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Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Limmroth, Manfred B. (Illustrator) Bittner, Ralph (Illustrator) | further

When he was very young, he answered to Pusspuss. He was tiny then, as small as a sausage with a little tail. He had four brothers and sisters and lived in a big cowshed with five cows and two calves. Those days were lovely. Later a very fat, old lady took him to live with her. She fed him with chocolate, rice pudding and apricot dumplings until he was rounder and fatter than the roundest and fattest cushion. | 7 +

    Funke, Cornelia (Author) Meyer, Kerstin (Illustrator)

    Good-tempered sea dogs, crafty pirates and incredible treasures are what it’s all about in this tempestuous story – equally suitable for older and younger children – by bestseller author Cornelia Funke. Colour illustrations throughout by Kerstin Meyer.
    “Peacock bass and pink salmon!” Fat Sven and his cabin boy Pit cannot believe their eyes when a barrel is washed up on the beach right in front of their feet one evening and a small pig emerges with a friendly grunt. Not that he’s an ordinary pig by any means! Jules is a pirate pig! Naturally, they soon discover his secret. And when Jules is kidnapped, Pit and Sven have to take on a whole gang of savage pirates to get their pig back again.
    Cornelia Funke’s PIRATE PIG with its funny pictures by Kerstin Meyer is a barrel of laughters for the whole family. | 8 +

      Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

      Franz is absolutely sick of it! For months now, Gabi has been acting crazy. She’s going to be a big sister, but anyone would think she was the one having the baby. And so that she can do everything when the baby comes, Franz is always having to practise “baby” with her. He has to put on a pair of tights and a bobble hat, kick when she tells him to and close his eyes when Gabi whispers “Little baby, go to sleep now!” He only ran away once. That was when Gabi wanted to practise nappy-changing on him. The baby is due to arrive today, at last, and Franz is very much hoping that Gabi will start being a bit more normal again then. | 7 +

        Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

        Mr and Mrs Fatpeter just love eating dumplings: bread dumplings, potato dumplings, suet dumplings and bacon dumplings. Then one day, while they’re out for a slimming walk, a witch gives them a free wish and they ask for a dumpling pan that is never empty. This has undreamt-of consequences.
        | 7 +

          Funke, Cornelia (Author) Meyer, Kerstin (Illustrator) Buchholz, Konstantin (Illustrator)

          Picture-book film ahoy! The best-selling picture book complete with DVD
          Captain Crinklebeard is the terror of the seven seas. When his ship, the Blood Herring, appears on the horizon, every honest seafarer starts to tremble like a jelly with fear. No one is safe from him and his savage gang. But it might have been better for him if he had let one ship pass by. Because that ship was carrying a little girl called Molly …
          With the film of the picture book Captain Crinklebeard and his Gang on DVD.
          Animated with loving attention to detail and elaborately packed. The DVD comes in a plastic case that’s integrated into the cover. | 4 +

            Weger, Nina (Author) Schöffmann-Davidov, Eva (Illustrator)

            Is it possible for a totally crazy family to get any crazier? Well, yes it can actually – if the grandfather suddenly starts to believe he’s God! A turbulent family story with a totally lovable hero!

            Nick is nine years old and there’s one thing in the world he really wants – he would love to have a dog; a real, live dog. Unfortunately, everyone in Nick’s family is so crazy that he can’t talk to them about anything as ordinary as a dog – everyone, that is, but his grandad, John Lasar. Apart from Nick, he is the only sensible person in the family. And he is going to persuade Nick’s mother to let Nick have a dog at last. That’s what Nick hopes, at least and so he plans to talk to his grandad about it at the grand anniversary party to be held for his grandad’s chocolate factory.
            But then things don’t turn out anything like Nick had imagined because Grandad John, Nick’s only ally of all people, turns crazy from one day to the next, and starts believing he is God.
            This causes great excitement, of course, and for once in their lives, all the other members of the family agree that Grandad John absolutely must be brought to his senses. The only trouble is that no amount of yoga, music, argument, pleading or name calling has the slightest effect. Grandad John continues to declare that he is God. Then Nick remembers what his sister’s teacher once said about his sister’s India mania: namely that everyone should accept it and, even better, play along with it. So all the members of his family build a throne and set Grandad John upon it and one by one they come before him to ask him to grant their wishes.
            Not even Nick would ever have guessed just how crazy his family’s wishes could be and above all what peculiar consequences the whole thing would have …

