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Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Wonderfully thick and with a host of illustrations – that’s what makes this compendium of fairy tales such fun, even for young children of three and over. This picture-book treasury contains ten of the most popular fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm:
Sleeping Beauty
Hansel and Gretel
Snow White
The Frog King
The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
Mother Holle
| 3 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator)

Drug dealer, beloved boyfriend, murderer?
Anna and Abel: madly in love, mad with doubt

Abel Tannatek is a misfit, a truant and a drug dealer. Against her better judgement, Anna falls desperately in love with him because she sees the other Abel: the gentle, sad boy who takes care of his sister and tells Anna a story that touches her soul. But the fine line between reality and fantasy gradually becomes blurred. What if the story isn’t a story but awful reality? What if Anna’s worst fears are confirmed?

- Fast-moving thriller and touching love story – unputdownable!
- Impressive and inspired: a completely new Antonia Michaelis
- Filled with variety: thrilling, everyday and fairy-tale passages in rapid succession

14 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Dalianis, Panajotis (Illustrator)

Typical of Paul Maar: weird, whacky and sure to raise a smile.

A dwarf who moves out of his organic waste bin and into Mr Mockinpot’s cosy flat? A talking vase that could make wishes come true if only it would listen properly? A queen who leaves her reading glasses on the royal lavatory?
Paul Maar’s power of imagination and his special way with words lend wings to classic fairy-tale motifs.

All the stories are wonderfully uneducational and ideal for reading aloud to the whole family.
Typical of Paul Maar: telling texts with a hint of mischief
Fairy tales with a comic twist

Auch als 6 +

Schulze, Marc-Alexander (Illustrator)

What happens when sweet porridge grows bigger and bigger? When Hansel and Gretel lose their way in the woods? Or Rumplestiltskin tries to claim the queen’s daughter? Of course, the children’s eyes grow large and round as they wait eagerly for the happy ending. This fascinating compendium of the wonderful stories collected by the Brothers Grimm will delight young and old with enchantingly beautiful pictures.

Affectionately illustrated compendium for all the family. Grimm’s original fairy tales, with a linen spine and bookmark ribbon.
| 4 +

Geisler, Dagmar (Illustrator)

Come to the enchanted land! Dagmar Geisler’s book of fairy tales for the very young.

Who will rescue the princess from her deep sleep that lasted one hundred years? Why did the grandmother suddenly have such large teeth? And did you know that it snows down on earth when Mother Hulda shakes out her pillows? The first fairy tale book for the very young contains seven of the most popular children’s fairy tales and wonderful, mischievous pictures in Dagmar Geisler’s unmistakable hand. Seven well-known fairy tales, told in age-appropriate language and beautifully illustrated.
Contains, on two to three double pages each, the following fairy tales:
Sleeping Beauty, The Town Musicians of Bremen, Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats, The Big, Fat Pancake, Mother Hulda and The Princess and the Pea.
| 24 months +

Richert, Katja (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

Once upon a time … fairy-tale hilarious!

Here’s a book to make you laugh your crown off! In this popular activity and read-aloud series, children can guess, search and be creative when they encounter dragons spewing soap bubbles, students of magic banned from performing spells, and lookalike princes, who would rather play tricks on the whole court than save a princess. A kingdom for one more story.

This book is for children who love fairy tales retold in modern style, with 10 fairy-tale stories for activities and having fun, full of ideas and stimulating suggestions for craftwork and games.
| 4 +

Loske, Judith (Illustrator)

This very special picture book assembles four of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales about princesses. For every fairy tale, there’s a double page where the reader can quickly read up on what the fairy tale is about. On the following three double pages, the fairy tales are then told without words, so that even the very youngest fairy tale fans can enjoy them to the full, while adults get to see the stories from an entirely new perspective. | 4 +

Kawamura, Yayo (Illustrator)

The perfect book for passing on traditional knowledge to young children. The book provides readers with a short text version of the fairy tale as a basis on which to tell the story in their own words. Children love hearing a story over and over again and also being able to join in. This is very good for their language development, and it’s also lots of fun, of course. Picture stories with strong girl characters in a large-format book for the children to follow as the adult tells the story. With cute, cheeky illustrations. | 3 +

