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Göpfrich, Astrid (Author) Korthues, Barbara (Illustrator)

Fran and the fibbing French pony

A fat pony that not only talks, but does so with a French accent? Fran and her friends can't believe their ears when they come across Meurtelle, as the pony calls herself, while working at Apple Farm stables. She even claims to be the best show pony from the Moulin Rouge in Paris." It’s just a bit off that the pony’s ballet skills don’t seem to be up to much – and that two strange characters from a small travelling circus turn up looking for their pony just now.
A horse book with a difference – also for fans of novel animal stories – with illustrations by Barbara Korthues.
| 8 +

Steckelmann, Petra (Author) Specht, Miryam (Illustrator)

Oh my goodness, a lump of wood that can actually speak. Master carpenter Antonio can’t help feeling there’s something very odd about this and quickly gives the wood to his friend, Gepetto, the wood carver. He will know what to do with it, he tells himself. And Antonio is quite right because before very long, Gepetto has chipped away at the wood and created a charmingly mischievous puppet, Pinocchio – and the first thing Pinocchio does is to stick out his tongue at Gepetto.
The retelling of this popular classic is suitable for children of three and over.

| 3 +

Baltscheit, Martin (Author) Büchner, Sabine (Illustrator)

Frog or King, That is the Question!

Fox and Wild Boar were really expecting the mayfly, but who’s this climbing out of the water? A frog, and it actually claims to be a king – or to be exact, their king. King Frog proceeds to demand a palace, freshly grilled flies and absolute obedience. He even makes the pair build a wall to keep out the stork, which, he claims, is a sorcerer. Will the two best friends the forest has ever seen be taken in by this self-crowned king?

Following the success of his children’s book ONLY A DAY, Martin Baltscheit has now come up with another masterpiece featuring Wild Boar and Fox

The subjects of populism, society based on lies, and manipulation are merrily tackled here with charm and humour as well as depth

Great philosophy for small readers, warm-heartedly illustrated by Sabine Büchner.

6 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

How flattering: a love letter arrives for Aunt Olga in Pampendorf! The Oggly King is looking for a wife and would like to get to know Olga a little better. The Ogglies warn her to beware of the king’s false promises, but Olga immediately sets off to pay him a visit. She soon realises that all the king wants is a servant. But Olga isn’t standing for that! She turns the tables on him – let the king demonstrate his talents to her! | 5 +