            English sample translation available! | 8 +

              Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

              Anything Grandad Olchi could do when he was young, Olchi kids can certainly do today, rat’s-tail-and-toad’s-fart! So they saddle the travel dragon and off they go - though not to Australia like Grandad did, but just to the junior school in nearby Sloppiscourt. But what the Olchi children experience with the human children – and the human children with the Olchi children – is at least as exciting as Grandad Olchi’s adventure with the kangaroos. | 8 +

                Naoura, Salah (Author) Jeschke, Stefanie (Illustrator)

                Peace, joy and gold in the garden? One day, the family discovers Gran Cordula, Mummy’s mother from the old peoples’ home, suddenly standing on the doorstep. She turns the family’s idyll into chaos and declares that there's a treasure buried in the garden. And while Henrik gaily sets about digging, initially earning mocking smiles from his mummy, daddy and sister, hole by hole, they all start secretly digging themselves. At some point, even the city authorities and neighbours turn up at the fence with their spades. There really must be something worth finding here. A warm-hearted and slightly zany family story by Salah Naoura.

                « With subtle humour, acute dialogues and a grandmother who turns everything upside down, Salah Naoura skilfully delivers a family's normality into the realms of the absurd. As the family members greedily dig for gold, their standards, certainties and relationships shift and need to be redefined. Naoura has a talent for presenting difficult topics in light-hearted guise. » Excerpt from the jury’s assessment for the book’s nomination for the 2014 German-French Children’s Literature Award.

                “A fast-paced and very funny story with a charm that will captivate you from the very first page. Salah Naoura combines shrewd observations, zeitgeist and thoughtfulness to create an highly entertaining whole.”
                Süddeutsche Zeitung on "Help! Get Me Out of Here!"

                | 8 +

                  Raab, Brigitte (Author) Olten, Manuela (Illustrator)

                  Seven questions and fourteen answers – the fun way to learn!
                  “Go where pepper grows!” But where does pepper actually grow? Why do bears go into hibernation? Because they can’t find a winter jacket to fit and it’s too cold to go out without a jacket? No, of course not! Bears cannot find enough food in winter. That’s why they eat lots to fatten themselves up throughout the rest of the year and then spend the cold season in their den. The bright children in this book know where pepper grows, why snails have a house, that a whale is not a fish and plenty more besides. But it’s lots more fun to think up the craziest answers to the questions before looking at the real answers!
                  A special picture book – amusing and informative for children and parents, with unusual and amusing illustrations.
                  | 3 +

                    Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                    The Ogglies as aids to medicine – that’s just bound to go wrong!
                    Grump-fart-devil! Professor Fizzywine knows that tummy ache is a terrible thing! He also knows that Ogglies never have tummy ache even though they gobble up the most peculiar things – for example, rice-nail casserole with smelly socks au gratin. There must be a reason for this, the professor thinks and, with the aid of the Ogglies, sets to work developing an efficacious remedy for tummy ache with the aim of winning first prize at the Inventors’ Congress. The trouble is that he hadn’t reckoned with the Ogglies’ stubbornness. And then Professor Fizzywine’s medicine turns out to have a completely different effect from the one he intended!
                    Great fun for all Oggly fans: the first Oggly novel for children with lots of colour illustrations by the author.
                    | 8 +

                      Maar, Paul (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

                      What if ...? Bello the dog turned into a human being!
                      “If that old woman hadn’t come into Daddy’s chemist‘s shop, we would have been spared a great deal of excitement.” That’s how the story of Max and his dog, Bello, begins – Mr Bello, to be precise. The blue liquid the strange old woman brings Max’s father makes plants grow unnaturally quickly. But when Bello drinks some of the supposed fertiliser, Max gets the surprise of his life. The liquid, you see, turns animals into human beings!
                      An uproarious tale of transformation by Paul Maar – with amusing illustrations by Ute Krause.
                      | 8 +

                        Funke, Cornelia (Author) Meyer, Kerstin (Illustrator)

