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Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Fart-stinkily spellbinding! The latest from the Ogglies, straight out of the magician’s hat.

A circus has come to town and Smelliville is all agog! But then the sinister magician hypnotises Oggly-Grandma and turns her into his assistant – all dressed up in a fancy lace costume! He also wants to have the rubbish tip cleared. Naturally, the Ogglies are determined to save their home and their granny. With the aid of the ingenious Professor Bubbly, the Ogglies discover that the magician is mixed up in an unsolved art theft and that the booty is supposed to be buried somewhere in Smelliville. In this exciting, hilarious, action-packed children’s novel by Erhard Dietl with lots of colourful illustrations by the author, it’s a clear case of red alert for the Ogglies!

•\x09A new book about the bestseller family
| 8 +

Wolf, Florentine (Author) COMICON S.L., Barcelona (Illustrator)

Enchanting! A princess and a magical jewel in the land of the elves – that doesn’t just sound like something out of a fantastic fairy tale, it actually is! Exciting stories for best friends and all fans of foals, elves and rainbow unicorns, based on the popular series of Schleich ® figures.

Elf princess Eyela used to own one of the five magic mirrors of the land of the elves. But the mirror broke when she tumbled from her horse during the grand summer tournament. Since then, disaster has befallen the land of the elves. Leonora the magician sends Eyela and her best friend, Feya, to Oracle Mountain, where they are to find a magic jewel that will replace the mirror and restore peace to the country.

Due for release in spring 2018: bayala® New Adventures in The Land of the Elves.
| 6 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

Puzzles with Maluna Moonshine

Maluna Moonshine, the little goodnight fairy, is not just a great protector, but also the most confident puzzle fairy in all of the Enchanted Forest. Sometimes, though, even she ends up scratching her head over magical MAXI puzzles, like “how does the little wind fairy make her way home?” for example, or “where has the little witch Ranuncula hidden her biscuit cutters?” Maluna Moonshine is sure to find your help useful in solving them.
| 4 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

Full moon nights with Maluna Moonlight
At last there’s a full moon again, and the wolf from the Enchanted Forest pays Maluna a visit. Maluna and the cuddly wolf now tell each other the most magical stories – like the one about when Ranuncula cooked snow, and the one about the little dragon’s slippers that insisted on going outside.

This volume contains nine charming goodnight stories about the beloved fairy Maluna Moonlight. More than 95,000 Maluna books have been sold.
| 4 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

Sweet dreams at the end of an exciting day at school! The little goodnight fairy’s magical mandala colouring book for school beginners is something very special. That’s because mandalas are mysterious; they contain the pictures and thoughts of the whole world. Try one and see how peacefully you fall sleep. | 4 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

The little fairy makes her big entrance in the MAXI picture books! It’s full moon in the Enchanted Forest and Maluna is incredibly happy! That’s because her wolf always pays her a visit at full moon. Then the pair tell each other the most wonderful stories for as long as the moon shines down on them!

Fantastic and even scientifically proven: Maluna is the favourite fairy of four- to nine-year-olds!
| 4 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Egan, Lorna (Illustrator)

The enchanting new book from Andrea Schütze!
At last! When Juna moves into the old mill, Joy is no longer the only girl in the road. Joy and Juna discover that the peppermint-coloured tandem they find in the basement has magical powers. Together, they form the “The double Js” to help others out of a tight spot – or to get their own back on the spiteful “3Ls”, Lara, Lena and Laura. But then there’s an urgent call for their help - only now the magic tandem has vanished.
The finest everyday girls’ stories: Friendship and adventure with a spark of magic from the successful author of the little goodnight fairy Maluna Mondschein (Maluna Moonlight).
| 8 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

Maluna Moonlight fires the imagination and conjures up sweet dreams at bedtime. The little goodnight fairy’s magical mandala colouring book is something very special. That’s because mandalas are mysterious; they contain the pictures and thoughts of the whole world. Try one and see how peacefully you fall sleep. | 4 +

Cordes, Miriam (Author) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

It’s night-time. Everyone is asleep. Well, almost everyone. The little Groll is still awake. He soon wakes his brother to show him something magical. Something magical? The other Grolls, woken by the pair’s whispering, want to see it, too. But where is little Greta? Oh, there she is, sitting swinging on a branch outside. And that’s where the Grolls see the magical thing: the sunrise!

