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Maar, Paul (Author) Grossmann-Hensel, Katharina (Illustrator)

What if?
Original and inventive: Paul Maar!

One day Mr Martin starts turning invisible, he continues to fade a little bit more every day until he disappears entirely from view. No doctor can help him – after all, it’s hardly an easy job if you can’t see the patient. People in the street are bewildered to see Mr Martin’s dog out for his walk apparently without his master. There are sausages sizzling in the frying pan, but where’s the cook? Luckily, Mr Martin discovers that being invisible can also have its good side. He particularly likes it when Mrs Savitzky, his cleaner, unintentionally sits on his lap. Will she carry on doing it when Mr Martin stops being invisible?
| 4 +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Frielinghaus, Sabine (Illustrator)

“My mummy’s the best!” is probably what all children think because they can make meals and do silly things all at the same time with Mummy; they can get her to carry them round, make things with her and she’s also great for cuddles.
Amusing rhymes and amusing illustrations show how much fun children can have with the best mummy in the world.
| 24 months +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

The little unicorn is in despair. His horn simply refuses to grow! The goat offers to lend him one. The rhino comforts him, saying that his own horn also took a very long time to grow. Then horse gives him a kiss to make him feel better, and suddenly he feels something tingling on his forehead.

- Enchanting unicorn story, full of warmth and humour and totally kitsch-free.
- Trend topic unicorn – without the kitsch factor
- A new favourite from the creators of the popular “Ow!” said the Owl (“Die Eule mit der Beule”)
- Rhymes by Susanne Weber full of warmth, humour and charm

| 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

In The Nicest Dad in the World, the little bear’s daddy gives him bread and honey, the little hare plays hide and seek with Daddy Hare, and Father Dog carries his little puppy home on his back when he is too tired to walk any further. And the human daddy tucks his child into bed and sings him a lullaby until he falls asleep.

In The Nicest Mummy in the World, we want to find out whose mummy is the nicest in the world. Is it the squirrel whose mummy rocks him in her arms? Or the polar bear whose mummy makes him hot tea? Or perhaps the little fox whose mummy kisses away the pain when he hurts himself? In the end, one thing is clear: every child has the nicest mummy in the world!
| 24 months +

Wewer, Iris (Author) Wewer, Iris (Illustrator)

A small piglet with great courage! A particularly lovely picture book about not being frightened any more.

It’s the middle of the night when the small pig’s curiosity gets the better of him and he sneaks into the white house at the edge of the village and settles down for a sleep on the sofa there. He has absolutely no idea that this is the house where the great big, greedy Grommels live. And they are anything but pleased when they discover their impudent guest the following morning. But a small pig isn’t going to be frightened by huge teeth and long claws, is he? Or is he? Author and illustrator Iris Wewer tells a wonderfully warm-hearted story of bravery and friendship, with a lovable main character and terrifying monsters, which is also perfect for nursery school.

A delightfully cheeky pig in a wonderful story of bravery and friendship

Full English translation available!
| 3 +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Frielinghaus, Sabine (Illustrator)

“My daddy’s the best!” is probably what all children think because with Daddy you an eat pasta and spill lots down your front, fly a kite, build a pirate ship and, of course, Daddy’s also great for cuddles.
Amusing rhymes and amusing illustrations show how much fun children can have with the best daddy in the world.

| 24 months +

Naoura, Salah (Author) Jeschke, Stefanie (Illustrator)

Everyone ends up happy here: The latest from Salah Naoura! Learning to take courage: Midge, the very small vampire and youngest member of the Scary family, cannot stand the dark or black pudding. Then he meets Agatha, a cow who finds lying around on the grass boring and dreams of baking cream gateaux. And that’s when the pair decide to try their luck together.

Salah Naoura’s story about “being different” is light-hearted, witty and heart-warming!
| 4 +

Gieseler, Corinna (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

Sweet dreams! For three-year-olds, each day is full of new impressions and discoveries. Short stories set in the children’s worlds of experience and imagination are very important and help them to settle down and fall asleep at bedtime. They simply snuggle down and slip softly off to dreamland.

A book with wonderful illustrations, ideal for the bedtime story ritual!
| 3 +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

Who will help the little lobster? A book for everyone with a big heart

“Boohoo,” sobs the lobster. “I am so miserable.” The other animals are worried about their friend and try to comfort the little lobster and cheer him up. The plaice gives him a great big hug, the mussels snuggle up to him, and the starfish puts its arms around him. But all of that is still not enough to make him feel better. But then the sea horse swims up to her darling lobster and now he’s happy again.
An adorable comfort book for children to join in speaking the words and empathise with the lobster. With rhymes and bold, bright pictures. By the bestselling team that created Die Eule mit der Beule (“Ow!” Said The Owl).
| 12 months +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

Thanks to the many sliders in this book, kiddies will all adore the little owl even more now! The little owl has hurt herself. The fox, the mouse, the snake and the bear do their best to comfort her. “Ssssht!” says snake, stroking her cheek. “Blowing helps,” advises fox. Their efforts are all very well, but in the end, only one thing helps: her mummy.

