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Kipling, Rudyard (Author) Baum, L. Frank (Author) Collodi, Carlo (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator) | further

| 5 +

Luhn, Usch (Author) Korthues, Barbara (Illustrator)

Heidi – child of the mountains. Heidi loves the mountains. But then her aunt takes her away to Frankfurt, where she meets Clara, a crippled girl. The two immediately become friends, but that doesn’t stop Heidi from missing her mountains, her grandfather and the alm more and more every day. Then one day, Clara’s father has a real surprise for Heidi! Johanna Spyri’s classic retold for young children. | 4 +

Westhoff, Angie (Author) Offermann, Andrea (Illustrator)

Retold by Angie Westhoff
A Christmas classic, at last also for youngsters. One day, little Cedric learns that he is to become a lord. But life far away in England turns out to be hard at first for the small American boy. His grandfather is an old curmudgeon and he also forbids his daughter-in-law to live with them. Luckily, Cedric’s carefree manner soon melts the old earl’s heart. Will they now all be able to stop the evil machinations of an impostor?

One of the most touching stories in children’s literature retold for boys and girls of four and over.
| 4 +

Westhoff, Angie (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

Which of us doesn’t know the story of Mowgli, the “man-cub” who grows up with a pack of wolves. His best friends are Baloo, the bear, and Bagheera, the panther. Together they protect the boy from Shir Khan, the scheming tiger. Rudyard Kipling’s classic is retold here for children of four and over and richly illustrated with wonderful, atmospheric pictures. | 4 +

Westhoff, Angie (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

Who helps the poor and brings justice to Sherwood Forest? Robin Hood, of course – every child knows that! But because the original text of the classic tale is too difficult for four- and five-year-olds, this book retells the exciting story of Robin Hood in age-appropriate language and with a hint of mischief. The book comes with a host of atmospheric and amusing illustrations. | 4 +

Luhn, Usch (Author) Tourlonias, Joëlle (Illustrator)

Nils isn’t exactly a good boy. Sometimes when he’s bored, he plays naughty tricks on animals and people. Then one day, everything changes and Nils suddenly shrinks to the size of a thumb. Now he is one of the small, weak ones, too. When the animals start teasing him in their turn, Nils sets off with a passing flock of wild geese on what ends up being a long journey right across Sweden. A great adventure begins!
Usch Luhn’s retelling of the Selma Lagerlöf classic is perfect for children of four and over.
| 4 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

One day, a wild storm carries little Dorothy and her dog off to the wonderful land of Oz. There she meets the scarecrow, who has no brain, the tin man, who has no heart, and the lion, who has no courage. Together they set out to find the Wizard of Oz. Will he be able to make their dearest wishes come true? The classic story The Wizard of Oz is retold here for children aged four and over. | 4 +

Luhn, Usch (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

One lovely summer’s day, Alice spots a small, white rabbit with a waistcoat and a pocket watch. She tries to follow him and suddenly tumbles down a hole in the ground only to find herself in an amazing land. There she meets the Cheshire cat, who never stops grinning, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse, and is hauled up in front of the strangest court she has ever seen by the scarily capricious queen. A classic children’s book retold for small ears and with illustrations filled with Wonderland atmosphere by Dagmar Henze. | 4 +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Schulze, Marc-Alexander (Illustrator)

Cheer up, Mr Zoomzemann!
Oh dear, oh dear! Mr Zoomzemann the May bug is feeling miserable. That’s because he has only five legs – the sixth is swaying from a solitary birch tree. Luckily for the frightened May bug, the children Peter and Anneli are there to help. Together they set out on the dangerous journey to the moon and several friends help them along the way.

An adventure about courage and friendship, retold for young listeners with evocative illustrations.
| 4 +

Rahn, Sabine (Author) Offermann, Andrea (Illustrator)

Who could ever tire of hearing about Neverland? One night, Wendy and her brothers have a visitor: a boy called Peter Pan and a tiny fairy turn up in their room. The two show them how to fly and take them along to Neverland – a place inhabited by mermaids, Indians and real live pirates. J. M. Barrie’s classic retold for young listeners, with beautiful, atmospheric illustrations by Andrea Offermann. | 4 +

Durian, Wolf (Author) Waechter, Philip (Illustrator)

Chocolate king seeks advertising king!
Kai and his gang, The Black Hand, answer the advert and even win the start-up capital they need in a bet. The Berlin street boys launch a uniquely inventive and amusing advertising campaign. Before long, the whole city is talking about “The Black Hand” and the new brand of American chocolate. Their adult competitors don’t have a chance. Mr Joe Allan can go back home to America secure in the knowledge that his advertising is in the very best of hands.The original version of the children’s classic from the 1920s. | 10 +