Enchanting, magical pictures
Goodnight story full of warmth and a sense of cosy security
| 4 +

Stewner, Tanya (Author) Hennig, Simone (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

At last, there’s an Alea Aquarius for beginning readers, too!

Sammy has gone missing! Ben, Alea and Lennox immediately set out into the magical underwater world to look for him. When they find his camera floating around between plastic waste, they start to feel very worried. Where on earth can Sammy be? What can have happened?

With Alea Aquarius. Mermaid Magic by Tanya Stewner and Simone Hennig, the exciting mergirl adventures featuring Alea, Sammy and Lennox, are now also available for beginning readers of eight and over. | 8 +

Becker, Christian (Author) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrator) Lieser, Margret (Illustrator) Bittner, Ralph (Illustrator) Buchholz, Konstantin (Illustrator) | further

With this cute activity pad, boredom disappears as if by magic. The pad has 40 age-appropriate puzzles that are heaps of fun to solve and colour in – a super idea, especially for passing time on the move! And with the correct answers on the other side of the page, the children can easily find out whether they got it right. | 5 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

Watch out, cones about in the Enchanted Forest! The little air fairy Minimee Windpuff is starting school. And she’s not the only one in the Enchanted Forest! So who do you think has to take care of everything? Maluna Moonlight, of course. But luckily the other inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest are doing all they can to help her, collecting everything on the fairy school starters’ list and together making several pink school flones (as they call school cones in the Enchanted Forest). What a magical first school day it will be!

An enchanting new Maluna story in tiptop chapter lengths on the theme of starting school.
| 4 +

Rose, Barbara (Author) Zielinski, Rea Grit (Illustrator) Glökler, Angela (Illustrator)

It’s been some time since Camilla was in Birkenberg and now the flowers in the greenhouse are drooping and the high-tech gadgets belonging to Missi’s father have found their way back into the kitchen. When the meal for a wedding party is a disaster, it becomes very clear that the Sugarswords need Camilla’s help. Perhaps she can also dispel Spoon-Ida’s doubts with her courage cake, apply for a scholarship in Switzerland and encourage Missi’s classmate Flo to audition as a singer for the new school band.

Top ingredients for a book that’s sure to be a favourite: likeable characters, heart-warming illustrations and recipes to follow at home.

| 8 +

Tramountani, Nena (Author)

Volume 3: captivating, fast moving, thrilling. Romantasy at its best!

Following Wills' terrible betrayal, Kia is trying to avoid him completely. However, that's not quite so easy, when she is desperate to be close to him with every fibre of her being. The fact that her former crush Niyol suddenly re-appears in her life and shamelessly takes up flirting with her again - months after they had put a stop to this - doesn't exactly help matters. Meanwhile, Nero resorts to ever more drastic measures in order to maintain the continued segregation of the elements, and Kia feels compelled to make contact with Phos, the leader of the rebels. Can he become an important ally in the fight against Omilia? On her search for trustworthy allies, Kia has to work closely with Will and Niyol, and ultimately has to confront the ultimate question. To whom does her heart really belong?

Critically acclaimed young author with massive potential.

Destiny, imagined worlds … The sweet spot where romance meets modern fantasy.

Love story with a pronounced twist: who can be trusted?

14 +

Bongard, Katrin (Author) Staisch, Wolfgang (Illustrator)

New York, New York! Ronya can hardly believe her luck. Her father has been asked to write a travel guide on New York and he is taking her with him to the city of cities. There Ronya meets Jonathan, who is supposed to be playing city guide for her and her father. Jonathan and Ronya really get on each other’s nerves to start with, but the longer they spend exploring New York together, the closer they become …
A love story from two angles and a fast-paced tour of New York with lots of cool insider tips!
| 13 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Parciak, Monika (Illustrator)

Spooky feline goings-on in Stonehill!

