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von Vogel, Maja (Author) Schulte, Tina (Illustrator)

The little mermaid Mimi shows courage when she rescues her friends from the mean cuttlefish. And Emma is a great character, too. When a bigger boy bullies Max, Emma stands up for him. That’s because true friends always help each other! And Ida musters all her courage when she gets lost – and finds that asking the way is not so difficult, after all. Set in a world seen through the eyes of four-year-olds; these stories come with wonderful, light-hearted illustrations. | 4 +

    Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Garanin, Melanie (Illustrator)

    Royal fun with Sabine Ludwig.
    Oh my, twin trouble ahead! Camilla, the daughter of Baron Leopold, is to marry her cousin Karl-Wilhelm - or so her wealthy aunt’s will dictates. But then, while travelling to Darkstone Castle on the train, she meets fun-loving Fridoline and the two girls decide to change places. A rip-roaring story of identity swapping with featherbrained adults, comic ideas and an ultra-romantic ending.

    Charming, funny, unmistakably - Sabine Ludwig! Back at last: the fairy-tale comedy of mistaken identities with a new cover and vignettes by Melanie Garanin.
    | 8 +

      Diem, Angelika (Author)

      Like everyone else in the village, Rachel's family suffers under increasingly brutal assaults by the royal soldiers, as well as exorbitant taxes. Not only that, her family keeps a life-threatening secret. When, in spite of all their precautions, it's revealed, Rachel flees. Fortunately, she finds a position as a kitchen maid in the royal palace, but she soon becomes the target of conspiracy and dark forces. Once more, she's forced to disclose her secret – in order to save herself, her young love, and the people of the kingdom.
      Transformations, intrigue, and the power of true love!

      ''Then the prince turns to me and our eyes meet. I feel the hammering of my heart all the way up to my throat. There's still an undercurrent of danger that emanates from him.
      \x09'Your first time on a ship?' The corners of his mouth twitch, as if this amuses him.
      \x09So what. 'Yes, Your Highness.'
      \x09I make a sweeping gesture toward the sea. 'Fantastic! This openness, this freedom!'
      \x09My voice must have betrayed my wistfulness, because he lifts his brows, looking surprised. 'As a kitchen maid, you can decide whether to go or to stay, can't you? I don't have a choice. I'm not even allowed to choose who I want to marry.' Resentment and bitterness resonate in his words.
      \x09'It's not that much different for me, Your Highness,' I say. 'If I were free to do what I want there'd be nothing that could force me to take part in this bridal search. Not even your father's decree.' ''

      Perfect bestseller mix of suspense and romantasy! | 14 +

        Ottermann, Doro (Author) Ottermann, Doro (Illustrator)

        Plucky girls step up: Have you ever made a secret compartment? Built a paper explosion? Trained a fly?
        These and many other crazy, creative ideas await you in this wonderful activity book that’s anything but pink and shy and is crammed to the rafters with fascinating things. Go on, have fun, have a go and give yourself a medal – because you’re great!

        - An unconventional book for girls along the lines of “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls“ and “The Girls' Book”
        - Cliché-free, creative ideas for girls who can be anything they want
        - Lavishly illustrated, with a hard cover and a rubber band
        - Doro Ottermann’s “Get-up-from-the-sofa-and-do-something!” diaries have sold over 200,000 copies. | 8 +

          Abidi, Heike (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator) Herold, Heike (Illustrator)

          How can I ever survive puberty? It gets really tricky when your body suddenly goes crazy, your life mutates into an emotional rollercoaster ride and love turns out to be a dreadfully complicated affair! Henrietta has done some thorough research on all this and written down her findings in this book in the form of blog entries, checklists and interviews – with plenty of tips and tricks for every girl who’s about to turn 13.

          For fans of the successful PINK trilogy: a special kind of guidebook for girls
          Blog entries, checklists and mini-interviews with amusing vignettes
          Things it’s good to know, presented in a humorous, authentic and sensitive package
          | 12 +

            Orso, Kathrin Lena (Author) Becker, Stéffie (Illustrator) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator)

            The little fox tells stories of the mermaid princess attending the ocean ball, the pirate princess defending her island against pirates, Princess Hundagunda falling in love with a tomcat of all things, and of little Linus, who cuts quite a figure when he goes to a costume party dressed as a super-princess. | 5 +

              Fiedler-Tresp, Sonja (Author) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

              The joy a baby brings! It’s very exciting when a new brother or sister arrives. To start with, the new baby is really tiny, but still it can yell pretty loudly sometimes. Luckily, there’s a big sister who can help bath the baby or push the pram and also sing very loudly so that the baby starts laughing again. Isn’t it great to be a big sister?!