Grimm, Jacob und Wilhelm (Author) Schulze, Marc-Alexander (Illustrator)

Twenty-five in One Fell Swoop

Straight from “the old times when a wish could still make a difference” comes this marvellous compendium of Grimms’ fairy tales, with the Frog Prince and Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, the Bremen Town Musicians, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumplestiltskin and altogether 25 of the best-loved fairy tales. With child-appropriate illustrations, this is a beautiful picture book that’s great for reading aloud.

A fairy-tale treasury for the whole family

A perennial favourite in the read-aloud segment

Magically and lavishly illustrated | 5 +

Parciak, Monika (Illustrator)

There are already countless anthologies of Grimm fairy tales in print – but often they feature the original texts, which are too difficult for younger children to understand. This special book offers readers the chance to tell the fairy tales in their own words. And the children can also easily retell each story with the help of the pictures. Animal fairy tales told in pictures, delightfully illustrated and ideal for children of 3 and over. | 3 +

Fiedler-Tresp, Sonja (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

Pictures tell the story – a unique concept
Three double pages each are devoted to the telling of one fairy tale – entirely in pictures. So even the youngest children can take an active part in telling the story – a great success that makes children (and their parents) very proud! And just in case the adults need a little reminder of how the stories go, there’s a short text summary for each of the fairy tales.

Four fairy tales retold in pictures
To enjoy over and over again
Short text summaries as reminders of the content
| 3 +

Schmidt, Hans-Christian (Author) Német, Andreas (Author) Német, Andreas (Illustrator)

Punch is coming today! A Christmas play for joining in
Punch’s granny is really looking forward to the moment when everyone exchanges Christmas presents, when a man with a beard and a red jacket storms into the house. But no, it isn’t Father Christmas, it’s a robber who steals the Christmas tree! The children help granny and Punch to find the thief and what a surprise they get! In the end, it turns out to be the very best Christmas Punch has seen for a long time! A Christmassy puppet board book with sliding figures on every page and amusing verses.
| 24 months +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Mother Goat leaves her seven young kids alone at home while she goes out to find food. Before leaving, she warns them to beware of the wicked wolf, who they would recognise by his deep voice and black paw. But the wolf is clever and knows how to fool them: After the little kids have seen through his cunning tricks twice, he manages to get in at last by knocking on the door a third time, this time with a flour-covered paw. What will become of the brothers and sisters now?
This popular Grimms’ fairy tale is retold here in child-appropriate language but without losing any of its suspense.
| 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Two sisters leap down after a spindle and end up falling into a well, where they land in Mother Hulda’s kingdom. There, they are instructed to shake apples from a tree, to take loaves out of an oven and to help Mother Hulda make the beds. While the one sister goes about her work cheerfully and diligently, the other is grumpy and lazy. In the end, each receives fitting compensation for her work.

| 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Because her father bragged before the King, the miller’s daughter must now spin straw into gold. Tears of despair are just beginning to roll down her cheeks when suddenly she sees an ugly dwarf standing right in front of her, who tells her he knows how to perform the task. The price he demands is high. By the third night, the young woman has nothing left to give the dwarf and so must promise to give him her first child. | 3 +

Opel-Götz, Susann (Author) Opel-Götz, Susann (Illustrator)

Three big smackeroos for a frog! The funniest fairy-tale mix-up of all time
When the old king retires, he gives Princess Anna half of his kingdom. Why only half? Anna is used to getting only the best, only the biggest and most beautiful and now she is supposed to put up with only half a kingdom? The other half is to go to the hero who will rescue and marry her. But Anna doesn’t want a hero for one thing, and for another, she cannot find one! Neither pea soup nor dwarves nor kissing frogs can conjure up a hero. Then she comes upon Jacob, the puppeteer, in the middle of a field. Couldn’t he be a hero for Anna? A princess to steal any heart ! A truly beautiful picturebook with lots of humour – for the whole family. | 4 +

Schindler, Anna (Author) Kubalek, Kerstin (Illustrator)

What really makes people happy.

