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Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

| 4 +

Matt, Natalie (Author) Matthes, Silas (Author)

A devilish king.
A kingdom full of shadows.
Four young people - one destiny.

Bright-red paint on his cottage door: the symbol of the robed men! They will come for Lucas at midnight. Who these men are and where they will take him no one knows – only that no one has ever returned to tell the tale.

Volume 1 of the modern high-fantasy series with elements of mystery. For readers who simply cannot get enough of Game of Thrones! An exceptional project from young writers Silas Matthes and Natalie Matt mentored by bestselling author Bernhard Hennen (The Elven series). | 14 +

Reider, Katja (Author) Gotzen-Beek, Betina (Illustrator)

A clever little king with wonderful ideas!
King Crumb likes being king. He paints his castle lots of different colours, bathes in raspberry lemonade and has a puppet theatre perform for him. No wonder he really couldn’t be bothered fighting when the wild boys enter his kingdom. So the little king starts by inviting the wild boys to visit him in his castle and entertains them with cocoa, chocolate gateau, strawberry cake and almond rings. Will that be enough to stop them from fighting, though? A charming story about how to avoid trouble – with cheerful, brightly coloured illustrations.
| 3 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) | further

Dog alarm for the Oggly detectives! To find out who poisoned Spoon, the dog, Dumpy gets himself a job as a gardener with the Queen – because Spoon is the Queen’s dog! When Spoon digs up a stash of buried silver in the garden, Paddock sets out in search of the thief. | 8 +

Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

The Little King really should have been fast asleep long ago. But he isn’t even a little bit tired! What on earth should he do? Count sheep? No, the Little King would rather go back into the kitchen to check on the delicious pudding he and his friends cooked earlier on. He tries one small spoonful and then another… And suddenly his animal friends turn up in the kitchen, too. Of course, they all want a taste, as well. And before you can count to three, they have finished the bowl. But the pudding seems to be a slumber-inducing pudding because very soon the Little King and his friends are very, very tired and say “goodnight”.

| 4 +

Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

Aunt Rosie is coming to stay! The Little King doesn’t really mind her coming, especially as she always brings a delicious chocolate cake and lots of presents. The only trouble is, she has an annoying habit of greeting him with a big kiss. If he could, he would hide under the sofa – but then things turn out very differently… | 3 +

Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

The Little King and the Little Princess are looking forward to a really terrific Easter. But what’s this? It’s Easter morning and outside it’s raining cats and dogs. How are the two of them supposed to search for Easter eggs in the garden in this weather? Without further ado, the Little King puts on his wellington boots and rushes outside but there’s not a single Easter egg to be found in the garden! Might the Easter bunny have hidden the eggs somewhere else completely? | 3 +

Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

The Little King has taken Excalibur, his ancestors’ famous sword, out of the treasure chamber to play at being a knight with his friends, the animals. Greta is naturally supposed to be his noble warhorse. After all, she is a horse in real life already! But no, Greta wants a sword, as well, or she won’t play... | 3 +

Wolf, Florentine (Author) COMICON S.L., Barcelona (Illustrator)

Learn to read with the help of magical elves! Eyela is the daughter of the King of Bayala, the land of the elves. Feya is her best friend, and the pair always do everything together. But today they have argued and Feya has stayed behind in the palace gardens, sulking, while Eyela rides out alone across the land of the elves on Dolpo, her horse. No one has the time to accompany her, not even her twin sisters, Sera and Sura. Only Zarou, the flying squirrel flies along with her for part of the way. Then suddenly they catch sight of a group of elves performing tricks on their horses’ backs. They are rehearsing for the grand summer tournament! “Look, there’s Princess Eyela!” one elf shouts, as he somersaults into the air. Eyela is well known in the land of the elves and she’s an excellent rider. They let her rehearse with them. Then up comes Feya on her horse. She did follow Eyela, after all. And with her best friend, Eyela’s horseback tricks work even better! | 7 +

Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

The Little King is cleaning his teeth before bed when one of his teeth falls out. Is that healthy? Then the Little King remembers that when the Little Princess lost her tooth, the tooth fairy brought her a present. He decides to try that, too. Perhaps he can put even more teeth under his pillow? But where on earth is he going to get them? | 3 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator)

Poetic and filled with longing

Lion envies no one more than the sea eagles, when he sees them circling high in the sky, so free, so happy. There isn’t much to be envious about in the village on the Baltic Sea where Lion lives. More and more often, alcohol turns his father into the violent black king who abuses Lion. But one day, when he can bear no more, Lion runs away into the woods to join the eagles. But as Lion discovers, life there is tough and he finds his thoughts turning again and again to the white queen, the old lady who used to read wonderful stories to him once upon a time. It was thanks to her that he discovered the magic of words, their warmth and power…