                        Gold and diamonds for Crumplebeard! He knows no fear when treasure’s near Captain Crumplebeard had actually meant to give up his pirate’s life, but then he heard about a gigantic treasure and changed his mind quickly. Getting his hands on the treasure ought to be a piece of cake, he thinks! So he steers his ship, the Stinking Sardine, full speed ahead to Treasure Island. When he arrives, he finds the treasure chests left there by Red Bill and his crew, but also encounters many dangers, too. Will Captain Crumplebeard manage to get rich at last? From the successful duo Cornelia Funke and Kerstin Meyer! This isn’t the only Captain Crumplebeard adventure, by the way!
                        | 4 +

                          Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

                          Satsational! The great gift book for all Sat fans.

                          In seven chapters, this book of sayings and rhymes contains the best poems from all of the Sat books, arranged in order of Sat subjects and preferences. A fascinating collection of weird widsoms and topsy-turvy rules, joyful and impudent songs and tantalising tongue twisters. This special edition with colourful illustration by Paul Maar, wordsmith and creator of the Sat, is a treasure trove of surprises, humour and ebullient impudence, and therefore the perfect gift for all Sat fans. For fans to read aloud, read to themselves, carry on rhyming, learn by heart and never again forget!

                          •\x09The gift book for Sat fans large and small – to read aloud, read to themselves and carry on rhyming
                          •\x09To mark Paul Maar’s 75th birthday; the funniest and most original Sat verses created by the brilliant wordsmith
                          | 12 months +

                            Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Wilharm, Sabine (Illustrator)

                            “My name is Harro, Lord Donnersmarck, of ancient and noble pedigree. Anton calls me Pug.
                            There’s nothing much you can say about that, names are one of those things. Anton, for example, isn’t a boy, as you might think, but a girl. But she is a very special girl and there’s not much I wouldn’t do for her. I proved it, too, just recently when a strange woman, an even stranger girl and – dreadful! – a cat had the gall to move in into my house – just because Anton’s father decided he needed another wife. I could really understand that Anton was furious. But then, when there wasn’t a peaceful spot left anywhere in the house, my bowl didn’t get filled up regularly any more and all Anton could do was cry, I took action and even made friends with the stupid cat – just to restore the peace.”
                            Anton’s Pug has a sharp-tongue, but puts wit and suspense into his story. Truly, a gifted pooch!
                            Sabine Ludwig wrote down the story and it was filled up with colourful pictures, page after page, by Sabine Wilharm, who has repeatedly caused quite a sensation with her illustrations over the past few years. | 8 +

                              Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Wilharm, Sabine (Illustrator)

                              Big dogs don’t scare us.
                              Sabine Ludwig has had some good experience of talking animals: PUG AND MOLLY MENDELSSOHN was a very successful children’s book last year. But Anton the pug is not the only one who’s clever with words and clever generally. Van Gogh, the one-eared stray tomcat, Chou-chou, the snooty Persian cat, and Rudolf, the water rat who doesn’t like water, can keep up with the best.
                              The animals live on a deserted houseboat and are joined by Bertlinde the coot, who is trying to hatch out a plaster egg, Frans the parrot, who sits in front of his own reflection day in, day out, and Evangelina, the timorous python. All goes well until four dogs try to drive them away. Then it turns out that even a timorous python can be quite fearsome and, though a plaster egg is no good for hatching, it’s excellent for throwing!
                              The comical characters are the perfect material for Sabine Wilharm’s her unconventional pictures – four-colour and packed with humour, they accompany us throughout the book. There’s no question about it: THESE animals have something to say! | 8 +

                                Funke, Cornelia (Author) Meyer, Kerstin (Illustrator)

                                Captain Crumplebeard is the wildest pirate in the world. When his ship appears on the horizon, all honest sailors get so frightened they start trembling like a jelly. No one is safe from his gang of pirates, but there’s one ship he’d have done better to leave in peace. You see, on board that particular ship, there’s a little girl called Molly … | 4 +

                                  Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Liepins, Carolin (Illustrator)

