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Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Ionescu, Cathy (Illustrator)

A dog of your own – Antonia Michaelis makes every child’s dream come true

Barking here, barking there. Barking, barking everywhere. The poor four-legged creatures have to spend all day at home alone, waiting for their masters and mistresses to return. How boring! Thank goodness the Animal Aid Club are dog-lovers too. Every day, Janne, Tom und Ali pick them up after school and take them for a walk. The only problem is the awful dog who comes to join them uninvited. Oughtn’t his owner to be keeping a better eye on him? It’s only when the Animal Aid Club find themselves in the woods during a sudden storm that they realise who really needs their help... | 8 +

von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Worms, Ina (Illustrator)

Pets, wild animals, soft toy animals, sock animals: they are all here! The little brown bear is not in the mood for hibernating, cuddly toy pig Emma is playing pranks, Luna, the little owl, is learning to fly, and the princess and the pirate girl both long for the same: to have a pet of their own.

A wonderful, interactive book for children of four and over. It comes with plenty of ideas for games, questions, craft suggestions, picture quizzes, and read-aloud tips for adults.
| 4 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Faust, Anke (Illustrator)

A feast of creativity! Paul Maar’s first children’s book in a new edition packed with elaborate new illustrations. A lion happens upon a strange traveller in the jungle: a dog, whose skin is covered with colourful drawings. “Each of these pictures stands for a story,” the dog explains to the astonished lion once the lion has at last finished looking him over. And after the dog has let the lion beg for a long, long time and has talked the lion into giving him a liver-sausage sandwich, the pictures on his skin turn into the most peculiar creatures – and into a fascinating collection of wonderful stories! Fantastic fun to read! Nominated for the German Youth Literature Prize in 1969, now newly, beautifully and imaginatively illustrated in collage technique by Anke Faust | 8 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

For as long as he can remember, Franz has been frightened of dogs – and not just of big ones with sharp teeth, but of the small ones with wagging tails, too. Then one day, his best friend Eberhard Most’s aunt is rushed to hospital with appendicitis, and she asks Eberhard to look after her dog, a brown giant of a beast called Bertha. | 8 +

What on earth is wrong with Pops? He’s constantly giving commands and pulling on Bifi’s lead, and he won’t let Bifi finish playing! It’s quite clear that Pops needs to take a break and learn how to chill. That’s why Bifi thinks its really great that he can accompany Pops to the dog obedience school; that way, he has the chance to talk to other dogs about how to get his human to enjoy life and always have lots of crunchy treats in his pocket - and Pops can enjoy the company of other humans there. | 6 +

Obrecht, Bettina (Author) Engelking, Katrin (Illustrator)

Every year Anna thinks: This time I’ll get a dog for my birthday. And when she doesn’t, she thinks: But I’m sure to get a dog for Christmas. Christmas is nearly here and Anna is quite convinced that she will be given a dog. But what’s that by the Christmas tree? A bike. Anna can hardly believe it. Okay, it is a lovely bike and it does have five gears. But it simply isn’t a dog. A dog would have been pleased to be Anna’s present. A bike can’t be pleased. “Do you know what,” says Daddy, “Mummy and I are going to get our bikes out now and then we’ll show your bike the town together. Perhaps it would like that.” And the bike really does. Well it certainly hums as if it were happy and Anna is happy, too. And anyway, it’ll be her birthday again soon, won’t it? Then she’s sure to get a dog … | 7 +

Wenzel, Antje (Author) Hamann, Meike (Illustrator)

Muffle and me, unwilling superheroes! While out surfing, Tim and his rather dopey dog Muffle happen to save the most popular boy in school from drowning, and from that moment on, he tells all and sundry that his two rescuers are endowed with superpowers. Suddenly, Tim is “RockeTim”, the person to call if someone gets into difficulties. Only Tim and Muffle themselves know that they are, in fact, anything but superheroes, but they do all they can to keep that quiet and actually end up surpassing themselves.

Great slapstick fun with hilarious black-and-white illustrations. Entertaining, amusing, and perfect for boys who don’t usually enjoy reading!
| 9 +

Klein, Martin (Author) Eschweiler, Birgit (Author) Kierzek, Sabine (Author) Fuchs, Amber (Illustrator) | further

A gripping story for “unwilling readers”: the detective comic for beginning readers.
Two plus Three are on the lookout for a new case! When Mrs Thingummy’s ferret is kidnapped, finding him is clearly a job for the detectives and Pepper, their chinchilla. But then more and more pets disappear and everywhere the same letter turns up claiming responsibility. The detectives immediately realise what that means: there are professional kidnappers at work here. But no case is too difficult for Two plus Three!
A picture reader with lots of colour pictures by Amber Fuchs and an exciting detective story by Martin Klein: clever comic fun for beginning readers! The concept was developed by experienced teachers to motivate rather than overwhelm beginning readers.
| 7 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

The Ogglies and the Mucky Mut

Slimy sludge and doggy poo! Fantastic fun for Oggly fans and beginning readers.

