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Müller, Thomas (Author) Wolff, Julien (Author) Birck, Jan (Illustrator)

Thomas Müller tells his story! The success story for beginning readers.

For ten-year-old Thomas Müller, it’s a dream come true: he’s been signed by the great FC Bayern München. But every player at the club is a top talent, so at first Thomas only ever finds himself sitting on the reserve bench. His teammate Martin advises him never to give up, and so Thomas trains even harder – and finally gets his chance.
| 7 +

    Knutsen (Author) Vogt, Michael (Illustrator)

    The number one trend game entices kids away from the computer to books: learning to read with Minecraft!

    Bob18 lands on a remote island, but he can’t remember how he got there. When he explores his surroundings, he has the feeling he's being watched. He finds an axe, cuts down some trees and builds himself a shelter. He’s hardly finished, when he receives a visit from a pig called Thursday who loves horror stories and wants to hunt zombies. So armed with a homemade wooden sword, the pair set out to protect a village from zombies, creepers and other unpleasant monsters – and a huge adventure begins!

    An absolute must for Minecraft fans: The computer game is now available in book form for beginning readers and is packed with colourful comic-style illustrations that are sure to appeal to any book-shy child.
    | 8 +

      Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

      Once again, Paul Maar has created an amazing character – a troll!

      Tojok, the little troll, lives with his parents in a small house on a mountain slope. He loves playing outside in the forest with his best friend, the wild tomcat. One day he is allowed to choose what he would like for dinner, but he can’t think of anything. So he asks all the animals, but they only recommend things like bark and fat mice. But then the wild tomcat comes up with a good idea.

      The read-aloud reading starters from Oetinger have been created especially for preschoolers. Great stories by well-known authors serve as a motivation to learn to read. The books, with their many pictures, games and puzzles, are based on the concept of dialogic reading, and therefore primarily promote reading comprehension. | 5 +

        Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

        As you can tell from his name, Franz is a boy, and he’s six years old. But because he has blond ringlets, a red cherry mouth and plump pink cheeks, people take him for a girl at least three times a day. Franz finds this very annoying, and it’s so hard to convince them they’re mistaken, especially the Bergers’ nephew, who refuses to believe that Franz is a boy. Then Franz has an unusual, but effective, idea … | 8 +

          Schlüter, Andreas (Author) Hennig, Dirk (Illustrator)

          Learning to read underwater: Welcome to Calmaria!

          Inky the octopus lives with his parents in Calmaria, right at the bottom of the sea. Calmaria has a school, restaurants, a library and a flea market. As well as fish, sea turtles and seahorses, moray eels also live there, but it’s best to keep out of their way. When Inky starts school, he finds that Fluffy the flounder is also in his class. Fluffy doesn’t speak any Calamarian and otherwise, he is somehow different, too. Can they still become friends?

          A wonderful school story in an underwater setting featuring many likeable characters and colourful illustrations.
          | 7 +

            Nöstlinger, Christine (Author)

            Franz has been sitting around at school for four whole weeks now, but he still can’t write properly. That really bothers Franz, and there are lots of other things about school that bother him, too. Being the smallest, for instance, and that Eberhard Most, who is the biggest and fattest in his class, cannot stand small boys. No wonder Franz isn’t very keen on going to school. | 8 +

              Tielmann, Christian (Author) Brenner, Lisa (Illustrator)

              This football comic turns book-shy kids into monster bookworms!

              How rotten is that! Bram can’t play for FC Redspike because he’s too small. Standing on the sidelines, Bram meets Drago, who’s also not allowed on the pitch. Drago isn’t an ordinary boy, though; he’s a vampire. He has some friends who are just as unusual as he is, and he and Bram decide to start their own team with them. They call themselves the Pitch Monsters! And even though the briefest exposure to sunlight reduces Drago to dust, defender wolf Lars is not in command of his temper and the monster twins would rather eat the ball than kick it into goal, they end up winning the match against FC Redspike.