Dickens, Charles (Author) Luhn, Usch (Author) Kuhlmann, Torben (Illustrator)

Old Scrooge is an incorrigible miser. He even regards Christmas as a terrible nuisance! Then on Christmas Eve, he receives a visit from his dead friend Marley and the ghosts of Christmas. They take Scrooge on a journey into the past, the present, and the future, and show him what he has made of his life so far. Luckily, there’s still time for him to change!
This edition of the Christmas classic features illustrations by the popular Lindbergh illustrator Torben Kuhlmann.
| 6 +

Brauckmann, Bela (Author) Stern, Loretta (Author) Keyenburg, Ulf (Illustrator)

Music composed especially for this book – combines entertainment and musical education

The Little Tone and his friend Penny Pause leave their staves to venture out on a thrilling journey into the world of sounds and music. They discover a range of different music styles such as songs by singer-songwriters, hip hop, pop music and even a classical symphony at a concert hall. In the end they also make the little girl Antonia discover her love of music and keep on practising the piano. On their acoustic journey the Little Tone and Penny Pause lead young readers through the sound world of everyday life.
As well as writing the book, the authors - musicians themselves - composed music in all the styles treated in the story. This was in turn recorded by artists such as pop star Johannes Oerding, hip hopper Denyo, jazz legend Rolf Kühn and the renowned Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, and is available as a CD and to download.
| 4 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Because her father bragged before the King, the miller’s daughter must now spin straw into gold. Tears of despair are just beginning to roll down her cheeks when suddenly she sees an ugly dwarf standing right in front of her, who tells her he knows how to perform the task. The price he demands is high. By the third night, the young woman has nothing left to give the dwarf and so must promise to give him her first child. | 3 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Satsational! The great gift book for all Sat fans.

In seven chapters, this book of sayings and rhymes contains the best poems from all of the Sat books, arranged in order of Sat subjects and preferences. A fascinating collection of weird widsoms and topsy-turvy rules, joyful and impudent songs and tantalising tongue twisters. This special edition with colourful illustration by Paul Maar, wordsmith and creator of the Sat, is a treasure trove of surprises, humour and ebullient impudence, and therefore the perfect gift for all Sat fans. For fans to read aloud, read to themselves, carry on rhyming, learn by heart and never again forget!

•\x09The gift book for Sat fans large and small – to read aloud, read to themselves and carry on rhyming
•\x09To mark Paul Maar’s 75th birthday; the funniest and most original Sat verses created by the brilliant wordsmith
| 12 months +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

One night, a strange boy appears in Wendy’s bedroom. He calls himself Peter Pan, he can fly and he even has a real elf called Tinkerbell with him. Peter tells Wendy about his home – Neverland – and persuades her to go there with him. In Neverland, Wendy meets Peter’s friends, the Lost Boys, and has all kinds of adventures with them. But then the boys and Wendy are kidnapped by the dreadful Captain Hook. Luckily, Peter comes to their rescue. | 3 +

Rose, Barbara (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

Heidi used to live at Auntie Deta’s, but now she has been sent to live with her grandfather in the mountains. Heidi loves it there – the mountains, the fields, the dark firs. But she especially enjoys her outings with Peter and his goats. All summer long, the two spend time together, but then the winter sets in and Heidi has to persuade her grandpa to take her on the sledge to visit Peter and his family. | 3 +

Krüss, James (Author) Rothfuchs, Heiner (Illustrator) Bartsch, Jochen (Illustrator) Buchholz, Jan (Illustrator) | further

When Boy hears that he is to spend a whole week with his great-grandfather, he is thrilled to bits! After all, his great-grandfather is the very best story-teller ever! At great-grandfather’s old lobster hut, the pair settle in cosily to make up rhymes and tell each other stories. They come up with a sentence about a mouse that turns out as long as a rat’s tail, turn a man who repairs sails into the King of Naples and Nowhere into a kingdom in just two words!
The children’s classic by James Krüss – winner of the German Youth Literature Award.
| 10 +

Krüss, James (Author) Bartsch, Jochen (Illustrator) Rothfuchs, Heiner (Illustrator) Buchholz, Jan (Illustrator) | further

