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Matthes, Silas (Author)

And if you do defend yourself, how far should you go?

Summer holidays. Two best friends. Comics, computer games, music and girls. And then the first day back at school comes round and the monster is back. How much can you stand before you have to defend yourself and if you defend yourself, how far should you go? The downward spiral of violence spins increasingly out of control.
Authentic. Literary. An extraordinary debut novel on the subject of bullying. The 22-year-old author tells a story of torment, power and control with oppressive realism, but not without humour and a light touch. A novel with a powerful story, powerfully written.
| 13 +

Wewer, Iris (Author) Wewer, Iris (Illustrator)

Rosie, the little mermaid, and her friends Chris the Crab and Freddy the Frog discover a scary monster hidden away behind a rock. What can they do but chase it away immediately! But then they realise that the monster is a friendly squid that’s just as frightened of the pond’s inhabitants as they are of it. It was only hiding behind the rock because it didn’t want the evil giant octopus to find it. Now he’s allowed to stay and Rosie has a new friend.

A story about tolerance and friendship told in child-appropriate language
Overcoming fear of the unknown
| 4 +

Opel-Götz, Susann (Author) Opel-Götz, Susann (Illustrator)

You’re from another star? Sometimes what seems strange to us can be closer to home than we think!

Jonah has long been convinced that there are aliens from outer space living among Earthlings and that it’s just a question of identifying them. So when Henri turns up in Jonah’s class, the situation is crystal clear to him. It’s not just that Henri is foreign, Jonah is absolutely certain that Henri is an ALF – an “alien life form”. Jonah is sure he has at last come across a genuine extraterrestrial! While he is trying to find out all about Henri’s strange life, he barely notices how much he is getting to like Henri. And perhaps having him as a best friend is better than his being an alien? A tightly constructed parable about friendship and social differences, told with vivid imagery and beautifully illustrated by Susann Opel-Götz.
| 10 +

Arold, Marliese (Author) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

Reading made easy – pony fun for beginning readers

Luisa is new to the class, and she’s really happy to be going to pony school – or, at least, she would be if it weren’t for cheeky Finn. He never misses a chance to tell her how dangerous the animals are. Then Luisa finds that she’s down to look after the ponies next weekend! What a good thing Marie and Anne are there, too – because they know there’s absolutely no need for anyone to be frightened of pony mum, Lotta, and her frisky son, Lars the foal. And Finn should look out, too, because he will certainly get what’s coming to him!
The third book in the popular Pony School series.
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Büchner, Sabine (Illustrator)

A new story from Paul Maar: Invisible dogs really do exist – and real friends, too!

Before Nick and Olly even met, they each had an invisible dog as a friend: Snuffi belonged to Nick, and Pucki the pug was Olly’s. But now Nick and Olly are suddenly best friends and have so much fun together that they don’t need their invisible companions any more. The dogs find it hard to believe what’s happening to them: Is this supposed to mean that just because they’re invisible, they don’t exist? That cannot be true! And so Snuffi and Pucki set out together in search of a new human friend.

With great charm, humour and imagination, the ideal book for first-time readers – beautifully illustrated by Sabine Büchner.
| 6 +

Böhm, Anna (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Heroes sometimes emerge from the most unlikely places!

The two magical creatures of Emmi’s bossy schoolmate, Antonia, and the grumpy Mr Bockel were accidentally switched, and now everyone is miserable. Which is why Unipig and Emmi volunteer to reverse the unfortunate exchange. Easier said than done! For Antonia to reclaim her beloved matchling, Mr Bockel must agree to take back his own magical creature, the dreaded spitworm. Which is how Unipig and Emmi discover the Bockel family’s long-kept secret … and the spitworm reveals some unexpected abilities!

Emmi and Unipig are simply adorable. Author Anna Böhm’s little heroes convey the wise message ’Be true to yourself!’ with great humour and charm.

“A turbulent, beautiful, true-to-life story, bursting with curious, clever, creative ideas, and the most wonderful illustrations – just the way a children’s book should be.”
Gelnhäuser Neue Zeitung

8 +

Böhm, Anna (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

More than 50,000 copies sold of the Unipig Series!

A pig with a horn and a heart in the right place!

In Pixietown, every child gets a magical creature for their tenth birthday. Emmi will turn ten next week, and she is absolutely sure that her creature will be a graceful, lovely unicorn. But when the day arrives, what does she see rolling towards her through the magical mist? A smiling pig — with a unicorn’s golden horn! Emmi cannot imagine a magical creature less special than the cheerful pink unipig who will be her magical creature for the rest of her life. As luck would have it, she has already told half the school that she will be getting a unicorn, so a unipig is the last thing she needs right now. But Emmi has no idea how unique her unipig will turn out to be!
A heartwarming story of friendship and identity.

Emmi and Unipig are simply adorable. Author Anna Böhm’s little heroes convey the wise message ’Be true to yourself!’ with great humour and charm.