              Comics are a playful invitation for children to read

              Fantastic pictures with large print for beginning readers in the speech bubbles.

              | 7 +

                Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Schulmeyer, Heribert (Illustrator)

                A monster party for a human boy – wild, funny, heart-warming!

                It’s Paul’s birthday and he desperately wants a dog. His family, the Monsters, are being very secretive. When he arrives home from school at lunchtime, he finds the house full of monsters – a surprise party! They welcome him with a “Happy Birthday!” roar that’s so loud Paul flies backwards into the garden. Confusion ensues! And all the while, Paul is really dying to know what his present is.
                | 6 +

                  Ishida, Naeko (Illustrator)

                  From now on the little fairies sweeten the learning to read

                  At the start of every school year, the fairy school holds its fairy post party: Rosalie, Nikki and all the others in Year One learn about their future task of emptying the fairy letterbox and at the same time how to find out which of the many children’s wishes they find in the letterbox are truly matters of the heart.

                  The read-aloud reading starters from Oetinger have been created especially for preschoolers. Great stories by well-known authors serve as a motivation to learn to read. The books, with their many pictures, games and puzzles, are based on the concept of dialogic reading, and therefore primarily promote reading comprehension. | 5 +

                    Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Schulmeyer, Heribert (Illustrator)

                    A roaring good read! Paul is growing up as a member of a monster family. For as long as he can remember, living with Mum and Dad monster and his monster brother and sister has been perfectly normal. So naturally he thinks he’s a monster, too. He’s never known anything else. He loves his family and they love him. At monster school, Paul has to learn how to roar really loudly, but at first he can’t. Will Paul pass his roaring test in the end?

                    The first in a new series by the successful COOLMAN author duo, Bertram/Schulmeyer

                    - Top topics for primary schoolchildren: being different, belonging, acceptance

                    - Comic illustrations in the book will have even the boys who are not very interested in reading picking up a book | 6 +

                      Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Körting, Verena (Illustrator)

                      Bo the bear lives all alone in the wood. He’s feeling pretty lonely on Christmas Eve, but then a pig knocks at his door simply because it’s scared of the dark. One by one, other animals also turn up on his doorstep. They have all heard that a special child has been born in a stable in Bethlehem. They decide to visit the child together and, in the end, all the animals gather around the manger to gaze in wonder at the baby lying there. Everyone is happy and no one is alone any more.

                      A shared experience of the birth of Jesus seen from the animals’ perspective
                      Rhyming text entertains and makes reading easier for beginning readers. | 6 +

                        Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Ionescu, Cathy (Illustrator)

                        A dog of your own – Antonia Michaelis makes every child’s dream come true

                        Barking here, barking there. Barking, barking everywhere. The poor four-legged creatures have to spend all day at home alone, waiting for their masters and mistresses to return. How boring! Thank goodness the Animal Aid Club are dog-lovers too. Every day, Janne, Tom und Ali pick them up after school and take them for a walk. The only problem is the awful dog who comes to join them uninvited. Oughtn’t his owner to be keeping a better eye on him? It’s only when the Animal Aid Club find themselves in the woods during a sudden storm that they realise who really needs their help... | 8 +

                          Taschinski (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

                          Eating and sleeping are Bifi’s favourite pastimes. His owner, Pops, a canny elderly gentleman and beekeeping enthusiast, is far more on his toes. When Bifi finds his bowl empty one morning and there’s a smell in the air that’s suspiciously like cat’s fart, it’s obvious they’ve had a visit from a food thief. At lunchtime, Pop discovers that his meal has also been snitched from his plate. Dog and master decide to investigate, so all the cats in the street have to give Bifi a sample fart.

                          Bifi & Pops, a charming and amusing dog-and-master team, have even preschool children eager to learn to read. Illustrations by Susanne Göhlich.

                          | 6 +

                            Stewner, Tanya (Author) Hennig, Simone (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

                            A new mergirl adventure for beginning readers

                            The Alpha Cru writes a song for the Gilves because she knows music is what they love most. With the help of an eavesdropping snail, Alea Aquarius and her friends manage to squeeze the song into a shell and take it down to the cave city, where the Gilves live. Will the Gilves get the message?

