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Poppe, Grit (Author)

First, You Betray Your Conscience. Then You Betray Your Family

A teen fiction first: young people in the GDR being turned into unofficial collaborators by the Stasi

When his grandmother has to move to a care home, Sebastian has to move in with his father, who left their family when Sebastian was just a baby. He feels no connection with this man who served a life sentence and barely addresses a word to him. It is, however, better than going back to that dreadful children’s home which Social Services initially placed him in – and where he came to care secretly about Katja, who ran away. One day, though, a man appears at Sebastian’s school and forces him to agree to spy on his teachers and schoolmates. He turns him into an unofficial Stasi collaborator, and persuades him to spy on his own father. | 14 +

    von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

    Life really isn’t easy for Annika. She is always in the shadow of her sister, Mel, who is 18, three years older than Annika, and not just very pretty, but also clever and popular with all the boys – in a nutshell, she has it all! It’s Mel, of course, who comes up with the idea of organising a rock festival, but then she falls ill and Annika gets her big chance: now she’s in charge of auditioning the bands. That’s how she comes to meet and immediately fall for Benny, a drummer, and she also finds herself getting on really well with Lance, a member of the press team. Everything is going beautifully, but then Mel suddenly starts acting weird. Little by little, the sisters grow closer… | 12 +

      Schinko, Barbara (Author)

      Supergirl & Rock Star Love – tough avenger of the underdog and cool as Catwoman

      Torn between her feelings for Brynn and Ash, Rina continues to patrol the streets of the Northside as Alleycat. But Brynn’s father, boss of The Musicians gang, is hot on her heels so that Rina is forced to flee. Will she still be able to solve the mystery of her brother’s death? And which of the two boys is the right one for her: Ash or Brynn? The thrilling finale!

      Rock star romance in trendy comic setting

      Second and last book in this two-part series
      | For teenagers and adults

        Rings, Andrea (Author)

        Arguments for climate protection, rhetorical techniques, and helpful tips – in the tradition of Stéphane Hessels Time for Outrage!

        Learn to argue like Greta in six punchy chapters: What are we facing? To what extent are society and politics to blame? What are the psychological effects of impending climate change? How can I defuse myths about the climate? Tips for effective ways to talk about the climate, ideas to help you get involved yourself, and conversational techniques to employ. In short: get involved!

        Political topics presented in a modern and accessibleway for young people | 12 +

          Friedrich, David (Author) Vigh, Inka (Illustrator)

          Friendship. A moment in which only the important things survive.

          Perhaps Augustine really was the love of Torge’s life – but now she’s gone. And although he can sometimes be quite annoying, Yorek is still a pretty good friend.

          Slam poetry meets illustration: young authors write about grand emotions. New territory for words and images! | 14 +

            Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Schmidt, Silke (Illustrator)

            Paulina alias Miss Krassikovski has finally had enough! She simply cannot bear to see how everyone around her is constantly doing things they so obviously shouldn’t do. The time has come to save the world! But she really wasn’t to know that she would end up in the middle of an emotional crisis and even risk losing Muckel, her best friend …
            This is the third time Anja Fröhlich plunges her readers headlong into bubbly Paulina’s life. But Paulina wouldn’t be Miss Krassikovski if she didn’t find herself going from one escapade to the next.
            The eagerly awaited next edition in the popular series about the young superheroine and the huge misunderstandings she faces.
            A must for every Krassikovski fan!

            | 12 +

              Luhn, Usch (Author)

              Cookies, kisses, catastrophes!

              Holidays at last! But for Charlotte, the trip she was planning with her friends won’t be happening because she doesn’t have the money. Instead she spends the summer running her mother’s not terribly successful sandwich bar with the help of Jamie, a trainee chef, and Metin, Charlotte’s best friend. Together, the three cook up the perfect plan for turning the sandwich bar into something really cool. Sound good? Yes, but it all gets pretty complicated, too, because Jamie is in love with Rosalie (who isn’t interested in him), Metin thinks he’s mad about Charlotte, and Charlotte doesn’t know which of the two is cuter, Jamie or Metin…

              Usch Luhn’s story of city kids and their escapades is infused with Berlin atmosphere, and contains an amazing plan and stacks of tasty cookies. With some fantastic cookie recipes at the back!
              | 12 +