Long, black hair, always dressed in purple: Viola joined Lucy’s class not long ago and since then there’s hasn’t been a dull moment at Stonehill, where Lucy lives with her five brothers and sisters and her parents. Animals are strictly forbidden at school, but that hasn’t stopped Viola taking Cleopatra, into class. Cleopatra is her cat, and the cat’s eyes have a mysterious glint. But how come Mummy’s emerald ring went missing after Viola paid her a visit? And can Viola really see into the future?

A story full of surprises and humour that simply races along: a gripping children’s novel by popular author Juma Kliebenstein!
| 10 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

Fairy dust for children starting school: embark on your big adventure with Maluna Moonshine!

It’s a big moment for small Goodnight Fairies: the little air fairy Minimee Breeze is starting school. Who’s going to help her? Maluna Moonshine, of course! Thank goodness Maluna can count on the other fairies in the Magical Forest, too. Would you like to know how Minimee’s first day goes? Whether there are other little fairies from the Magical Forest at her school? Whether there are enough goody bags to go round? Then snuggle up and listen as Mum or Dad reads you the story. Enjoy - and sleep well!

The little Goodnight Fairy repackaged.
Three unbeatable topics in one: fairies, bedtime, magic | 4 +

Rose, Barbara (Author) Ishida, Naeko (Illustrator)

How exciting! This is the very first time Rosalie and Nikki have the chance to make a little girl’s wish come true. Along with their classmates, they go to the fairy letterbox to pick up the letters in which human children have written down their wishes. But on the way back, their letter goes missing! Now they need the help of everyone who lives in the enchanted Giggleblossom Meadow.

The second adventure for Rosalie, the headstrong little fairy from Barbara Rose’s "The Fairy School"
| 6 +

Kaiblinger, Sonja (Author) Liepins, Carolin (Illustrator)

By bestselling author Sonja Kaiblinger: A touch of magic, first love and the topsy-turvy chaos of everyday catastrophes

You can be whoever you want to be! But do you know who you are?

Ophelia’s transformation skills are more practical than you might think. After all, (in the guise of Amalia) she finally gets to kiss Cliff, the boy she’s crazy about. But then it’s time for the whole school to set off for the Highland Games. And because not only Cliff and the real Amalia join them on the journey, but also Ophelia’s twin sister, their three loopy aunts and Adrian, who is absolutely nuts about Ophelia, heartache and chaos are a foregone conclusion. Strange things happen and Ophelia realises that she has another relation staying at camp incognito.

Mistaken at the second kiss, the second book in Sonja’s comic and complicated tale of transformation. | 12 +

Mann, Miriam (Author) Sauerborn, Annika (Illustrator)

Seaside magic with Lilli Luck! Lilli’s family has been living in a red-and-white lighthouse for a very long time. Every night, Great-Grandmother tells stories of pirates, mermaids and amazing magical treasures. And ever since Lilli discovered that she can see and understand wondrous sea creatures, she has been wondering if there is any truth to the story that lighthouse keepers possess magical powers.

A beautifully illustrated story of friendship, family and magical creatures.

-\x09Friendship, family adventure and a host of magical creatures
-\x09An affectionate look at a child’s life on the coast, a feel-good place to live
-\x09With special design elements and unusual interlocking of text and illustrations
| 8 +

Rose, Barbara (Author) Glökler, Angela (Illustrator) Zielinski, Rea Grit (Illustrator)

There’s nothing very difficult about cooking, is there? Or is there? The Linden Tree restaurant is soon to close because Missi’s father is an all too experiment-happy failure as a cook. Rescue arrives in the shape of the quirky Camilla, who moves in with the Sugars words straight away, bringing her mysterious cookery book with her. She lets Missi and her best friend, Theo, into the magical secret of cooking. And when word gets out that Camilla’s culinary creations work real wonders, the restaurant is soon filled with life, at last. But will Camilla’s cooking also be able to help Theo’s parents?