The top bestseller with sliders on every page. In large format with delightfully amusing rhymes that comfort and distract!
| 24 months +

Sönnichsen, Imke (Author) Sönnichsen, Imke (Illustrator)

When grannies and monkeys get together, life is sure to turn interesting.

Granny Rose lives a quiet, retiring life in her house on the coast. She keeps her home tidy and in the evening knits the grey socks she sells at market. But one day down on the beach she finds a little monkey called Puck and takes him home with her. Puck has some pretty extraordinary ideas when it comes to tidiness. Suddenly nothing in Rose’s life is as it used to be. But is that really such a bad thing?

Affectionate, amusing and profound – a pleasure for child listeners and adult readers

Successful illustrator Imke Sönnichsen has written and drawn an affectionate story full of mischievous humour to delight any child and also entertain the adults reading it.

Full English translation available!
| 4 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Nagel, Tina (Illustrator)

How long will the baby elephant be able to stay with his mother, do you think? “A very long time,” says his mummy. But that is not long enough for the baby elephant. And so his mother comes up with lots of imaginative pictures of how long can be. But the baby elephant is only really happy when he hears that he can stay with his mummy for ever.

Full English translation available! | 4 +

Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Marshall, Anna (Illustrator)

There are lots of amazing things for tiny tots to discover here!

Every page has a slider that can be pulled in and out to change the pictures. So there’s lots more to discover about the baby animals than can be seen at first glance – as well as some funny surprises!

With the Pull & Discover series, children aged 18 months and over playfully get to know their environment, while the subjects and illustrations encourage them to start learning to talk. | 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Two classic picture books in one, in the handy MAXI format. In The Nicest Grandpa in the World, Grandfather Hedgehog makes paper planes, Grandpa Bear bakes bilberry cake, and Granddad Mouse gives his grandchild such a big push on his rocking horse that he gallops off around the world. Isn’t it lovely that animal children also have such wonderful grandfathers!

And in The Nicest Grandma in the World, Nana Elephant and the elephant child pick a lovely bunch of flowers together, Granny Hamster speeds down the hill with the little hamster, and Granny Mole takes her grandchild on a treasure hunt. No wonder children all love their grandmothers!
| 24 months +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Waas-Pommer, Ulrike (Illustrator)

Quack quack, bow wow and meow! Lots of favourite animals

"Look how pleased the ducks are when we scatter grain for them!” The little duck’s belly is cuddly and soft – and when the children stroke it, the duck begins to quack. The little girl has plenty of favourite animals: a puppy, a pony, a cuddly cat and, of course, her lovely soft teddy! She takes the readers through the garden and into the house – and when they meet one of the animals, they just have to stroke its fur and it will start to bark, neigh or meow!

Five familiar and well-loved animals, five different animal noises. With the innovative stroke/sound concept.

An interactive book with an animal to stroke on every page
| 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

The new book about love from the successful duo Lütje and Livanios! The wishes loving parents cherish for their children are many, and also imaginative and colourful, just like this board picture book. It tells of a mother hare, who wants her child to have everything it needs to grow big and strong: space to hop about, for example, or a star to light his way when it’s dark. Like all parents, she too would like the whole world to lie at her little hare’s feet.

A truly beautiful gift book, with enchanting rhymes for parents to read over and over again, and for their little ones to join in repeating!
| 24 months +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Eleni Zabini tells her gently modernised version of the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tale with a slight change of emphasis and in a style appropriate for children. | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Punch and Joey have baked so many mince pies grandmother throws her hands up in desperation. Who on earth is going to eat all of these? She hits on the idea of holding a Christmas party and invites Judy, the little witch and even the policeman to come. But wherever can the little princess have got to? Punch himself invited her … A lovely story featuring the time-honoured Punch and Judy characters. | 3 +

Fackelmayer, Regina (Author) Bjarke (Illustrator)

“Cat kisses taste the most purrrrfect,” says Currant, the kitten, as she goes out to play for a while before supper. Hedwig, the goat, hears this – and doesn’t agree, at all. Before Currant knows what’s happening, the goat has planted a rather pongy smacker on her face. And as if that weren’t enough, the other farm animals all think their kisses are best, so that Currant gets to compare the pig’s belly blower, the butterfly’s gentle brush, the duck’s peck, the cow’s smooch, the horse’s pursed lips and the mouse’s snog. But at the end of the day, what she loves the most … is Mummy Cat’s goodnight kiss! | 3 +

Vogt, Stefanie (Author) Weldin, Frauke (Illustrator)

Oh dear, the little bear is having a bad time. Will you comfort him?