The Oggly kids are fart-blastingly bored with their pets. Firebottom is asleep, the rats are dozing and the flies are dropping dead to the floor. What a toad-slimy piece of luck that a dog turns up on the rubbish tip at the right moment. He can even do tricks and loves rolling in mud! Welcome to the Ogglies’ world, dear first-time beginning readers.

Over 100,000 Oggly copies sold in the beginning readers’ category alone
| 6 +

Naoura, Salah (Author) Wechdorn, Susanne (Illustrator)

A child and a sausage-crazy dog find their way to school. Every day on his way to school, Theo has to walk past a big dog. In fact, he simply can’t go to school without having patted the dog and fed him the meat from his sandwiches! Then one day the big dog is not sitting behind the fence as usual and Theo immediately realizes that something must be wrong. So he sets out to look for the dog, all on his own and all over the city. And sure enough, he finds the dog, but now they have to find their way back to school together. That’s not so easy and Theo ends up getting lost. Can the big dog show him the way?

Salah Naoura’s story of Theo and the Big Dog is written with lots of feeling and subtle humour. Because he deals with subjects like autonomy, independence and courage, he addresses topics that are important for children starting school. | 6 +

Mai, Manfred (Author) Stickel, Stephanie (Illustrator)

First reading fun for football fans

Watch out, there is a dog loose on the football pitch! Leon is sure he had his dog, Lightning, securely tied up, but there’s just no stopping a genuine football fan. Suddenly, the dog runs out onto the pitch, where Leon and his friends are playing, and straight away scores a goal with his nose! Lightning does turn out to be very useful when Leon comes up against Mr Klopper, though, the neighbour who can’t stand children or noise. Of all the nearby gardens, it’s Mr Klopper’s Leon accidentally sends the ball sailing – and he can’t quite muster the courage to go and get it back himself. Together, Leon and Lightning solve the problem.
| 6 +

Mai, Manfred (Author) Stickel, Stephanie (Illustrator)

Football, football, nothing but football! Flash, ball-crazy dog and a children’s favourite, becomes a goalscorer.
Flash just loves football! He and Leon often practise together in the garden. But can a dog really play in a team? Leon’s friends can't picture that! But when Leon and Flash go to a game between the best junior league teams, Flash leaps onto the pitch before and there’s simply no stopping him. In the end, Flash shows everyone what a talented goalscorer he is!

| 6 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Schöne, Christoph (Illustrator) | further

There’s always work for the Oggly detectives to do!

Paddock is looking forward to his trip to the greyhound races, but finds things aren’t quite as they should be there. For weeks now, Gracy the greyhound bitch has been winning all the races, even though she’s old and grey these days. How can it be that she outstrips all the others? Very soon, Paddock and co pick up a scent and it takes them straight to a rabbit warren. But it’s not just rabbits that are up to no good here, that much is certain!

Book 23 in the series featuring Paddock and co! Pure suspense and plenty of Oggly action in handy pocket size: each crime story comes with a collector’s corner, English vocabulary list and detective tips!
| 8 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Hammen, Josef (Illustrator)

“Bollie,” says farmer Alfonse Thunderhoe, “your job here on the farm is a very important one. You are the watchdog!” Bollie pulls a grim face to show he means business. And he really does mean to be a good guard, but unfortunately, with the delicious smell of freshly baked cake and the warm sunshine on his back, Bollie starts to feel very drowsy… | 4 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Eating and sleeping are Bifi’s favourite pastimes. His owner, Pops, a canny elderly gentleman and beekeeping enthusiast, is far more on his toes. When Bifi finds his bowl empty one morning and there’s a smell in the air that’s suspiciously like cat’s fart, it’s obvious they’ve had a visit from a food thief. At lunchtime, Pop discovers that his meal has also been snitched from his plate. Dog and master decide to investigate, so all the cats in the street have to give Bifi a sample fart.

Bifi & Pops, a charming and amusing dog-and-master team, have even preschool children eager to learn to read. Illustrations by Susanne Göhlich.

| 6 +

Streufert, Sabine (Author) Voigt, Silke (Illustrator)

This collection contains six MAXI picture-book stories featuring the much-loved character Fairyspell the Pony.