                Westhoff, Angie (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

                Stories, secrets, sensations
                How exciting: at Lisa’s new school, there’s a rumour going round about a secret club! But nobody knows what it’s all about or who is in it. Lisa and her friends think that it might be a kind of Dead Poets’ Society, a Second Life online club or a circle of elitist pupils. Others suspect it might be a historical secret society or a casting agency’s promotion. Lisa decides to solve the mystery about the club – and in doing so, she not only puts her friendships to the test, but also falls in love for the first time.

                | 12 +

                  Tailor, Kathy (Author)

                  A remote boarding school
                  A universally popular girl, who goes missing without trace
                  Secrets, intrigues, disturbing emotions

                  Freya’s first days and weeks at the new boarding school are overshadowed by the disappearance of her schoolmate Maria. What has happened to her? What does her ex-boyfriend know? What did she have to do with Oscar, the drug dealer? And why do troublemakers Cora and Bianca threaten Freya when they find out that she’s been investigating the disappearance? Luckily, Freya has Leo, whose love seems to be the only good thing in her life. If only he weren’t her teacher …

                  - Thirteen Reasons Why meets Gone Girl
                  - Perfidious revenge thriller in a boarding school setting
                  - Changing perspectives, false trails, buffling plot | 14 +

                    Weber, Anke (Author) Niere, Cornelia (Illustrator)

                    Welcome to life!

                    Inspired by something she read on a packet of Cornflakes and fearful of losing her beloved home, 16-year-old Milla decides to keep the death of the grandfather she grew up with a secret. Milla buries his body in the garden and only confides in her best friends. Soon after, she meets Tim. Tim is terminally ill, and he and Milla even plan the details of his funeral together. But the better she knows Tim, the more the two feel drawn to each other and discover how wonderful life can be.

                    Fresh and endearing, optimistic and life affirming with a likeable heroine and a cool guy who’s pretty irresistible! A book about death, friendship and first love!
                    | 13 +

                      Hüging, Andreas (Author) D'Oro, Miri (Illustrator)

                      A gold coin leads to a forbidden world.

                      Atmospheric. Dark. Fast-moving. An adventure story with unusual vignettes in the style of collages.
                      In Ypsilon, a high-rise estate near a river, Chicco and his teenage gang, Boyzz, are spreading fear and panic. The 12-year-old twins Marsha and Jessie live there, too. One night, the pair rescue a dog the Boyzz are harassing and, with the gang on their heels, flee towards the river – and stumble over a bag full of gold coins. When one of the coins rolls into the water, an ancient raft suddenly appears close to the bank. A mysterious ferryman takes the twins to an alien world, where their fate will be decided by a forbidden song and a cursed boy.
                      | 10 +

                        Bongard, Katrin (Author)

                        Street Life School Shopping Queen
                        Livia is new in Berlin and can’t get over what an exciting city it is. There’s the old man with the dachshund always sporting a partner look, the punks near the tube station with bad teeth and even worse teeth and the even worse things they say and the girls who hang out with Johanna, to whom Livia is at best invisible. But there’s Tim here in Berlin, too. Tim the street kid who is unlike any other boy she has ever met before and who shows her the other, very different, side to the city. Katrin Bongard tells a moving story of life in the city with appealing lightness and honesty.
                        The story of a girl, a clique and a love that defies all conventions.
                        Authentic, stylish and thoughtful.
                        | 13 +

                          Fröhlich, Anja (Author)

                          Friendship is possible without words.
                          "I bet you won’t manage to go for a week without telling anything but the truth!" Cooper says to Philippa. And Cooper normally doesn’t say a word – but now, in the pitch-dark cellar they both happen to be locked up inside, he does. And while everyone in their class suddenly thinks Cooper is silently cool, Philippa makes herself more and more unpopular by telling nothing but the truth. But then Cooper has an idea that will help Philippa out.
                          A light-hearted everyday story, bright and amusing, but sensitively told. A really enjoyable read that deals with the subject of inclusion “along the way”, too.
                          | 9 +

                            Da Vina, Sandra (Author) Gattermann, Kirsten (Illustrator)

                            Love. A moment in which nothing else matters.

                            Kathie has fallen madly in love with Marten von Hanneshausen – even though she has never spoken to him.