“Only when you hold the moon in your hands will you be happy,” is what the fortune teller predicted for the king. So he sends all his servants out to catch the moon for him. But in the end, it’s little Turi who shows the king what true happiness is. And this heart-warming story shows us all that it’s the little things that make life worth living.
| 3 +

Drewes, Svenja (Author) Schulze, Marc-Alexander (Illustrator)

King Basilius, the King of Pamphylia, loves his son Florestan more than anything in the world. The King forbids Florestan to venture outside the castle gardens because he fears that Bam-Bam the giant might steal off with his beloved son. Florestan makes friends with a boy called Toto, who lives on the other side of the garden wall, who teaches him to play beautiful tunes on his pipe.
It turns out that the king was right to fear for his son’s safety because, one fine day, vultures come and carry Prince Florestan off to Bam-Bam the giant. The giant plans to put Florestan to work for him, but when the prince sets his pipe to his lips, he plays such sweet music that the giant is spellbound. Very soon, along come Toto and Veribunda, the fairy, who rescue him from the giant’s clutches.
| 3 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Garanin, Melanie (Illustrator)

Royal fun with Sabine Ludwig.
Oh my, twin trouble ahead! Camilla, the daughter of Baron Leopold, is to marry her cousin Karl-Wilhelm - or so her wealthy aunt’s will dictates. But then, while travelling to Darkstone Castle on the train, she meets fun-loving Fridoline and the two girls decide to change places. A rip-roaring story of identity swapping with featherbrained adults, comic ideas and an ultra-romantic ending.

Charming, funny, unmistakably - Sabine Ludwig! Back at last: the fairy-tale comedy of mistaken identities with a new cover and vignettes by Melanie Garanin.
| 8 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

"The good go into the pot, the bad go into your crop". The Grimms’ fairy tale about the girl whose wicked stepsisters made her do all the hard work and who ended up a prince’s bride has lost none of its original enchantment. | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

A donkey, a dog, a cat and a cockerel are chased away by their master. So they decide to try their luck together as the town musicians of Bremen. But on their way there, they start to feel terribly hungry, and night is coming on, too. In the woods, they discover a robber’s cabin. Will they be able to frighten the robber away? | 3 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator) Krause, Ute (Illustrator) Ballhaus, Verena (Illustrator) Dalianis, Panajotis (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Faust, Anke (Illustrator) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator) Michl, Reinhard (Illustrator) Muggenthaler, Eva (Illustrator) Wilharm, Sabine (Illustrator) Schulte, Tina (Illustrator) Schultz, Christiane Laura (Illustrator) | further

A family book? An anniversary book? A birthday book! An affectionately chosen selection of his most popular stories, from the cheeky Sat and the tattooed dog to Mr Bello, celebrating the 80th birthday of Paul Maar, the great hero of children’s literature. It also features many of his well-known and well-loved rhymes and poems alongside a colourful mix of brand-new texts and illustrations. A book to snuggle down with, leaf through, revel in, to make you smile and marvel, with familiar elements to recognise and new ones to discover. Just open it up and read aloud!

A magnificent book for the whole family and a masterly gift for any occasion.

| 6 +

Schmitz-Kuhl, Martin (Author) Hegemann, Joanna (Illustrator)

A big prince with a big heart

Even as a child, the prince was very, very big. Unfortunately, although being that big is very practical, it can also be quite a nuisance because you are constantly banging your head, for instance. Also, it’s anything but easy to find a princess to suit you. So the prince sets out to search for one …

The Prince Who Was Very Big
is a hilarious fairy tale about everyone being fine just the way they are.

| 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Lovely Rapunzel has been imprisoned in a roon at the top of a tower by a wicked sorceress. One day, a prince discovers the tower and climbs all the way up Rapunzel's long hair to the room where she is held. The two fall deeply in love with each other. But then the sorceress discovers the prince. Retold for children and colourfully illustrated by Eleni Livianos. | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