              What a lovely present to bring brand-new big sisters. There’s space on the cover for a personal dedication.
              | 24 months +

                Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

                Millie is spending her holiday in the Austrian capital, Vienna – and what a beautiful city it is! On her list of places to visit are St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Schönbrunn Palace, which even has a puppet theatre that’s putting on Mozart’s Magic Flute. Especially for children. A visit to the Prater is another must, of course, because it is the site of Vienna’s best-known landmark: the big wheel. Will Millie be brave enough to go right up to the top and back down again on it? In the coffee houses Millie gazes in wonder at the scrumptious Sachertorten, Vienna’s rich chocolate cakes, and when it’s time for dinner, she simply cannot get enough of her gigantic Viennese schnitzel. Vienna is definitely worth a visit! | 6 +

                  Polák, Stephanie (Author) Steigerwald, Kathrin (Illustrator)

                  Ever since he saved her from being run down by a milk cart, Stella’s heart beats only for him: for Lennert. He’s the amazingly handsome singer of the school band, who has all the girls in love with him. So he’s light years away from Stella. But then Stella gets her big chance when she is asked to write a report on the band for her radio project group! The trouble is, the drummer’s spiteful girlfriend is constantly bad-mouthing her. For Stella, it’s the start of an emotional rollercoaster ride – at the end of which a very different boy might be waiting for Stella.

                  A book that says: Take the plunge! Believe in yourself!

                  A light-hearted book of encouragement for girls, told with warmth and humour
                  Age-appropriate topics: first love, friendship, music
                  Popular settings, like music radio stations and clubs
                  | 12 +

                    Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Liepins, Carolin (Illustrator)

                    Betty and the boys! Blog posts from Betty’s chaotic daily life

                    There’s always something happening in Betty’s life! She falls in love with Ivo, but while the pair are still cautiously pussy-footing around and constantly misunderstanding each other, this cool, Argentinean exchange student suddenly appears on the scene. And who was it that sent the anonymous love letter? Betty is kept guessing and reports everything that happens to her in the definitive Betty blog – brief, to the point, cheeky and absolutely frank! Author Juma Kliebenstein writes about the ever-popular subject of love and growing up – here in a totally up-to-date style and using social networking and, appropriately, an exceptionally cool layout!
                    | 12 +

                      Rose, Barbara (Author) Ishida, Naeko (Illustrator)

                      This is the first adventure for Rosalie, the headstrong little fairy from Barbara Rose’s The Fairy School.
                      At last, on her seventh birthday, Rosalie is enrolled at Blossomwood School. And that’s where she hears about the fairy letterbox where human children post their wishes. The only trouble is that the letterbox is right at the other end of Fairyland. Rosalie still tries to fly there but loses her way in Magenta Wood. Luckily for her, her friends Nikki, the fog fairy, and Yokkel, the boy troll, come to her aid!

                      An enchanting adventure full of anti-pink charm for girls of six and over.
                      | 6 +

                        Rose, Barbara (Author) Ishida, Naeko (Illustrator)

                        How exciting! This is the very first time Rosalie and Nikki have the chance to make a little girl’s wish come true. Along with their classmates, they go to the fairy letterbox to pick up the letters in which human children have written down their wishes. But on the way back, their letter goes missing! Now they need the help of everyone who lives in the enchanted Giggleblossom Meadow.

                        The second adventure for Rosalie, the headstrong little fairy from Barbara Rose’s "The Fairy School"
                        | 6 +

                          Girod, Anke (Author) D'Oro, Miri (Illustrator)

                          Imagination embarks on a journey with June! June is 12 years old and an absolute travel freak – but one with sadly no travel experience at all. Now it’s time to put an end to that – and to her trips to visit Auntie Ernie in the Harz Mountains. How else is she ever going to become a good travel reporter? After all, she does already have a travel blog. But then June and her friend Will meet a sad little circus lady, Miss Pabs, who has to save her family from unscrupulous villains. With Miss Pabs and her magical suitcase, an adventurous trip around the world begins for June and Will – at long last!