All the baby animals are crying because something hurts or they’ve had a fright or feel anxious. By stroking them, the young readers calm the baby animals down, so that they give a sigh of relief in the end. Each double page features a different animal that reacts when the fur element is touched.

With its cute sighs and sounds of relief, The touch-sound book “Stroke Me And Everything Will be All Right Again introduces toddlers of 18 months and over to empathy by giving them a different animal to comfort on every new page.
| 24 months +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Weldin, Frauke (Illustrator)

Bedtime, cuddling and feeling cosy!
How snug the cat looks up the tree! How peacefully the hamster looks, fast asleep at the edge of the field after his delicious dinner! And just listen to the great big elephant trumpeting out his snores! The little mouse patters softly from animal to animal, enjoying all the different snoring sounds the children make by softly stroking the animals’ tummies. A sound and feel book with different snoring sounds and touch elements.
| 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

A favourite board book for very young children: Life would only be half as nice without Nana!
Nana Elephant and the elephant child pick a beautiful bunch of flowers together, Granny Hamster speeds down the hill with the little hamster, and Granny Mole takes her grandchild on a treasure hunt. No wonder all children love their grandmothers so much! Seven delightfully illustrated granny rhymes.
| 24 months +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Eleni Zabini retells the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tale in a gently modernised version and style appropriate for children. She changes the emphasis slightly to make Sleeping Beauty a character little girls can still identify with today. | 3 +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator)

How bats get off to sleep: although the little bat is already very tired, she can’t get off to sleep. That’s because her sleep sheep isn’t there and without it, she just stays awake. Mummy and Daddy help her to search everywhere for it. In the end, they do find the sleep sheep. It had been hiding by the window. Now everyone’s happy and they can all get to sleep at last.

A sleep-inducing bedtime story not just for bat children: A book that’s sure to be a favourite, with catchy new rhymes by Susanne Lütje and cute pictures by Stefanie Reich.
| 24 months +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Schoene, Kerstin (Illustrator)

Are hedgehog kisses prickly? Certainly not for the young hedgehog.

But exactly how does the mummy hedgehog kiss her child? And how does the little penguin come by a kiss? On each new page, there’s a different, enchanting scene of creatures kissing. One thing is certainly very clear: all the baby animals get a lovely big smacker of a kiss from their mummy.

With beautiful illustrations and rhymes, Giraffe Kiss and Crocodile Smacker carries the very young off to an affectionate animal world, where mummy animals kiss their children in their own, very special way.
| 24 months +

Paulsen, Sophie Luca (Author) Lauber, Larisa (Illustrator)

Otto the little octopus is sad because he doesn’t understand why he has sooo many arms. He loves the fish’s glittering fins, the crab’s practical pincers and the ray’s broad wing-like fins. Even Otto’s friends recoil from his many arms. But then the little turtle gets stuck in a crack in rocks and only Otto can free him thanks to his many arms. Now everyone wants a hug from Otto – turns out, it’s wonderful to have eight arms, after all!

Warm, encouraging message: You’re great just the way you are! | 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Good times together: Thank goodness for grandpa!
Grandfather Hedgehog makes paper planes, Grandpa Bear bakes bilberry cake and Granddad Mouse gives his grandchild such a big push on his rocking horse that he gallops off around the world. Isn’t it lovely that animal children also have such wonderful grandfathers! Seven affectionately illustrated granddad rhymes – a wonderful gift book for grandparents and grandchildren alike.
| 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

All the best, little star! A delightful goodnight story for cuddly kids. Before they go to bed, the little bear and the big bear take a last look at the stars. But today one little star is not shining as brightly as the others. The bears immediately begin looking for a way to help it. They climb up a ladder to reach the little star and put a warm hat on its head. Now the little star is sure to feel better soon and the little bear can sleep without worrying about it. Susanne Lütze and Eleni Zabini tell a poetic goodnight story in beautiful, evocative pictures and with lovely rhymes for the children to join in with.

The perfect goodnight story \x1A
| 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Swoboda, Annette (Illustrator)

A great, big smacker for the whole wide world! Enchanting pictures by Annette Swoboda.