New from the story treasure chest – a Krüss classic about great-grandfather
There’s no doubt in Boy’s mind that his great-grandfather is the best storyteller ever! That’s why, when Boy hurts his foot, he is perfectly happy to be sent to stay with the old lobster fisherman for a week. Again, the seven days fly by as the pair tell each other rhymes and stories – about knights and kings, a mouse and a cat, and a little boy. By the end of the week, Boy has discovered that not everyone to whom a monument is erected is a hero, and that not everyone who’s a hero gets a monument.
| 10 +

Steckelmann, Petra (Author) Schulze, Marc-Alexander (Illustrator)

Scrooge is a miserly, money-grabbing old skinflint with a heart of stone, it seems. Although he is very rich, he gives nothing to the poor, lets Bob, his clerk, work in a freezing room and has no compassion for poor, sick Tiny Tim. But then – on Christmas Eve – Scrooge receives a visit from three ghosts and they change his life for ever… | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Mother Goat leaves her seven young kids alone at home while she goes out to find food. Before leaving, she warns them to beware of the wicked wolf, who they would recognise by his deep voice and black paw. But the wolf is clever and knows how to fool them: After the little kids have seen through his cunning tricks twice, he manages to get in at last by knocking on the door a third time, this time with a flour-covered paw. What will become of the brothers and sisters now?
This popular Grimms’ fairy tale is retold here in child-appropriate language but without losing any of its suspense.
| 3 +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Nahrgang, Frauke (Author) Steinwart, Anne (Author) Rettich, Margret (Author) Steckelmann, Petra (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator) Wieker, Katharina (Illustrator) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator) Schulze, Marc-Alexander (Illustrator) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator) Henn, Astrid (Illustrator) Nagel, Tina (Illustrator) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator) Wechdorn, Susanne (Illustrator) | further

| 3 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Engelking, Katrin (Illustrator)

Lippel is still dreaming! The second adventure with the great little inventor of worlds

Lippel loves to dream and because you need peace and quiet to dream, he would be happiest if he could spend the holidays at home. But he’s out of luck! His parents take him with them to the Lofoten islands and there, high in the Far North, he has the greatest adventure of his life. He meets Luna, a girl who could just as easily be a troll the way she looks, with her red hair, bare feet and ragged trousers. No wonder Lippel is soon dreaming again, this time about the troll princess Ganaxa with her cute bat ears and fluffy tail, who captures his heart and leads him into all kinds of unsuspected dangers – because in her father’s underground kingdom, everything is very different. This is the sequel to Lippel’s Dream, the Paul Maar bestseller that has not only won several awards but has also been adapted for number of films. There is great poetry in Maar’s telling of this thrilling adventure between dream and reality, set in the enchanting world of the trolls. With a wealth of colour illustrations by Katrin Engelking.

•\x09A wonderful, realistic novel – and at the same time a highly child-appropriate, eloquent narrative extolling the power of dreams, the power of the imagination
•\x09The mysterious world of the trolls and their amusing habits and customs will strike a chord with children
| 9 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator) Krause, Ute (Illustrator) Ballhaus, Verena (Illustrator) Dalianis, Panajotis (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Faust, Anke (Illustrator) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator) Michl, Reinhard (Illustrator) Muggenthaler, Eva (Illustrator) Wilharm, Sabine (Illustrator) Schulte, Tina (Illustrator) Schultz, Christiane Laura (Illustrator) | further

A family book? An anniversary book? A birthday book! An affectionately chosen selection of his most popular stories, from the cheeky Sat and the tattooed dog to Mr Bello, celebrating the 80th birthday of Paul Maar, the great hero of children’s literature. It also features many of his well-known and well-loved rhymes and poems alongside a colourful mix of brand-new texts and illustrations. A book to snuggle down with, leaf through, revel in, to make you smile and marvel, with familiar elements to recognise and new ones to discover. Just open it up and read aloud!

A magnificent book for the whole family and a masterly gift for any occasion.

| 6 +

Neuschaefer, Katharina (Author) Eckardt, Felix (Illustrator)

Sagas from all over the world for the whole family

Many well-known classics revisited: the Nibelungen and Siegfried, William Tell, Barbarossa, Robin Hood, Rübezahl and the Flying Dutchman – as well as the adventurous stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Odysseus, Hercules, Isis and Osiris, and Romulus and Remus. Terrible giants feature here alongside thundering gods, irascible heroes, virtuous maidens and sly dwarves.

The story book for the whole family, beautifully bound with linen spine and ribbon bookmark.