                                  Betty and the boys! Blog posts from Betty’s chaotic daily life

                                  There’s always something happening in Betty’s life! She falls in love with Ivo, but while the pair are still cautiously pussy-footing around and constantly misunderstanding each other, this cool, Argentinean exchange student suddenly appears on the scene. And who was it that sent the anonymous love letter? Betty is kept guessing and reports everything that happens to her in the definitive Betty blog – brief, to the point, cheeky and absolutely frank! Author Juma Kliebenstein writes about the ever-popular subject of love and growing up – here in a totally up-to-date style and using social networking and, appropriately, an exceptionally cool layout!
                                  | 12 +

                                    Maar, Paul (Author) Blau, Aljoscha (Illustrator)

                                    A fool’s tale by Paul Maar – magnificently illustrated by Alyosha Blau
                                    Who is Nasreddin Hodja?
                                    Since the 15th century, there have been numerous stories in circulation about this Oriental prankster who ranks with Germany’s Till Eulenspiegel as a famous fool. Hodja tells gigantic whoppers; he is a confidence trickster and philosopher, whimsical and always ready with a piece of profound wisdom. Paul Maar retells some of the famous Nasreddin stories and has written some new ones, too – about modern-day pranksters who reveal us all to be at least as foolish as they seem themselves. A charmingly illustrated gem for people with a mind of their own.
                                    | 6 +

                                      Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

                                      A Woman for Daddy!

                                      Grown-ups can be really stupid sometimes. There’s no reason why Jonah shouldn’t be perfectly happy living on his own with his father, is there? But his Daddy thinks their home needs a woman’s touch so he joins a dating programme and takes Jonah with him to an Amor meeting instead of football. The women he meets there are all really stupid, Jonah thinks. Why doesn’t he just take Lotti from next door? But Daddy won’t listen to a word and drags Jonah off to a speed-dating session. And who should be there, too, but Lotti! She appears to be getting along very well with one of the men there and, for some reason, Daddy doesn’t look too pleased about that…
                                      | 10 +

                                        Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                        The Ogglies, who best like to feed on what other people throw away, have moved house again, slimy-sludge-and-cheesy-feet! This time they’ve made a very special rubbish tip their home, where there’s everything an Oggly heart could ever desire: empty beer cans, grotty mattresses, rusty lamp frames and cast-off baths. But what there’s most of there is the blue neighbour … | 8 +

                                          Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                          The Ogglies and the Mucky Mut

                                          Slimy sludge and doggy poo! Fantastic fun for Oggly fans and beginning readers.

                                          The Oggly kids are fart-blastingly bored with their pets. Firebottom is asleep, the rats are dozing and the flies are dropping dead to the floor. What a toad-slimy piece of luck that a dog turns up on the rubbish tip at the right moment. He can even do tricks and loves rolling in mud! Welcome to the Ogglies’ world, dear first-time beginning readers.

                                          Over 100,000 Oggly copies sold in the beginning readers’ category alone
                                          | 6 +

                                            Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                            What a birthday trip! The Ogglies set off around Europe on the back of Firebottom, their dragon. They are looking for a nice, grumpy place to hold Oglly-Grandpa’s birthday party. On their travels, they end up landing in a Scottish castle, gnawing at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and setting the leaning tower of Pisa straight again … | 8 +

                                              Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                              A royal visitor graces the rubbish tip! But the king really gets on the Ogglies´´´´ nerves …
                                              Grump-fart-blast! Can you credit it? The Ogglies are visited by a proper king! Grandma-Oggly is delighted. Yet the unexpected guest expects to be waited on hand and foot and keeps the Oggly family on its toes with his special wishes. In the end, Grandad-Oggly has had enough of it. After all, if a guest behaves so disgracefully, even the most angelic Oggly patience runs out in the end!
                                              The ninth Oggly first-reading adventure. | 8 +

                                                Opel-Götz, Susann (Author) Opel-Götz, Susann (Illustrator)

                                                So what’s cool? Just what boys want! From today, Leo and Mug are going to be cool! How? That’s obvious. Sunglasses on their noses, music bouncing off the walls, watching horror films and staying up as long as they like. Cool boys naturally have pets like big, hairy spiders or vicious-looking rats, and burping and farting at the table are an absolute must. But what are they going to do with their cat and their dog now? And when they come to think about it, they actually like watching children’s films best! Very soon, Leo and Mug realise that being cool is an exhausting business! Innovative, striking pictures – also great fun for adults. | 5 +

