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Dax, Eva (Author) Dully, Sabine (Illustrator)

There’s a thief on the loose in the woods. The fox’s security blanket goes missing while he’s asleep. A short time later, a big chunk of cheese disappears from rat’s store. As the pair follow the thief, they meet more and more animals who have also had things stolen. They all join in the frantic chase and in the end they discover who pinched all their nice things – it was Eddie, the racoon. They find him sitting by the river engulfed in a cloud of bath suds, washing everything – he just wanted to do everyone a good turn.

An interactive picture book that combines a fast-moving story with fantastic interactive elements and amusing illustrations.
With over 50 flaps!
| 4 +

    Antoni, Birgit (Author) Antoni, Birgit (Illustrator)

    Guessing fun with shadows. There’s so much to see in the bedroom, in the kitchen, on the farm, on the building site and in the street, and now there’s also lots to guess, from the building block tower to the goat on the farm, from the excavator to the zebra crossing. Some are only recognisable as a silhouette. So the idea is to look hard, think and guess, and perhaps you’ll be in for a surprise. Because you only get to see exactly what the object is when you open up the flap.

    Interactive board picture book in extra-large format with oodles of guessing fun for the very young.
    New concept: guessing book with more than 50 flaps
    Non-fiction book with special features – close to children’s daily lives
    Super, extra-large format
    | 24 months +

      Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Jeschke, Stefanie (Illustrator)

      Bedtime at the zoo – but where is Frido’s cuddly animal?

      Frido the little penguin can’t sleep. He’s left his cuddly toy giraffe behind. So he sets off all the way to the zoo to fetch the giraffe back. On the way, he passes the tiger and the elephants, the monkey rock and the birdhouse. Shhh! Frido knows not to wake the animals and warns the young readers. But when the flaps are opened, the animals do wake up, of course. What now?

      This book brings read-aloud fun into children’s bedrooms. With interactive elements for the children to join in the search!
      | 24 months +

        Lütje, Susanne (Author) Weldin, Frauke (Illustrator)

        Christmas is such a lovely time! The mice are having a big party. Family Mouse is very excited. Today is Christmas Day! The little mice decorate the mice’s house, Daddy Mouse puts up the Christmas Tree and Mummy Mouse bakes a cheesecake that smells absolutely delicious. Then there’s singing, dancing and lots of laughter. But what’s that? There’s a knock at the door. Whoever can it be? A delightful rhyming Christmas story full of festive atmosphere for young children. With a slider and flaps to open and a surprise picture on the cover. | 24 months +

          Baeten, Lieve (Author) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrator)

          Festive days for little witches: Lisbet’s exciting Christmas Christmas! And there’s still sooo much to be done! Little witch Lisbet doesn’t know what to do first. Decorate the Christmas tree? Do some Christmas baking? Or take care of Trixi, the lively little witch child? After all, there could be a knock at the door any moment now. And everything has to be ready when the Christmas witch arrives!

          Available as a board picture book for the first time – with fold-out pages. | 24 months +

            Schmidt, Hans-Christian (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

            A bright star is shining. A book and crib all in one that’s beautiful to look at, fun to play with and celebrates the coming of Christmas.

            A star is shining brightly up in the sky! What lies beneath it? Fold-out page after fold-out page, the children accompany the three kings, a family, a young couple, and sheep and their shepherds on their way to the manger, where Mary and Joseph laid their little baby. A transparent picture is integrated into the last page of the book so that an illuminated Christmas crib becomes visible when it is held in front of a light. That makes this very special Christmas book featuring gorgeous pictures, delightful rhymes, windows to open and a multipanel gatefold a picture book and Christmas crib all rolled into one.
            | 24 months +

              Baeten, Lieve (Author) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrator)

              Happy Birthday! Lisbet has a birthday party Lisbet, the little witch, has lost her cat! With the children’s help, she searches for her behind all the doors and windows but the cat is nowhere to be found. Today is Lisbet’s birthday and she doesn’t want to have her party without her cat. But in the evening, when Lisbet comes home exhausted, there’s a big surprise waiting for her… The best-selling picture book is now also available as a board book – with lots of doors and windows | 24 months +

                Schmidt, Hans-Christian (Author) Német, Andreas (Illustrator)

                An amusing Easter story with lots of flaps! With rhymes to join in on and counting from 1 to 10.

