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Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Mudflats, waves and wind for Millie

Millie is on holiday on the North Sea coast! There’s so much to see and do here. Millie visits the seal banks to see the baby seals, she goes on an outing to Legoland and walks across the mudflats. It’s amazing how many creatures live there in the mud: lugworms, mussels and lots of small crabs. If only Millie’s feet didn’t keep getting stuck in the mud…

Bestseller Millie: more than 350,000 copies sold in hardback alone

| 6 +

    Uebach, Evelyn (Author)

    A secret game of lies

    Thanks to her ability to become other other people, impersonator Elodie is hired by soap star Wynter to take the latter's place on the set of "Wonderful Intrigues". Thus begins a secret game based on lies. Wynter doesn't want to carry on pretending to be in a relationship with her co-star Nord just for PR purposes. Elodie, who needs the money to pay for her sister's hospital treatment, initially finds the idea - and Nord - very attractive. Before very long, though, the lines between fake and reality become dangerously blurred. Will the masks slip?

    - Film set glamour, intrigue and false identities.
    - A protagonist who can become other people: a gripping plot with a compelling fantasy twist.
    - Potential to become a top seller: on point romance, with all the ingredients to make a successful series.

    14 +