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Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) | further

The Ogglies fly to the top of Big Ben with their propeller-brella! Legend has it that when Big Ben strikes 13, the lions will wake up. Paddock flies to the top of the tower to get right to the bottom of the matter and finds nothing out of the ordinary – until he hears the heartbeat of a bronze lion in Trafalgar Square. | 8 +

Grusnick, Sebastian (Author) Möller, Thomas (Author) Renger, Nikolai (Illustrator)

Wild animal, beware!

What Max had actually wanted for his tenth birthday was a dog, but sadly, that was out of the question because Max’s father has a pesky allergy to pet hair. But one day, a small box suddenly turns up in Max’s room and he can hear someone bellowing impatiently inside it: “Let me out of here!” When Max opens the box, out leaps a mini-lion that’s about the size of a cat. Its name is Leo, and when Max goes to school, Leo goes with him of course. And there, he turns out to be the good friend Max had always dreamed of.

Amusing, sensitive and encouraging: With Leo the lion, nothing is impossible any more! | 8 +

Schöne, Christoph (Author) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

Sir Dandelion is the smallest and youngest knight in all the kingdom, but that doesn’t stop him from managing his manor better than many older and bigger knight – including his neighbour, Envibert de Greedgullet. Envibert challenges Dandelion to prove himself worthy of a knight’s title, saying that only he who can perform the heroic deed of defeating a dragon can truly be called a knight! Heavy-hearted, Dandelion clambers into his suit of armour … | 3 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Bierkandt, Julia (Illustrator)

Read-aloud Fun for Every Day of the Week The week has seven stories

Monday: mediaeval knights; Tuesday: dragons; next week: fun at the pony farm...

A new, innovative series concept that makes learning the days of the week child’s play. With recurring characters, one location and topics that children love. The series begins with two adventure-filled books, each featuring a perennial favourite: mediaeval knights and horses.

With a days-of-the-week wheel to colour in at the end of each book as a learning aid. | 4 +

Nahrgang, Frauke (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

Who knows how everything works? Rosalinde the cow, of course! She’s a terrible grumbler and always finding fault with all the other animals. Then one day the farmer has had enough of her – and Rosalinde the cow finds herself on board an aeroplane bound for Africa. A short while later, a lion with cornrows, a crocodile with water wings and a crestfallen giraffe suddenly appear on the farm … | 4 +

Tailor, Kathy (Author)

Borka – Bold as a Lioness: girl becomes a prince’s bodyguard in a fantastic setting

Borka is a girl who was raised by lions. When poachers capture her lion parents, the 18-year-old follows them to the royal court, where her courage and strength earn her the position of bodyguard to the crown prince. Borka accompanies Prince Feodor on a perilous journey, by the end of which she not only knows her own past, but also the person to whom her heart and future belong.
Where exactly is your home when you come from two worlds?
Her forest - green, secluded, peaceful. That’s where 16-year-old Borka lives as a member of a pride of lions.
The royal court – loud, power-hungry, gruesome. That’s where Prince Feodor lives. As heir to the throne, he is required to prove himself in a battle with two lions.
Both worlds collide one fateful day and Borka’s life changes for ever. Where does she belong? And will she ever learn the truth about her past?

Two worlds, one prince, a lion girl: a romantasy unlike any you’ve read before

Focuses on strength and wildness, background and identity | 14 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

One day, a wild storm carries little Dorothy and her dog off to the wonderful land of Oz. There she meets the scarecrow, who has no brain, the tin man, who has no heart, and the lion, who has no courage. Together they set out to find the Wizard of Oz. Will he be able to make their dearest wishes come true? The classic story The Wizard of Oz is retold here for children aged four and over. | 4 +

Häfner, Carla (Author) Sturm, Carola (Illustrator)

A new word? Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

A small and very special picture dictionary on the perennial favourite theme of "animals". Alongside the classic and delightful illustrations, each new word is also explained by means of short and catchy rhymes. These help to imprint these new acquisitions in the minds of small children, who will also enjoy the playful element as they look at the pictures and repeat the rhymes along with you.

• A speedy way to learn first words: an engaging combination of picture dictionary and early rhymes.
• Popular board book topic: motor vehicles.
• Lovingly designed activity book.

18 months +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator)

With Max Mouse in the zoo – there's lots to see!
Max Mouse is going to the zoo today. There he wants to meet his friend Sina, a desert mouse. But meeting her is not that simple in a big zoo! She must be hid somewhere between lions, camels, apes and penguins! Max Mouse needs your help to find Sita!
| 24 months +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

After surviving a terrible storm, Dorothy and Toto, her dog, find themselves in a strange land. There, Dorothy meets the Scarecrow who has no brain, the lonely Tin Man who has no heart and the roaring lion who has no courage. Together they set off to meet the Wizard of Oz, for only he can show Dorothy the way home.
Dorothy’s adventure is retold here in language suitable for children of three and over.
| 3 +

Sasmaz, Sinem (Author) Erlbruch, Leonard (Illustrator)

Faster than the wind! A picture book for all special small people.

Mr Cheetah is perfectly contented. But one day the other animals start to make comments about him. A cheetah without spots - what kind of a cheetah is that? On the hunt for his spots, Mr Cheetah is teased and taunted until he feels quite worthless. But then he discovers his strong point: he can run. Faster than anyone! Suddenly all the other animals are envying the fastest creature in the world. But Mr Cheetah doesn’t care about their opinions any more. Now he is confident and proud to be the way he is!

• Confidence-building book, illustrated by Leonard Erlbruch.
• A Book About discovering your own strengths.

4 +

zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

Goodnight bestseller with a fluffy sensory element and a guarantee that sleepy heads will soon be nodding

How does the lion say goodnight? How does the owl rock her young to sleep? And how does the mouse get her mouse child to nod off? Tender goodnight rituals invite imitation and are crowned with a nice, cuddly goodnight kiss.

An enchanting bedtime book with quality special effects. Fluffy sensory elements for sleepy children to stroke complete the bedtime rituals.
| 24 months +