                            Slam poetry meets illustration: young authors write about grand emotions. New territory for words and images! | 14 +

                              Green, Summer (Author) ZERO Werbeagentur (Illustrator)

                              Dressed to be loved

                              Emma is over the moon: she has been awarded a grant to attend the college of her dreams. She and her fun-loving room-mate Lara immediately become best friends. It's just a shame that the gorgeous unknown boy whom Emma has more than once rescued from unpleasant situations and who has such soft lips, turns out to be exactly the same guy whom Lara fancies … and also turns out to be hiding a pistol in his car. A thrilling and sensual Young Adult romance by Summer Green.

                              - Thrilling and sensual romance with a US campus setting.
                              - Combines romantic tension with the glittering world of fashion.
                              - Instagram-worthy cover.

                              For teenagers and adults

                                Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

                                All sorts of new adventures await Maluna Moonlight, the little goodnight fairy. Thanks to the little mermaid Nicki, Maluna learns to swim in the lake inside the Enchanted Forest. When she falls terribly ill, all of her new fairy friends from the Enchanted Forest are naturally right there to help her straight away. And when Maluna finally arrives in the world of humans after a perilous flight over Darkwood, she discovers she has no fairy presents. What a catastrophe! Luckily, Maluna is very creative, so she soon comes up with a solution to the problem. | 4 +

                                  Abidi, Heike (Author)

                                  Everything Pre-Teens need to read

                                  The perfect present for 12-year-olds

                                  Being twelve years old is no picnic. Tessa’s parents don’t care for her new hobby (playing the drums), and then there are the boys in their school band. Noel is cute, but ... Fortunately, Tessa’s sister can give her tips via Skype – and her sister wrote the book

                                  Everything Girls Should Know Before They Turn 13, so she at least knows her stuff! | 11 +

                                    Anders, Lisa (Author)

                                    Fifteen-year-old Vic lives in a hotel in Alexander Square in Berlin. She shares her room with Jean-Jacques, an old shop-window dummy, who, apart from Lynn, her best friend, is Vic’s most trusted companion. And trusty friends are what Vic needs now more than ever since Fabian dumped her and her journalism work experience with a publishing company is going anything but well. Then along comes the chance of her life!
                                    In her novel, Lisa Anders writes about subjects that touch the reader’s world in a dramatic, humorous and original style. A zany story about an internship with obstacles and the unpredictability of love.
                                    | 12 +

                                      Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Weise, Frauke (Illustrator)

                                      Commotion, Classroom, Crushes

                                      Everyone loves Mike Hoffmann. Everyone except Mel, that is. In her opinion, Mike has far too many tricks up his girl-charming sleeve. That's why Mel starts up a blog, Girlaxis, to warn the other girls once and for all. Mel is convinced that there are Mike Hoffmanns in old people's homes making false compliments to old ladies about their false teeth, too. In next to no time, word gets out about the blog and soon the whole school is talking about it. But when, by chance, Mel gets to know Mike a bit better, she falls for him herself – and her heart is so agitated, it doesn't know whether to stand still or gallop away …

                                      Funny and fast-paced! Following her popular Miss Krassikovski series, this is the latest novel from Anja Fröhlich.
                                      | 12 +

                                        Luhn, Usch (Author)

                                        Brains, bliss, butterflies
                                        Larissa loves to design and sew clothes. But her auntie and uncle, with whom she has been living ever since she was born, would rather she concentrated more on developing her maths skills. But what a surprise: Suddenly Larissa’s unknown father appears! The 15-year-old is not sure wether she really wants to meet him, but she is very interested in knowing more about his job – he is a hip fashion photographer! And so, quite unexpectedly, he helps her to get a work experience placement in the costumes department of a film production company. Now the only thing Larissa needs for her happiness to be complete is a boyfriend ...
                                        | 12 +

                                          Tramountani, Nena (Author)

                                          The red-hot fourth volume of the "City of Elements" series by Nena Tramountani.

                                          The Talenti find themselves increasingly ravelled up in the power struggle between Omilia and the Phos rebels. Phos has, it's true, liberated Kiana's parents, but they still don't trust him - rightly so, as it turns out: he killed Gaia and has been manipulating Melamarcia to fit in with his plans. Nero duly murders Phos, but Melamarcia has long since become enslaved to the dark side, as William surmised. Nero therefore pits himself against her and sacrifices himself for Kiana and Tessarect.

                                          Highly praised young author of immense potential.

                                          Destiny, imagined worlds … The sweet spot where romance meets modern fantasy.

                                          Love story with a pronounced twist: who can be trusted?

                                          For teenagers and adults

                                            Tramountani, Nena (Author)

                                            Volume 3: captivating, fast moving, thrilling. Romantasy at its best!