-\x09Antonia Michaelis tells a deeply touching story about domestic violence and summoning the strength to break free
-\x09A brilliant tribute to the power of words and the imagination
-\x09A new socially critical novel filled with poetry: exceptionally well written, densely atmospheric and profoundly moving

| 12 months +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

How flattering: a love letter arrives for Aunt Olga in Pampendorf! The Oggly King is looking for a wife and would like to get to know Olga a little better. The Ogglies warn her to beware of the king’s false promises, but Olga immediately sets off to pay him a visit. She soon realises that all the king wants is a servant. But Olga isn’t standing for that! She turns the tables on him – let the king demonstrate his talents to her! | 5 +

Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

The Little Princess has come on a visit and she wants to play with the Little King. But she can’t bear the spiders in the attic, there are mice in the cellar and it’s already dark outside in the garden. The Little Princess is frightened of everything! The Little King simply cannot understand it. He’s never frightened! Or is he? Maybe when wild Woo starts banging around inside the washing machine again… | 3 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

A royal visitor graces the rubbish tip! But the king really gets on the Ogglies´´´´ nerves …
Grump-fart-blast! Can you credit it? The Ogglies are visited by a proper king! Grandma-Oggly is delighted. Yet the unexpected guest expects to be waited on hand and foot and keeps the Oggly family on its toes with his special wishes. In the end, Grandad-Oggly has had enough of it. After all, if a guest behaves so disgracefully, even the most angelic Oggly patience runs out in the end!
The ninth Oggly first-reading adventure. | 8 +

Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

The Little King and his friends want to put on a play. Everyone is busy helping to prepare for their performance – and at last it’s time for the curtain to go up. The Little King boldly goes into action and parts the hedge of thorns with his sword. Behind the hedge lies the Little Princess, er no, Sleeping Beauty – fast asleep. What now? The Little King stands there undecided. The Little Princess purses her lips impatiently – the Little King is supposed to kiss her awake! But the Little King isn’t at all happy with this particular direction… | 3 +

Neuschaefer, Katharina (Author) Gehrmann, Katja (Illustrator)

For the knights of the story round! Attentively, the young listeners follow the fabulous adventures of the young knave Arthur, who becomes the King of England. They listen in wonder to the stories of Excalibur the sword, of Merlin, of the warring Norsemen, of beautiful Guinevere, noble Sir Lancelot and, of course, the Holy Grail. And the adults are impressed by how well Katharina Neuschaefer tells the legends of Arthur of the Round Table in child-appropriate language.

Heroic sagas: an ever-popular subject with children and adults alike, reinterpreted here as read-aloud stories for children, with humorous illustrations by Katja Gehrmann.
| 5 +

Loske, Judith (Illustrator)

This very special picture book assembles four of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales about princesses. For every fairy tale, there’s a double page where the reader can quickly read up on what the fairy tale is about. On the following three double pages, the fairy tales are then told without words, so that even the very youngest fairy tale fans can enjoy them to the full, while adults get to see the stories from an entirely new perspective. | 4 +

Herget, Gundula (Author) Kubalek, Kerstin (Illustrator)

With his long-legged servant and his tubby cook, King Beanie goes in search of the terribly tiny, but awfully angry Princess Rikiki. His subjects are highly amused to see them go, but along the way, the three demonstrate the advantages of their supposed shortcomings. And what about Prince Rikiki? She takes one look at her motley pursuers and bursts out laughing so heartily that King Beanie immediately falls in love with her. A magnificent wedding feast is arranged – and from then on, nobody is mocked any more!

A hilarious read-aloud book for heroes young and old.
| 5 +

Baltscheit, Martin (Author) Büchner, Sabine (Illustrator)

Frog or King, That is the Question!

Fox and Wild Boar were really expecting the mayfly, but who’s this climbing out of the water? A frog, and it actually claims to be a king – or to be exact, their king. King Frog proceeds to demand a palace, freshly grilled flies and absolute obedience. He even makes the pair build a wall to keep out the stork, which, he claims, is a sorcerer. Will the two best friends the forest has ever seen be taken in by this self-crowned king?

Following the success of his children’s book ONLY A DAY, Martin Baltscheit has now come up with another masterpiece featuring Wild Boar and Fox

The subjects of populism, society based on lies, and manipulation are merrily tackled here with charm and humour as well as depth

Great philosophy for small readers, warm-heartedly illustrated by Sabine Büchner.

6 +

König, Michael (Author)

Adventure's Coming Home!

Turn your home into an Escape Room - with a whole host of challenges in all the different rooms! In the game, players are shut in and the doors are secured by a combination lock.

Your mission is to work together as a family to escape from the 'room'. Now things become exciting: you'll need to rack your brains, work things out, search for things - because you can only escape once you've found the right code. The puzzles are true brain-teasers; however, there's fun to be had as well. Ever heard of the Tickling Challenge or the Food Pairing Contest? No? Well, you will do now!