                          A bold character with an ambitious dream, girls will find her easy to identify with, a fantastic travel adventure with a touch of magic and even a real live blog on Instagram and Wordpress!
                          | 9 +

                            Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

                            Millie in mid-gallop.
                            Some small wild horses are coming up for auction at Merfield Brake. That’s something Millie - who has recently become a huge horse fan – naturally cannot miss. Off she sets, right into the middle of the wild herd – and there it is: HER horse! Will her bid really win her the little stallion? And if it does, where is he to live? And what does a little horse like him eat? It’s all so exciting!
                            The latest from Millie, every little girl’s best friend and just made for beginning readers.
                            | 6 +

                              Mann, Miriam (Author) Sauerborn, Annika (Illustrator)

                              Seaside magic with Lilli Luck! Lilli’s family has been living in a red-and-white lighthouse for a very long time. Every night, Great-Grandmother tells stories of pirates, mermaids and amazing magical treasures. And ever since Lilli discovered that she can see and understand wondrous sea creatures, she has been wondering if there is any truth to the story that lighthouse keepers possess magical powers.

                              A beautifully illustrated story of friendship, family and magical creatures.

                              -\x09Friendship, family adventure and a host of magical creatures
                              -\x09An affectionate look at a child’s life on the coast, a feel-good place to live
                              -\x09With special design elements and unusual interlocking of text and illustrations
                              | 8 +

                                Mann, Miriam (Author) Sauerborn, Annika (Illustrator)

                                Even more happy-go-lucky fun in wellington boots! People are always laughing at Lilli’s little brother, Linus, and his mysterious hobgoblin stories. But since Lilli rescued a mermaid from a fishing net, she’s no longer sure whether Linus might not be right, after all. And just recently, there have been all kinds of really odd mishaps at the lighthouse. Could there be a hobgoblin living there, too?

                                A fabulously illustrated story all about friendship, family and magical creatures.
                                | 8 +

                                  Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Gerigk, Julia (Illustrator)

                                  It’s all so exciting! Paula and Sina are practising hard with their ponies because they’re being allowed to take part in the gymkhana that’s coming up soon. Then a new girl turns up at the stables. Her name is Alice and she’s a real show-off and she sneaks extra food to her pony, Nero, so that he will be stronger than all the other ponies. Paula’s first gymkhana is causing so much excitement! Now, who do you think will be the winner?

                                  A new story for horse-mad girls by bestselling author Ursel Scheffler.
                                  | 7 +

                                    Arold, Marliese (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

                                    For all football-crazy kids of 8 and over!
                                    Florian may have to move to a boring place with this father, but luckily it’s where the Fantastic 11 play. And they are supposedly the best footballers far and wide. If that isn’t a stroke of luck!

                                    This limited special edition contains the stories “Coach Wanted”, “Ready for the National League” and “The Opening Match”. Just in time for the 2018 World Cup!
                                    | 8 +

                                      Kaiblinger, Sonja (Author) Kohl, Daniela (Illustrator)

                                      You can be whoever you want to be! But do you know who you are?

                                      Ophelia’s transformation skills are more practical than you might think. After all, (in the guise of Amalia) she finally gets to kiss Cliff, the boy she’s crazy about. But then it’s time for the whole school to set off for the Highland Games. And because not only Cliff and the real Amalia join them on the journey, but also Ophelia’s twin sister, their three loopy aunts and Adrian, who is absolutely nuts about Ophelia, heartache and chaos are a foregone conclusion. Strange things happen and Ophelia realises that she has another relation staying at camp incognito.

                                      Mistaken at the second kiss, the second book in Sonja’s comic and complicated tale of transformation.
                                      | 12 +

                                        Abidi, Heike (Author)

                                        Justine’s life is turned upside down in more than one way: First she has to leave her beloved boarding school and attend an ordinary school instead – where there’s no hockey team, debating club or flute class. Then one evening in the garden, she is hit by ball lightning, which briefly puts her out of action. When she regains consciousness, everything seems fine at first, but the following day at school, she notices that things are anything but normal. Suddenly Justine can read the boys’ minds, at least where feelings are concerned. This results in some enlightening insights, but also pretty much in emotional chaos because there’s Lenny, who’s really cute and whose thoughts run wild when he’s near to Justine. But then they fall silent… | 12 +

                                          Alves, Katja (Author) Kunkel, Daniela (Illustrator)

                                          Oh, to be princess at last! That is Henriette’s dearest wish. Thanks to her vivid imagination, her wish actually comes true: her parents suddenly turn into servants and their home becomes a palace. It’s just a pity that real princesses aren’t allowed out to play. In that case, Henriette would rather be a perfectly ordinary little girl, after all – and in the wink of an eye, her parents are perfectly ordinary parents again, too.
                                          "Henriette is (not) a Proper Princess" takes a different approach to the ever-popular subject of princesses and is beautifully illustrated with lots of bright, colourful pictures.

