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Nitschke, Julia (Author) Nitschke, Julia (Author) Schultz, Ruth (Author) Schultz, Ruth (Author) | further

Say What You Think. Do What You Think is Right

The self-help book for life: political, provocative, informative and inspiring

Which prejudices are you secretly harbouring? Can boys be feminists too? And why is it sometimes so hard to say no?

You don’t just get your opinions from out of the blue. You have to form them yourself. Sounds like hard work? Well, it is. But it’s good fun too! The co-authors Ruth and Julia take you with them on a journey to find yourself and to engage with the hot topics of our times. So grab a pen and set off – this book can’t function without you!

For teenagers and young adults seeking a fun challenge | For teenagers and adults

    Schröer, Silvia (Author) Schröer, Silvia (Author)

    Write Stories! Preferably Your Own

    Bursting with ideas to encourage creative self-reflection

    The poetry album re-booted: two fantastic gifts for adults, too

    What moves you? What do you dream of ? What drives you up the wall? Such questions and little challenges inspire you to examine yourself and develop your views on your own life and the things that are going on around you. Arguably the most exciting way to keep a diary! | 12 +