As magical as Mary Poppins, as brilliant as Jamie Oliver and with fantastic recipes to try out as an added extra. To be continued!
| 8 +

Kaiblinger, Sonja (Author) Liepins, Carolin (Illustrator)

By bestselling author Sonja Kaiblinger: A touch of magic, first love and the topsy-turvy chaos of everyday catastrophes

Transformation guaranteed, falling in love a possibility!

Up to this Friday, everything in Ophelia’s life had been boringly normal, at least as normal as it can be when you have three aunties and a twin sister who can change into a clown fish or a waitress at the drop of a hat. Fifteen-year-old Ophelia has enough on her plate coping with all this chaos, so the last thing she wants is to suddenly have the same shape-changing ability. But maybe a bit of magic could help her make Adrian, the boy of her dreams, fall in love with her. Or would it be better to just be herself?

Perfect reading for girls of 12 and over! | 12 +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Büchner, Sabine (Illustrator)

Jinxed, cursed, transformed: Fips Fidibus saves the day with a spell.
There just has to be magic at work here! Rosvita da Rosa is stuck right on top of a pillar, unable to take a single step backwards or forwards! Fips realises that this is clearly the work of a strange magic goblet. Although he manages to rescue Rosvita from her precarious perch, the goblet seems to have vanished without trace. That’s because, in the meantime, a merry fiddler has pinched it. Fips and his friends set out to recapture the stolen object. But there are evil magic powers at work in the goblet!
This is the second adventure for Fips Fidibus and Scallion, the dragon. A delightful story of enchantment to read aloud and for beginning readers. With lots of colourful illustrations by Sabine Büchner.
| 5 +

Rose, Barbara (Author) Ishida, Naeko (Illustrator)

Fairy dust and adventure! Rosalie and Nikki are really excited. They have been selected to pick the magical sproodlecabbage that grows on the banks of mysterious Lake Murgle. They have only just arrived when they come face to face with Murxi, a scary lake monster whose roar makes them tremble with fear. But then Rosalie discovers why Murxi is yelling so loudly – he has toothache. One of his molars is driving him mad. Once the two fairy girls have taken care of his toothache, Murxi is so thankful he invites them into the magical underwater world of his lake. An absolutely unforgettable experience!

That’s how beautiful fairy adventures can be: with gorgeous, wonderfully detailed, colour illustrations.
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

The Mompses Matti and Momme live on an island quite a long way away, roughly half way between here and Lilliput. Although they look very alike, they are actually very different. Matti is fearless and longs to see the world, Momme is fearful and prefers to stay at home – until one day Matti sets out for the jungle. | 7 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Wandtke, Sanna (Illustrator)

The fantastic new novel by Antonia Michaelis: street urchin Rabé's search for happiness.

When eleven-year-old Madagascan street urchin Rabé discovers a magic casket, his life changes instantly. For it contains a treasure map which leads to a place deep in the jungle. Together with the German boy Benja, Rabé sets off to find the treasure. But who is the hunchbacked old woman whom they keep encountering? Why is the man in the SUV following them? And what is the connection between the treasure and little Kintana and the old magician? The boys finally unconver the secret of the casket, its former owners, and a tragic disaster from years ago…

The fantastic new novel by Antonia Michaelis: thrilling, emotional, and full of imagination.

A perilous treasure hunt through the Madagascan jungle.

Introduces children to life in faraway Africa.

10 +

Rose, Barbara (Author) Ishida, Naeko (Illustrator)

The books Enchantment in Magenta Wood and The Enchanted Postbox published for the first time here together in a single, beautiful volume with a touch of fairy magic: Rosalie’s seventh birthday is also her first day at school, Blossomwood School to be exact, where she hears about the fairy letterbox into which human children post their wishes. On her way there, Rosalie gets lost in Magenta Wood, but her friends soon come to her aid. In the second book, a letter from the fairy letterbox goes missing in Blossomwood and everyone who lives in Giggleblossom Meadow helps her to find it.

A magical two-book volume of Fairy School stories written in a light-hearted, funny style and with detailed illustrations by Naeko Ishida.
Added extra: Magical fairy landscapes and detachable stickers are an open invitation to play.
| 6 +

Jelden, Carolin (Author) Bednarski, Laura (Illustrator)

A World Full of Magic

An enchanting, highly illustrated read-aloud book which the whole family will love!