                                          Full English translation available! | 3 +

                                            Kellner, Ingrid (Author) Sangl, Michaela (Illustrator)

                                            Cheeky and enchanting! All about little princesses One day, Princess Isabel decides to change places for a day with Isla, her maid. Suddenly, she finds she’s not bored any more and even makes a new friend. Prince George tries to rescue a princess from a dragon, but discovers she doesn’t actually want to be saved. Princess Chili causes quite an uproar in Prince Benjamin’s palace and Princess Miranda wishes she could be a proper pirate princess. Fifteen favourite stories for little girls – with bright, charming pictures. | 3 +

                                              Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

                                              Paula becomes a dogsitter – something girls just starting to read for themselves would also like to be!
                                              Paula’s friend Sina gets a puppy from her parents. Paula would dearly like to have one, too, but that’s not possible because Paula’s brother is allergic to animal hair. But then a super opportunity arises for Paula: Mr Bell, her music teacher, needs a dogsitter to look after his lively, funny dog Fidelio on Sundays. Paula doesn’t wait to be asked twice! Now she and Sina can have lots of fun in the dog field and they even end up in the local newspaper!
                                              For beginning readers of six and over. | 7 +

                                                Bongard, Katrin (Author)

                                                Like Jane Austen’s Emma, Emmy is a dedicated matchmaker. Her latest victim: her best friend, Julian. He likes boys, and when Emmy meets attractive Noah, she thinks she’s found the perfect candidate for him. But Noah is far more interested in Emmy herself and doesn’t seem to be quite the sunny boy she thinks he is. But perhaps that is precisely the reason why she feels irresistibly drawn to him … | For teenagers and adults

                                                  Luhn, Usch (Author)

                                                  On inline skates into a new life!

                                                  Fifteen-year-old Alice has often moved house with her mother, who loves travelling. That’s because her mother is a make-up artist, who works in film and whose jobs take her to many different cities. Newly arrived in Berlin, Alice starts exploring the city on her beloved inline skates and soon joins a group of skaters. She has only just fallen in love when her mother decides to move again. But this time Alice has had enough! She wants to stay in Berlin with her friends – and with Erik!

                                                  Cool and hilarious love story with an original topic: inline skating
                                                  | 12 +

                                                    Hasselbusch, Birgit (Author)

                                                    Caramba – a head-first dive into the chaos of love! Mexico’s Next Top Model: that’s what Leo thinks when she first meets the Mexican exchange student Fernanda. Fantastic Fernanda instantly wins everyone’s heart and wraps all the boys around her little finger. And if that weren’t enough, it looks like she’s about to grab Leo’s almost-boyfriend Sasha, too! But Leo is not prepared to give up without a fight. She sees no other alternative than to turn herself into a Mexican girl, too. Dyeing her hair black is just the first step.

                                                    Cultural misunderstandings told with warmth and humour
                                                    Target group content: first love, jealousy, parting
                                                    Trend topic: student exchange
                                                    | 12 +

                                                      Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Gerigk, Julia (Illustrator)

                                                      A treat for all fans of Paula at the Pony Stables.

                                                      Aunt Elfi is planning to hold a Christmas market at the pony stables. All the children and neighbours are making a contribution. Paula comes up with the idea of using fir branches, red apples and straw stars to decorate the harvest crown from the harvest festival they held in the autumn. The result is a magnificent Christmas crown, which they hang from the barn rafters – a great advert for the Christmas market! On the eve of the first of Advent, the crown suddenly catches fire and the fire brigade only manages to put it out at the very last minute. Was it arson?
                                                      | 7 +

                                                        Donnelly, Elfie (Author) Parciak, Monika (Illustrator)

                                                        Caught red-handed! Emma Panther and the Chocolate Conspiracy

                                                        Emma Panther, the youngest agent in the world’s most secret secret service, is waiting eagerly for her first official assignment, but the chief of the secret service keeps on putting Emma and her fellow agents Shirin and Santi off. Then Emma notices something peculiar. Her classmates, her half-sister Bertha and even Santi are growing steadily fatter and lazier. Unlike Emma, they have been eating an awful lot of the new Blue Ox chocolate that is supposed to make you more intelligent! Emma suspects a conspiracy and she turns out to be right. The person behind the oh-so tempting chocolate is an old acquaintance Emma still has a bone to pick with. A book from the imaginative series by successful author Elfie Donnelly about a diminutive secret agent with a great big heart.
                                                        | 10 +

