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Schmitt, Petra Maria (Author) Fienieg, Annette (Illustrator)

Come along and meet the Indian children. Chief Strong Bear is trying without success to catch a wild horse. When the Indian girl Gentle Cloud walks up to the white mustang, Strong Bear can hardly believe his eyes! Can the little girl really tame the big horse? The two Indian boys Sly Fox and Little Deer are determined to send smoke signals but sadly don’t know exactly how to go about it. And that’s why their smoke messages cause quite some confusion amongst the Indians… | 4 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Toad-wartier than Winnetou! The new Oggly adventure from Erhard Dietl for readers aged six and over

Professor Fizzywine’s time machine catapults the Oggly children, Grandpa Oggly and Baby Oggly 400 years back in time to North America. In the land of the Native American Indians, everyone regards these peculiar green beings as powerful water spirits. The Ogglies help Mukki, a small Indian boy, to pass the test that’s supposed to turn him into a big boy. And it works! The Indians are delighted and even carve a totem pole in honour of the water spirit Ogglies. Will the Ogglies stay with the Indians or go back home to Smelliville again.

All about Native Americans, Book 2 in the successful series of Oggly adventures for first readers offers boys and girls alike everything children need: fun, adventure, friendship and humour.
| 6 +

Wieker, Katharina (Author) Wieker, Katharina (Illustrator)

It’s five o’clock in the morning at last! That’s a good time to get up when you are five years old, Tim thinks. But when he goes into the kitchen, there’s nothing on the table: no candles, no cake and not even the tiniest present! Could Mummy and Daddy have forgotten his birthday? | 3 +

Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator)

You can’t help but love this granny! Family fun for first readers.
Pia’s Granny Paloma is not like other grannies. She doesn’t use a walking stick, her hair isn’t white and she doesn’t worry about every little thing. Granny Paloma has curly red hair and painted fingernails, she can do stunts on her inline skates and even tame obstinate donkeys. Isn’t it wonderful to have such a special granny?

Learning to read with this “Bücherstern” book for second and third-year schoolkids: simply constructed sentences, advanced text level and more text than pictures to foster the reading abilities of practised beginning readers. The book comes with a reader puzzle supplement.
| 8 +

Weger, Nina (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

| 9 +

Streufert, Sabine (Author) Voigt, Silke (Illustrator)

Nina and Fairyspell have been allowed to take a real “Red Indian” riding course, where they will learn how to ride without a saddle. This is no problem at all, of course! But on the ride out to the old castle ruin, Laura’s pony, Arabella, suddenly falls ill. What a good thing Nina and Fairyspell were there to fetch help quickly. | 3 +

Weger, Nina (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

A Heroic Deed for the Boarding School!
A hurricane lays waste to the Matilda Imperatrix! As luck would have it, the school coffers are empty and things are looking bad for headmistress Petronova. A few horrid teachers even want to see the boarding school for special girls close down. Not if Pina, Flo and Blanca have anything to do with it, though! They enrol their school in a world championship that requires no very special talents to win some juicy prize money. But a traitor plans to prevent their winning and puts the girls in great danger. The friends put up a valiant fight, but can they save Matilda?

Cool, clever and valiantly courageous: This club is for everyone!

“A lively and fast-paced start to a new series for girls that’s sure to find an enthusiastic readership.” BuchMarkt March 2017

| 9 +

Weger, Nina (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

A boarding school for power girls! The pupils of the Matilda Imperatrix boarding school are all very special: Flo rides like the devil and she’s a fantastic sword fighter, too. Pina, on the other hand, is more the quiet type, and she can read animal tracks and is good at archery. When the extremely well-behaved Blanca joins them at boarding school, the two friends are a bit sceptical to begin with. But then Blanca turns out to be a pirate, and with her help, they succeed in freeing Flo’s little sister from the grasp of unscrupulous kidnappers.

Highly entertaining: funny, fast-paced, exciting!

Book 2 The Heroines Club. High Treason at Boarding School will follow in autumn 2017

“A lively and fast-paced start to a new series for girls that’s sure to find an enthusiastic readership.” BuchMarkt March 2017

| 9 +

Die Krickelkrakels (Author) Die Krickelkrakels (Illustrator)

Come along on a journey through time from the creators of the Krickelkrakel series!

Open up the book and off we go! Save the little dinosaur from the ravenous T-Rex. Solve the puzzle of the pyramids in Egypt and then help the Vikings to build a ship. Finished? But there’s much more still to come on your journey, and thousands of adventures awaiting you there. Turn, tap, blow – the fun creative new activity book from the Krickelkrakel team carries kids off to foreign lands and other times!

- Fascinating activity fun to return to time and again
- Carries children off to distant worlds and other times
- From the creative Krickelkrakel team | 4 +

Weger, Nina (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

Alarm at the Matilda Imperatrix! Who destroyed the boarding school’s bee hives? Pina, Flo and Blanca immediately pick up the trail and discover that it was none other than a little bear that’s wandering the woods. Pina, in particular, feels for the baby bear because she knows exactly what it’s like to be all alone and without parents.
But a small bear is no cuddly toy, of course and before long panic breaks out among the girls. A bear, so close to their school, isn’t that terribly dangerous? Before long, the first farmers in the village are preparing to hunt the bear down – and Pina, Flo and Blanca realise that they need to act fast if they want to save the little bear!

Exciting, clever and bear-friendly: this club is there for everyone!
| 9 +