Unadulterated adventure in a glowing forest full of fantastical creatures

Where have the fortuna lights gone? They were always visible in the sky above the Land of Light. But now they have vanished. The only thing that can bring them back is an enchanted amulet – and this is what Karla and Frederik need to find! Together with their glowing snail Tini, the two friends set off on an adventure-packed hunt. It leads them deep into the Glimmering Forest, teeming with wondrous creatures. Here they encounter Earth Murpels and Night Elves, Candle Goblins and sinister Shadow Biters. However, nothing’s going to distract Karla and Frederik from their goal: to re-illuminate the Land of Light... | 5 +

Schulden, Michael (Author) Broska, Elke (Illustrator)

Anna discovers a small fairy crying bitterly in her room. The fairy’s name is Ofelia and she is supposed to be making a wish come true for Basti, Anna’s little brother. The only trouble is, her magic wand is broken! Luckily, Anna has an idea. Basti is quite astonished when he suddenly spies a little fairy on board his pirate ship and a storm begins to brew in his bedroom. Before they know what is happening, the three are all swept up in a wild pirate adventure … | 3 +

Weigelt, Udo (Author) Janßen, Rike (Illustrator)

Ignatio the little dragon stamps crossly through Magic Wood. The other woodlanders have been telling him off for being so noisy, for knocking things over and for making too much steam – all because he is simply too small. But Donna Lightning the witch has a good idea, and suddenly Minifrank the vampire, Glitzina the mermaid and all the other little ones who always do things wrong … | 3 +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

Jump straight into the story!
Where would you hide a treasure? Can you spot Roberta’s magic wand? Sing along nice and softly, that will do the poor monster good! This book has these and lots of other interactive ideas for the children. There are stories about little dragons, scatterbrained witches and much more besides. The reader can pick the activity he or she feels is suitable for the child. But each of the stories is naturally plenty of fun even without this added extra.
A storybook with a clear, self-explanatory concept and tips for reading aloud that will have children joining in, listening and laughing.
| 4 +

Baeten, Lieve (Author) Raab, Dorothee (Author) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrator)

Abracadabra ! Discovery fun with everyone’s favourite little witch, Lisbet

Where’s the magic wand hidden? Who can find the tambourine and whistle? And on which shelf is the yummy cat food? In the great big witch’s discovery picture book, children will find the best pictures from the Little Witch picture books as well as lots of objects to seek and find besides. No easy job if you’re as untidy as Lisbet and her witch friends!

Six double-page pictures all about birthday parties, music and lots more with objects to seek and find!

| 24 months +

Scheller, Anne (Author) Müller-Wegner, Timo (Illustrator) Wegner, Stefanie (Illustrator)

Improve your reading with this thrilling escape adventure.

Spooky things are happening at the Escape School since a banned magic spell has conjured up a pack of horrid hobgoblins. They cause complete chaos throughout the entire school and put the pupils in grave danger. Only by solving the tricky puzzles can emerging readers conquer evil.

Innovative way to encourage children to read: making them become part of the story.
Plugs into the long-standing “Escape/Exit Game” trend.
Includes numerous puzzles and a bonus poster | 7 +

Frixe, Katja (Author) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrator)

It’s terrible when your best friend moves away to another town! What a good thing that Clara still has Mrs Owl and her bookshop. Here she is surrounded by her favourite books, Gustaf, the rhyming cat, and Mr King, the talking mirror. So she doesn’t feel too lonely. Especially not on snuggle-up moonshine reading nights. As Mrs Owl so beautifully puts it: “Today is not a day for feeling miserable!”

A dream of a book: magical reading for young book fans! With stories about best friends, talking cats and the most wonderful place in the world, with warm-hearted illustrations by Florentine Prechtel.