Fairyspell The Pony – Nina Has a Secret
Fairyspell the Pony – A Seaside Adventure
Fairyspell the Pony – An Exciting Riding Lesson
Fairyspell The Pony – Danger At The Gymkhana
Fairyspell The Pony – Where Can Wusel Be?
Fairyspell The Pony – The Mystery Of The Little Sheep | 3 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator) Sauvant, Henriette (Illustrator)

Who is Muck? The small stray dog who always follows Lippel on his way to school or the dog from the king’s palace? And who are Asslam and Hamide, with whom Lippel wanders through the desert in a sandstorm? The two Turkish children in his class or the prince and princess from the Orient? The adventure Lippel dreams is an exciting one and he is right there in the thick of it. Or isn’t it a dream, after all? | 10 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Bifi and Pops turn kids into busy reading bees

Amateur beekeeper Pops rides into the woods on his motorbike to see to his beehives, taking Bifi along in his sidecar. First off, Bifi chases a sounder of wild pigs and a fox away without Pops even noticing. But when the bee colony swarms out with the queen, Pops gets into a real flap. Together, the pair try to direct the bees back to the hive – not an easy task, but luckily, Bifi follows his nose and comes up with a plan!

Still going strong: the unequal friends Bifi & Pops

Perfect identification figure: Bifi sees the world with children’s eyes

Lots to discover in Susanne Göhlich’s illustrations
| 6 +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Wechdorn, Susanne (Illustrator)

Lots of favourite animals for toddlers!
There’s always something happening in the animal world! Boris the dawdling bear discovers the most gorgeous honey in the wood, Henri the dog can’t wait to go to nursery school and Ingo the hedgehog is terribly proud of having found a wonderfully warm place for the whole family to hibernate. And little Jules discovers a newborn lamb at the petting zoo. She’s even allowed to stroke it! With big, colour illustrations and a padded cover – for children of 2 upwards. | 24 months +

Dickreiter, Lisa-Marie (Author) Götz, Andreas (Author) Renger, Nikolai (Illustrator)

Our new cult character “Berti” – now for beginning readers

Could anything be more exciting than a child’s first day at school? Hardly. But Berti’s first day surpasses them all. To start with, the whole family wakes up so late that Berti can’t even change out of his pyjamas before setting off for school. Then his daddy drives like a madman, which does not amuse the police, at all. Berti can’t count on his big brother, and a sprint to school turns into a wild chase. Will Berti make it to school on time? And what about his first-day-of-school cone filled with treats and presents?

The secret hero of the family: Little Berti

Fast-paced action and lots of humour

Charmingly illustrated by Nikolai Renger | 6 +

Tienti, Benjamin (Author) Kiefer, Sebastian (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

There’s aways something weird afoot! The neighbourhood kids are hot on the trail

Elmo is eleven, lives in Berlin-Neukölln, and is a detective. His cases are a welcome diversion from normal life: things haven’t been the same since his big brother died. When Elmo meets super-sassy gamer Tuna, they set out to hunt for the ‘master melody’ in the notorious online game MELOdiy. There’s a big reward for whoever finds it first. But Elmo and Tuna aren’t the only ones trying to find it. Thus a harmless case turns into a huge, crazy adventure.

“Mountains of Chinese Noodles” is Benjamin Tienti’s third novel for children aged 10+, and the first one co-written with his punk band colleague Sebastian Kiefer.

Edgy but warm-hearted: a detective story for kids combined with a cool gaming challenge.
For fans of “Rico and Oscar” (Andreas Steinhöfel).
Tienti’s uniquely honest, raw, warm narrative voice has won high praise.

9 +

krima & isa (Author) krima & isa (Illustrator)

A cuddly sheep, a cheeky hen or a fluffy chick. The board picture books feature the successful krima and isa design that’s equally popular with mothers and children and for the first time open up the krima and isa world to the very young. A pictionary for tiny tots drawn with lots of love and attention to detail. | 12 months +

Naoura, Salah (Author) Büchner, Sabine (Illustrator)

Superdog versus superthief – a clear victory for Hugo!

Hugo can hardly believe his eyes: one minute it’s there, the next minute it’s gone! Who is constantly stealing his delicious bones from under his nose? What a good job he has the power to turn himself into a superdog and track down the thief. But even a superdog has his limitations! So it’s useful that Hugo has a friend who’s a detective frog! Together, these two are unbeatable!

A book crammed with slapstick humour: Superhugo’s third adventure with hilarious illustrations.
| 7 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Czerwenka, Eva (Illustrator)

Fly into a new adventure with Elli Redcoat!

Six-year-olds don’t want to listen to nursery school stories, they want real adventures. Luckily, there are the read-aloud adventure stories about Elli and her friends. This time they will have to thwart the mean schemes of Johnny and his gang of ravens. But to do that they first have to get Woolly’s flying machine working. Elli and her team find themselves facing brand-new challenges. Only together can they achieve their goal. An exciting adventure!