                                                          Stewner, Tanya (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

                                                          Marine mystery, adventure and a wonderful friendship! For as long as she can remember, Alea has felt drawn to the sea. But she is also afraid of it because coming into contact with water could be fatal to her – that’s what Alea’s mother told her foster mother before she disappeared. One day, Alea joins the Alpha Cru kids, who sail the sea on a yacht. During the first big storm, Alea is swept overboard. After that, nothing is the same again.

                                                          The first book in the cool mermaid series by bestseller author Tanya Stewner (author of Liliane Susewind).
                                                          | 10 +

                                                            Stewner, Tanya (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

                                                            At last Alea knows why she has always felt so out of place: she’s a mermaid. But what happened to her natural mother eleven years ago and why does the underwater world seem so deserted? Alea cannot possibly be the only member of the merfolk left in the world! Little by little and with the aid of the Alpha Cru, Alea finds out more and more about where she came from. And she learns that Lennox is also half mer. Could that be why they feel so drawn to each other?

                                                            The first volume in this series was one of the Top 6 Children’s and Young Adult Bestsellers
                                                            A story about being different and strong that will set girls dreaming
                                                            | 10 +

                                                              Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

                                                              Paula’s best day ever! A girl’s dream come true

                                                              Paula’s auntie is getting married! Even better than that – she has asked Paula and Zina to be flower girls at the wedding. The big day finally arrives and everything is so gorgeous that the two girls feel almost like princesses in a fairy tale. The only little hiccup comes when Paula’s brother, Titus, almost forgets the rings – but luckily he has his sister to make sure nothing can go wrong at the altar. Author Ursel Scheffler’s latest book in the popular Paula series is written with humour and affection – and absolutely no slushy sentimentality. In other words, it’s typical Paula!
                                                              | 7 +

                                                                Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrator)

                                                                Paula can’t wait to start school – and she couldn’t care less that the holidays aren’t over yet. She grabs her first-day goodie bag that looks a bit like a giant ice-cream cone and slips out of the house and off to school. There she meets Philipp. He knows school like the back of his hand and he also knows that old books and a plastic skeleton are not the only things in the attic … | 5 +

                                                                  Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator) Spengler, Constanze (Illustrator) Michaelis, Antonia (Illustrator) | further

                                                                  The man who is trying to get Marit away from Hamburg and the night-time blitzes of World War 2 to the safety of the Galapagos Islands is her uncle. But he is acting against her will because now that her father has been declared missing in France and her mother and little sister have both died in the bombing, all Marit wants to do is die. She dives off the ship in attempt to drown herself in the Atlantic as the ship approaches the Galapagos Islands but someone saves her. That someone is José, a local boy, who hauls her out of the water and onto his boat, the Mariposa, in the belief that he has rescued a British boy called Jonathon, who is really Marit using a false identity.
                                                                  José is on the way to the isla maldita to discover why people call it “curse island” and to find out if there is any truth in the tales of its legendary treasure. He takes Jonathon along and the two travellers are gradually joined by a variety of animals, as a rice rat, a penguin, an iguana, a flamingo and several other members of the animal kingdom find their way onto the boat as if by magic. They all help to raise Jonathon’s spirits and help him face life again.
                                                                  It becomes clear that the Mariposa is being followed and José seems to have a map on board that a few other people would dearly love to lay their hands on, too. The stowaway José and Jonathon discover one night is also after the map. In the end, he is the one who realises that Jonathon is really a girl.
                                                                  Marit and José survive storms and volcanic eruptions to arrive, at last, on the isla maldita. The map leads them to the treasure, which turns out to be nothing but a freshwater spring – which is disappointing, too, for the people who had been on the Mariposa’s tail. They are, in fact, American and German spies, who had thought they were after a map that could change the course of the war. On the island, Marit also discovers a second treasure: her family who had in turn believed her dead. They had flown the war to the safety of the Galapagos Islands Marit’s mother had dreamed of all her life. José returns to his native island but remains in contact with Marit. | 11 +

                                                                    Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

                                                                    Lovely Rapunzel has been imprisoned in a roon at the top of a tower by a wicked sorceress. One day, a prince discovers the tower and climbs all the way up Rapunzel's long hair to the room where she is held. The two fall deeply in love with each other. But then the sorceress discovers the prince. Retold for children and colourfully illustrated by Eleni Livianos. | 3 +

                                                                      Winter, Joyce (Author)

                                                                      Who protects us when we dream?