                                            Following Wills' terrible betrayal, Kia is trying to avoid him completely. However, that's not quite so easy, when she is desperate to be close to him with every fibre of her being. The fact that her former crush Niyol suddenly re-appears in her life and shamelessly takes up flirting with her again - months after they had put a stop to this - doesn't exactly help matters. Meanwhile, Nero resorts to ever more drastic measures in order to maintain the continued segregation of the elements, and Kia feels compelled to make contact with Phos, the leader of the rebels. Can he become an important ally in the fight against Omilia? On her search for trustworthy allies, Kia has to work closely with Will and Niyol, and ultimately has to confront the ultimate question. To whom does her heart really belong?

                                            Critically acclaimed young author with massive potential.

                                            Destiny, imagined worlds … The sweet spot where romance meets modern fantasy.

                                            Love story with a pronounced twist: who can be trusted?

                                            For teenagers and adults

                                              Tailor, Kathy (Author)

                                              Borka – Bold as a Lioness: girl becomes a prince’s bodyguard in a fantastic setting

                                              Borka is a girl who was raised by lions. When poachers capture her lion parents, the 18-year-old follows them to the royal court, where her courage and strength earn her the position of bodyguard to the crown prince. Borka accompanies Prince Feodor on a perilous journey, by the end of which she not only knows her own past, but also the person to whom her heart and future belong.
                                              Where exactly is your home when you come from two worlds?
                                              Her forest - green, secluded, peaceful. That’s where 16-year-old Borka lives as a member of a pride of lions.
                                              The royal court – loud, power-hungry, gruesome. That’s where Prince Feodor lives. As heir to the throne, he is required to prove himself in a battle with two lions.
                                              Both worlds collide one fateful day and Borka’s life changes for ever. Where does she belong? And will she ever learn the truth about her past?

                                              Two worlds, one prince, a lion girl: a romantasy unlike any you’ve read before

                                              Focuses on strength and wildness, background and identity | 14 +

                                                Tramountani, Nena (Author)

                                                Earth, Water, Air, Fire … and Love

                                                Creative world building and a powerful love story – modern fantasy at its best!

                                                “Who are you?” I asked, angrily interrupting him. He shrugged his shoulders. “Your best chance of surviving the night.”
                                                Tessarect. A city strictly divided according to the four elements – and those who rule them. Kia is kidnapped and brought here and then discovers that her life is in danger because she is the child of two element bearers – and that makes her unique. Her kidnapper Will, of all people, turns out to be her inventi, born to protect her come what may. Unfortunately, he’s not only unbearable, but also pretty good at his job and never lets Kia out of his sight. Somehow she has to give him the slip if she is to find out who can be trusted in this impenetrable maze of alliances and secrets – and to awaken the extraordinary talent that is said to be slumbering within her.
                                                Book 1: gripping, fast-paced, thrilling – romantasy at its best!

                                                A new, young voice, ideal for the target audience

                                                With the elements that make modern fantasy so successful: talent und self-determination

                                                For teenagers and adults

                                                  Tramountani, Nena (Author)

                                                  Earth, Water, Air, Fire … and Love

                                                  Creative world building and a powerful love story – modern fantasy at its best!

                                                  “And you know very well that I practically have a heart attack whenever you put yourself in danger.“
                                                  “I’m sorry, but this is not about you,” I said between gritted teeth.
                                                  “Oh, yes it is. Our lives are bound up with each other whether you like it or not.”

                                                  Kia’s gift takes her right to the brink between life and death, but still she secretly continues to use it because she feels she simply must understand it fully before Omilia does, and she’s doing all she can to worm Kia’s secret out of her. Nero says she’s doing it to help her, and as proof that he can be trusted, he takes her to see her natural parents, who are languishing in a sanatorium. Did their forbidden love really drive them crazy? William and Kia aim to uncover the truth and receive help in that from an unexpected quarter. Their search takes them far below the earth – and to the very depths of their own hearts: How certain can Kia be that Will’s feelings for her are genuine when, as her inventi, he always reflects her own?

                                                  For teenagers and adults

                                                    Matysiak, Mascha (Author) Staisch, Wolfgang (Illustrator)

                                                    Heartache or Happy Ending?