Elli Redcoat promises a thrilling story that will also delight older children – featuring five animal friends who fight for their dreams.
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Toyok and his friend the wild tomcat have been invited to visit Smilla, the girl troll, because her cat would like to meet Toyok’s tomcat. And so the pair leave the forest for the very first time and make their way to the hidden valley where Smilla lives. There are no trees there, but the valley does have a lake. Sadly, Smilla’s cat turns out to be rather vain and the wild tomcat isn’t particularly enthusiastic about their outing. But Toyok finds he has made a new friend in Smilla. | 5 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

After surviving a terrible storm, Dorothy and Toto, her dog, find themselves in a strange land. There, Dorothy meets the Scarecrow who has no brain, the lonely Tin Man who has no heart and the roaring lion who has no courage. Together they set off to meet the Wizard of Oz, for only he can show Dorothy the way home.
Dorothy’s adventure is retold here in language suitable for children of three and over.
| 3 +

Ameling, Anne (Author) Czerwenka, Eva (Illustrator)

Brushing her coat all the time gets awfully boring! That how Ellie feels. After all, she is a most courageous squirrel. So she goes in search of adventure and soon meets the ingenious racoon Wally Washington, and suddenly they find themselves slap in the middle of an adventure! Castle Dragonheart and their home, the castle grounds, are up for sale! And so the two friends drum up all the large and small animals that live together in the park. Their goal is to save their shared home.

A hilariously chaotic story about friendship, for reading aloud to children of 6 and over.
| 6 +

Link, Alexandra (Author)

Ponies, nature and magic – a touching tale of friendship, with the additional frisson of unicorn magic.

13-year-old Lina lives in the mountains with her father and brother. When she is given the mare Fjella, it seems as if her happiness is complete. However, the caramel-coloured pony is beyond unusual, and has a horny place between her ears... Soon not only Fjella but also Lina and her friend David are in danger – for Fjella is very special, and unfortunately the wrong people get wind of this.
| 10 +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Faust, Christine (Illustrator)

Who can turn the key to open the farmyard doors?

Oscar the dog is full of excitement: the postman has delivered a parcel! He is desperate to give it to the farmer. But where is Farmer Fred? Oscar has to look behind all the various stable doors to find him - and he urgently needs the children’s help. Thank goodness opening doors is such fun (and that it’s so good for their fine motor skills too!)

Innovative concept: turning keys to open the extra-large flaps.
Will delight curious explorers.
A fun way to develop fine motor skills. | 24 months +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Reitz, Nadine (Illustrator)

The perfect present for young heroes

Jo lives with his mother on a sheep farm. Jo’s mum is strong and confident, whereas Jo is rather timid. But at Christmastime, his mum wants a little hero - at least, that’s what Jo thinks because he saw a superhero's cape drawn on her wish list, although he couldn’t make out what she had written underneath. When a wolf comes sloping through the snow, Jo sees his chance: he decides to be brave and chase the wolf away. But the wolf is just a tame herding dog. Good thing that mum didn't draw a cape on her wish list, but a red scarf. Because she always loves her Jo - whether he's a hero or not.

-\x09A lovable non-hero wants to be brave at Christmas
-\x09The atmospheric setting brings a whole world to life with easy-to-read text | 7 +

Wockenfuß, Benjamin (Author) Messing, Stefanie (Illustrator)

Monday morning at Lotta’s house: everyone is dawdling around. Daddy has to urgently answer some emails so he hands his smartphone to Lotta and her little brother Lukas to keep them quiet. They become so absorbed in the digital world that not even Klicks the family dog can get their attention. They’re all so busy with their home office and smartphone that they lose track of time. All except Klicks. But just in the nick of time they finally set off for nursery school, and that’s when it happens: Klick goes missing! What can they do to find their dog? Lotta is heartbroken. Can an app on Daddy’s phone help or is some other strategy called for here?

How to teach media skills to children – without turning it into a lesson

The author Benjamin Wockenfuß is a social media manager and addiction therapist who also runs the project DigiKids for the Hessian state office for addiction issues, which is sponsored by the TK health insurance fund. It supports the idea that digital media belongs to the world in which our children live and that it is not a question of either/or but rather the need to recognise that digital and analogue are both part of the same interactive process.
A story that triggers the imagination and shows that Lotta has fun learning to look beyond the edge of her father’s smartphone screen.

With an introduction by the author, actor, blogger and Grimme Award winner Schlecky Silberstein.

The DigiKids Project:
DigiKids is a media competence project that can be implemented from kindergarten onwards and was first introduced in 2017. The aim is to give children confidence in dealing with digital environments instead of being dominated by them. At the same time, DigiKids seeks to retain the children’s connection to the analogue world by strengthening it and developing it further. The project also aims at involving parents and teachers in the process and provides them with support training.
The TK health insurance fund Techniker Krankenkasse at present supports pilot projects in Hesse.
Further information at
| 4 +