hiding places. So the animals decide to distribute the eggs themselves. In the end, the Easter Bear turns out to be too clumsy, the Easter Wolf too greedy and the Easter Weasel simply too curious …

| 3 +

Kehr, Karoline (Illustrator)

The perfect present for Easter nests and first-day-at-school presents!
Even tiny tots have great fun with these MAXI Easter puzzles! With these picture puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dot pictures and more, time simply flies!

MAXI colouring book with brightly coloured puzzle pages and solutions over the page.

| 4 +

krima & isa (Author) krima & isa (Illustrator)

Easter is just around the corner and Henriette is late yet again. The Easter Bunny and the other hens are waiting for her egg - it still needs to be painted. But then, suddenly, the egg vanishes and Henriette sets out to find out. | 24 months +

Rudolph, Annet (Author) Rudolph, Annet (Illustrator)

Happy Easter! Hide-and-seek fun with the Easter Bunny and his sparkly egg.
The little bunny’s got a problem: He‘s found a hiding place for all of the Easter eggs except the loveliest one, the sparkly egg. Where on earth can he hide it? Then he has an idea. An amusing Easter bunny story for tiny tots. With a sparkling foil egg on every page! | 24 months +

Wieker, Katharina (Author) Wieker, Katharina (Illustrator)

Tim and his best friend, Leon, go for a walk with Coco, Leon’s dog. They really don’t fancy sweeping away leaves, helping with the spring cleaning or making Easter decorations. Suddenly a small rabbit lollops across their path and disappears into the next house. Tim and Leon’s curiosity is aroused and they follow him. Could this be where the Easter Bunny lives? | 3 +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Janßen, Rike (Illustrator)

Hurry up, Easter Bunny! What a pity that baby bunnies Trixie, Dixie and Maxi are still far too young to decorate Easter eggs. But they are plenty old enough to get themselves covered in paint! Meanwhile little Pia puts her boots on the doorstep so that the Easter Bunny will fill them. What a silly, her big brother thinks – but he puts his shoe out, too, just in case … | 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Rammensee, Lisa (Illustrator)

An egg-hunt with a difference: who’s hopping around in the Easter nest?

Knock, knock! It’s coming from the egg. But who can it be? A busy bunny listens in to all the eggs - and young readers can discover the little inhabitants along with him. The delightful egg-dwellers include a fluffy penguin, a yellow chick, a platypus, a crocodile and a little tortoise. But shhh! No sound is coming from the last egg. Whatever could be in there?

Large egg-flaps encourage children to guess and discover.
Perfect for Easter celebrations.
Written by rhyme queen Susanne Lütje (“The best Dad in the world”). | 18 months +

krima & isa (Author) krima & isa (Illustrator)

Easter is just around the corner and the eggs still have to be painted. But in all the rush, the Easter Bunny has forgotten his glasses and everything goes wrong. What a good thing his friends are there to help him. Now Easter can come, after all. | 24 months +

Praml, Sabine (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

More from the runaway hit hares.

They’re off to the bathing lake! They just need to pack a thousand and one things, put suncream on their little noses, fasten their helmets - and then they’re off on their balance bikes, scooters and tagalongs. They’ll soon be able to splash around to their hearts’ content. And then it will all be topped off by a yummy ice cream. Hurray! What a brilliant day…

The latest story in the hit “Seven Hares” series - more than 200,000 copies sold.
Tried and tested themes: days out, familiy.
Makes a great Easter present, too. | 24 months +

Kaden, Outi (Author) Kaden, Outi (Illustrator)

Still too small for school, little hare?
Then come along to nursery school instead!

Every morning at nursery school, Paul the little hare meets his friends, where they start the day with a merry song. After gym today, Mrs Lisa has a surprise for the children: painting eggs. But whatever has happened to Paul’s egg?

•\x09Charming, nostalgic, colourful illustrations
•\x09Cute rhymes for joining in

| 24 months +

Schmidt, Hans-Christian (Author) Német, Andreas (Illustrator)

We’re looking for Easter eggs! A join-in book for children in spring
Mr Rabbit is very upset, he can’t find the Easter eggs any more! Now how is he going to hide them away for the children to find the next day? Mr Rabbit searches all over the house, but all he finds is a fish under the table, a hedgehog behind the mirror and a Christmas tree in the bath. That’s no use to him at all! It looks like the children will have to help him …
An amusing Easter story with lots of windows – the perfect present for Easter morning! With rhymes to join in on and counting from 1 to 10. | 24 months +

zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Kraushaar, Sabine (Illustrator)

Small, but smart! A cute chick with all its wits about it! A tiny little chick hatches from its shell. But, oh no! Wherever can Mother Hen be? The little chick stretches its neck in all directions but cannot see its mummy. What should it do now? Climb. Is that a good idea? Unfortunately not. The chicken is too small; its legs are too short. It tries to hop and call, but there’s no chicken in sight. In the end, Mother Hen finally comes on the scene. She has found her chick so now it can cuddle up snug and happy beneath its mummy’s wings.

A lovely spring title that also makes a good Easter present!
| 24 months +

Praml, Sabine (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

Father Rabbit calls his children in for some cake, but the seven little rascals are hiding! What fantastic fun for the little rabbits when their father sets off to seek them in the garden and finds them, one by one. But has he really found all seven of them? Father Rabbit counts: one, two, three … | 24 months +

Wagner, Charlotte (Author) Wagner, Charlotte (Illustrator)

Forty age-appropriate puzzles in each pad, in black-and-white and in colour, banish all boredom. And because the puzzles are self-explanatory, even nursery school children love these puzzle pads. All the solutions are printed on the back, making it easy as pie for the children to check their own results. | 4 +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

The Little Owl wonders what’s inside the big egg?

“Too-whit, too-whoo, whose egg are you?” wonders the Little Owl when he sees an egg in the nest next door. Where has it come from? And what should they do? The hare, the bear and the butterfly all have their own ideas, but only the sparrow knows that it has to be kept warm. And then there’s a crack - and a little chick pops out. Hurray!

Little Owl and Friends have sold more than 1 million copies.
Little Owl’s characteristic year-round charm.
Egg topic makes it perfect for Easter. | 18 months +

Praml, Sabine (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

Seven Little Bunnies race straight to the heart of parents and children: Over 150,000 copies of the series sold!

Achoo! Oh no - the little bunnies are all ill. One after another, they come running to Mummy and Daddy with runny noses, sore throats, a nasty bump, tummy ache and a scratch. Mummy and Daddy really have their hands full because while they are busy comforting and taking care of one child, along comes the next unhappy bunny. Finally, all the little bunnies have been looked after and are happily tucked up in bed. But what’s wrong with Matti? His cheeks are all red! Oh, he’s got a tooth coming through… that must be it.

Important topics: Being ill, Getting well + Comforting | 24 months +