                                                    Mimi is so madly in love with Chris that her stomach seems to have thousands of butterflies fluttering around in it. The only problem is that Chris lives at the other end of Germany. Will their romance last even if she only sees her boyfriend in the holidays? Everything would be so much easier if it weren’t for her stupid jealousy! But somehow all the other girls seem to know Chris far better than she does …
                                                    | 13 +

                                                      Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Schmidt, Silke (Illustrator)

                                                      Everyone has been driving Pauline mad recently. In the morning it’s her teacher, Godfrey Hardhead-Sainthouse, the rest of the day, her mum and her half-sister, Anastasia. Never ever would she have thought that things could get any worse. But then her mother pays a visit to a fortune teller – and chaos takes its course. Anja Fröhlich sets the normal madness of puberty down on paper. Gloriously wacky with bags of humour and cheeky illustrations by Silke Schmidt. A hilariously funny story about growing up, being grown up and the crassest family of all time. | 12 +

                                                        Westhoff, Angie (Author)

                                                        Maya Music Munich
                                                        Catastrophe! As if it weren’t bad enough to be moving away in the middle of the school year – but to the uncoolest city in the world, as well! It’s a nightmare for Maya because although she’s a member of the school orchestra, she’s also the life and soul of the party. In fact, she is the best saxophonist around – and a rising rock star. But then Maya meets Theo, the good-looking guitarist at the youth centre. Perhaps Munich isn’t as dull as Maya thought, after all?
                                                        She hasn’t just got butterflies in her tum, she’s got rhythm in her blood, too.
                                                        The adventure of a 13-year-old girl who rocks more than Munich with her courage and music.
                                                        | 12 +

                                                          Diedrichsen, Jasper (Author) Liebig, Martina (Illustrator)

                                                          Anger. A moment in which everything explodes.

                                                          Niels has only ever really wanted Helena. But he is never in the right place at the right time. And then the day arrives when he really loses it …

                                                          Slam poetry meets illustration: young authors write about grand emotions. New territory for words and images! | 14 +

                                                            Abidi, Heike (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

                                                            Henrietta has been looking forward to turning 15 for so long – and now that it’s finally happening, she’s head over heels in emotional chaos! Her boyfriend, Nick, has suddenly gone all unromantic and barely has any time for her. And Henrietta’s blog has turned into a kind of agony column. No wonder she feels like a fraud. How is she supposed to give other people advice on their love life when her own relationship is going haywire? It’s clearly high time for a change in Henrietta’s life! So when the writing competition comes up, it’s perfect timing for her…

                                                            Great finale to our popular trilogy
                                                            | 12 +

                                                              Abidi, Heike (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

                                                              Riddles, Research, Romance

                                                              The countdown’s on! Henrietta will soon be turning 13, when she will officially be a teenager. But she has quite a lot to do before then, like getting herself a steady boyfriend. And she also wants to find out a few important things – what being in love is like, how to be a great kisser, what goes on in boys’ heads and why parents are always so terribly embarrassing. She starts researching all of these things and trying out some experiments, and also manages to put her foot in it at every possible opportunity.
                                                              | 11 +

                                                                Kirchner, Angela (Author)

                                                                First love – tender and realistic
                                                                A truly special love story and a touching young adult novel. Sensitive. Humorous. Authentic.
                                                                Mina is seventeen and has perfected the art of making herself invisible in the presence of her peers. An accident turns her ordered world upside down and enables her to take a first tentative step towards her neighbour Theo. Theo, who always has his head in the clouds, whose private haven is the garage roof between their two houses – and who has always been secretly in love with Mina. Can these two so very different outsiders come together?
                                                                | 13 +

                                                                  Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Schmidt, Silke (Illustrator)

                                                                  Paulina is head over heels in love! She’s never had it this bad before. But instead of roses raining for Paulina, chaos reigns! That’s because Paulina is not the only one to have noticed that Liam Broadshoe is the coolest boy in school; Muckel, her best friend, has also fallen in love with him. Paulina’s Mum is in the opposite situation; she is coolly dating two men at once. Paulina decides that this state of affairs simply cannot continue and forges a plan. Anja Fröhlich tells two-and-a-half unconventional love stories – without tugging at heartstrings or squeezing tear ducts, but with amusing pictures by Silke Schmidt. A wonderfully whacky story of friendship and family. And the craziest story about falling in and out of love. | 12 +

                                                                    Hasselbusch, Birgit (Author)

