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Blümel, Ben (Author) Marahrens, Marc (Illustrator) Marahrens, Olav (Illustrator)

Cooking can be so cool! Ben, TV host and chart topper, presents his secret recipes – creative, imaginative and exactly what boys like!
If you thought cooking was just about having something to eat, think again! Ben, himself a keen amateur cook, shows his young fans how to prepare the most fantastic, delicious and unusual meals. Take a handful of good ideas and recipes that are easy to follow and garnish with some cool tips for parties, dinner parties and exciting snacks, and you have a super cook book that will entice even the most unwilling cook behind a ceramic hob!
More than 70 recipes of varying difficulty with lots of photos and nutritional tips.
| 11 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

Short stories about big emotions! How is a small child supposed to know that it’s perfectly all right to be furious now and again? Or how to cope with fear or know how it feels to be happy? Children have not yet learnt to name their feelings, but they experience them all the more acutely for all that. With great sensitivity, Maluna author Andrea Schütze tells of the tumultuous world of emotions and provides entertaining explanations almost in passing.

Fifteen stories about happiness, anger, pride and fear that turn information into entertaining read-aloud stories containing sensitive explanations and child-appropriate illustrations!
| 4 +

Krause, Ute (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

Who’s afraid of the great, big dragon? A picture book for brave boys and other gourmets The dragon has awoken after a long and deep sleep. And now he is hungry, very hungry indeed. It’s just too stupid that the villagers have only sent him the little boy Oscar. He’s not even a snack! But Oscar is a wonderful cook. So wonderful, in fact, that the dragon decides it would be a great shame to eat him | 5 +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

There’s always something happening on the farm! Ricky makes new friends.
Ricky and his little sister, Wanda, bake biscuits with their mummy – and the tractor biscuits are naturally the ones Ricky likes best! When he falls ill, the whole family give him lots of loving care and attention. But it’s actually much better to be well – and to have a great day out on the farm! Three amusing and imaginative picture stories with delightful, age-appropriate adventures for young children.
With the picture stories:
• Ricky Racoon Bakes Tractor Biscuits
• Ricky Racoon Isn’t Well
• Ricky Racoon on the Farm
| 24 months +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Stickel, Stephanie (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) | further

Tuck in! The Ogglie children are hungry, but that’s not a problem for Grandad Oggly! He and Lena did, after all, come up against each other in a cookery contest 500 years ago. She made spaghetti with green pesto, while Grandad Oggly produced shoelace pasta with green mould mash. Now who do you think won the competition?

Cooking with the Ogglies: an interactive story with real children’s recipes and heaps of fun.
| 4 +

Rose, Barbara (Author) Glökler, Angela (Illustrator) Zielinski, Rea Grit (Illustrator)

There’s nothing very difficult about cooking, is there? Or is there? The Linden Tree restaurant is soon to close because Missi’s father is an all too experiment-happy failure as a cook. Rescue arrives in the shape of the quirky Camilla, who moves in with the Sugars words straight away, bringing her mysterious cookery book with her. She lets Missi and her best friend, Theo, into the magical secret of cooking. And when word gets out that Camilla’s culinary creations work real wonders, the restaurant is soon filled with life, at last. But will Camilla’s cooking also be able to help Theo’s parents?

As magical as Mary Poppins, as brilliant as Jamie Oliver and with fantastic recipes to try out as an added extra. To be continued!
| 8 +

Rose, Barbara (Author) Zielinski, Rea Grit (Illustrator) Glökler, Angela (Illustrator)

It’s been some time since Camilla was in Birkenberg and now the flowers in the greenhouse are drooping and the high-tech gadgets belonging to Missi’s father have found their way back into the kitchen. When the meal for a wedding party is a disaster, it becomes very clear that the Sugarswords need Camilla’s help. Perhaps she can also dispel Spoon-Ida’s doubts with her courage cake, apply for a scholarship in Switzerland and encourage Missi’s classmate Flo to audition as a singer for the new school band.

Top ingredients for a book that’s sure to be a favourite: likeable characters, heart-warming illustrations and recipes to follow at home.

| 8 +

Scheerer, Jana (Author)

Girls Gourmets Guerilla Going-on
Pia’s life is pretty busy just now. Ever since her friend Georgia has been obsessed with the idea of starting a guerilla restaurant in the school basement, all her time has been taken up with filming the goings-on on her video camera and uploading it onto YouTube. To start with, her other friends, Anke, Paula and Julie, aren’t really keen on the idea of wielding a wooden spoon, but when their culinary efforts are appreciated and Pia starts seeing hearts whenever the caretaker’s son is around, the whole thing seems to be a win-win affair. At least, that is, until horrid Valeska shows her claws and looks like exposing the whole project…

Jana Scheerer’s story of a friendship and an unusual idea are woven into a book that is fun-packed and so gripping it’s hard to put down.

A crazy plan and chaotic cooks in a tumultuous story of ups and downs that has a happy ending.
| 13 +

Malou, Mascha (Author) Kaiser, Natasa (Illustrator)

My BFF, our summer and me

Here’s everything best friends need to make this summer the best they’ve ever had. From fun tests about “Ten things you should do together this summer“ and “The five most delicious snacks for a picnic“ to “Our best photos“, this is a stylish must-have book to make every girl’s summer perfect and help best friends to get to know each other even better. And best of all: when the summer holidays are over, you will not only have had loads of fun, but also have a wonderful album full of memories.

This richly illustrated activity book for girls is the ultimate summer companion, with many pages to fill in, bucket lists and creative DIY ideas.
| 12 +

Loose, Anke (Author) Krüger, Simone (Illustrator)

Three entertaining stories to read aloud or for children to read to themselves – with recipes for tasty treat

It’s true, Olli Breezelong is perhaps a little short for his age, but that’s no reason for everyone to call him Titch. Ole is determined to show them all – as soon as he’s found the ultimate recipe for growing! Luckily, he not only has the wonderful cookery and practical kitchen book he inherited from his grandpa to help him, but also his friend Elif and his own clever hamster, Holger. Olli has some amazing adventures with them, and most of them end up in the kitchen – and every time, Olli grows a little bit more.

Three entertaining stories to read aloud or for children to read to themselves written especially for pot gazers, taste experts, experimental cooks and anyone who wants to become one.
| 5 +