                                                                      Right in the middle of the school year, Allegra is called up to the Academy of Dream Intelligence to become a dream agent, just like her late parents. Dream agents are specialists who watch over people’s dreams to prevent their souls from taking harm as they sleep and also to prevent the fine membrane that separates our dreams from the real world from becoming torn. Hardly has Allegra arrived at the academy, however, she realises the agents themselves are in the greatest danger and that they must have a traitor in their ranks. When Allegra’s own sister vanishes during dreamtime, a life-and-death struggle begins.

                                                                      A thrilling, fast-paced novel about the world of dreams, which is far from being as safe as it appears, and the story of a girl, who is being trained at a secret academy to restore the dividing line between dream and reality and so to protect everyone she loves.
                                                                      | 14 +

                                                                        Körner, Tine (Author)

                                                                        Rock Star Love: Beyond Glamour
                                                                        Lea finds an anonymous letter that seems to say what she feels. Then she hears the same words in a song by a singer called Nico and she realises she simply has to meet him. But Nico is arrogant and unapproachable and Nico’s manager has plans of his own with the young man.

                                                                        This mix is a hit: a family secret, love and the music business.
                                                                        | 14 +

                                                                          Orso, Kathrin Lena (Author) Dombois, Natalie (Illustrator)

                                                                          Your Style, Your Dream, Your Bookazine: Here’s Greta!

                                                                          Four best friends in Berlin, four passions, four books: After Romy, the new movie star, and sporty Pepa, Book 3 is devoted to music fan Greta. She knows the best rock songs of all time and where to find the coolest discs (and the oldest vintage leather jackets) and she’s always compiling playlists for her friends – to play at parties, when they’re lovesick or any other time. She also has a secret that she can’t even share with her friends.

                                                                          Best friends and their dreams: acting, sport, music, fashion. Told in trendy magazine style with WhatsApp chats, playlists, tests …
                                                                          | 11 +

                                                                            Schwörer, Ariane (Author) Hamann, Meike (Illustrator)

                                                                            Your Style, Your Dream, Your Bookazine: Here’s Josi!

                                                                            The four friends Romy, Pepa, Greta and Josi are happiest when they’re hanging out together – except when they’re pursuing their great passions: Romy wants to be an actress, Pepa a handball champion, Greta a music star and Josi, who was the new girl to begin with, has an amazing talent for fashion design. Best if she tells you all about that herself…

                                                                            Best friends and their dreams: acting, sport, music, fashion. In trendy magazine style with scribbles, posts, smoothie recipes, horoscopes and much more besides.
                                                                            | 11 +

                                                                              Scheunemann, Frauke (Author) Kelly, John (Illustrator)

                                                                              The gods must have lost their minds! Henry, a boy from the USA, is faced with the most boring summer holidays of his life – he’s off to Bayreuth with his father. Nothing could be worse. But then everything changes when they order pizza. Instead of pizza, Henry finds a bad-tempered giant at the door. Very soon, Henry is lying prostrate before Odin, yes, before the ruler of the Norse gods himself. Odin has a bone to pick with his old enemy, Alberich the dwarf, and it seems Henry could come in very useful for that. Before he knows what has happened, Henry is racing through world history with Odin’s daughter, Hilda. The first book in a new series, very funny and featuring a smart hero.

                                                                              Fast moving, full of action and gigantic fun: popular author Frauke Scheunemann gives the classical story a new twist!

                                                                              The first in the new bestselling series!

                                                                              Book 2: Henry Smart. The Dwarf King’s Uprising - to be published in Spring 2018.
                                                                              | 10 +

                                                                                Garanin, Melanie (Author) Garanin, Melanie (Illustrator)

                                                                                A favourite book for all horse lovers.

                                                                                Moving to a new house doesn’t seem so bad, after all, when Mara sees a pony standing in next door’s garden. Mara christens the pony Mimi and visits it every day. Mara and Mimi soon get used to each other, but one day Mara finds Mimi without any hay or water in her stable. Who normally looks after her?

                                                                                A wonderful first reading book about what most girls dream of: a pony in next door’s garden.
                                                                                | 7 +