How do I kiss a koala bear? Easy-peasy! But to kiss the giraffe, the child has to climb up high into the tree – and it even has to hang upside down from a branch to reach the sloth. And what’s the best way to give a sparrow a quick peck? That’s simple, on the swing! In the end, of course, the biggest smacker of all is for mummy! With its bright, colourful illustrations by Annette Swoboda, its catchy verses full of fun and surprises and its affectionate kiss alphabet, this book makes a perfect present for tiny tots. A positively kissable picture book! | 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Bougaeva, Sonja (Illustrator)

The little book of love: a gem of a book for children and parents.
Can you imagine how much I love you? The big cat loves her baby so much that she even paints the sky blue for the kitten. She moves mountains and makes the stars smile for her child. A book that makes a wonderful gift for children, but also for parents on the birth of a baby. With delightful, brightly coloured pictures and rhymes by Susanne Lütje.
| 12 months +

zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

Peaceful slumbers and sweet dreams! How do other families wish each other goodnight? That’s what we find out in this wonderfully warm-hearted board picture book. And it’s not as though every family’s cherished bedtime rituals are the same: some cuddle, others sing, some stroke and kiss. The result is always the same, though – in the end, the children simply cannot keep their weary eyes open any longer. The book provides lots of suggestions and inspiration for goodnight rituals.

Delightful rhymes illustrated with gentle humour that inspire parents: soothing ways to send our little ones off to dreamland!
| 24 months +

Felgentreff, Carla (Author) Kohne, Diana (Illustrator)

Every child woud love to have an animal friend like this.

Brrr! The little penguin is freezing. How can he warm up? There’s no room among the other animals. Thank goodness Mum is cuddly and warm!

Eye-catching on the book-stands.
Attractively embossed.
Popular animals make this a must-have book. | 12 months +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Vogel, Heike (Illustrator)

Life is never dull for tiny tots. There’s always something going on. In the daytime, they have to rescue their cuddly bunny from the washing machine and in the evening, Firewoman Feli rescues the sandman’s sack from the flames.
This story book for children of two and over is divided into two sections: one with stories about playing and laughing and one with stories about falling asleep and dreaming.
| 24 months +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

Poor little owl! A delightful book about making hurts better.

The little owl has hurt herself. The fox comes along and blows on the bump, the mouse brings a plaster and the snake strokes the little owl’s cheek. But what’s the best way to make it better? A kiss from Mummy Owl, of course! With the cutest little owl in the world, this book is an absolute favourite with very young children! A charming story of kindness and empathy told in clear pictures and simple rhymes children will have great fun joining in with.

18 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Rammensee, Lisa (Illustrator)

A beautifully made board book which tells the story of a charmingly different family

Pingu and Pongo are happy
As a penguin pair can be.
But then they’re even happier
When two plus one makes three!

Pingu spends his days doing what penguins like to to do best: swimming, diving, and sliding on the ice. Then he meets Pongo and they are very happy together. One day they suddenly find something lying on the ice: an egg! The pair incubate it. And what hatches out? A little chick. How wonderful!

18 months +

zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Kraushaar, Sabine (Illustrator)

Small, but smart! A cute chick with all its wits about it! A tiny little chick hatches from its shell. But, oh no! Wherever can Mother Hen be? The little chick stretches its neck in all directions but cannot see its mummy. What should it do now? Climb. Is that a good idea? Unfortunately not. The chicken is too small; its legs are too short. It tries to hop and call, but there’s no chicken in sight. In the end, Mother Hen finally comes on the scene. She has found her chick so now it can cuddle up snug and happy beneath its mummy’s wings.

A lovely spring title that also makes a good Easter present!
| 24 months +

Praml, Sabine (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

It’s time for bed. “One more kiss…,” says Daddy Bear, “… and that’s it,” says the little bear. But then he feels thirsty. Also, he needs his teddy. And Daddy also needs to take a look at the stars with him! Without further ado, Daddy Bear climbs in under the covers with the little bear. “One more kiss …,” he yawns, “… and that’s it,” says the little bear, snuggling into daddy’s arms. And before you know it, they are fast asleep. | 18 months +

Praml, Sabine (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

Father Rabbit calls his children in for some cake, but the seven little rascals are hiding! What fantastic fun for the little rabbits when their father sets off to seek them in the garden and finds them, one by one. But has he really found all seven of them? Father Rabbit counts: one, two, three … | 24 months +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

This is Little Owl talking – this is how Christmas sounds

It’s Christmas. The owl gets some wonderful presents from Mummy and Daddy, Granny and Granddad. The owl is blissful, laughing happily, when it suddenly realises – oh no! – it didn’t think of presents itself! Luckily, it comes up with the very best present to give to the others, after all: “A kiss for everyone! There couldn’t be a better gift!” Each page produces a different sound. Little Owl can be heard speaking, unwrapping presents and, at the end of the story, even singing a Christmas carol.

Little Owl Celebrates Christmas can now be heard with a sweet little owl voice.
| 24 months +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

Save all your kisses for me! It’s Christmas. Mummy, Daddy, Granny and Grandpa all have lovely presents to give the little owl. But “oops!” she has no presents at all for the others. Luckily, she has a good idea: “A kiss for everyone! Oh, that’s nice. There’s no better present than a kiss!”

The little owl has no painful bumps this time, but she does have an excellent idea for a gift, and it’s told in simple and delightful rhymes for all her fans.
| 24 months +