One day, a tailor sent his three sons away from home. They go out into the world and learn a trade. At the end of their apprenticeships, each of them receives a very special gift from his master. On their way home, however, they come across a thieving innkeeper. Will the three be able to take their precious gifts home safely? | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Just because the nasty frog retrieved her golden ball from the well, it doesn’t mean she has to make him her friend, does it? The pretty princess simply will not accept this and leaves the “old water splasher” behind. But the frog follows her home and demands to be let into the castle. The princess is so cross that she flings the impudent creature against the wall. What a surprise she gets, when she suddenly finds a real prince standing in front of her! | 3 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator)

A wood and a mystery shrouded in mist. A wanderer, who loses his way. A story that will take the reader’s breath away.

On completing his carpenter’s apprenticeship, Yari sets out as a journeyman to enjoy his new-found freedom and the countryside. Along the way, he meets Yasha, the most enchanting girl he has ever encountered, and follows her to her enclave in the middle of the wood. Caught between fairy-tale beauty and the darkest depths of the human soul, the harmless carpenter becomes a ruthless hunter. Popular author Antonia Michaelis is poetic in her telling of this captivating story of a love for which no secret is too dark and no sacrifice too great. A true storyteller’s masterpiece.

•\x09As dark as the Storyteller, as poetic as The Words of the White Queen – the new novel by popular author Antonia Michaelis
•\x09Caught between fairy-tale beauty and the darkest depths of the human soul: the gripping story of an innocent who turns to murder
•\x09The new novel by the 2012 German Youth Literature Award nominee
| 16 +

Herget, Gundula (Author) Kubalek, Kerstin (Illustrator)

With his long-legged servant and his tubby cook, King Beanie goes in search of the terribly tiny, but awfully angry Princess Rikiki. His subjects are highly amused to see them go, but along the way, the three demonstrate the advantages of their supposed shortcomings. And what about Prince Rikiki? She takes one look at her motley pursuers and bursts out laughing so heartily that King Beanie immediately falls in love with her. A magnificent wedding feast is arranged – and from then on, nobody is mocked any more!

A hilarious read-aloud book for heroes young and old.
| 5 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Eleni Zabini tells her gently modernised version of the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tale with a slight change of emphasis and in a style appropriate for children. | 3 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Curtain up for Millie: Fairy-tale mishmash on the school stage!
Millie and her friends are supposed to be rehearsing a play for school – a fairy tale. Only, which one? Everyone has a different suggestion: Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White or the Frog Prince. When the great evening gets under way, things start to get very mixed up. Luckily, Millie comes up with an idea that saves the play.

Learning to read with this “Bücherstern” book for children in their first year at school: very large, easy-to-read print, simple words, short sentences and a high picture-to-text ratio for the very youngest beginning readers. The book comes with a 16-page supplement of reading puzzles and games.
| 6 +

Funke, Cornelia (Author) Meyer, Kerstin (Illustrator)

Nothing to do day in and day out but look pretty and behave properly – that can get pretty boring after a while. It really isn’t all that wonderful being a princess. At least, Isabella, the youngest of three sisters, had had enough of only ever running around in fine clothes with a crown on her head. How on earth can you climb a tree dressed like that! “Princesses do not climb trees!” fumed her father, the king. But that was just fuel to his youngest daughter’s fire. “No,” shouted Isabella, “princesses don’t do anything at all that’s any fun. They don’t even pick their noses!” At this, the king stamps his foot and commands that his daughter be taken to the kitchen to peel potatoes and chop onions. Isabella enjoys herself in the kitchen and when, after three days, she still hasn’t changed her mind, the king has her taken to the pigsty. Isabella likes it in the pigsty still better and even stays there overnight.
That was when the king realised he had lost. “Come back to the palace, daughter,” he sighed. “I miss you.” Isabella did him the favour and even put on her crown now and then. But sometimes she went off to sleep with the pigs again, too. | 4 +