                            Alea Aquarius imparts courage, stands for friendship and is dedicated to protecting the environment and helping her fellow humans – the perfect recipe for hours of reading fun with Alea and the Alpha Cru.
                            | 8 +

                              Rose, Barbara (Author) Ishida, Naeko (Illustrator)

                              Over 90,000 copies of the Fairy School books sold (February 2019)

                              Rosalie the fairy has only been at Blossomwood School for a few days when she has her first flying lesson with Firn Whirr. Rosalie is really looking forward to it and flies off enthusiastically. But … why are all the other girls so fairy-fast? Firn Whirr quickly takes a look at Rosalie’s wings and discovers that the little flower fairy is wearing everyday wings. Will she get her travel wings and learn the secret magic spell for putting wings on and taking them off again?

                              -\x09Bestselling combination: the popular girls topic fairies, coupled with quality, humour and charm
                              -\x09Now Fairy School fans can enjoy not only listening to but also reading the stories themselves | 6 +

                                Stewner, Tanya (Author) Hennig, Simone (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

                                With heroine Alea Aquarius, we can achieve anything!

                                The Alpha Cru discovers that a scrapyard owner has been dumping car tyres into the river - right at the spot where the Isibelles’ brown trout lay their eggs! With the aid of the water spirits, Alea and the Isibelles manage to haul the tyres out of the river again, and the Magicals realise that if they all pull together, they are a match for any enemy, no matter how small any of them may be. What a wonderful present for Alea, whose birthday it is today!

                                This bestselling series is also a hit with beginning readers

                                So far 25.000 copies of Alea beginning readers sold

                                Playfully imparted extra knowledge about the environment | 8 +

                                  Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Reitz, Nadine (Illustrator)

                                  The perfect present for young heroes

                                  Jo lives with his mother on a sheep farm. Jo’s mum is strong and confident, whereas Jo is rather timid. But at Christmastime, his mum wants a little hero - at least, that’s what Jo thinks because he saw a superhero's cape drawn on her wish list, although he couldn’t make out what she had written underneath. When a wolf comes sloping through the snow, Jo sees his chance: he decides to be brave and chase the wolf away. But the wolf is just a tame herding dog. Good thing that mum didn't draw a cape on her wish list, but a red scarf. Because she always loves her Jo - whether he's a hero or not.

                                  -\x09A lovable non-hero wants to be brave at Christmas
                                  -\x09The atmospheric setting brings a whole world to life with easy-to-read text | 7 +

                                    Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Ionescu, Cathy (Illustrator)

                                    Welcome to the Animal Rescue Club!

                                    Hello animal lover, do you want to join the Animal Rescue Club? Jane, Tom and Ali could do with a few extra hands. Unfortunately, their parents don’t understand that snails need protection. And their teachers go up the wall the minute some cute little mice make the school their new home. Can at least the poor, injured hedgehog soften their hearts? Outside, the place is full of animals needing help. Be there to help the animal rescuers when there’s a life to be saved!

                                    Mischievously and affectionately written

                                    For a broad target readership

                                    With lots of hilarious illustrations by Cathy Ionescu
                                    | 8 +

                                      Stewner, Tanya (Author) Hennig, Simone (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

                                      At last, there’s an Alea Aquarius for beginning readers, too!

                                      Sammy has gone missing! Ben, Alea and Lennox immediately set out into the magical underwater world to look for him. When they find his camera floating around between plastic waste, they start to feel very worried. Where on earth can Sammy be? What can have happened?