                                                                    Gifts Goofs Grandpa
                                                                    Vera has a special talent: she can talk backwards fluently. And that’s not all! In the night, she sometimes hears a voice telling her who will soon be falling in love with whom. Her friend Katya thinks that’s totally cool, although she could happily do without this particular gift. Then again, she would never have thought that her talents could get her onto the television, help her save her grandpa and find her first love.
                                                                    Birgit Hasselbusch presents a whole firework display of ideas. Crazy, full of different angles and with lots of unexpected twists and turns.
                                                                    An imaginative story about two special gifts – that are both a curse and a blessing.
                                                                    Reading forwards and backwards allowed!
                                                                    An incredibly imaginative story.
                                                                    Exciting and entertaining to the last sentence.
                                                                    | 12 +

                                                                      Steinhöfel, Dirk (Author) Steinhöfel, Dirk (Illustrator)

                                                                      The power of imagination and the magic of books!
                                                                      What effect do books have on people? Like Alice in Wonderland, the girl suddenly disappears through a gateway into an unfamiliar world. Dirk Steinhöfel takes his readers into landscapes of pristine beauty, down into deep wells, up to tall mountain peaks, and through fire, ice and deserts. Each of the different stops along their way is accompanied and inspired by books, and Steinhöfel finds images of tremendous creative power that illustrate the magic of literature. A wonderfully artistic journey into the realm of fantasy with magnificent pictures of enchanting beauty. For everyone who believes in the power of words!
                                                                      | 14 +

                                                                        Ziegler, Meral (Author) Birzer, Romina (Illustrator)

                                                                        Pride. A moment in which you have the world at your feet.

                                                                        When she sets out, she has luck in her pockets. The mountain towers high above her, the ascent can begin.

                                                                        Slam poetry meets illustration: young authors write about grand emotions. New territory for words and images! | 14 +

                                                                          Fee (Author) ellenaar (Illustrator)

                                                                          Guilt. A moment in which gaping abysses open up.

                                                                          There are lots of things good friends just don’t do – and yet they seem to happen to Maraike, Kim and Sina. Somehow.

                                                                          Slam poetry meets illustration: young authors write about grand emotions. New territory for words and images! | 14 +

                                                                            Lewis, Emily (Author) ZERO Werbeagentur (Illustrator) Mildt, Ute (Illustrator)

                                                                            As sweet and hot as cocoa by the fire

                                                                            Eighteen-year-old Vanessa’s grandmother treats her to a Christmas trip. Vanessa naturally chooses to go to Cambridge, the place where her late parents spent the happiest time of their life. In Cambridge, Vanessa unexpectedly meets Trevor and falls for him straight away. During the wonderful days they spend together in wintery Cambridge, he turns out to be romantic and a gentleman, and also helps Vanessa to solve the mystery of a 50-year-old postcard she finds in the attic. But then Trevor suddenly withdraws from her without a word of explanation. And while Vanessa is uncovering a bygone fairy-tale romance, her own Christmastime fairy tale disappears like a burst bubble...

                                                                            - Romantic seasonal title for Christmas
                                                                            - Dream setting in England and an enchanting young romance
                                                                            - A family secret that’s been closely guarded for decades is revealed | 14 +

                                                                              Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Liepins, Carolin (Illustrator)

                                                                              Blunderblog! Betty’s best – new from Juma Kliebenstein

                                                                              Betty is 14 and since her last birthday has at last been the proud owner of a laptop! What better reason to share the details of her chaotic life with others? So she starts to write a blog. This deals not only with the size of her boobs (more or less zilch…) and the question of how to get to know boys (success: also more or less zilch), but also about mothers who serve cocoa at birthday parties, bits of toilet paper hanging out of pants and babysitter jobs that go hopelessly wrong. Betty seems to find putting her foot in it wherever she possibly can utterly irresistible!
                                                                              Funny, frank, young girls will recognize and laugh out loud at the situations told in authentic social network style in this novel.

                                                                              | 12 +

                                                                                Matysiak, Mascha (Author)

                                                                                Photos, fashion, flirts!

                                                                                Mimi’s boyfriend, Lukas, has gone off with someone else! To take her mind off things, she gets herself a practical training placement with a Berlin fashion photographer. There, she meets not only eccentric designers and long-legged models, but Chris, who’s really cool. Mimi is sent out to look for exciting locations for photo shoots with Chris and soon her heart is all aflutter once more. The only problem is that beautiful Lola, one of the models, is not at all happy about the idea because she is secretly in love with Chris and would do anything to win him for herself…
                                                                                | 12 +