Dreller, Christian (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

Open Sesame! Deep in the forest, Ali Baba discovers a secret thieves’ hideout - a cave. He opens it up and cannot believe his eyes – there are mountains of gold and diamonds hidden inside the cave. Ali Baba sneaks some treasures into his pocket, but the 40 robbers find out. In the end, clever Ali Baba manages to outwit the robbers. | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Eleni Zabini tells her gently modernised version of the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tale with a slight change of emphasis and in a style appropriate for children. | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Eleni Zabini tells her gently modernised version of the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tale with a slight change of emphasis and in a style appropriate for children. | 3 +

Steinhöfel, Dirk (Author) Steinhöfel, Dirk (Illustrator)

Andersen’s famous fairy tale about the little mermaid is full of poetry and imagination
After rescuing the prince from drowning, the little mermaid falls hopelessly in love with him. But the prince decides to marry another. Andersen's fairy tale is the most famous love story in world literature. Dirk Steinhöfel tells the story in pictures that are at once enchanting and disturbing to reveal without a trace of kitsch the dark abysses that so often go hand in hand with longing and love. A dream picture book for adults as well as children. A new and fascinating interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic as a dark fairy tale, oppressively beautiful and disturbingly powerful.
| 14 +

Kummermehr, Petra (Author) David, Antje (Illustrator)

Aladdin is locked away in a magical cave by a dastardly wizard. While looking for a way out, he happens upon a dented old lamp. To his surprise, a genie living inside it offers to make three wishes come true for Aladdin. | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Eleni Zabini retells the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tale in a gently modernised version and style appropriate for children. She changes the emphasis slightly to make Sleeping Beauty a character little girls can still identify with today. | 3 +

Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

The Little King and his friends want to put on a play. Everyone is busy helping to prepare for their performance – and at last it’s time for the curtain to go up. The Little King boldly goes into action and parts the hedge of thorns with his sword. Behind the hedge lies the Little Princess, er no, Sleeping Beauty – fast asleep. What now? The Little King stands there undecided. The Little Princess purses her lips impatiently – the Little King is supposed to kiss her awake! But the Little King isn’t at all happy with this particular direction… | 3 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Blau, Aljoscha (Illustrator)

A fool’s tale by Paul Maar – magnificently illustrated by Alyosha Blau
Who is Nasreddin Hodja?
Since the 15th century, there have been numerous stories in circulation about this Oriental prankster who ranks with Germany’s Till Eulenspiegel as a famous fool. Hodja tells gigantic whoppers; he is a confidence trickster and philosopher, whimsical and always ready with a piece of profound wisdom. Paul Maar retells some of the famous Nasreddin stories and has written some new ones, too – about modern-day pranksters who reveal us all to be at least as foolish as they seem themselves. A charmingly illustrated gem for people with a mind of their own.
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Ballhaus, Verena (Illustrator)

A story that takes us back to the days of fairytales and adventures. Full of wordplay and told with irony, it features a wealth of colour illustrations, some full-page.
As none of the suitors who asked for her hand were to her taste – you see, she wasn’t just rather beautiful, but also rather haughty – princess Henriette-Rosalinde-Audora hit on the unusual idea from having herself kidnapped by a monster. When the king then announced that the man who would rescue his daughter should marry her and be given half the kingdom, the bravest and most handsome princes would come from afar. But the monster – probably a vegetarian – wasn’t the tiniest bit interested in the princess, just in the delicious chocolates she had with her. So Henriette-Rosalinde-Audora more or less had to kidnap herself if her plan was to work.
And nothing else went according to plan, either. One by one, the princes who had set out to rescue Henriette-Rosalinde-Audora, returned home empty-handed. Then Simplinella, Princess of Lützelburgen, who had more sense than all the princes put together and her heart in the right place, decided to try her luck – and succeeded. This not only gained her half a kingdom and eight barrels full of gold pieces, but also the heart of the Crown Prince of Großburgen, who had been the monster so long as he was under an evil spell. What became of Princess Henriette-Rosalinde-Audora? Well, naturally she was not particularly pleased to be “rescued” by a princess and had to put off her wedding plans for a while. | 8 +