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Schinko, Barbara (Author)

This superheroine rocks!

Rina lives a sheltered life in the idyllic Eastside, but she longs for change and adventure and finds herself regularly drawn to the grim, gang-ruled Northside area of town. While at a concert there, she falls in love with Brynn, a rock star. Initially without intending to, Rina becomes a superhero when she rescues a girl from a mugging and a video of her action turns up online. The press nicknames her Alleycat. She ends up prowling the streets of Northside night after night as Alleycat, avenging wrongs. But how long can her phantom life continue? And does her love of a Northside boy have a chance? And who is the masked boy who calls himself Ash and saves her life one fateful night?

Packed with suspense, action and romance – this book has something to please everyone. | 14 +

    Schinko, Barbara (Author)

    Supergirl & Rock Star Love – tough avenger of the underdog and cool as Catwoman

    Torn between her feelings for Brynn and Ash, Rina continues to patrol the streets of the Northside as Alleycat. But Brynn’s father, boss of The Musicians gang, is hot on her heels so that Rina is forced to flee. Will she still be able to solve the mystery of her brother’s death? And which of the two boys is the right one for her: Ash or Brynn? The thrilling finale!

    Rock star romance in trendy comic setting

    Second and last book in this two-part series
    | For teenagers and adults

      Dickreiter, Lisa-Marie (Author) Götz, Andreas (Author) Renger, Nikolai (Illustrator)

      Our new cult character “Berti” – now for beginning readers

      Could anything be more exciting than a child’s first day at school? Hardly. But Berti’s first day surpasses them all. To start with, the whole family wakes up so late that Berti can’t even change out of his pyjamas before setting off for school. Then his daddy drives like a madman, which does not amuse the police, at all. Berti can’t count on his big brother, and a sprint to school turns into a wild chase. Will Berti make it to school on time? And what about his first-day-of-school cone filled with treats and presents?

      The secret hero of the family: Little Berti

      Fast-paced action and lots of humour

      Charmingly illustrated by Nikolai Renger | 6 +

        Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

        Little Fairy with a Big, Caring Heart

        Exam nerves … oooh, Maluna is in such a panic. She and the little wind fairy, Minimee, are having to do the quill test that she missed when she was still at school. Luckily, they both have plenty of fairy friends to help them.

        A magical Maluna Moonlight story about nerves, courage and friendship.

        | 4 +

          Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Ionescu, Cathy (Illustrator)

          Welcome to the Animal Rescue Club!

          Hello animal lover, do you want to join the Animal Rescue Club? Jane, Tom and Ali could do with a few extra hands. Unfortunately, their parents don’t understand that snails need protection. And their teachers go up the wall the minute some cute little mice make the school their new home. Can at least the poor, injured hedgehog soften their hearts? Outside, the place is full of animals needing help. Be there to help the animal rescuers when there’s a life to be saved!

          Mischievously and affectionately written

          For a broad target readership

          With lots of hilarious illustrations by Cathy Ionescu
          | 8 +

            Stewner, Tanya (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

            Eagerly Anticipated: Alea’s Adventure Continues

            Dramatic cliffhanger finale of volume 5 makes this a must-read

            In the eagerly anticipated sixth volume of the bestselling series by Tanya Stewner, Alea Aquarius’s adventures take a new turn. Robbed of all their memories, the Alpha Cru have to reorientate themselves. Who is targeting them? Who is the man with the black coat and the barrel organ who is watching them from the harbour? And were there originally more members of the gang? Alea wouldn’t be Alea if she didn’t decide to take on her adversaries in order to save her friends, even if the odds seem to be stacked against her.

            Bestseller: 640,000 Alea Aquarius books and audio-books sold | 10 +

              Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Reitz, Nadine (Illustrator)

              The perfect present for young heroes

              Jo lives with his mother on a sheep farm. Jo’s mum is strong and confident, whereas Jo is rather timid. But at Christmastime, his mum wants a little hero - at least, that’s what Jo thinks because he saw a superhero's cape drawn on her wish list, although he couldn’t make out what she had written underneath. When a wolf comes sloping through the snow, Jo sees his chance: he decides to be brave and chase the wolf away. But the wolf is just a tame herding dog. Good thing that mum didn't draw a cape on her wish list, but a red scarf. Because she always loves her Jo - whether he's a hero or not.

              -\x09A lovable non-hero wants to be brave at Christmas
              -\x09The atmospheric setting brings a whole world to life with easy-to-read text | 7 +

                Weger, Nina (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

                Snowed in at Christmas. A case for Nina Weger’s popular Heroines Club!

                The Matilda Imperatrix boarding school is in Christmas mood! It’s swathed in a glittering blanket of snow, and the schoolgirls simply can’t wait for the holidays to begin. Every day, the little school bus drives down into the valley so that the Matildas can travel from there to their homes all around the planet. But then the snow just keeps on falling, leaving the boarding school cut off from the outside world – and one of the buses doesn’t even make it as far as the village! A daring rescue begins – and whether or not our three heroines will be able to spend Christmas Eve at home with their families remains to be seen.

                -\x09Bestseller: some 45,000 books in the series sold (February 2019) | 9 +

                  Schütze, Andrea (Author) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

                  Truly Magical!

                  Jules is nine years old when she receives a shimmering golden letter informing her that she has been chosen by the Nearbyland-Lottery-Ball-Klingdingaling-Machine as a candidate for the title of Honorary Princess. There are seven hellishly tricky tasks to complete - but what, Jules wonders, would a princess do in her place? It’s a good thing that her sister and her friend Linus are there to help her.

                  Reality, suspense and a generous helping of magic! | 6 +

                    Schäfer, Jasmin (Illustrator)

                    Once upon a time … we found the most wonderful fairy tales in the world!

                    A varied selection of child-appropriate, fairy tales to read-aloud from some very different cultures from around the world - with exceptionally delightful illustrations and beautifully bound. A fairy-tale journey around the world: from old familiar tales of the Brothers Grimm, Andersen and Wilhelm Hauff to Scandinavian tales of trolls and fairy tales from Africa, Asia and America. A treasure of a book for children and parents alike that will never lose its charm.

                    - A very special family book, artistically designed, imaginative, opulent
                    - Cosmopolitanism meets tradition – a treasure for everyone
                    - Delightful, richly detailed illustrations by Jasmin Schäfer | 5 +