                                      With Alea Aquarius. Mermaid Magic by Tanya Stewner and Simone Hennig, the exciting mergirl adventures featuring Alea, Sammy and Lennox, are now also available for beginning readers of eight and over. | 8 +

                                        Schlüter, Andreas (Author) Hennig, Dirk (Illustrator)

                                        Inki wants to sign up for a race in Calmaria, but his friend Seelina is sceptical. She doesn’t think that an octopus like him has a chance of outstripping the other fish, but Inki decides to enter the race anyway. During training, he sees the mean swordfish threaten the sailfish, who’s faster, telling not to overtake him in the race. Inki is definitely not going to let him get away with that! And so he comes up with a plan just after the starting shot has been fired... | 7 +

                                          Taschinski (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

                                          Bifi and Pops turn kids into busy reading bees

                                          Amateur beekeeper Pops rides into the woods on his motorbike to see to his beehives, taking Bifi along in his sidecar. First off, Bifi chases a sounder of wild pigs and a fox away without Pops even noticing. But when the bee colony swarms out with the queen, Pops gets into a real flap. Together, the pair try to direct the bees back to the hive – not an easy task, but luckily, Bifi follows his nose and comes up with a plan!

                                          Still going strong: the unequal friends Bifi & Pops

                                          Perfect identification figure: Bifi sees the world with children’s eyes

                                          Lots to discover in Susanne Göhlich’s illustrations
                                          | 6 +

                                            Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                            How flattering: a love letter arrives for Aunt Olga in Pampendorf! The Oggly King is looking for a wife and would like to get to know Olga a little better. The Ogglies warn her to beware of the king’s false promises, but Olga immediately sets off to pay him a visit. She soon realises that all the king wants is a servant. But Olga isn’t standing for that! She turns the tables on him – let the king demonstrate his talents to her! | 5 +

                                              Dickreiter, Lisa-Marie (Author) Götz, Andreas (Author) Renger, Nikolai (Illustrator)

                                              Our new cult character “Berti” – now for beginning readers

                                              Could anything be more exciting than a child’s first day at school? Hardly. But Berti’s first day surpasses them all. To start with, the whole family wakes up so late that Berti can’t even change out of his pyjamas before setting off for school. Then his daddy drives like a madman, which does not amuse the police, at all. Berti can’t count on his big brother, and a sprint to school turns into a wild chase. Will Berti make it to school on time? And what about his first-day-of-school cone filled with treats and presents?

                                              The secret hero of the family: Little Berti

                                              Fast-paced action and lots of humour

                                              Charmingly illustrated by Nikolai Renger | 6 +

                                                Taschinski (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

                                                What on earth is wrong with Pops? He’s constantly giving commands and pulling on Bifi’s lead, and he won’t let Bifi finish playing! It’s quite clear that Pops needs to take a break and learn how to chill. That’s why Bifi thinks its really great that he can accompany Pops to the dog obedience school; that way, he has the chance to talk to other dogs about how to get his human to enjoy life and always have lots of crunchy treats in his pocket - and Pops can enjoy the company of other humans there. | 6 +

                                                  Böhm, Anna (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

                                                  A Detective with a Heart and a Horn: Clearly a Case for Emmi and Unipig!

                                                  A thief is wreaking havoc in Elftown. He’s stealing the expensive street lamps that normally allow the human population’s flying creatures of fable see where they’re going at night. Daddy’s dragon even had an accident in the sudden darkness. Mummy Brix is supposed to be solving the case – she is a police officer, after all. But then Unipig gobbles up a small cake that’s the only piece of evidence! Emmi is furious. But perhaps the pair can still help Mummy to find the thief.

                                                  The delighted readership of this enchanting series: charmingly imperfect. Unipig speaks from children’s hearts!

                                                  Wonderfully written, with light-hearted humour, but also depth. | 5 +

                                                    Dickreiter, Lisa-Marie (Author) Götz, Andreas (Author) Renger, Nikolai (Illustrator)

                                                    Four brothers and one pet – learning to read made fun

                                                    “We need a pet!” Bertie’s brothers decide. A shame that the money in Bertie’s piggy-bank will only stretch to a crayfish called Eddie. What’s anyone supposed to do with a crayfish? Bertie, however, finds Eddie super-cool. He looks fantastic with his red claws. But his brothers find it too boring just to watch Eddie. Eddie needs to have an adventure. But how’s it going to end for Eddie? Bertie simply has to save him! | 6 +

                                                      Stewner, Tanya (Author) Hennig, Simone (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