"A lovely mixture of friends and family and more than a touch of magic." - Kirkus Review

"...a feel-good reading mix that whets the appetite for more.” - Stiftung Lesen | 8 +

Frixe, Katja (Author) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrator)

More from the magical bookshop of wishes: more magic than ever before! Clara and her friends from the magical bookshop are very excited about the talent competition the whole town is talking about. Only Clara’s friend Leo (who is otherwise known for his unfailing cheerfulness) is grumpy and constantly picking a fight. Luckily, the friends come up with a clever way to solve his problem. Now they can finally devote themselves to the mystery of the strange hamster. These are turbulent times, but as Mrs Owl always says: “Today isn’t the day to be bad-tempered.”

The second novel all about enchanted books and mysterious places: with humorous and heart-warming two-colour illustrations!
| 8 +

Frixe, Katja (Author) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrator)

You can never have enough books or chocolate tarts! Mrs Owl’s bookshop is due for an inspection. But she is very busy just now, with seeing that everything in Mrs Ting’s Chocolate Heaven is in order, looking after Gustaf the lovesick cat and dealing with a number of books that keep stepping out of line. In all the chaos, Mr Slurze sees his chance. Luckily, Mrs Owl has Clara at her side.

The fourth book about Mrs Owl’s magical bookshop: a magical, warm-hearted adventure for young book lovers!
| 8 +

Frixe, Katja (Author) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrator)

Birthday magic! Clara is terribly excited: With a little help from Mrs Owl and her friend Leo, she is busy planning her birthday party, which will be held at the Magical Bookshop of Wishes, of course. But then Mrs Owl has to go away and Monsieur Hibou, her French stand-in, turns the whole bookshop upside down, comes with a tiresome Persian cat and a mysterious crystal ball and, on top of all that, instead of chocolate tarts, provides baguette with smelly cheese! All is uproar until Mrs Owl returns and they can finally celebrate Clara’s birthday together.

Book 3 in the series THE MAGICAL BOOKSHOP OF WISHES is the perfect birthday present for girls of 8 and over who love books!
| 8 +

Frixe, Katja (Author) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrator)

A magical Christmas in the magical bookshop of wishes

Mrs Owl’s magical bookshop of wishes is looking very Christmassy. Gustaf, the talking cat, has a wonderful time at the Christmas market; Clara’s best friend, Lena, comes on a visit; and everyone is really looking forward to Christmas Eve. But then Clara finds out that Mrs Owl is planning to spend the best time of the year all alone. Of course, Clara cannot allow that! Along with all of the city’s book lovers, she gives Mrs Owl a wonderful Christmas surprise!

The magical bookshop of wishes – Christmas with Mrs Owl by Katja Fixe speeds up the time till Christmas.

Presse quote:
"...a feel-good mixture of a read that leaves you wanting more.” –, September 2017
| 8 +

Frixe, Katja (Author) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrator)

The Magical Bookshop of Wishes series: more than 100,000 copies sold! (October 2019)

The latest from Clara, Leo, Mrs Owl and Gustaf, the rhyming tomcat: Clara is worried about Leo, who urgently needs to get good marks in a German test if he isn’t to repeat a school year. But then the project week looks like it could be cancelled. Luckily, Mrs Owl leaps into the breach as teacher. She moves the class into her magical bookshop of wishes and at the same time helps to restore the school library to former splendour. Now that’s what makes school fun!

School, an ever-popular topic, conjures up magical sales figures

Brightly coloured and delicately drawn: fans love Florentine Prechtel’s illustrations
| 8 +

Woolf, Marah (Author)

When Cedric de Gray rescues 17-year-old Sasha from the Atlantic waves off the storm swept island of Alderney, he is already living his thousandth life. He is desperately trying to atone for a sin he once committed and, although he has the power to return to each of his lives, he cannot alter them. Sasha learns of Cedric’s fate and resolves to help him. She can and will not leave him to the mercies of the soul hunters who have been pursuing him for centuries because for them there is nothing more precious than a soul that remembers.

- A fine book to settle down with by the bestselling SPIEGEL author and uncrowned romantasy queen
- A story of time travel – an ever-popular dream theme – grippingly told
- Huge fan community: Marah Woolf’s books have sold over one million copies | 14 +