“A turbulent, beautiful, true-to-life story, bursting with curious, clever, creative ideas, and the most wonderful illustrations – just the way a children’s book should be.”
Gelnhäuser Neue Zeitung

8 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

Guitar riffs, drum beats, rocking rhythms! Let the music begin.
Who would have thought that Martin and Karli, the pair who used to be such losers, could get even cooler after their experiences at a holiday camp? Now they’re even planning to form a real rock band. That’s easier said than done, though, as they soon discover the path to fame and fortune is lined with problems, pitfalls and pink-faced embarrassment.
Juma Kliebenstein’s sequel to the bestselling The Day I Started to be Cool is even funnier and even cheekier; its two antiheroes are even more lovable! Full of slapstick, word play and hilarious ups and downs.

| 10 +

Die Krickelkrakels (Illustrator)

Draw a treasure map for the pirates.
How does the chimney sweep find the fireplace? Draw the people who live in the house and their furniture.
Who did the cheeky little dragon steal the egg from?
Developing the imagination is what this special painting book for young artists is all about. It contains pictures sketched and partly coloured in by fourteen artists fort he children to complete. And who can spot the scribble mouse hidden in some of the pictures while they’re painting?

The third book in the popular series.

| 4 +

Schlüter, Andreas (Author) Hennig, Dirk (Illustrator)

Inki wants to sign up for a race in Calmaria, but his friend Seelina is sceptical. She doesn’t think that an octopus like him has a chance of outstripping the other fish, but Inki decides to enter the race anyway. During training, he sees the mean swordfish threaten the sailfish, who’s faster, telling not to overtake him in the race. Inki is definitely not going to let him get away with that! And so he comes up with a plan just after the starting shot has been fired... | 7 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

Martin is fat (although he would call himself “chubby”). He also wears a large pair of red-rimmed glasses that his mum thinks are “dead smart” and he’s hopeless at sports. Instead he is well up on science and good with computers. Karli is Martin’s best friend. Karli is thin and weedy and no more athletic than Martin. When he gets excited, his voice goes all high and squeaky, and he uses sticky tape to glue his sticky-out ears flat to his head.
Martin and Karli would love to be cool, as cool as the Fab Five, the coolest boys in their class. The Fab Five think Martin and Karli are totally uncool and never tire of making the pair’s lives a misery by doing rotten things to them, like pouring smelly old cream that’s gone off into their satchels. But then Martin and Karli see their chance to take revenge! They happen to hear that the Fabs are planning to break into the outdoor swimming pool at night. But the pair’s plan goes horribly wrong. Before the Fabs turn up at the baths, Karli and Martin decide to take a dip themselves. Unfortunately, Martin becomes wedged in the baby elephant slide with the huge blue ears – stuck so fast there, in fact, that he can neither move forwards nor backwards!
But then they have to take their punishment for the night-time escapade, which means they going on a camping trip with Dad and Grandpa to France – without any Nintendos, MP3 players or computer magazines to keep them amused. Instead they have to work their way down Grandpa’s good scouts’ list. Will they ever find the time to get through their own list of way to get cool, for which a slinky walk and playing football are two absolute musts? The holiday turns out to be absolutely brilliant....

A rip-roaring, hilarious story with lots of slapstick!

| 10 +

Kaspar, Chris (Author)

For Fans of “One of Us Is Lying” - as thrilling as they come!

Rena is responsible for the death of her friend Joe. Nobody wants anything more to do with her. Nobody, that is, apart from the stranger who has been sending her various weird challenges via WhatsApp. All of them are related to the Seven Deadly Sins. If she doesn’t fulfil a particular challenge, one of the people she loves will pay for it. Rena has no choice but to obey. However, the game becomes increasingly grisly, and there’s no escape for her. Who’s behind all these messages? How is it connected with Joe’s death? And, more importantly: how can she put a stop to this diabolical game?

First class thriller.
Perfidious game involving secret messages and mortal danger.
Compelling, shockingly realistic story about revenge and mortal sin.
| 14 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

At Last: Things Get Even Cooler!

The third and final volume of one of Germany’s most successful “boy books”

The Freaks are back! After their mega-successful gig at the end of the summer term, Martin’s and Karli’s band has been voted the school’s band, and Karli’s grandpa has even let them have his garage as a rehearsal space. Everything would be perfect if only Martin knew how to tell Luna how he feels about her. And then there’s Shirin ... But then a welcome diversion intervenes and saves Martin from his emotional traumas: he and Karli meet a real live rock star who takes them with him on a thrilling journey ... The third volume in the ultra-cool series by Juma Kliebenstein.

More than 140,000 copies sold of her series! | 10 +

Sasmaz, Sinem (Author) Erlbruch, Leonard (Illustrator)

Faster than the wind! A picture book for all special small people.

Mr Cheetah is perfectly contented. But one day the other animals start to make comments about him. A cheetah without spots - what kind of a cheetah is that? On the hunt for his spots, Mr Cheetah is teased and taunted until he feels quite worthless. But then he discovers his strong point: he can run. Faster than anyone! Suddenly all the other animals are envying the fastest creature in the world. But Mr Cheetah doesn’t care about their opinions any more. Now he is confident and proud to be the way he is!

•\x09Confidence-building book, illustrated by Leonard Erlbruch.
•\x09A Book About discovering your own strengths.
| 4 +