                                                      Alea doesn’t want to celebrate her first Christmas as a mermaid like an ordinary landlubber, so she sets out with Lennox to look for underwater Christmas traditions and calls on a Finder-Finya to help them. But the Finder-Finya doesn’t even know what Christmas is. And the Christmas tree and delicious cheese soup Tess had wished for don’t quite work out, either, because while the band plays, a storm rages across the square, and it’s all the Alpha Cru can do to catch the litter that’s flying around before it ends up in the sea! Is Christmas going to be a washout? | 8 +

                                                        Maar, Paul (Author) Schulte, Tina (Illustrator)

                                                        Fun from “A” to “Z”: in Paul Maar’s picture stories, every letter of the alphabet has a funny rhyme and its own animal. These go to make up a great, big animal family and, with this animal family, children can even play number and guessing games as well as do picture puzzles. | 6 +

                                                          Dietl, Erhard (Author)

                                                          Learn the alphabet with Oggly nonsense and rhymes – the perfect present for children starting school

                                                          What an alphabet soup! The much-loved and highly entertaining Oggly first reader, featuring graphics from the film. The Ogglies love A because it smells of Ash. They tremble at B, because Baths are torture for Ogglies. C for Computer isn't so bad, because the Ogglies find them as tasty as extension flexes. | 6 +

                                                            Müller, Thomas (Author) Birck, Jan (Illustrator)

                                                            Thomas scores one goal after another for the football team in his home village. His team is so good they have even been invited to play in a major competition. Thomas is keen to show everyone what he can do at the competition because then perhaps his greatest wish will be granted and he will be discovered by his dream team.

                                                            Even football-crazy boys who normally don’t bother with books learn to read like world champions with Thomas Müller. “How I Came to Join My Dream Team” is an autobiographical story with lots of comic-style pictures, a postcard with the football star’s autograph plus 16 pages of reading puzzles and games. | 7 +

                                                              Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

                                                              Toyok and his friend the wild tomcat have been invited to visit Smilla, the girl troll, because her cat would like to meet Toyok’s tomcat. And so the pair leave the forest for the very first time and make their way to the hidden valley where Smilla lives. There are no trees there, but the valley does have a lake. Sadly, Smilla’s cat turns out to be rather vain and the wild tomcat isn’t particularly enthusiastic about their outing. But Toyok finds he has made a new friend in Smilla. | 5 +

                                                                Zapf (Illustrator)

                                                                Welcome to the valley – welcome to the wonderful world of reading!

                                                                The trees are still holding on to their many-coloured leaves and the weather is far too warm for the time of year when the four friends Talis, Alva, Will and Sam happen upon a gleaming stone in a forbidden part of the forest. Hardly have they found the stone than they have strange creatures clad in iron armour pursuing them…

                                                                A fantastic adventure comic that whisks children away into an unfamiliar world packed with fun and action and opens up the world of reading even to unpractised readers.

                                                                Second book in the series to be published in autumn 2021 | 6 +

                                                                  Rose, Barbara (Author) Ishida, Naeko (Illustrator)

                                                                  More than 124,000 copies sold of The Fairy School!

                                                                  Oh no! It’s the first day with her new teacher, and Rosalie manages to oversleep. To add insult to injury, she terrifies the teacher’s timid bat Lola as she clatters into the classroom. The young fairies search madly for the missing bat, to no avail. Then the teacher tells them Lola’s secret. Will Rosalie and her friends be able to find the little bat now? A magical, wintry world awaits young readers.

                                                                  Young readers aged 5-10 will be enchanted by the magical world of young fairy Rosalie | 7 +

                                                                    Böhm, Anna (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

                                                                    The magic of reading – Unipig style

                                                                    Unipig still finds reading a bit difficult. And he doesn’t much want to practise. Instead, he keeps conjuring up ABC biscuits. But when Emmi and Unipig have to return Dad’s borrowed books to the library, they encounter a whole host of book-mad mythical creatures. It would be too funny for words if Unipig didn’t end up being a keen reader too!

                                                                    Packed with suggestions for reading out loud | 5 +