– The first family book that transforms your own four walls into an Escape Room!
– Quality Time: this book is great fun, offers endless opportunities for family bonding, and promotes creativity, deductive skills and empathy.
– This interactive book leads participants step by step through the game, offering useful tips along the way. If you get really stuck, the solutions are at the end, too! | 6 +

Tailor, Kathy (Author)

Borka – Bold as a Lioness: girl becomes a prince’s bodyguard in a fantastic setting

Borka is a girl who was raised by lions. When poachers capture her lion parents, the 18-year-old follows them to the royal court, where her courage and strength earn her the position of bodyguard to the crown prince. Borka accompanies Prince Feodor on a perilous journey, by the end of which she not only knows her own past, but also the person to whom her heart and future belong.
Where exactly is your home when you come from two worlds?
Her forest - green, secluded, peaceful. That’s where 16-year-old Borka lives as a member of a pride of lions.
The royal court – loud, power-hungry, gruesome. That’s where Prince Feodor lives. As heir to the throne, he is required to prove himself in a battle with two lions.
Both worlds collide one fateful day and Borka’s life changes for ever. Where does she belong? And will she ever learn the truth about her past?

Two worlds, one prince, a lion girl: a romantasy unlike any you’ve read before

Focuses on strength and wildness, background and identity | 14 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Muggenthaler, Eva (Illustrator)

A fairy-tale parable by one of Germany's best loved and most successful children's authors, Paul Maar. With magical illustrations by Eva Muggenthaler.

Princess Bea’s favourite pet is Rosemarie, the tortoise, who has a beautiful golden shell. One day the cat tells Rosemarie that there is some writing on the shell, and from that moment on, she can’t rest. She MUST find out what it says. But none of the other animals can tell her, because they can’t read. Only when she is dropped from the sky is the mystery finally solved.

Secret clues and animals, coupled with the frisson of getting lost and finding your way back home: it's a potent mixture which is guaranteed to appeal to all child readers.

Destined to become another Paul Maar classic.

4 +

Luhn, Usch (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

One lovely summer’s day, Alice spots a small, white rabbit with a waistcoat and a pocket watch. She tries to follow him and suddenly tumbles down a hole in the ground only to find herself in an amazing land. There she meets the Cheshire cat, who never stops grinning, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse, and is hauled up in front of the strangest court she has ever seen by the scarily capricious queen. A classic children’s book retold for small ears and with illustrations filled with Wonderland atmosphere by Dagmar Henze. | 4 +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

Favourite stories for young ballet fans

Ronya can’t wait for her very first ballet lesson and Princess Mirabelle has a very special present for her father, the king. Robin and Niklas are off to the theatre with their class but they aren’t at all interested in seeing the boring ballet about Hansel and Gretel. But when the witch comes onto the stage and tries to lure Niklas into the gingerbread house.…
| 4 +

Matt, Natalie (Author) Matthes, Silas (Author)

A lost love.
A plan that grows and develops unseen.
Nine boarding school pupils, one secret circle.

There’s just one thing Estelle wants, and that is to escape! To get away from Favilla, away from the visions that haunt her. She stopped trusting people a long time ago. And even Sam, the close friend she confides in, has a dark secret.

Volume 2 of the modern high-fantasy series with elements of mystery. For readers who simply cannot get enough of Game of Thrones! An exceptional project from young writers Silas Matthes and Natalie Matt mentored by bestselling author Bernhard Hennen (The Elven series).
| 14 +

Matt, Natalie (Author) Matthes, Silas (Author)

Growing threat.
Night of terror.
Two young people who come together.

Royal messengers are fast approaching the cemetery. Inexorably, and in increasing numbers. At night, someone or something is digging up the graves. Noel and Sam keep a night watch to avert the worst, but the danger is not only coming from outside the boarding school.

Volume 3 of the modern high-fantasy series with elements of mystery. For readers who simply cannot get enough of Game of Thrones! An exceptional project from young writers Silas Matthes and Natalie Matt mentored by bestselling author Bernhard Hennen (The Elven series).
| 14 +

Schäfer, Jasmin (Illustrator)

Once upon a time … we found the most wonderful fairy tales in the world!

A varied selection of child-appropriate, fairy tales to read-aloud from some very different cultures from around the world - with exceptionally delightful illustrations and beautifully bound. A fairy-tale journey around the world: from old familiar tales of the Brothers Grimm, Andersen and Wilhelm Hauff to Scandinavian tales of trolls and fairy tales from Africa, Asia and America. A treasure of a book for children and parents alike that will never lose its charm.

- A very special family book, artistically designed, imaginative, opulent
- Cosmopolitanism meets tradition – a treasure for everyone
- Delightful, richly detailed illustrations by Jasmin Schäfer | 5 +

Kipling, Rudyard (Author) Baum, L. Frank (Author) Collodi, Carlo (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator) | further

| 5 +

Michael König
Schon als Kind ist Michael König den Dingen auf den Grund gegangen und hat seine Eltern Löcher in den Bauch gefragt. Hinzu kam die Bastelfreude: Er klebte Drachen selbst, stellte seine Heimatstadt mit der Modelleisenbahn nach und baute den Drahtesel zum Bonanzarad aus. Während seines Studiums in Köln entdeckte er die Leidenschaft fürs Kochen. Heute lebt er mit seiner Frau und drei Kindern in München und schreibt Kinder- und Kochbücher.