With grandiose illustrations by Felix Eckardt – the "shooting star of the German painting scene” – this well-arranged collection is a wonderful introduction to the complex cosmos of sagas and the different worlds of gods and heroes.
Revised edition. | 5 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Just because the nasty frog retrieved her golden ball from the well, it doesn’t mean she has to make him her friend, does it? The pretty princess simply will not accept this and leaves the “old water splasher” behind. But the frog follows her home and demands to be let into the castle. The princess is so cross that she flings the impudent creature against the wall. What a surprise she gets, when she suddenly finds a real prince standing in front of her! | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Eleni Zabini tells her gently modernised version of the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tale with a slight change of emphasis and in a style appropriate for children. | 3 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Rettich, Margret (Illustrator)

This is the kind of Sunday outing Jan and Julia have always dreamt of: with a picnic on the edge of the woods, hunting for blackberries and a visit to a farm. The occasional shower of rain doesn’t matter at all. You can warm up again over tea and cocoa at the guesthouse and pick some flowers to take home on the way back. | 4 +

Inkiow, Dimiter (Author) Reiner, Traudl (Illustrator)

The best animal stories featuring Klara and her brother, with lots of colour pictures. Klara and her little brother are very fond of animals. They let parrot Pippo fly in the sky like a kite so he can rest his legs. Tomcat Kasimir urgently needs a haircut and when Pippo gets fleas, Klara and her brother would best like to bathe him along with his cage. They want him to be the cleanest parrot in the world, you see! Sadly, the grown-ups don’t agree at all. Nineteen lively and amusing brother-and-sister stories to read aloud. | 5 +

Krüss, James (Author) Kiss, Gergely (Illustrator)

The classic Christmas Mouse and three more of James Krüss’ poems make for delightfully light-hearted pre-Christmas reading. With affectionately drawn illustrations full of fascinating details by Gergely Kiss. | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Eleni Zabini tells her gently modernised version of the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tale with a slight change of emphasis and in a style appropriate for children. | 3 +

Livanios, Eleni (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Eleni Zabini tells her gently modernised version of the Brothers Grimm’s famous fairy tale with a slight change of emphasis and in a style appropriate for children. | 3 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Rettich, Margret (Illustrator)

All children fall ill some time. Jan and Julia have to stay in bed with coughs and runny noses. What a good thing they’ve got parents who take good care of them and help them pass the time by playing games and reading them stories. That way, getting better again is much easier. | 4 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Rettich, Margret (Illustrator)

To have a pet of their own is something many children dream of. Ian and Julia get a guinea pig to play with. But they also have to feed and look after it. The guinea pig needs food every morning and every evening and the cage has to be cleaned out from time to time, too. | 4 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Rettich, Margret (Illustrator)

Going away on holiday is always exciting for children, particularly when, like Jan and Julia, you set off in the car, then continue the journey in the sleeping car of a car train and then get to go on a ferry, too. Brother and sister encounter lots of new things on their journey and are often completely amazed by what they see. | 4 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Rettich, Margret (Illustrator)

Like most children, Jan and Julia like going to the circus. That’s because there are lots of things in the circus you don’t get to see every day: trick riders and clowns, lions, tigers and elephants, acrobats high up in the big top and ponies to ride on. | 4 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Rettich, Margret (Illustrator)

Lots of children would like to have a garden – a garden with flowers and fruit and vegetables, where you can dig, mow the lawn and plant things and also play with your friends without having to worry about cars. This dream comes true for Jan and Julia. | 4 +

Steinhöfel, Dirk (Author) Steinhöfel, Dirk (Illustrator)

Andersen’s famous fairy tale about the little mermaid is full of poetry and imagination
After rescuing the prince from drowning, the little mermaid falls hopelessly in love with him. But the prince decides to marry another. Andersen's fairy tale is the most famous love story in world literature. Dirk Steinhöfel tells the story in pictures that are at once enchanting and disturbing to reveal without a trace of kitsch the dark abysses that so often go hand in hand with longing and love. A dream picture book for adults as well as children. A new and fascinating interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic as a dark fairy tale, oppressively beautiful and disturbingly powerful.
| 14 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

Games from start to finish!

First day at nursery school! Isn’t that exciting? Jan immediately has lots of fun, but Julia is a bit shy. The nursery teacher is so nice, though, and the children are allowed to do so many lovely things here that they simply have to feel at home!
An Jan and Julia picture book classic with new pictures and texts revised by Margret Rettich herself: favourite stories for nursery school-age children!
| 3 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

Jan and Julia can’t wait for Christmas.
There’s no time of the year quite as lovely as Christmas! Jan and Julia bake Christmas biscuits, make Christmas cards and sing Christmas songs and carols. And then Christmas Eve finally arrives. Will Jan and Julia get the presents they wished for?
| 3 +