                                                  Maar, Paul (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

                                                  Take… Just what does it take to brew a potion that will transform dogs into humans? Life could be so fantastic! Max has found a real friend in Mr Bello and that’s the way they both want it to stay! To make sure it does, Mr Bello regularly has to drink a peculiar blue juice that stops him from turning back into a dog. The trouble is, there’s only one bottle of the stuff. The recipe for the transformation drink was invented by Max’s great-grandfather and Max is certain there must be some old notes about the ingredients somewhere. When he and Mr Bello find his great-grandfather’s formula, they will be able to make the potion themselves! So they start searching – and have a thrilling adventure with a totally surprising end! The second story about Max and Mr Bello – uproarious, hilarious and packed with surprises!
                                                  | 8 +

                                                    Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                                    Fun with the Ogglies at nursery school! The third picture book from Smelliville
                                                    The Oggly twins want to go to nursery school. Right now, this minute! And they want to do the things children do there: drawing and painting, singing, playing and, naturally, they want lots of sandwiches for the break. When Oggly-Grandma has to fill in for the teacher, it soon becomes very clear that this day is going to be a very special one. After all, the Oggly twins would much rather draw toads than flowers and their favourite game is doing long jumps into the mud …
                                                    With a special extra: the Oggly nursery school song with sheet music! | 4 +

                                                      Maar, Paul (Author) Faust, Anke (Illustrator)

                                                      A feast of creativity! Paul Maar’s first children’s book in a new edition packed with elaborate new illustrations. A lion happens upon a strange traveller in the jungle: a dog, whose skin is covered with colourful drawings. “Each of these pictures stands for a story,” the dog explains to the astonished lion once the lion has at last finished looking him over. And after the dog has let the lion beg for a long, long time and has talked the lion into giving him a liver-sausage sandwich, the pictures on his skin turn into the most peculiar creatures – and into a fascinating collection of wonderful stories! Fantastic fun to read! Nominated for the German Youth Literature Prize in 1969, now newly, beautifully and imaginatively illustrated in collage technique by Anke Faust | 8 +

                                                        Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                                        Fishbones in the Thames, rubbish piled up beside Big Ben: Help, the Ogglies are on their way! The Oggly children fly to London on Firechair’s back to visit Oggly detective Mr Paddock and bring him an umbrella the brilliant Professor Bubblewine has developed. But their little outing soon turns into an exciting criminal case when the Oggly visitors find they not only have to recover some stolen dinosaur bones, but also their kidnapped dragon, Firechair! But cheesy sock! Grump-fart-blast! Just see if they don’t solve this case.
                                                        Chaos ensues as the Ogglies chase through Oggly London and help to solve the crime with two lovable new Ogglies: Mr Paddock, the detective, and his assistant, Dumpy.
                                                        | 8 +

                                                          Maar, Paul (Author) Büchner, Sabine (Illustrator)

                                                          A Maar activity book: the School ABC for beginning readers!
                                                          A for apple, B for book and C for China: In Paul Maar’s School ABC, for every letter children will find a short rhyme to finish, straight from the pen of the grand master of poems and word games. And at the end of the book, there are also some ABC puzzles – because learning is supposed to be fun!
                                                          These rhymes and word search games will have your children learning their ABC and reading as they play. With a 16-page supplement containing reading puzzles and games.
                                                          | 6 +

                                                            Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                                            The Ogglies are obviously not entirely pleased when the Environment Authority loads up their rubbish tip onto a lorry and takes it away for ever. What are the Ogglies supposed to live off now, holy bin bag? Then Oggly-Daddy has an idea – and his fine instinct puts him on the right scent, too … | 8 +

                                                              Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

                                                              The Little King and the Little Princess are looking forward to a really terrific Easter. But what’s this? It’s Easter morning and outside it’s raining cats and dogs. How are the two of them supposed to search for Easter eggs in the garden in this weather? Without further ado, the Little King puts on his wellington boots and rushes outside but there’s not a single Easter egg to be found in the garden! Might the Easter bunny have hidden the eggs somewhere else completely? | 3 +