                Mr Rabbit is very upset, he can’t find the Easter eggs any more! Now how is he going to hide them away for the children to find the next day? Mr Rabbit searches all over the house, but all he finds is a fish under the table, a hedgehog behind the mirror and a Christmas tree in the bath. That’s no use to him at all! It looks like the children will have to help him … | 24 months +

                  Schuld, Kerstin M. (Author) Schuld, Kerstin M. (Illustrator)

                  There’s so much to see on the farm. Sophie and Ben’s grandparents have a farm with lots of animals, a farm shop and some very special dwarves. But what goes on at night, when Ben and Sophie and even their grandparents are asleep? Who secretly plays in the paddling pool? Which visitors patter across the field? And can you see what Grandma’s chicken Lotta likes doing best at night? You can discover all of this and lots more behind the big fold-out pages. An exciting day/night book for inquisitive children! | 24 months +

                    Schuld, Kerstin M. (Author) Schuld, Kerstin M. (Illustrator)

                    Daytime and nighttime discoveries in the city!

                    Sophie and Ben are looking forward to a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, who are coming to sell fruit and vegetables from their farm at the market. But Sophie and Ben discover so many other exciting things during the day and the night! There are cats holding a concert, toys running riot in the shop at night and much, much more besides. The children open up the big fold-out pages and are amazed to see all the things that go on when they are already asleep.

                    The second book in the My Day & Night discovery picture series. Hide and seek for the very young with extra-large, fold-out pages and the objects to look for depicted along the edge of the picture. Super, detail-packed discovery pictures!
                    | 24 months +

                      Lütje, Susanne (Author) Weldin, Frauke (Illustrator)

                      It’s Easter and even the animals at the zoo are having an Easter egg hunt. Where, oh where, has the Easter Bunny hidden the egg for the penguin? Could it be in the igloo? Or under the ice floe? Elephant, crocodile, bear and turtle also welcome the young readers’ help in their search for eggs. Under which of the flaps is the egg hidden?

                      | 24 months +

                        Grimm, Sandra (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

                        So many animals help the little chick search for his mummy! The little chick has just hatched from its egg and now it’s looking for its mummy. Could the two green feet belong to her? No! The animal under the leaf is a frog! “Croak, croak!” he says and helps the chick to look. “Oink, oink!” the pair hear – could that be the chick’s mummy? No, it’s a pink piglet! As the tiny chick gets to know more and more animals, so do the children and together they are sure to find the chick’s mummy! A delightful story with lots of animal noises – to copy and guess. Full of flaps.
                        | 24 months +

                          Behl, Anne-Kathrin (Illustrator)

                          Toot toot – Lena is sitting in her red car on her way to visit her friend Peter in his yellow house. But which of the three cars is the red one? And which of the three houses is yellow? Just lift the flaps and see! Oh, there’s Lena. And there’s Peter! Now the two can have a cup of cocoa together. But where’s the blue cupboard with the cups?

                          A first colour playbook that invites children to investigate. Using the flaps, children find the colours they are looking for. | 24 months +

                            Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Wohlleben, Carina (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator)

                            Discover nature right from the cradle with Peter and Piet

                            A new forest adventure by renowned author Peter Wohlleben and his daughter. Goodness, it's hot! Peter the Forester and Piet the Squirrel are sweating buckets outside the forester's lodge. While Peter has a refreshing ice-cream, the squirrel scuttles off to find a cooler place. On the way, Piet encounters a host of other animals, who describe what they do when they are too hot. The frog leaps into the cold water; the wild boar wallows in a muddly puddle; and the grasshopper hides in the shade of a blade of grass. These tips are no help to Piet, though. Eventually the squirrel reaches the old beech forest. It's so pleasantly cool there… Piet absolutely has to tell his friend Peter about it.

                            Lift-the-flap book includes fascinating facts about the forest.

                            First board book by Peter Wohlleben and his daughter. A guaranteed big-seller.

                            Charming and lovingly told non-fiction book, with flaps to lift.

                            Carbon-neutral production. | 24 months +