                                                                Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

                                                                Miss Braitwhistle has gone missing – and at a really bad time, too, in Class 4a’s final term. It isn’t until Aki, Franz & co. decide to raise funds for their class kitty that she suddenly turns up behind her desk again. But instead of her teapot and cup, she pulls a thermos flask out of her bag. And her chalk suddenly doesn’t solve any maths problems any more! Were they all wrong about her? Could it be that Miss Braitwhistle doesn’t have any magical powers, after all? | 8 +

                                                                  Dietl, Erhard (Author) Iland-Olschewski, Barbara (Author) Stickel, Stephanie (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) | further

                                                                  Mmmh, delicious! It’s the Ogglie twins’ birthday, so they simply have to have a birthday cake. Mummy Oggly and Leo, who’s on a visit to the rubbish tip, set to work preparing not one but two cakes. Now which one do you think the Oggly children will like? Leo’s lemon cake or Mummy Oggly’s stinker cake?

                                                                  Baking with the Ogglies: an interactive story with real children’s recipes and heaps of fun!
                                                                  | 4 +

                                                                    Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                                                    Whoops, we’ve shrunk the Ogglies! Lydia and Yvonne are two ladies who detest nothing more than dirt. When Professor Fizzywine develops a cleaning powder that unintentionally shrinks everything it touches, the ladies are delighted. In the night, they attempt to shrink Smelliville’s rubbish tip to nothing. When the Ogglies wake up the following morning, they find that they, too, are really tiny and in danger of being captured for the local flea circus. But even shrunken Ogglies are strong! They manage to escape, Fizzywine invents an antidote and the end of the story is that it’s the two ladies who have to sweep and dust at the flea circus.

                                                                    The latest adventures of the most extraordinary large family in German children’s literature! Huge fun, even when they are really tiny: THE OGGLIES by Erhard Dietl.
                                                                    | 8 +

                                                                      Lippa-Wagenmann, Henrike (Author) Uhing, Jan (Illustrator)

                                                                      Socks can do more than simply hang from the mantelpiece!
                                                                      The toe sock feels so lonely: Who on earth is it going to celebrate Christmas with? Everyone else is so different. The slipper sock is far too slow, the knee sock is too tall, and the sneaker sock is rushing round the Christmas tree so fast that all the baubles are falling off. Then the sound of music wafts in from the living room. A small finger glove is playing Christmas carols on the piano. They sound even better with five toes playing the accompaniment!
                                                                      | 4 +

                                                                        Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

                                                                        SATsational! The Sat’s first adventure for beginning readers!
                                                                        The Sat hasn’t been living with Mr Pocketbeer for very long and doesn’t have anything to wear yet. So they go to the department store to look for suitable clothes, but there they find that not a suit nor a leather jacket is sturdy enough for the Sat: All of the suits burst at the seams when the Sat takes a breath, and the leather jacket he simply gobbles up without a second thought. Then the pair have a wonderful idea!
                                                                        The first book in the series featuring the funniest stories from the children’s books about the Sat. Revised and illustrated for beginning readers by Paul Maar himself.
                                                                        Büchersterne learn-to-read books for reception class and year 2 children: large print, short paragraphs and lots of pictures to help beginning readers understand the words.
                                                                        Mega seller Sat: more than 4.5 million copies sold!
                                                                        | 7 +

                                                                          Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                                                          Slimy-sludge and cheesy-feet! The Ogglies are really far too lazy to do any learning. But luckily, doing sums with mud dumplings and tin cans is great fun! | 5 +

                                                                            Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Wilharm, Sabine (Illustrator)

                                                                            A little pig wants to go for a swim but never actually manages to get into the water. First of all, the dog asks to borrow his rubber ring, then the cat wants his cap, the rabbit wants to play with his ball, the crocodile needs his sunglasses and then the badger gobbles up all of his biscuits. Finally, when the little pig tries to help the bear out of a muddy hole and ends up falling in himself, it’s the last straw for the little pig. Now the other animals all feel sorry about their behaviour and come back to help the little pig. But then they also slide into the hole and before they know it, they are all in the middle of a hilarious mud fight!

                                                                            | 12 months +

                                                                              Miyares, Daniel (Author) Miyares, Daniel (Illustrator)

                                                                              | 5 +